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This is a second attempt at getting a great RP going. After several people losing interst mid RP, it kinda messed things up. This time I will GM, as the previous GM would simply like to be a player rather than GM and am looking for a co-gm or two.

In short this RP is inspired by the program "Young Justice" the DC universe focused young hero program on Cartoon Network, obviously a more mature take on it. This RP will begin with the founding of the team, first meetings, etc. You dont have to necessarily take a character that is in the cannon roster on the show, but they most certainly wont be turned down.

Here is the Character sheet, players can, for now, have up to two characters, GM's may be subject to other NPC's i.e. JLA members, Villains, etc. All characters must be of legal age [16+] as per Elliquiy Rules
[b]Appearance:[/b] Image (+optional written description for details not covered in image)


Post the character sheet here and PM me a copy, please.

Those intersted in co-gm should be relatively active, and able to discuss plot details and whatnot behind the scenes. Also be able to help answer player questions, etc.

This RP was looking like it had great potential, andi think withthe right group of people, it can get far.

**Both Cannon and OC Characters accepted!!!**
Current Character List:
Nightwing - Apygoos
Anarchy [OC] - WardenIce
Zatanna - Vladimir Valentine
Robin [Tim Drake] - Jmorty33
Blue Beetle - Re Z L
Aqualad - BlackestKnight [go-GM]
Power-Boy - Primarch
Artemis - MaiMizzu
Wonder Girl - AribethAmkiir

Players in the wings:
Looker - CurvyKitten
- Mia h


Name:Richard "Dick" Grayson
Appearance: [foudn this awesome nightwing drawing]

Skills:Martail Arts, Acrobatics, Stealth, marksmanship, escape artist, computer tech, detective work
Equipment:Binoculars, Eskirma Sticks, handcuffs, holographic computer gloves, Wrist watch computer, "Wing-Dings", Bolas, Gas pellets, Flash grenades, grapple gun, lock pick, rebreather, knife, periscope, Taser.
Weaknesses: He is still a human being
Backstory: Following the murder of his parents, which was set up to look like an unfortunate trapeze accident, Richard Grayson was taken in by Bruce Wayne, becoming his ward. Bruce then exposed Dick to the Alter ego of Batman, and took him on as his sidekick as he grew. In Richards growth, he came to want to separate himself from the likes of Batman. Eventually he did break away, becoming the solo Hero of Nightwing. With a new team of young heroes forming, and his "replacement" In Tim Drake [Robin III] joining this team, he thought it a good way to help, lead, and start fresh, making his own legacy.

Diesel Heart

Player: WardenIce
Name: Veronica Anne Arky
Codename: Anarchy
Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 151 lbs.
Standing 5’7’’ tall, for a weight of 151 pounds, this young woman is far from being the average you would walk by on the streets. She sports a short mohawk hairstyle flopped on the left side of her head, which seems to be very uncommon within Millennium City. But don’t let the hairstyle choice fool you, Vivi’s hair are always well taken care of. But other such details reminiscing of the punk genre is spread on her – among those are more notably the piercings on her left brow and her lip piercing. All those details can seem intimidating to an onlooker, but it’s important to note that Veronica is still young, as such; her facial features vibrate with youthfulness. And this girl does wear makeup, but only of a calculated quantity, that being black eye shadow. This is enough to bring out her slightly almond-shaped, pale golden eyes. Are those eyes natural at all, though? Closer examination would suggest that they are…

The rest of her body embodies the expression “Walking art gallery”. Her torso is fully tattooed. All those ink patterns of various designs all seem to be forming a certain form of unity. How it was done so is a mystery… Notable details of her tattoos include a garden of black roses along with skulls amidst the roses. The stem, from which the thorns point in various directions, travel across her torso and tend to have a rose, or skull, sprouting from it. Written in stylized italic letter, “Vivi” is tattooed above her right breast, and the dots of the i’s trail down to her stomach to form the tattoo of a tribal guitar set ablaze, which is interned with the thorned stems of the roses. On her right shoulder… Is this an anarchy symbol branded on her shoulder? No, it’s a tattoo of a branded anarchy symbol, and it looks life like. From it, chains link it to her other shoulder, by travelling up her shoulder, to her collar bones and around her neck before reaching said other shoulder, where a graffiti-like upside-down anarchy symbol lies.

Beyond those tattoos, however, is one of a very athletic woman with notable abs and biceps. She’s obviously somebody who does a lot of physical activities, and it’s paid off in keeping up this athletic musculature. She’s not devoid of curves though. Veronica happens to be on the top-heavy side, even. Though, her wrists have remains of healed burn wounds. However, the latter mentioned being mostly covered by the tattoos. But, those tattoos probably can’t hide away her left wrist that seems slightly deformed, and is most apparent when her wrists are placed one close to the other.


