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June 01, 2020, 01:47:07 PM

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Author Topic: Snapshots of things rarely seen~  (Read 714 times)

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Snapshots of things rarely seen~
« on: February 05, 2013, 09:13:31 AM »
I need a place to store ideas, thoughts, snippets of pieces that are being worked into other ideas elsewhere. What this means is~since this is a Non adult forum that pieces I have filtered through my mind's eye (which fit the parameters) will end up here, at least until I can find something else to use them for.

An Introduction to CloudCrest and the Sundered Lands~ Battle for Supremacy as told through the eyes of the Sundered Land's Queen.

He had given her one year. One year. She hadn't believed him, not really. What would be the point of recombining the Sundered Lands with Cloud Crest proper? The two nations had developed in very different ways and, thanks to the mountain between them, a joining seemed utterly useless.

He had spoken of a coming war. He had expressed the idea that if they were not one country under one ruler both countries would be torn asunder. Ended. He had further stated that if she could not concede peacefully then he would take over, by force of arms. She hadn't thought for one moment that he would even DARE such a thing.

The cabinet members, her ministry, had attempted to warn her. Statements were made, things said in haste that she was just now beginning to repent. They had told her~

"This man is ruthless. His sense of right and wrong is as strong as yours. He believes whole-heartedly in what he is saying and he will not rest until we are under his sway. It would be best, for us, if you gave in."

They had told her~

"He says that there is war coming from elsewhere and if we are not united then we will fall. He does not speak falsely. Have you not heard of the vast armies on the lower plains? We have not heard from Sto Lat nor her sister city in months. Something is wrong. Something is coming. Please sign the treaty."

Finally, they had said~

"We will leave and go to Cloud Crest ourselves. You can not say nay when our very lives are at stake. What kind of ruler are you to treat us in such a way?"

Obviously, she was the kind of ruler who would banish those who would not heed her wishes.

He had given her a year. And when she had refused, he had not bothered to send another messenger with further blandishments. He had withdrawn his armies and she had thought that it was over.

Three years had passed.

Messengers had once again made the trek over mountain. They had said, "He comes. Either tender a peaceful surrender or be prepared to fight."

Her answer had been "NO."

Now his armies were at her gates.
Now her people were fighting and dying.
Now there could be no treaty, only surrender, bought with the lives of her soldiers.

She should have listened.