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Author Topic: My Ideas & Cravings (F seeking creative M)  (Read 3407 times)

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My Ideas & Cravings (F seeking creative M)
« on: February 04, 2013, 02:59:08 PM »
I'm aware there is more content here than in most requests, but I've learned by experience that it could make us both save some time.  I'll try to keep this short so you can skip to the fun part quickly. When contacting me, please use PM.

A little about me:

  • I am a woman, playing female characters for either male or futanari characters or male for female characters. It doesn't matter to me if you are a man or a woman in real life, as long as the character is played realistically.
  • I may play more than one character per thread, but they will never have sex together.
  • I have about 20 years of RP experience, about 7 years over forum
  • I am very creative, and appreciate the same of my partners. When you contact me, tell me how my story inspires you.
  • My own goal is to write at least 300 words per post (three solid paragraphs), and would like my partners to reciprocate.
  • I appreciate at least one answer a week, more is better, otherwise my interest fades.
  • I am open to ideas that are not in my request. If it fits my O&O, a pairing or a setting mentioned below, share your idea with me.
  • I like to plot, I am a goal oriented writer. If the RP has no set goal, I have little to no muse when it comes to writing
  • Communication is a must, through PM or IM.
  • If something is bothering me, I'll tell. I'd like my partner to do the same.
  • Read my O&O to see if we’re compatible before sending me the PM.

The Deal Breakers
  • Godmodding is a real deal breaker. Ask permission if you need to move my character.
  • Don't close a post on me, where my character has zero impact on what's happening. (i.e.  A enters the room, A slaps B, A exits the room, A locks the door, all in a single post.)
  • If you can't consistently write 2-3 solid paragraphs, save us both time and move on to the next request. I'm aware that sometimes post need to be shorter, but not constantly.
  • I like a good balance between story and sex. Not just smut, smut, smut. Characters must connect for the sexy stuff to happen. Otherwise it feels forced.
  • Not reading my O&O or keep trying to put my off into a thread because it's your on.
  • Refering to sexual organs by either vulgar words (cunt) or strange name (titmeat for breasts, weapons like sword for penis, food like cucumber... yes, I've had all this before) cock, pussy, tits are fine but when it gets too "out there" or vulgar it distracts me. Please write erotica tastefully.
  • Pushing me to post will only push your post lower in my posting priority
  • Speaking to me about how I post more for someone else, or that I post multiple times for this one partner while you are still waiting for your answer is unwelcome and stalkerish.

If You're Looking For A Dom Or A Sub
I like vanilla, not everything has to be about control and dominance. When it comes to it, though,  more Dom than sub, but I can play both. I have yet to try writing a male dom or sub, but I'd be willing to give a shot at either. Please note that if we've never written together before the chances that I write a sub, male or female, with you are very thin.

As a Dominant:
  • I can't write cruel, hardass dom. The character will be confident, demanding, expecting to be obeyed, but caring.
  • I'm not interested in wrestling the sub into submission. I prefer willing subs.
  • Sub must be more than just a mindless doll to order around. They should try to anticipate, to find new ways to please.
  • The dom will not force herself on a character, unless the sub does not let her know he's being forced into it
  • I write dom for male or futanari characters.
As a submissive:
  • As a female character, I can't sub to female or futanari. I tried.
  • Spineless mindless characters are boring to write for me, but (s)he will be a willing submissive even if not one that is just a doll for the dom to move around. Expect some resistance if limits are pushed to be broken.
  • The sub will mirror in kind. If the dom is harsh, the sub will stand up to them, if the dom is kind and rewarding, the sub will be obedient and driven to please.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this. Now here are the links toward what you are looking for, in the first place:

GREEN are stories I crave
CLOSED are not available to play, either because I'm already working it with someone or because I still like the idea, but don't feel like writing it right now.

Table code. If you want to use it do, just give me credit at the end
Code: [Select]
[td][center][font=Century Gothic][size=18pt]test[/size][/font][/center][/td]
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Long Term RPs
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2013, 01:59:27 PM »

What Comes After The War

OPENOpenSlice Of Life or fantasyRomance, mostly Vanilla

You character, a man in his early thirties, has gone to war and has been brought back home to be treated for severe burns. 2 years after, the burns are healed, but psychological wounds are still quite present. Not only (possibly) PTSD, but also that he doesn't accept his scars and believes no women would accept them and he can't put up with pity. Perhaps he was engaged when he came back, with someone pretty shallow who let him down?