  • Adaptive Muscle Memory: Veronica was born with Savant Syndrome which has given her a very potent memory. Due to developments with efforts owed to her friends and allies, she has gained near complete and total control of her ability to recall visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory, olfactory, and other dimensions at-will. Due to it being a passive hyper-sensitive feature to her passionate resolve to train and enhance it to its full capability, it has in turned become a deadly weapon to her to utilize. She has learned to replicate or mimic any observed physical or motor skilled feat, limited to her own level of strength and flexibility, of course.
  • Vril Magic: Veronica is a member of the Vril-Yah race, a secret society otherwise known as "The Coming Race" that were present dating back to the nineteenth century (publically) and flourished within the ranks of the Nazis in World War II. This allows her to access an energy source known as Vril with its only limitation being how powerful her will allows.
  • Enhanced Physical Conditioning: Veronica is very adamant on her physical training regime learned from her mentor. Through intense training and exercise, Veronica represents a very fit young woman. Her physical attributes place her on par and sometimes above Olympic level athletes. Strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes and coordination are at impressive capabilities. She is capable of lifting at least double her body weight, equaling roughly to 300 pounds. She also has demonstrated a coordination, reflexes, and perception keen enough (and in part thanks to her other gifts) to perform quite the notable number of tricks and stunts on her motorcycling skills.
  • High Level Intelligence: Veronica is a brilliant strategist and leader and quite the quick learner thanks to her memory. She is often regarded in terms of how quick she is to adapt and perceive things compared to those around her because of this. She commonly utilizes cunning and often deceitful tactics to outwit her opponents. Because of her intelligence and nature of growing up, she has proven to be one of the more resourceful survivalist compared to her peers, and exhibits a keen grasp of mathematics, business management, criminology, engineering, and anatomy.

  • Combat Abilities: Veronica learned martial arts from her mentor in her former affiliation. However she has branched out afterward to incorporate a mix of street fighting, Boxing, and Krav Maga in her fighting style. Thanks to her adaptive muscle memory however, she's capable of recalling a practiced or observed technique or move from various other fighting styles where she implements them into a fight. Outside of martial arts, she's demonstrated feats such as an uncanny reflexive sense and keen body language predictability. Her abilities with a firearm are moderately adept, being capable of hitting a target dead on from at least fifty feet with a normal handgun.
  • Skillsets: Given her background, Veronica was exposed to many things of criminal origin and due to her memory she has learned various different things. Be these things self-learned, tutored, or otherwise, Veronica is an accomplished occult investigator and driver. Amongst other notable skills include: Survivalist, Escape Artist, Linguistics, and Engineering.

  • "Rebel" - Veronica's own customized Harley Davidson motorcyle, and something she's worked on for over a year. It's been highly optimized for her crime-fighting patrols, and pushed to the limit upon the Citadel's founding. The first notable thing about the motorcyle is its external design follows the Harley Davidson Travertson V REX model. The vrod motor has been specifically altered to be completely silent and highly efficient. The wide-rimmed all terrain tires accomplished by its cruise control feature allow it to be one smooth ride on the road, but its capable of reaching a near 200 miles per hour or beyond due to its nitrous infused performance and rear-mounted jets to allow jumping distance reach.
  • "Le Esperance": French for "Promise". It's what Veronica named the ebony black handgun. A master's work, the handgun can be disassembled and reassembled again to fit other various types of ammo, due to the amount of adaptable pieces that came with the handgun itself. On either side of the weapon are two polished circles which offer mirror-like properties, which seem to display images... Which makes it all the more obvious that Esperance isn't a normal handgun. Esperance has in way it's own presence. It doesn't want to be used by anybody else but their respective owner, and anybody else holding the handgun will find it awkward, to the point of finding the weapon inaccurate, unbalanced, etc. But when the owner holds it, it however feels like it fits their hand just the way it should, giving the feeling that it belongs in their hand: it actually improves the accuracy up to near-perfect levels. But it's more interesting property is, even if loaded with lethal ammo, it will never actually kill (or truly injure) unless deliberately firing it lethally. Each shot drains the target's energy, in a way that a mortal wound caused by the bullet will instead just knock them out for a while. A crippling shot at the target's leg, in example, will still cripple him/her, but without the pain and injury.

