~Adam~ (MeMale) Seeks Eve (YouFemale) Dream~Relaity?Nightmare?

Started by Rog the Rake, February 02, 2013, 08:00:57 PM

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Rog the Rake

~Adam~ 'Dream or Reality'?

     The last thing he remembered was being told to count backwards from 100, the surgery was supposed to be routine, however on waking the light was very bright people around him were 'speaking' but what they said did not make any sense... it was as if the words they spoke were some strange language.

     He blinked and tried to move but could not .o0(oh God I am paralyzed) .. this thought came to him and then the lights dimmed somewhat and one of the speakers, all of the people in the room were female ... leaned over him. She was beautiful her face covered with some sort of plastic mask her hands stroking his body.. he felt his 'penis' harden and once again she was speaking her face taking on a look of pleasure but her words making no sense.

    Her hands on his body however caused reactions his nipples grew hard , his penis grew aroused... .o0(wait) he tried to move but could not yet he felt his penis harden??? Maybe it did not... but then.. A HAND he felt a hand on him... caressing him stroking him... it was careful and it was in some sort of glove? BUT his eyes locked on the woman over him and then there was another ... this one also stunning ... the two were speaking and he felt another hand on his scrotum.. weighing them foundling them... the two were excited but DAM so was he.. then he knew he was pass the point of no return and he would have let out a moan and curse but he was ejaculating and he FELT his seed shoot spraying his stomach and saw it hit one of the woman in the face... she was startled ... her head shooting back.. but it was stopped by another woman who moved up and held her over him.. she brought a glove up and worked with some sort of instrument to carefully scrape his semen off the woman...

   He felt a bit of give to whatever was wrong with him and he could turn his head now he did so looking around the room he was in.. and saw WOMAN dozens of them... all in some sort of strange uniforms... all attractive.. of various ages..... and they seemed to be CHEERING?? He felt something on his arm then and sleep came to him again... as he headed into it.. he felt his penis being caressed carefully... he smiled... .o0(dam now this was a freaky dream.... )


   The head tech. placed three pads on the 'males' temples, all around her more of the staff were busy several of them working on retrieving the life giving sperm this male had thrust from his body. They had done it, they had recovered a viable functioning male of there species. He had been in such a primitive cold storage receptacle his body damaged that at first they had assumed he would be like all the other that had been located at this facility.

     However his team would not give up instead of concentrating on there first mission to verify he was a viable male, the lead tech decided to work on healing him first then testing him, going against protocol and which could still subject her to expulsion from the facility, however Luck was with her.. more then luck.. not only was this male viable he seemed to be what there records termed as a 'prime specimen or beefcake' they had found his records and the computer had worked on deciphering the ancient language there historians at a loss as to what a 'chip&dale dancer' was telling them that chip and dale were 20Th century cartoon rodents and well they all knew what dancing was..

     The director strolled into the room and everyone stopped.. the woman radiated power and moved up to the table.. her eyes taking in the male lying on it. A small crystal pad handed to her showed the results.. and she smiled.. "Okay ladies tag him and move him out, I have security all set and this asset is to be treated as Priority Omega" looking around the room her eyes centered on the lead tech... who's life was basically in her hands now... she had gone against protocol..... in the past too many resources had been spent on nonviable Male's thus testing was always to be done first before any thing else. BUT this tech had determined that if they did not first correct the severe medical condition he was in he MAY not have survived being tested and thus if he was viable termination would occur. Thus she for some unknown reason BROKE protocol.

     Crossing her arms she shook her head.. "YOU" she said all eyes now on Eve the tech.. bowed her head and waited for judgment she had also been the person to have her faceplate plastered with the Male's semen... which even now was playing over and over on screen throughout the facility.. "The president has directed that you are to go with this male.. " she handed the crystal pad to her.. " We must have his mental facility in tact besides his physical condition it will fall to you to assert his level of intellect and virility" she smiled.. it was not nice.. " since he is from the 20Th century one of the most barbaric times of this planet you will of course have to either assert dominance over him from the start OR..." she strolled to the woman.. and slapped the crystal in her hand.. " allow him to do so to you.. either way you have 12 cycles (months) and we expect in one cycle 30cc daily from him for the clinics" she did not wait for a reply but turned ... and left..


~Eve~ Reality or Nightmare?

   As the director turned Eve uttered 32 curses inside her head, that she had been excited and aroused at seeing the naked male form in the tube had been a chemical reaction and she knew it, and yes at 23 she had yet requested a partner, (either Dom or sub female the idea of a switch having been determined as non-plausable) she had been considered strange society knowing that sexual release was necessary for both health and mental well being.

   She held the crystal palm in her hand and saw that it had been updated with all the information on valuable subject, well his sperm actually thus him.. and over the past three centuries since the purge the female population had learned that finds such as this were precious and needed to be cultivated this male was one of three hundred left on the planet, and HE was hers for the next 12 cycles.... or was she his??

(( Okay so if you are reading this then you are probably going what the hell?? well lets say I just started to write and the idea is futuristic Adam and Eve in name to start... not just looking for sex but sex is what she has to have from him and not just sex she needs to milk him in order to help continue the propagation of the species and perhaps he could be one of the males who is able to reproduce not only female offspring but male as well... could he be immune to the plague that almost destroyed there human race? There are only 300,000 females left and they all are looking for that one good male to knock them all up ))