My character is in her early 20s, she's had a pretty tough life, but she's studying to become a nurse and spends a lot of time at a veteran's hospital. She is kind and soft spoken, but she has a very solid spine and would not put up with his anger, or answer to it with anger.

The story would be about her, having a reciprocated crush on him, and working through his issues with him about not showing his scars, not being touched where his skin is scarred, etc.

Competition Between Brothers

CRAVINGHuman or Elf/HumanHigh FantasyVan, kinks to be discussed

A human saved the life of an elf once. In exchange, the elf had to bargain the life of his daughter. She would marry the man's son.Years passed and the daughter had time to come to term with the deal her father had struck. She learned much of the human culture and language and was ready to leave and find her husband.

The man's wife has given him twins, and now that they are both of age, the battle for the succession of their father has begun. Well, for one of them at least. The twins are born identical, but have evolved in much different way. One is very intellectual, a mage of sort, and is the most likely to succeed to his father. The other is more physical and his build shows it. He has no interest in replacing his father, all he wants to do is take care of the horses and the upkeep around the estate.

She arrives at the house unnanounced, decided that she was ready to get her own marital life started, but the father tells her of her dillemma. She has a month, at most, to choose between his sons, and the one she chooses will be the heir. The man is expecting her, a skilled elvish sorceress, to pick the intellectual one of the two sons, but will she?

I am looking for a player that is willing to play the two brothers, in competition with each other. There will not be any kind of twincest, though she might end up sleeping with both (just not at once). They don't have to be twins, that can be discussed

Bride For Sale

OPENOpenModern or FantasyArranged Marriage

She's just barely made it into adulthood. Even though her beauty doesn't betray it much but for a few signs, her childhood was difficult due to how poor her parents were. Her parents received an offer for her, one that would ensure that the future of the youngest be a little brighter. She tells her parents to accept. The man has money and if he takes care of her properly, she will never need for anything.

The setting can be discussed, modern, high fantasy or low fantasy. The pairing type is widely open for discussion. Although she is bought, she is not to be treated as property or a pet.


OPENVampire/HumanGothic post-apocVan, Romance

He's starving. With most of the population turned into zombies, finding a food source that isn't animal is getting close to impossible, and animal blood leaves him hungry and weak. He has caught a trail, faint and mostly covered by the decaying corpses that walk aimlessly about, of a living being. He tracks the human to find her surrounded by zombies who are just as starved as he is. He saves her life, and once they're safe, he demands a payment in blood, just enough to kill the intensity of the hunger. She depends on him for her safety and he depends on her for blood, but their bond develops into something more.

Note: Think The Walking Dead meets Blade. I'm not looking for Blade personality wise, though if that's what you want to do, I don't mind. I meant more as daywalker.
I am not against being a female vampire who rescues a man.

Dream Walker

OPENOPENFantasyVan or mild D/s, romance

The world is filled with magic. So much, that it’s not feeling special anymore. There are people born with the abilities to use it, people who do not need teaching and then there are others who show no spark at birth but can still be taught. She is born without a spark, and neither could she be taught. No matter how hard she tried, but Chiora is far from powerless. She is born with a very rare talent, one that works only when she sleeps. Not only does she dream of the future, but she can also enter other people’s dream. Her talent has been prophesied to come in a moment of need, as a guide sent by the Gods.

He is the second son of the current ruler. His older brother is groomed to become king in a few years, while he learns the art of warfare so he may be advisor to his brother when the time comes. Chiora sees him in her dream as someone tries to kill him. The day it happens, she intervenes, saving him from death. By saving him, she has condemned his father and his brother to die, a consequence that she has not foreseen. Thinking she was a part of the plot, but having no proof, he takes her to the dungeon to be questioned and possibly tortured. Before it gets to the torture, however, she invades his dreams…

Captive Prince

OPENHuman, openFantasyFemale Dom or Van, Romance

His caravan was attacked, his personal guard outnumbered. He was on his way to a neighboring country, but the only route he could take took him into enemy territory for a few miles and that's where he was ambushed. Taken to the castle, he is led to a cell where he is heavily guarded. While the king has plans for him, he doesn't want him to be roughed guards, unless it serves a purpose.