  • Mortal: Veronica is still a mortal and ages as any other human would. She possesses a trained and experienced willpower, but things are still on par with others. A simple firearm or blade can still harm her as well as anything else out of the ordinary given she is not capable of dodging or otherwise avoiding the damage. Despite the fact that she can heal herself to a moderate degree, she does not heal naturally faster than anyone else.
  • Insecurities: Despite circumstantial factors, she is still an nineteen year old girl and someone trying to relive lost opportunities from her childhood and earlier teenage years. She is incredibly sensitive about her weight since she started to reach a muscle mass of one fifty and since she's always been an active person called for or not. She also believes herself far less attractive than she is, always claiming she's not cute or lacks the curves compared to her other female friends.
  • Convictions: A side effect of Veronica's memory is that she constantly feels compelled to keep herself busy in order to not dwell on events in the past. Due to historic circumstances it is easy for her get caught up in experiences that may have happened years ago. Veronica works hard to stay focused and preoccupied so that this is not an issue by continuing to learn and grow because otherwise she is easily bored.
The truth behind Veronica's true origins are actually unknown. Later discovery in life have revealed her memories to have been tampered with in the past and most of what she grew up knowing to be a lie. She does know however, that her father was the notorious Dimitri "The Truth" Vincento, a notorious drug trafficker during the nineties and early two thousands. She was used as his pawn of distraction to the local authorities during her early life from the age of six. At the age of eleven she came into possession of a stolen guitar and decided to try and use it. Due to her savant syndrome, she took to it immediately, learning a song she heard on the radio by ear after a few days of trying. Continued efforts as the years past, she eventually began to earn some money off the streets playing guitar when she wasn't busy struggling with survival or working for "The Truth".  After getting the impression of always being an outsider to soceity, she ran into an individual who taught her the beliefs of anarchy. She saw it as a means to strike back at those who had done her wrong and began to change her style of music, lyrical meanings, appearance, and outlook on life. Due to her efforts of violence encouraging musical displays and public defiance of the law, the people deemed her "Anarchy".
For the next two years, "Anarchy" became a bane in the sides of police and other heroic individuals who tried to stop her. It wasn't until a group of heroes that worked with other teenage metahumans attempted to arrest her that she finally came into custody of the law. Not knowing she had no birth certificate and no proof of residence, the group of heroes worked with the authorities until the conclusion was made that Veronica would stay with those who arrested her in legal custody until further notice. During the time, she was whipped into shape by various mentors and instructors who taught her martial arts, moral codes, social skills, and some general education. Eventually "The Truth" made an appearance and made things more difficult until she finally stood up against him to make the arrest herself. The court date followed shortly after and all actions and charged placed under her were not held accountable in accordance to forced coercion outside of her individual actions as "Anarchy". She was sentenced to perform a reformation program with the group she was already with, as results were being shown through their actions. She eventually came into a field leader position with the program until it was shut down for lack of funding and she parted ways with the group.
Since then, she has dedicated herself to putting what she's learned to good use, fighting crime where she can find it. Eventually, in a chance of fate, one might say, she met with a woman on the same job she was working on, and the two hit it off quite nicely. Seeing the situation Anarchy was placed in, the generous soul kindly offered to help her out and soon became her legal guardian. Months pass and Anarchy gets her GED on request of the woman as well as starting her tutelage to becoming a sorcerer. For a celebration ceremony of a mutual friend, gifts were exchanged to all members present where Anarchy found herself with the pistol "Esperance" named after the promise she's made to the woman to never let her down or forget what she's taught her.

Vladimir valentine

Player: Vladamire Valentine
Name: Zatanna Zatara
Codename: Zatanna
Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 137

Powers: magic: activated by saying desired effect backwards
Skills:  master of magic.
Pyrokinesis: Generation and Control of fire
Aerokinesis: Generation and Control of Air
Geokinesis: Control of Earth/Rock
Hydrokinesis: Control of Water
Cryokinesis: Generation and Control of Ice
Telepathy: Zatanna can use her magic to manipulate the minds of others. She has displayed the following abilities.
Read Minds, memory manipulation
Chlorokinesis: Control over plants
Force Field
Teleportation: Able to teleport herself and/or others to anywhere she desires.
Probability Manipulation
Magical Awareness: supernatural sensitivity to occult activities and mystic phenomena.
Dispel: Able to remove illusions and holographic images that her opponents have set up.
Regeneration: Able to heal herself and others
Spectral Sight: She can see spiritual entities and travelers invisible to normal sight; she can perceive magical entities.
Prestidigitation: Zatanna is skilled in stage magic, performing simple tricks and elaborate illusions.
Good Combatant: She has also been taught conventional fighting skills, but favors using magic in place of them.
Occultist: as Chronicler of Magic she possesses an extensive understanding of Occult lore due to her Mystic Background
Improvisation: She prepares specific spells (a couple of hundred) but improvises a good bit for the unpredictable situations she encounters.
Multi-lingual: Able to speak English, Spanish, Italian, French, Latin and "Backwards Speech". As noted throughout the comics, she doesn't show any difficulty in speaking backwards when performing spells. It seems she can speak backward speech without hesitation and with clarity. Backwards Speech is most commonly known as Mnemonic Incantations.

