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Author Topic: 333 Nightshade Court - A supernatural, college roleplay. (Interest Check!)  (Read 473 times)

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Offline jetblackmirrorTopic starter

333 Nightshade Court

For six college students, life is a little bit more difficult than simply figuring how to pay for college. Finding a house was hard enough, and now having to share a house with strangers, who know nothing of each other's secrets should prove to be... interesting. This is a roleplay to explore their school year, the trials they both through, and the relationships that form. All sexualities are welcome, and we are looking to fill the spots for three women, and one more male. If interest is high enough, we may be able to squeeze a couple more people in. This will be a pretty free-flowing game, seeing as there will often be different story lines happening at the same time. But there will be times, that we can all discuss, so that everyone is able to interact at the same time. For example, Ashatteredsymphony67 (who is co-GMing this with me) and I plan on having the opening scene be where all of the characters have settled in after moving in, and they are having a bit of a housewarming party. Truth or dare, anyone? ;)

As for supernatural powers, anything goes really. Witches, psychics, vampires (would have to be the type that can go into the sun, heh.), faeries, were-animals, half-breeds, doesn't matter! Just use your imagination, and keep in mind that these people only know of their own power, and are trying to live normally amongst other people. Rooms will be determined simply by order in which people apply/are accepted. If you wish to change rooms once the game starts, that's something that we can all discuss in the OOC.

Men - Jetblackmirror (Liam Hart), Ashattersymphony67 (Daniel Ohr), One more spot open.
Women - Three spots open.

Rooms -
Room 1: Jetblackmirror, Ashatteredsymphony67
Room 2:
Room 3:

Character Sheet:
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[b]Supernatural Power and/or Species:p[/b]
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Offline jetblackmirrorTopic starter

Re: 333 Nightshade Court - A supernatural, college roleplay. (Interest Check!)
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2013, 04:08:22 PM »

Name: Liam Hart
Supernatural Power and/or Species: Werewolf
Age: 21
Major/Minor*Optional*: Music, Physics
Sexuality: Pretty evenly bisexual
Background/Personality: Liam is from a rather poor family, in a rather poor town in England. He grew up pretty roughly, his family not exactly being the best role models. There was a lot of drinking, and a lot of fighting. That fact that his family comes from a long line of werewolves didn't help any. Him and his siblings were screamed at, and beat on occasion. Their father would often times blame their Lyncanthrop genes for his rage, but Liam chalked it up to that their father was really just an asshole. He spent most of his life fighting the same need for violence, the want to hurt someone. Instead, he channeled all of that into music, which landed him a pretty good scholarship at NYU. He plays a few different instruments, as well as sings pretty well. He focuses mostly on guitar, though.

He is your typical bad boy; Sarcastic, with a tendency to be a little bit of a douche, charming, yet dark, smokes cigarettes, and really doesn't give a single fuck what anything else thinks. He's also a bit of a whore. Hey, as long as it's attractive and fun, he'll probably fuck it, male or female.
On's: Roughness, struggle for dominance, 3+somes, people who can be just as sarcastic as he can, biting, scratching.
Limits: Bathroom stuff, vore, mutilation, lots and lots of blood.
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Re: 333 Nightshade Court - A supernatural, college roleplay. (Interest Check!)
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2013, 04:26:04 PM »

Name: Daniel Ohr
Supernatural Power and/or Species: Technopath
Age: 21
Major/Minor*Optional*: Majoring in Medicine
Sexuality: Gay
Background/Personality: Daniel 'Danny' Ohr was born into a rich family. His father is the head marketing consultant for Mac computers and his mother spent her time mastering the art of spending the vast amounts of money her husband made. Often they left Danny at home with the nanny who he grew closer to than his own parents. She was an elderly woman and passed when Danny was finally old enough to stay home by himself. After he untimely death Danny just grew even more distant from his parents, only talking to them when absolutely needed. Most of the time he just shut himself in his room and played video games until he fell asleep. Or tried to spend time with the few friends he actually did have.

During his time in high school Danny experienced a change in his body that he knew wasn't natural. He was able to keep himself awake for days on end by just sucking power out of anything that ran on electricity. On top of that he could make his computer go faster than any supercomputer by just concentrating on it. Being a technopath helped a lot in regards to figuring out what he was going to major in. Though his parents are selfish and greedy, Danny is the exact opposite. He decided to go to med school at NYU so he could use his special power to save lives. The burden of keeping what he really is secret wears down on him everyday, making him irrationally emotional at times. The emotional damage of not having his parents there for him his whole life made him have severe attachment issues which has kept him single and a virgin despite being a Junior in college.

Danny is shy at first, but opens up quickly once he figures out whether he likes someone or not. If he doesn't like said person he makes it known by confronting them about it or being blatantly rude towards them. Often using his powers to mess with their technology then act innocent. He likes to believe that his innocent puppy dog face can get him out of anything, and hopefully into someone's heart.
Ons: Struggle for dominance, biting, anger sex, cocky guys, guys who play instruments, tattoos
Limits: Blood, Bathroom Play, Beasteality
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Offline jetblackmirrorTopic starter

Re: 333 Nightshade Court - A supernatural, college roleplay. (Interest Check!)
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2013, 04:29:24 PM »
Yaaay! :)