The princess is tasked by her father to charm the prince and seduce him so he would be forced into marrying her. As the time passes, the princess proves to be the gentle hand in his harsh captivity and she realizes that he is not the evil that her father told her he prince's people were. In fact, they are quite the opposite...

Shared Dreams

OPENHumanReal life with a twistCon, Van, possible bon & Public

They just barely know each other. He really likes her, but she was in a relationship. That relationship is over, and while she's not a complete mess about it, she's still bothered by some of the things that has been said. He offers to be a shoulder. She gives him a gift for it; his half of a yin-yang friendship necklace. They go to bed that night, and have a lucid dream of one another, they are in fact in the same dream.

The goal of this idea is to explore the dream world and how dreaming of one another in a setting where there is no consequences (thus no inhibition) influence their friendship-maybe-more in real life. Roles can be exchanged, like he's the one needing a shoulder and she's the one to provide it. The necklace could have been bought in some esoteric shop and be the magical link.

Lost In Space

OPENHumanSciFiVan, Con

3 years into the voyage home with a cargo of precious metal, something happened to the pilot. The ship and its cargo, as well as its crew sleeping in tanks, are now drifting to space. It's been over ten years, the ship has been declared lost by the Company and a hefty reward has been offered for the return of the crew - and cargo. 

He's the captain of a ship, a scavenger ship. He comes across the drifting cargo ship, which he plans to claim the reward. He finds her, reanimates her and helps her get her bearing. He's been a long time alone with the AI and the presence of a female on board is... distracting.

Note: Open to the male being a humanoid alien.


OPENOPENFantasy/Alternate EarthVan or mild D/s

She is human, sold from the moment she was old enough to be of use. She’s had a mix of good masters and harsh ones. No matter the past, if her back is scarred by whip marks, most of her body remains unblemished. The slavemaster introduces her to the crowd. She’s 18, been tested and she is still pure. She’s a decent cook, doesn’t need much coercing to clean and she’s good with kids. He sees her, sees her beauty and outbids everyone at the slave auction. Maybe he wants a nanny for his kids, or he’s just lonely and wants company, or he’s a jaded nobleman that fancies her enough to spend on her, it’s up to you. I'd prefer a reluctant owner.

While there is a master/slave dynamic here, and she might remain his sub, he should not be treating her as a slave. She does not take pleasure in service, she does it because she sees it as a way to survive and it’s all she knows. What I had in mind, was to have her go from maid service, into more intimate service, and then have feelings develop until the balance shatters and the man frees her, unable to bear the thought that she might put up with him, fake feelings for him, because he owns her.

I am willing to do a gender reversal here, where it is a woman buying a male slave.

Used idea, not currently available
The Amazon Planet

CLOSEDHumanAnother WorldD/s, coercion, Romance

He's from Earth, used to all the commodities and freedom that it provides, and yet he can't seem to find the woman he wants for more than a night. There's always this little something missing. He's stunning, the ladies aren't lacking. The problem comes from him and the way he feels.

She's from another planet, where women rule over men. At different degrees, men are always the one to serve. She's a queen, with her own harem. Among them she has a favorite or two, but none satisfying her to the point of raising his station to being her consort. She prays to the gods, every night for a week, for a beautiful stranger that would give her what she needs, if not what she wants. On the last day, her prayer is granted. A man from another planet has been delivered to her.

Note: Communication is a must here. Partner must be willing to delve into that world and built it with me. Also, I'm looking for the right amount of resistance here, but not a full blow fight for dominance. Being dominated might be what was missing in his previous relationships...

He Is a She!

CLOSEDHumanSciFiTeasing, Romance

He's the captain of an all-male crew. The pilot is gone, maybe he died or he was just fired. In his wish to replace the pilot, he hires one fresh out of the academy. Cameron is about 20 years old, has come out among the top of her class, and she has displayed some uncanny skills with this particular ship during training. He was Jayden on board. The picture on the profile doesn't tip the captain off, and for some reason, he just assumed that Cameron was a guy. Cameron gets on board of the ship. She's a bit of a tomboy, with short spiky hair and loose clothes that hide most of her curves. Even her voice is a bit husky for a girl. It's only once they're off the docks and into the black that the captain notices the unmistakable curve of a breast or how the pants are hugging her hips. What will he do? He desperately needs a pilot, he likes her attitude, but the guys he has hired to haul the cargo aren't exactly known to treat a girl right... What will he do? Protect her, taker her under his wing, dump her for another pilot as soon as he gets back to the docks, or keep her if she proves she can take care of herself? She might take a liking into him, and start teasing him to lure him into having some fun.