Equipment: outfit, magic wand, magic hat, spell books, magical items she has recovered.
Weaknesses: anything that prevents her from speaking.
Backstory:  Zatanna had been trained by her father and mentor Zatara, he trained her to fight and use her magical powers. Zatanna had been introduced to the younge justice league by her father. After his sacrifice to nabu, she had no home and no no father so she joined the justice league until she could figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Zatanna was born with magical abilities due to her being born of the race "Homomagi". Her magic seemed to be more potent than that of any other Homomagi.
(Not sure what else to put here.)


Player: Jmorty33
Name: Tim Drake
Codename: Robin
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150 lbs
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Powers: N/A
-Martial Arts training: Tim has been trained by Batman, Nightwing, Lady Shiva and assorted others in an assortment of martial arts disciplines which include but are not limited to Kung Fu, Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, Escrima, Judo, Wing Chun, Kendo, Ninjitsu. His abilities with the bo-staff gives him an extra edge with his fighting.

-Escapologist: Batman and Nightwing have trained Tim to be skilled in escaping from any trap, lock or captivity, ranging from the most simplistic of handcuffs to the most elaborate of cages.

-Gifted Intellect: His naturally high intellect allows him to excel in computer science and more importantly as a skilled detective. Further more, Tim apparently has a firm grasp of assorted scientific techniques including biology, engineering and genetics. Batman has trained him in many disciplines, such as forensic, criminology, acrobatics, stealth, disguise, and escapology.

-Detective: like any member of The Bat Family, Tim has proven great skill in detective work.

- Tactician and Strategist: Tim, much like Dick Grayson is also a brilliant  strategist with impressive leadership skills, but has yet the courage, and the opportunity, to step up and use them .

-The Utility Belt: This belt includes nearly everything required to face Meta-Human and human evil. Including: Batarangs,R shaped Shurikens, Specially designed bombs of all kinds.Tracking devices and various tools that range from screwdriver sets to full scale forensic kits. It also holds a full variety of antidotes and antitoxins and first aid kit needs.

A Word on Batarangs: He carries a number of differently designed Batarangs and R shaped Shurikens, Some are designed blunt and others are sharper then a samurai sword. There are also some that make noises, Explode and even some that tie to Bat-Rope.

Tim Drake has the greatest weakness of all, The human condition. He can get sick or hurt or even killed. Though he has trained his body in to a living war machine and is at the peak of human perfection he still has no super powers of any kind. He is still just a human.

There is evens chance of mental instability. Putting the weight of two predessecors, a harsh mentor, a city, and the world on the shoulders of a 17 year old boy is dangerous on his mind. Though Tim has done well in handling it there are the small moments where the stress can get too high or a panic attack can occur. Tim tries to keep these moments under wraps and hidden away from the team.

Tim Drake was little more than a toddler when he attended the circus with his parents. In order to ease his wife's concerns that the circus might frighten Tim, Jack Drake asked to take a picture with the Flying Graysons, who were the starring act. It was here that Tim first met Dick Grayson, who offered Tim special attention, and even promised to dedicate his performance to the toddler. Soon after, Tim and his family bore witness to the murder of Dick's parents John and Mary, alongside Bruce Wayne. As his parents rushed him out of the circus tent, Tim managed to catch sight of the mysterious Batman consoling Dick. Feeling sorry for Dick, Jack and Janet sent him a copy of the photo they had taken prior to the murder.

A few years later at the age of nine, Tim saw footage of Batman and Robin apprehending the Penguin. Robin performed a quadruple somersault, a rare maneuver that only a Flying Grayson could do. After learning Grayson was the ward of Bruce Wayne, he came to the conclusion that Grayson was Robin and that of course Wayne was Batman. Tim continued to follow the adventures of the Dynamic Duo, as well as Grayson's becoming Nightwing and Jason Todd succeeding him as Robin. After Jason's death, Timothy began to take notice of a drastic and almost psychotic change in Batman's behavior, in which he became convinced that Batman needed a Robin to maintain his sanity.

When Nightwing left the Titans for a short time in order to find himself, Tim followed him and after helping Dick solve a mystery at Haly's Circus, was able to convince Dick that Batman needed help. However, where Dick intended to help Batman as Nightwing, Tim remained convinced that Batman needed Robin more. Dick ignored these pleads and raced off to help his mentor, only for both Dick and Bruce to be captured by Two-Face.

