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June 23, 2018, 05:25:16 AM

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Author Topic: What am I looking for... (M seeking F)  (Read 602 times)

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What am I looking for... (M seeking F)
« on: February 02, 2013, 09:50:14 PM »
It's been over a year since the last time I've been here, and I think I've learned something recently:  I'm not much for large-group games.  Sure, maybe up to half a dozen people is fine, but more than that and things get hectic, and quite difficult to keep up with at times.  So, here I am at the One on One section again- I shouldn't have that issue if I search for a role play here.  This time, I think I'll try something a little different than what I used to try when I was looking for a roleplay.

What I'd really like, for a role play in particular, is something that involves a human character (mine) with a non-human, yet humanoid, female.  She could be practically anything known from various literature (no vampires or werewolves, however), anime, games, etc.  Or, she could be something completely original and fleshed out within the RP.  I enjoy the thought of having a human meet a non-human and be introduced to their culture.  This could be a modern, sci-fi, or fantasy-based setting of just about any sort as a result.  I'd be working with the interested person to decide the setting itself.  There are a number of alien/non-human species I'm familiar with (among them would be Draenei, Twi'lek, Togruta, Elves of various kinds, Lamia, Succubi, dragon-kin, kemonomimi in general, etc) and would be willing to RP with.  I would ask that we plot things out a bit in messages first, to figure everything out.  I'm basically thinking that this would wind up in Light: Exotic (or Human) Solos.

I'm sorry if that seems a bit vague, but that's mostly because I'd like to work out the setting and the characters in messages rather than just toss everything out here at once, like I've done in the past.  Some elements I'd like to include:

Sci-fi or Fantasy (one or the other, please, but not combined unless we spend a lot of time plotting things out so we're on the same page!)
Non-human races

However, I am not only looking for that.  I'm also seeking a modern-based role play as well.  Something with a female character that would be fairly romantic, fun, and could get wild if things go the right way.  Could be realistic modern, could involve various other non-humans, I'm not too picky on this front. 

I've also had the urge to try the "Naked in School" kind of setting for a role play again (tried it once here in a group, and it died out).  If you're unfamiliar with the setting, basically, one or two students per grade in high school, per week, are set up to be naked at school.  Allowed to wear protective gear when necessary, shoes and socks in general, and glasses.  Otherwise, the characters (typically one boy and one girl who share common classes at times) are completely nude.  The nude characters must comply with any 'Reasonable Requests' during times between classes and at lunch (it is not reasonable to force a student to miss out on a chance to eat lunch, however.  Nor is it reasonable to force a nude student to have sex with anyone.  That's why they're called "Reasonable Requests."  Asking to touch a part of the nude person's body is fine).  If a nude student is too sexually stimulated, they are allowed to request relief at the beginning of a class (which may or may not involve hands-on participants in the form of other students who wish to assist the nude student).  This goes on for a week, with the goal of helping students to address their own sexuality and to become used to it.  In many cases, students may wind up going naked in school even when not chosen for the week...

Finally, there are a number of fandoms that I enjoy, ranging from various games to anime.  Not so much Movie, Celebrity, or book-based role plays, though exceptions may be made.
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Here's the main fandoms I wouldn't mind having an RP in/involving somehow.  This is in random order, for the most part, but expect the ones at the start of the list to be the fandoms that I tend to be more familiar with overall.

Star Wars
Breath of Fire (1-4)
SMT: Devil Survivor (1 & 2)
Persona 4
Dead or Alive (I need to catch up with the overall plot of the series, but I am familiar with the characters)
Fire Emblem
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Marvel or DC settings (I'm not especially familiar with the various plots and such in the numerous series, but as a whole I am somewhat familiar with the characters.  At the least, I can find out more about them, and am willing to do so.)

What I am not looking for:

I'm not looking for anything that's a master and sub.  Having a pet does not exactly mean that the pet is a sub, for example, and so is excluded.  Anything in the Offs list, of course, in my O&O.  Nothing to do with Harry Potter, sparkly vampires (or vamps/undead in general, unless they are NPCs or something of that nature), and... yeah.  That's it.

Freshly added!

I'd like to try a superhero-styled role play reminiscent of DC or even Marvel settings.  However, due mostly to my lack of knowledge of the extensive background of practically 99% of all the canon characters (that 1% represents my access to the DC and Marvel Encyclopedias I own, as well as Wiki accessability), I don't think I could do justice (no pun intended) if I were to play as a canon character (I'd find using their personalities quite difficult, honestly, if I don't know much of anything about 'em!).  As a result, I'd prefer to use an original character, personally.

This means he's a greenhorn.  Complete rookie to the hero'ing biz.  That's not to say he doesn't know what he's doing (well... not a complete Noob or anything), but he certainly lacks the experience necessary to take on more than maybe d-list villains or the average non-supervillain criminals.  Anything higher than that, and it'll take some luck and help from more experienced heroes to actually do anything more than get his ass handed to him.  I haven't yet decided/figured out what my character's abilities/powers will be, but I'm working on it.  If you'd like to help me work out details, I'd definitely be grateful.

Yeah, that about covers the basics.  Other things can be figured out in messages.  Hope to hear from ya soon!
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Re: What am I looking for... (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2013, 11:55:11 AM »
Updated recently, just decided to make that obvious today.  Added a superhero 'wanting' to the list.