Vampire Love

CLOSEDVampire/HumanGothicVan, Romance

Year 2000, an 18 years old man(let’s call him Joshua) meet with a woman and in the space of an evening, falls in love with her. She looks like she’s 17. She’s quite forward with him and is unfaithful to her boyfriend with him. Before she leaves, she tells Joshua to forget her face and not look for her, using a form of compulsion.

Her boyfriend(Let’s call him Hugo), much older than her in appearance, gives her a ride to their hotel room. They’re strangers in a small town that covers a whole island. During the ride, he makes a scene and crashes the car. Kate’s body was never found. The man is in a coma in the hospital. A few hours into the night, he disappears.

Year 2013, Joshua is 31, a cop like his father before him and still lives in the small town and is the sheriff there. Kate shows up, still looking 17. Something pulls at his memory. It’s a festival of some kind and Kate sees Josh somewhere in the crowd. She realizes that she’s been in love with him from day one, but 13 years later, she hasn’t aged a day. He certainly has and has grown into his looks.

Note: It’s a pretty developed idea. I’ll share more of it with someone who’s serious about doing this. It’s going to be story-oriented, could get a bit bloody. The idea stemmed from watching 30 days of night (the annihilation of a contained population. Kate is very different from the vampires of the movie.)

The Alpha

CLOSEDHuman/WerewolfModern FantasyVan, Romance

He’s the alpha male of his pack, and lately there’s been pressure for him to find a mate. Wolves mate for life, so does the werewolves, only he hasn’t come across the right one just yet, and no amount of pressure from the pack would have him lower his standards. Until he comes across her… Just the scent of her call to his more animalistic instincts. He feels the urge to bite her and turn her into one of his kind, to possess her and make her his mate.

She’s a bookworm, but a classy one. She doesn’t look like a nerd at all, but rather a healthy beautiful woman. She’s oblivious to the secrets of the world; to her  the life is simple. She works, pay her bills, live in the imaginary world of her books. She dates little, considers herself to mildly attractive but socially awkward.

Note: I am iffy about having a werewolf/human sex scene, same with a werewolf x2 scene. I am certainly not interested in knotting. So if it has to happen while she’s still human, his cock will have to be human and not dog-like.

I go for the Underworld kind of werewolf here, the kind that stands on two legs to walk and attack, not the bigger version of a wolf à la Twilight.

Beauty & The Beast

CLOSEDHuman/Were-creatureModern FantasyRomance, D/s

Beauty is her street name, and it is a well-deserved one. She never has difficulty finding clients, even though she's been on the street for less than a week, or perhaps because of it. There are rumors of a man that should be avoided, that tends to be rough with girls. He never beats them, or harm them. He just likes it rough and he always takes a girl for the whole night. That night, Beauty speaks with a girl who's been daring enough to go and see for herself. She claims that rumors are putting things out of proportion, that she had a great night, but he never seemed to run out of stamina and he gave her more than a whole night's worth of money for sure. She wanted to be with him again, but he never pays attention to the same woman twice.

He lives in a very secluded part of town, because he needs his privacy. He is not human; he's cursed. Three months a night, he is forced to shapeshift into an animal (it can be any big cat species or a wolf, I don't mind.). To be freed from a curse that makes him immortal and forces a painful shapeshifting onto him, he must find true love. Years have worn his belief in love, however, and he's beginning to believe it's nothing but a fairytale. When he spots her, he has no idea that she could be the one...

Open for a role reversal, where she picks him up in a bar... and she's the one with the curse.

Memory Lost

CLOSEDHuman/WerewolfModern fantasyRomance, with a D/s undertone

He sees her on the streets. Her clothes are barely decent, torn into shreds, she has blood stains, scratches, and she's in shock. She doesn't know where she is or how she got there, doesn't know anything about herself. He stops to help her. Smells on her the odor of an unknown werewolf male, a rogue on his territory. The rogue  has marked her as his. The werewolf can easily see why. She's pretty under all this, and there's something in her that calls to the animal in him, He decides to offer her shelter. Will he be honest with her or trick her once he realizes that she doesn't have her memory?