Realizing that his idols were in danger, Tim donned the costume of Robin, at only thirteen years old and with the help of Alfred Pennyworth, was able to rescue them. Batman, although extremely reluctant, accepted Tim as the new Robin on a trial basis after being convinced by the boy, as well as Dick and Alfred. He was trained over several months, first by Alfred, then Batman, and finally Nightwing before ever being allowed to wear the costume again or go into the field.

Unfortunately, just prior to completing his training, the ruthless Obeah Man later captured Tim's parents during a trip to the Caribbean. The Obeah man intended to sacrifice them, but Batman arrived to their rescue. Unfortunately, Janet and Jack both drank some water laced with poison, and Janet died, while Jack was left in a coma with paralysis. Batman began to reconsider Tim for the role of Robin, due to his fear that Tim was now motivated by anger, just as Jason had been. Tim, however, became more driven by his desire to do what was right, rather than petty revenge. After later saving Batman and Vicki Vale and defeating the Scarecrow, Bruce at last bestowed upon Tim the mantle of Robin, as well as a new costume. As of now he has only a years worth of experience under his belt and has much to learn.
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awesome, got our Robin, Zatanna and Vivi back :)

Re Z L

Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle


The powers of the Blue Beetle are best broken into three categories, those that the Scarab can use independently, those that its host can use, and those that manifest only while wearing the Blue Beetle armor.
Scarab - Khaji Da

  • Energy Absorption - The Scarab can absorb a blast of energy that would land a human in the hospital.
  • Independent Animation - The Scarab is capable of moving short distances on its own, either by crawling or flying.  When fused to a biological host the Scarab relies on its host for movement.
  • Pincer Blades - The Scarab's pincers are capable of cutting through metal.  When fused to a biological host the Scarab relies on the host for such abilities.
  • Scarab Mindlink - The Scarab is capable of communicating with Scarabs that have not integrated with a host.  The Scarab may also interface with other Scarabs that have bonded with a biological host as long as its host first penetrate's the other's armor.
Host - Jaime Reyes

  • Symbiotic Synaptic Interface - The Host's nervous system is bonded with the Scarab's, this allows the two to share their thoughts and emotions with one another.  The communication between the Scarab and its Host can only be intercepted by mind-reading.
  • Tracking Systems - The Scarab is capable of tracking anything which produces energy, be it biological, technological, or mystical.  It can track anyone the Host has met from at least seventy miles distance.
  • Scarab Sight - The Scarab can scan anything that the Host encounters.  It can identify major physical conditions, such as pregnancy or diseases; identify metahumans; identify relatives via genetic analysis; detecting sentience; extra-dimensional objects; it remains continually aware of electricity in the environment; it can perceive magic, being able to monitor its effect, determine how it can be dispelled and see through magical concealment.  It is capable of scanning at least a five-mile radius.
  • Network Connection - The Scarab can establish a link to communication systems, enabling its Host to talk through them or listen in on them.
  • Clothing Manifestation - The Scarab can create clothes for its host which dissolve moments after the host removes them.
  • Concealment - The Scarab is capable of concealing itself from modern technology, blocking off cameras and microphones in its vicinity for example.  It can also block mystical attempts to probe it.  Sufficiently advanced technology can detect it with less difficulty.
  • Healing - The host heals at a faster rate than a normal human.

  • Superhuman Strength - Able to move small trucks with ease.
  • Superhuman Agility - Able to fly and move quickly enough to dodge many attacks with ease.
  • Environmental Protection - The armor allows the host to survive in a variety of hazardous environments.  The host can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, including the vacuum of space, and can survive reentry through the earth's atmosphere and the subsequent impact.
  • Armor Reconfiguration - The armor can reconfigure itself to create a wide array of tools and weapons, including an energy cannon, a sword and shield, a grappling hook, an energy blaster, claws, wings, and a set of large powered blades attached to the hands, over a foot in length, that can shear through tree trunks.
  • Partial Manifestation - The host can manifest parts of the armor, such as the energy blaster, without needing to manifest the whole suit.
  • Wing Shields - The armor can create a pair of wings allowing the host to fly and hover, they can double as a shield if necessary.  A jet thruster can be manifested to increase his flying speed tremendously at the cost of close maneuverability.
  • Energy Manipulation - The armor can shape and manipulate the energy it stores for a variety of effects:  energy blasts, energy cocoons, small-scale solid constructs, 3-D holograms and shields.
  • Antagonist Adaptation - The armor can tailor its blasts for use against specific opponents (eg. Kryptonite radiation, non-lethal suppression blasts, anti Green Lantern manifestations, anti-magic).
  • Energy Bubble - The armor is able to create a temporary energy bubble around the host and nearby people.  The bubble shields those within from outside attacks, but prevents them from leaving.  Flashes attempting to vibrate out of it have been blasted by the shield.
  • Vibrational Frequency Manipulation - The armor can negate the vibrational frequencies of extra-dimensional objects, pulling them into this reality.  This can also shift the Host out of phase with the universe, making him invisible and intangible to anything apart from technologies that normally interact with such objects.


