Male Seeking Female

Started by whoyouyesme, February 01, 2013, 03:46:38 PM

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Hi Potential Writing Partners,

I'm semi-lit. I can offer up to 6 paragraphs per reply but would usually stick around 3 per reply. I can only elaborate so much more with whatever I'm given. Thus, I try not to mimic my partner's post length. I'd like a reply every other day at the very least. I only play with human characters in modern time settings. No body modifications. No inflation of anything. An apocalypse setting may work but still, no aliens, zombies, walkers and so on. Roles should include a fairly even amount of smut and plot. My current craving is a patient/nurse/doctor pairing. Other pairs that I don't mind doing include father/daughter, teacher/student, professor/student, babysitter/father, friend/friend, and many others. Please be sure to drop some ideas via PM and not within this thread.

P.S. Role will take place via PMs unless you convince me otherwise with homemade chocolate chip cookies.