The truth is that she is born of a human mother and a werewolf father. It makes her the perfect candidate for an offspring, something the werewolf in him senses right off, though the non-instinct part of him fails to understand it until she recovers her memory...

The High Elf Ambassador

CLOSEDHigh Elf/Dark ElfFantasyFemdom, possible Romance

A very long time ago, the world of elves was divided in two. Those cast out where chased into caves and became elves of the darkness and those on the surface fancied calling themselves high elves. With the years, the conflict was never forgotten but its importance ebbed in the mind of the high elves, who lived in freedom, in the sun light, with no space restriction. Under the surface, however, it was quite different. The hate of the surface-dwellers was constantly fed. With years, their skin turned a sickly shade of grey, their eyes acclimated better to the dark and became red or silvery. Where the high elves rarely had more than one or two child, the dark elves had much larger families because only the strongest could survive. The weaker, less intelligent ones were killed young by those who had better survival skills, or by one of the other kind of cave-dwellers. The matriarchal society treated its men poorly. They were smaller, frailer, and basically enslaved.

The dark elf empress, who lived long enough to remember having once lived on the surface, planned the expansion of the caves very carefully until it reached underneath the heart of the high elf's city. They waited at night, created an entrance, and tried to slaughter as many high elves as possible, but the attack had been anticipated. The slaughter was not the one expected. Pushed back into their cave again, hurt in their pride and licking their wounds, the dark elves retreated and found themselves having to sign a treaty with the High elves. One of theirs, able to stand the sight of light, would live in the palace as ambassador and one of the high elf gifted with a nightvision, would live in the cave with them.

Saeryn is chosen to go spend a year among the dark elf, with a monthly assessment of her situation. If she is to be treated poorly, the fate of the remaining dark elves would be sealed and the racial problem taken care of forever. Saeryn is greeted according to her station, treated as the most important guest. She is given the estate of a Matron who died during the fight, as well as all the slaves the Matron owned, including her son. She discovers that he is among the slaves by far the sturdiest of them all, but still grossly under-nourished and his skin is damaged from all the fighting for survival he has had to do over the last few weeks. Saeryn singles him out to be her guide. She can't find her way in those damned caves with no stars to guide herself with, and she needs to learn the customs of his people so she does not offend. He would expect her to treat him like a dark elf would treat a male high elf, which is even worse than the way he's been treated all his life. When she gives him more, he begins to review his opinion. Having known nothing else than servitude, though, he gives her the best of what he knows.

Note: while I'm aware that there's a lot of AD&D in there, I've never played it. My take on this might be different and little here is set in stone.

The Gaijin

CravingNolan's Batman/OCGotham, AURomance, story-oriented

A gaijin, part of an organization of Samurai that has historically tried to oppose Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Shadow's plans, has learned that one of his disciple lives in Gotham and has charged her to find him and get rid of him if he proves that he is there to help with the fall of the city.

Note: All I know about Batman is the Nolan movies. I was too young to remember the first Batman TV shows, didn't care for the second set of movies. I also didn't care for the comics. My character would be something close to Elektra when it comes to skill set, though she wouldn't be Elektra. I'm looking for something romantic to happen, but I don't expect the game to be centered onto "getting some".

I Am Legend

CLOSEDHuman (original)Post-ApocVan, mild D/s with coercion, romance.

She lives in the top story of an apartment building. She rarely ever leaves her nest, but when she does, it’s during the day when it is safe and she’s always armed. She’s getting pretty desperate for company, for closeness, just for a hug. She every day that she risks going down the fire escape, she scavenges for food and bottles of water. She hates being so afraid all the time. She’s blocked all the windows and doors as best as she could with bricks and cement so that the building is all walls save for two windows. The one going to the fire escape and one so she can see the sun during the day. One day, she sees someone walking in broad daylight, holding a gun. Should she make herself known to him, or not?

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Short Terms & One Shot
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2013, 12:39:16 PM »
currently unavailable

OPENHumanModernVan or mild D/s

He’s successful, rich, handsome and has everything anyone could hope for, save for one thing: he can have any woman he wants, but sooner or later it always turns out to be about prestige or money or perhaps it is something else entirely. He’s near or in his early thirties and the urge to settle down and have a family is starting to bother him.

