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May 23, 2018, 04:01:16 PM

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Author Topic: Re: Guy's ideas and settings. (Open to all! New Espionage Academy plot added!)  (Read 2675 times)

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Offline ThatRPGuyTopic starter

This is one of three threads put together for RP ideas and settings. There are two others that have collections of setting and story ideas under a single theme, Virtually Irresistible (*Craving*), a modern world setting revolving around an entertainment company dabbling in Virtual Reality, and Breaking The Seal, a series of ideas revolving a timeline where magic is reawakened in our world and what transpires over the next several centuries. Lastly, I finished work on The Second Cycle, a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting, tonight!

What I like to write/A note on GMing and multiple roles.
When it comes to what characters I'll play, the answer is just about anything. Male, female, human, vampire, supernatural, whatever is appropriate for the story, I'm willing to do. Generally speaking, I'm not a big fan of furry or anthro characters. I mean no offense, but they really aren't my cup of tea. A fantasy or alien race with some animalistic features is fine, but that's about as far as my non-human interests go.

In most RPs, I often play more characters than just my main, and tend to prefer co-writers that do the same. NPCs, antagonists, and secondary characters really help to bring stories alive and drive the plot forward, and every once in a while an NPC has a bad habit of developing a personality of their own and sticking around in the story as a best friend, rival, recurring villain, etc. in short, unless it's a one-shot or our characters are locked in a vault, it's safe to expect new faces to pop up in a take we share.

Where I like to write.
I prefer to write on E's forums, or by PMs for a private game, as I like to keep all my stories in the same place. I really don't use many IM services much, for the simple reason that the way my schedule is, I am rarely in front of my computer for long periods of time. Often, I'll have a few half hour to hour blocks a day, which makes it easy to work in a post or PM, and next to impossible to do much else. If there was something you absolutely wanted to write over an IM service, I might be able to schedule some time over a weekend or something, but for the most part, I prefer to stick to forums or PM.

Setting ideas!
One of my favorite parts of roleplaying is the setting, the world the characters are in. I like to put a lot of thought into the stage on which our characters will be playing. A few of the things I'll have listed here are not complete plot ideas, but settings that I'm craving a game in. If you see something among the list that you like and want to brainstorm with me on, let me know, and I'll be thrilled to plot and plan a story for our world with you.

Current Cravings: More than anything else, I just want to get caught up around E, refresh my muse, and chat plot ideas with people. It's been a while since I've done some writing, and I've missed it. Nearly anything is welcome at the moment, so long as it gets my muse off her butt.

Setting Ideas

Magipunk based Sci-fi *Looking*
If there's one thing I love, it's magipunk worlds. Worlds like Eberron, or the setting for many of the Final Fantasy series. Societies that have magic as the foundation for daily living and technology. Airships, infrastructure, modern convenance and luxery items, even the streetlamps are powered by spells, crystals, or alchemy.

What I've never actually seen though, is someone take that a step, or rather a few hundred years further. I really love the idea of a sci-fi setting where everything is based of magic rather than technology.

This setting is back open! A previous game in this setting I enjoyed: Patch Job, co-written by Aadreal

Breaking the seal (Modern day fantasy)
Nobody actually knew exactly what Stonehenge was truly for until the day it was gone. Most people just assumed it was some form of clock. In truth, the monument, old as recorded history, was all that remained of an age old seal that locked away a power mankind was too irresponsible to wield. When the monument fell, a victim of a so-called 'terrorist attack', select people all around the world began to awaken to a power that has lied dormant in their blood since the dawn of time.
This setting kind of turned into it's own page as I was having fun dreaming up ideas for it. You can find the full BTS page here.

Post-apocalyptic worlds!
Most people already know what these are, but I figured they deserved special mention, thanks to my pickiness when it comes to the setting. Simply put, I like PA worlds where there is still a chance, a hope, a prayer for the future of the human race or whoever's left. Worlds where it's possible to scavenge, grow, or hunt for food, society has a chance to rebuild, both themselves and the world. Settings like Fallout, I am Legend (with more than one person), or Revolution are all good examples. What I'm not a big fan of is a setting in which everything is fucked. There's no food, no water that isn't bottled, poison, or irradiated, most of the people left have gone mad with hunger, and at it's best, humanity may survive for another generation, but ultimately, the world is already dead.