  • Green Lantern Corps - The Scarab sees the Green Lanterns as the "enemy".  The Scarab urges its host to kill them when they are present, acting very aggressively towards them.  The Green Lantern rings respond with "fear" towards the Scarab, inducing different affects depending on their wielder (Sparks, Migraines, Desire to kill the Host, etc.)
  • Truce With Nature - The Scarab will not hurt nature, or the magical creatures thereof, of its own volition.  The Host must force the Scarab into helping one way or another.
  • Alien Sentience - The Scarab's sentience and morality is strictly inhuman.  It cares little for humans in general and is willing to injure or kill them.  The Host must maintain control to prevent it from doing either.
  • Reach Tech - The Scarab's armor can be breached by the weapons of other Scarabs.  The Scarab and the Host are susceptible to Reach technology, forcing the Host to resist being controlled by them.
  • Magic - While the Scarab is aware of magic, it doesn't understand it.  It's able to perceive, absorb, and disrupt magical energies, but little else.  As a result, creatures of magic are often a significant challenge.  The Scarab can't analyse certain mystical creatures, and so is unable to develop countermeasures for them.  When faced with certain other mystical entities, such as the Spectre, the Scarab panics, offering its Host ever more powerful weapons to take them on, which can have unintended consequences.
  • Magnetic Shielding - Strong magnetic fields block the Scarab's ability to track.
  • Dispelling the Armor - When the armor is removed it causes the Host intense physical pain.  The more the armor is used the more the Host gets used to the pain, though it is never gone completely.
  • Teenage Boy - Jaime has all of the weaknesses normally associated with being a teenager.


Player: BlackestKnight
Name: Kal'Durham
Codename: Aqualad
Age: 18
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170lbs


  Atlantean sorcery
  Electricity generation
  Hard-Water Constructs

Atlantean attributes: Atlanteans, although Human, have through scientific and sorcerous means developed several abilities which allow them to live comfortably under the sea.

  Underwater Breathing
  Enhanced Durability
  Enhanced Strength


  Toxin resistance
  Expert hand-to-hand combatant


Waterpack: A black metallic backpack that holds an unspecified amount of water that Aqualad can use. It also holds his Water-Bearers.
Water-Bearers:Twin hilts that can hold onto water which Aqualad then uses to create his hard-water weapons. They are also used as a type of water gun to shoot water from his waterpack and can be used to help manipulate sources of water.


Dehydration: because his natural habitat is underwater, Aqualad is weakened when exposed to high temperatures and dry conditions.


Aqualad came from the Atlantean city of Shayeris, where he was raised by Sha'lain'a, a native of that city, and Calvin Durham, a henchman of Black Manta who was genetically altered to infiltrate Atlantis. However, his actual father is Black Manta himself. He completed his education and began mandatory military service at age 12. At 14, he was transferred to the Conservatory of Sorcery in Poseidonis.

One day, the villain Ocean-Master attacked Atlantis, causing Aquaman to battle with him. During the fight, Aquaman was defeated, but was suddenly helped by the combined forces of Kaldur'ahm and Garth. Using a combination of Garth's magic and Kaldur's fighting abilities, the two attacked Ocean-Master. Though they were easily defeated, this allowed Aquaman precious time to recover and defeat Ocean-Master. After the victory, Aquaman offered the boys the opportunity to become his protégés. Although Garth declined the offer and returned to his studies, Kaldur jumped at the chance to serve his king as his sidekick. He became a superhero two years before his tour of the Hall of Justice.


If my other RP doesnt get off the ground, I'd like to try this one out. Maybe as Miss Martian or Artemis? Maybe Wonder Girl? Any thoughts?
The definition of a hero, at least in my mind, is someone who can protect what is right. To change and stop the wrong. To fight against the forces that seek to destroy you. And, at the very least ... live life well, and enjoy it with those you love.


Ash! in our previous game wehad a wondergirl, i PMed her about this one, so well see if she responds. As for Artemis or Ms. M, they're wide open.


If anyone on here was possibly interested in co GMing, feel free to pm me!


I don't mind stepping up to co-gm if no one else will, although I prefer if everyone had some say in the direction of the roleplay like a conciliatory democracy. I'm always open to suggestions and such.


