Break Me! (Smut and Dominance oriented)

Started by Rio Kitty, February 06, 2013, 10:18:27 PM

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Rio Kitty

Hello and thanks for stopping by.  I have put this up as an offshoot from my usual wanting forum topic.  This has been something that has been running around in my head and I really want to play this out.  Though I do have a few tremendous stories going with RampantDesires, Deluxe and a few others, I am really craving a full show of dominance.  My desire is to play a character of either gender, male or female, though I am leaning more towards male at the moment, that is somehow put in a position of becoming a slave or pet.  If you wish to do M/m, I would request that we make it a furry roleplay or at least allow me to be Neko.  My character would not be completely obedient at first and would likely act out.  Your character would be rather strict and through punishment and reward look to break my character and force him to submit and eventually love. 

My limits are anything involving bathroom stuff as well as Vore.  Anything beyond that is negotiable.  I would request that there is a good amount of smut involved and as for kinks, I request being humiliated in public, forcing perceived boundaries, and public situations that will most likely result in being discovered. 

If you think you can fill this role please please please PM me.  My final request is that I have someone that can post very often.  I understand that life happens and rp is secondary but I need at least once per day and I will love you forever if you can post lots of times a night and on the weekends.
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