If there's another fan of NBC's Revolution out there who wants to write a story set in a similar world, you'll be my best friend!

Dystopian Settings - I have a serious weakness for any kink of world, both future and alternate history/fantasy, especially a futuristic fantasy, along the lines of the Shadowrun universe. Any story set in such a world usually ends up jumping to the top of my lists.

General settings I enjoy

-Favorite!- Genre Splices - I love combining multiple genres whenever I can, be it a post-apocalyptic retelling of a fairy tale, a fantasy or steampunk world within a VR simulation or one visited by a time or space traveler, a secret world of magic that's hiding in out modern world in plain sight, I love any story where multiple classic genres cross paths. Fantasy futures and dystopian worlds are, once again, near the top of the list.

Fantasy - DnD or Pathfinder styled worlds especially. They don't need to be the original worlds created by any author, in fact, I often prefer penning our own locations and characters to canon settings, even if a world is highly based on such a setting.

VR Settings - I love the idea of Virtual reality, enough that I made a whole separate page for it.
Modern day with a twist - similar to Breaking the Seal, any kind of modern setting with something more going on; magic, vampires, psions... there's a million ways to add spice to the modern day.

Lastly, in regards to smut settings - I'm willing to discuss a setting for a one-shot, but I like to keep things classy, a spa that offers a menu of special services where money isn't mentioned beyond the reception desk, forward societies where sexuality isn't a taboo, any kind of setting where a character or society isn't looked down on for enjoying themselves. In that regard...

Casual Settings are something I always find very fun. Whether it's a VR world of NPCs, a fantasy world, or some strange spin on our own reality, a setting where there is nothing is taboo about two people meeting up for casual fun is always enticing.

Story Ideas!

The Academy *New* *Craving*
I won't lie, this idea is heavily inspired after watching Kingsmen: The Secret Service over the last weekend. I'm looking for a story that focuses specifically on the training and challengers the chosen individuals will face on their path to becoming an agent for some clandestine organization. I don't want to simply take everything straight from the movie, so I'm willing to work with my partner on the exact nature of the organization in question, as well as the challenges and training our characters will face, and how they interact when they aren't involved in an exercise. I'm looking for a partner who is willing to take on equal ownership of the RP; we'd both be playing trainees, as well as various teachers, NPCs, villains, and whatever other roles may pop up over the course of the RP. I'm open to any ideas for the game, both sexual and story elements.

Game Over
A dystopian future where augmented reality has gotten so big, that everything is a game. Everyone is playing, standard eyepieces are government issue (the game became officially sanctioned a while back, thanks to all the bonus points voters were offered for pushing it through), though advanced gear is certainly available. Everyone scores points based on nearly everything; good parenting, community service, generally productively contributing to society. Leaderboards can be seen everywhere, and the top scoring "players" have all kinds of special privileges. It's a great system, as long as you aren't labeled a heretic and given a huge bonus of ethics points for elimination. After all, if the game says it's okay....

He's a hunter, one of the highest ranked players in the game of life. He's never given his targets much thought before, they're all social dissidents, criminals, potential terrorists... People who are in some way a threat. Otherwise they wouldn't be worth all those points, right?

This time is different, he finds his latest target at a long forgotten library, reading. She hardley seems a threat. As it turns out, her only crime is not really playing the game, favoring books. To him, she's harmless, to the game makers, she's the most dangerous one of all...

Feeling Sparks (F/any (craving F/F), sci-fi, adventure. I'm willing to rewrite my character and play them as a male instead)
I've actually tried this story once before, make that twice but failed to get it off the ground. It's a character I really love though, and want to give another shot.

