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Started by Legion, February 03, 2013, 10:30:24 PM

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Hi There,

I seek an rp partner for a partly baked idea I have come up with. I am looking for a school setting between a teacher and a female student. Bondage is a requirement and non consensual is welcome but not required. I would like to play the role of the submissive student so yours will be the teacher the gender of the teacher is up to you but please be male or female not trans. Feel free to ask questions and or discuss ideas I am always open to negotiation.

Apologies for any typos I am on my phone currently.
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I would like to reopen this idea as my previous partner and I decided to discontinue the rp.

I would also like to add a second idea, in which a young virgin girl (Say 18 - early 20s) is kidnapped and raped (The rape is optional) after which she is locked into a chastity belt forcing her to return to him if she wants to have another orgasm. After which time she is released back to her previous life with no one any the wiser, however she now leads a double life trying to keep everyone from her normal life from finding out about her second. However her Master becomes more controlling of her and her double life starts to creep into her normal life. From here we can explore options of people finding out or her parents and how they react and perhaps other people can get in on the action with her masters permission.

Once again I would like to play the submissive role.
I would prefer any torture to be kept to a minimum if at all.
Rape is fine and I am happy to discuss anything else you would like to do.
I have no set designs for your character so you are welcome to design them completely yourself or we can discuss it together.
Should you have any further questions or concerns by all means leave me a message and I will be happy to address them.

I look forward to Roleplaying with you :)

I am also open to any ideas you would like to come up with and any ideas are open to multiple partners
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