I'll help with whatever duties I can. I decided I'm leaning towards Artemis. miss martian seems like an awesome character.. just not sure I could pull her off. I dunno.
The definition of a hero, at least in my mind, is someone who can protect what is right. To change and stop the wrong. To fight against the forces that seek to destroy you. And, at the very least ... live life well, and enjoy it with those you love.


oooh Ash, does that mean you'll be joining us? :D


Quote from: MaiMizzu on February 08, 2013, 05:18:38 PM
I'll help with whatever duties I can. I decided I'm leaning towards Artemis. miss martian seems like an awesome character.. just not sure I could pull her off. I dunno.

I'm so glad to hear that we finally have an archer on the team. Or at least I hope we do. Nothing against Miss Martian fans but her recent character development has been disturbing to say the least.


Quote from: BlackestKnight on February 08, 2013, 05:55:21 PM
I'm so glad to hear that we finally have an archer on the team. Or at least I hope we do. Nothing against Miss Martian fans but her recent character development has been disturbing to say the least.
I agree, her recent development has been a bit too dark for the show. Especially since they set her up as a very perky and cheerful character in the first season. Also, why the hell did they break her and Connor up? I thought they were working great together aaaaaaaaand then they're gone.
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It has been,
Blacket Knight and Mai [Ash], you two are mroe than welcome to help me out. id love to see Artemis myself,


Ok, so me and apygoos were discussing the roleplay in private and we agreed  to incorporate a few fresh concepts into the roleplay. I ran the idea of having character specific arcs just like in the show by him, I want to hear yours guys thoughts.

QuoteWe will be completely starting over. It may have a similar start, but once we get going I would like to ask the players in general what kind of balance between "action" and "casual" they would like to see. I was thinking of asking the players what sort of villains they would want to encounter, kind of like, one each player, and construct mission arcs from there. As GM you would have the special ability to use the various JLA members, obviously mostly as NPCs unless its a specific arc that involves them around more.

So essentially, we're thinking of something like stand-alone episodes dedicated to each member of the team, establishing their own arch- villains,  character development and what not. Also,  I don't mind lending my support to anyone who needs help in this regard , but I think it should be a unique experience so I'm going to leave some individual freedom to the players to craft their story. This is your character after all. I'll probably create a thread in the near future for detailing and logging on-going character arcs. 


Player: Primarch
Name: Unknown
Codename: Power Boy
Age: 17
Height: 6'2
Weight: 220 lbs

New God Physiology and genetic manipulation gives him flight, levitation, super-strength, super-speed, super-breath, limited invulnerability; Empathy to read & sense the emotions of others; Immortality; Sonic Boom Clap; Energy manipulation powers to make solid energy constructs, force fields, and a giant energy hand.

Skills: He appears to have few if any specialised skills, beyond being a decent typical power brawler.

Equipment: Father Box, an Apokoliptian version of the Mother Box that can communicate telepathically with him, heal his injuries, manipulate his life-force to sustain him past fatal wounds, create a hush-tube to teleport across great distances, and do many other things.
Power Instability: Power Boy's emphatic powers can cause him to absorb negative emotions and lose control becoming violent. His emotional state can also cause his eyes to change colors, such a pink when feeling loved, and red when angry. It was likely that Power Boy absorbing Supergirl's kryptonite poisoning, combined with Dark Angel manipulating his and Kara's emotions via his Father Box caused the fight and break up between him and Supergirl.

Powerboy is an abused boy that has recently arrived on Earth from the Hellish world of Apokolips with his only friend, Little Barda. The Teen Titans looked to bolster their ranks, so asked the superpowered duo of Power Boy and Little Barda (who also came from Apokolips) to join the team. However, when the Teen Titans met Lex Luthor's new Infinity Inc. superhero team, their "team-up" resulted in the tragic death of Infinity team member, Eliza Harmon. At Eliza's funeral, Hotspot, Little Barda and Power Boy all quit the Teen Titans. After saying the Titans was not what they used to be. Power Boy and Little Barda then teleported away to parts unknown.

He was contacted by Power Girl and offered a position on a new team, to which he agreed. The night before his first meeting with the new team, he is shown to have had a consensual one night stand with an older female hero named Holly Granger.


Player: MaiMizzu (Ash)
Name: Artemis Lian Crock
Codename: Artemis
Age: 17
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125 lbs
Artemis is half Caucasian and half Vietnamese with olive toned skin. Long blond hair, usually always tied back into a ponytail.