Meagon Perrow has never lived a normal day in her entire life. Born to a mother who was kidnapped and put to work in a Red Star reactor lab, Meagan was soon found to be capable of not only conducting, but generating incredible amounts of energy within her body. If nothing else, Meagan's 'gift' made her useful, useful enough to keep alive, at least, if only as an experiment. Less than content with her confinement and treatment, Meagan managed to escape her the Red Star research center at a young age, escaping the Red Star fringe worlds into Federation space on a stolen shuttle, only to be picked up by a federation vessel after nearly destroying the shuttle in an ill-conceived plan to escape through an asteroid field that she completely lacked the skill to properly pilot. One way or another, Meaghan did manage to make it out, eventually hiding away on the Federation's homeworld, Earth. While easily the lesser of two evils, the federation still had far too many questions for a girl that had just flown in on a Red Star shuttle, many of which she felt no interest in answering. Convincing herself she'd just end up in a Federation weapons lab instead of a Red Star one, Meaghan became a recluse, constantly living in hiding.

Fearing the Red Star, but afraid to trust the federation, Meaghan had to get by on her own while avoiding as much attention as possible. Over the years, she managed to develop a unique skillset. Hacking her way into a false citizenship, she attended a local tech school, where she got her engineering license, about the only legal document she owns, and just in time for the launching of the New Utopia, a privately operated city ship, unaffiliated with either government. On board, Meaghan quickly becomes conflicted, the ship is a new world, a new life for everyone on board, one lacking so many of the restrictions of Earth, both self and society imposed. Will she continue to life quietly, safely, and secretly, as she always has, or will she take advantage of her first ever legal citizenship to live the life she's always wanted?

Cultural Education (GMing, with myself as GM, I'm anticipating playing a variety of races, as well as genders if requested, and all genders are welcome)Open!
This story idea is rather vague. It's not that I haven't really thought it through, I've made it vague on purpose so that my future co-writer and I could customize some of the details to their taste.
A collective of alien races and governments  that refer to themselves as The United in their common language has decided to welcome Earth into their fold for one reason or another. It could be the planet offers valuable resources, is viewed as a lush garden world and vacation destination, The United needs human soldiers for a war effort, or one of many other reasons. It is decided the best way to make first contact with Earth is by taking a single citizen from the planet and making them into their ambassador. Your character is chosen for a reason to be determined by the player and GM (could be luck of the draw, that they are well known, they are a war hero, etc.), and plucked from Earth. Almost immediately, they are enrolled in the same academy that all government officials, military officers, and many cornerstones of society are sent to, an academy that trains individuals for success, physically and mentally, in preparation of their role as ambassador, and also to give the human ambassador exposure to the many unique races that make up The United. it's there that our hero discovers that in a society where sexual diseases are nonexistent, and pregnancy is an option, not a consequence, their own views on sexuality are far less casual and rather old fashioned in their new home.

I'm looking for a decent mix of plot with all the smut that will be happening in this one, and am happy to provide examples of what I'm kind of looking for if requested. Make no mistake, I intend to be writing a variety of races and encounters for your character, at a decent frequency along the way, I just don't want it to be scene after scene of smut without any development in between for the entire duration of the story.

It's been a while since I've done any kind of one-shot story, and in many ways, I do miss them. For those interested, I'd be up for writing a short story or one-shot scene. When it comes to any story that's more or less just smut, I'd much prefer to write multiple single scenes than a several-page one, and often for once shots like to have it be more than a vanilla scene, whether that's due to the characters or the circumstances they're in being unique is open for discussion.

Pairings - I really don't want to write out one of those long, silly lists of every pairing I like in the format of "Teacher X Student", etc, so instead I'm just going to list here that I'm willing to discuss just about any pairing of characters that falls within E's guidelines. E has very few limits, so please don't ask me to break them.

That said, I'm not unwilling to do these kind of pairings, I'm just looking for a little more before jumping in. For example, instead of just " A teacher/student game", "A game where a student in a creative writing class accidentally submits the wrong notebook for her homework, and giver her teacher an erotic story she wrote. He can't get the idea out of his head that what he read game from her, normally so reserved." Easy as that, I'm already hooked.

Unsorted pictures
Things I need to sort out later, just pictures of scenes that gave me ideas, and characters I'd like to either play as, or have a partner play.
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