She’s an Au Pair girl just barely in her twenties, babysitting a pair of twins. She has no idea who he is, as she pays no attention to tabloids, or anything finance related. While she’s babysitting, one of the twins spills something over him. After a bit of babbling and apologies, they part ways. A few days later, they meet again and this time, he spills something over her. She takes it with a grain of salt, he likes her attitude and tries to convince her to come for a coffee…

Note: The reason why he is really alone is up to you. I wouldn’t be against him being a vampire or a werewolf or even to be part demon, as long as he isn’t a hard, cold and cruel man.

From Lyon to Milan

ClosedHumanModernVan, poss. coercion, public

It's the night train between Lyon, France and Milan, Italy. It leaves at 7PM and arrives at destination some 12 hours later. She's a French young woman on a trip to Italy, her final destination is Rome, where she is to study Saints for a while. He could be a tourist, a backpacker or on a business trip. She has paid for a private cabin, but when she gets to her assigned one, there is a man there.

She's pretty, but not vain. She's a bit of a bookworm and, lets face it, studies about Saints doesn't really make for interesting dates. He likes her, and decides to try to seduce her, on the train. Details of the scenario will be discussed with writing partner.

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« Reply #3 on: February 13, 2013, 02:16:38 AM »
Ms. popular x Nerd
Bookworm x Mr. popular
Vampire x Human
Sorceror x Warrior
Human x Werewolf
Elf x Human
Aes Sedai x Warder 
Student x Mentor
Kidnapped x Kidnapper
Mermaidx human
Loki x OC
Thor x OC
Batman (Nolanverse) x OC
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« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2013, 02:17:23 AM »
Social Sci-fi
Arranged marriage
Post-Apocalyptic / Survival
High Fantasy
Modern Fantasy / Gothic

Resident Evil
Wheel of Time
The Host, movie or book
Beauty & The Beast
Firefly / Serenity
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« Reply #5 on: February 17, 2013, 04:45:03 PM »
Images that I would like to use in a RP, if one inspires you, PM me your idea, even if it's just to tag it along one of my request above. Make it more than a "I like the picture of..." PM please.

Gothic Fantasy?
Beautiful predator
A werewolf RP perhaps?

An Innocent Nymph
Modern, fantasy or not
The Elf Warrior

Sci-Fi? Yes, please!
Romance with a mermaid?

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Group RP
« Reply #6 on: February 27, 2013, 05:10:52 PM »
A world where characters from movies and TV shows live after their role on the silver screen is over. Still recruiting.
OOC Thread

The Providence
Firefly/Serenity based group rp. Not recruiting crew, but welcome short term guests with a plot.
OOC Thread

Vampires and Blood Dolls
Vampires living in covens who claim ownership of humans as their doll. Always recruiting
The board
The Classifieds, in case you want to look at what is requested by players

Aquarius, The Amazon Realm
Female dominated society, males are all slaves. Always recruiting
OOC Thread
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Re: Thread list
« Reply #7 on: July 18, 2013, 07:44:29 PM »
Thread list can be found here
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Re: Ideas, Pairings, Settings (F seeking creative M Dom or sub, or VAN)
« Reply #8 on: August 03, 2013, 11:38:01 PM »
Added "He Is A She" and changed status of different stories.

Craving a werewolf RP badly.

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Re: Ideas, Pairings, Settings (F seeking creative M Dom or sub, or VAN)
« Reply #9 on: August 04, 2013, 10:08:22 PM »
added Bride For Sale

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Re: My Ideas & Cravings (F seeking creative M)
« Reply #10 on: August 07, 2013, 02:15:27 PM »
Beauty & The Beast  and Sold are available again.

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Re: My Ideas & Cravings (F seeking creative M)
« Reply #11 on: September 06, 2013, 03:12:01 AM »
added Competition Between Brothers and it is the only new RP I am willing to take at the moment.

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Re: My Ideas & Cravings (F seeking creative M)
« Reply #12 on: October 01, 2013, 09:33:04 PM »
Bump! Added Gaijin. Willing to take RP ideas only from the two that are not in spoiler code. Thank you!

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Re: My Ideas & Cravings (F seeking creative M)
« Reply #13 on: October 24, 2013, 06:36:45 PM »
Added After The War, accepting suggestions only for the stories not in spoiler codes at the top of the second post. Thank you.

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Re: My Ideas & Cravings (F seeking creative M)
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Due to a couple of fellow writers going on hiatus or threads having been dropped, I have time for one, perhaps two stories. So... Bump!

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Re: My Ideas & Cravings (F seeking creative M)
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