Powers: None
Skills: Above average conditioning; speed, endurance, agility, strength. Expert marksmanship with many ranged projectiles. Artemis is able to fire her arrows with both hands. She is also an accomplished tracker and acrobat. Artemis is highly skilled at hand to hand combat, with or without the use of her bow. She is highly intelligent and multilingual. She can speak fluent English, Vietnamese, French and Spanish. She is also versed in emergency medicine. 
Equipment: Her main piece of equipment is her bow and her arrows. She uses a compound bow, and when she isn’t using it, the bow can be folded inwards and affixed to her back. With just a touch it can snap back into it’s original configuration almost instantly. The regular arrows she uses have smooth edges and no barbs. Along with her normal arrows, she employs a number of trick arrows. She constructs them all herself. The arrows she uses currently are:  Exploding, knockout gas, grappling hook, bola, adhesive, impact, lasso, explosive 3 way shot, foam (releasing a high density foam to engulf targets), smoke screen, fire, net and tracker.
She always carries a crossbow, either on her uniform or hidden amongst her civilian clothing. It is preloaded with bolts.
She also carries a miniature telescope and rebreather.
Weaknesses:While she is an expert archer and accomplished martial artist, Artemis is still ‘only human’. She has no meta powers to speak of. Sometimes this could potentially prove to be a hindrance, but she has yet to be proven a liability. Her intelligence makes up for not possessing powers.
She is also achingly self conscious about her role as a ‘hero’ or her place on the team. Due to her past, her origins, she often feels she doesn’t deserve the chances she’s been given.
She can be at a disadvantage if she doesn’t have her bow, or she runs out of arrows. She’s very good at keeping track of her arrow count and which ones she’s used. But there are times when she runs out of resources.
Backstory: Artemis was born the daughter of an ex-criminal (Huntress) and the villain known as Sportsmaster. She was trained by her father to be a ruthless fighter, to perhaps follow in his footsteps. Her sister, Cheshire, also went through this training. The time came for her to make her own decisions, and against the wishes of her father and sister she struck out on her own. She was noticed by Green Arrow, whom was an inspiration to her. With his guidance, she has been shown a new path in life now.

The definition of a hero, at least in my mind, is someone who can protect what is right. To change and stop the wrong. To fight against the forces that seek to destroy you. And, at the very least ... live life well, and enjoy it with those you love.

Etah dna Evol

I was interested in making a character but it seems that most everyone is going with a canon character and the character I was coming up with was very close to Blue Beatle who you already have.
- Etah dna Evol


Re Z L

I wouldn't mind changing characters if it got us another player  :-)

I'd probably make something of my own, so if you want a blue beetle-esque character I can pass off the mantle  ;D


I'm some what tempted to join. Not sure who I'd want to play more though hehe


dont shy down from  a character, either way id encourage you to join us :)


Player: AribethAmkiir
Name: Cassandra Sandsmark
Codename: Wonder Girl
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs

- Demi-Goddess Empowerment: She was granted her abilities by Zeus, who granted "her fondest wish" which happened to be having superpowers.

       - Superhuman Strength: Her Olympian flesh and bone is about one and a half times as dense as similar human tissue, contributing to the Olympians' superhuman strength and weight.  Currently able to lift 90 to 100 tons.
        - Superhuman Speed: Like Wonder Woman, Cassie can move at supersonic speeds. She can move fast enough to not register in the normal peripheral range of humans and seemingly vanish and disappear at will. At this speed, her mind processes information at least on a subliminal level that she is aware of her surroundings.
        - Superhuman Durability: Cassie's been pushed through buildings, knocked into cars and tackled by superhumans. Her godly flesh can withstand powerful impacts and blunt force trauma.

       - Superhuman Reflexes: Cassie is able to react to and deflect bullets with great comfort.

       - Flight: Wonder Girl can also mystically fly through the atmosphere through sure act of will, enabling her to soar through the atmosphere at sub-orbital levels and travel across the planet at supersonic speeds.

Skills: Advanced Hand-to-hand combat (trained by Artemis)
Equipment: Silver bracelets (like Wonder Woman)
    - Maternal Depowerment: Discouraged by previously shown arrogance in his children (Ares and Heracles), Zeus also blessed Cassie's mother with the ability to take away her powers for a short time via a simple touch.


Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark is the second person to be called Wonder Girl; the first being Donna Troy.  Cassie is the daughter of Dr. Helena Sandsmark (a noted archaeologist with whom Wonder Woman was working) and the Greek god Zeus.  During a fight with a Doomsday clone and another battle with Decay, she created a costume and used magical items (the Sandals of Hermes and the Gauntlet of Atlas) to help Wonder Woman, much to her mother's horror.  Cassie later had the opportunity to ask Zeus for a boon, and requested real superpowers. Zeus granted her request, but gave Dr. Sandsmark the ability to deactivate them. Dr. Sandsmark, however, reluctantly accepted her daughter's wish to be a superheroine and rarely uses this ability.