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Started by GnothiSeauton, January 31, 2013, 10:00:38 PM

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This is a general thread for FxF story ideas/plots that I am currently seeking.  Some new plots, along with some others that I am particularly craving.  For more information and plots/ideas that are MxF, check out my main Current Ideas and Cravings link listed in my signature.

Internal Liaisons
Inspiration:  The Ides of March
Light or Bondage or Extreme (Depending on Kinks)
Modern, Adultery, Difference of Age, Public Figure X Intern

A rising public figure hiding a dark secret.  On the outside, she seemed to be picture perfect.  A nice, elegant house.  Two well-to-do kids.  A loving husband.  But no one knew of her dirty little secret...  No one knew that under the surface of smiling faces and seemingly loving marriage laid nothing more than disaster.  The flame of love had burned out long ago, a mutual decision to simply keep up the appearance, for the sake of the children, and their careers.  Within this loveless marriage, our rising female figure finds love in an unexpected place:  her own office.

It's not a lot to go on, and the idea above does seem a little over used, but I would rather work with someone who is interested in the idea and flesh it out more.

Hand to the Queen
Inspiration:  A Dance with Dragons
Light, Bondage, or Extreme (Depending on Kinks)
Medieval / Fantasy, Queen/Princess X Hand Maiden

A forbidden romance of sorts.  Being forced to choose between suitors for her hand in marriage, the young Queen/Princess can not make up her mind.  No man has ever tamed her heart.  Still they kept coming, from distant lands and far away places, hoping to woo her, to claim some part of her kingdom.  But her heart has already been claimed, a secret love for the woman who never leaves her side.

This was pretty much inspired, somewhat, by a scene in Dance of Dragons between Daenerys and Irri.  I don't know, that scene just screamed out to me with a lot of inspiration.  I'd like to do something like that, but then again not like that.  If this has interested you a little, I'd love to work out the idea more and build it.

Don't Let Me Down
Inspiration:  "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles
Light or Extreme
FxF Characters
Seeking F Character for Either Role
Lesbian Romance, Modern Era, Abuse, Redemption, Romance

The house was quiet after he left.  It was always quiet when he left her there alone.  Same shit, different day.  It was just another day of living with him, the abusive, domineering monster of a man.  He knew no bounds, knew no limits when it came to disciplining his wife.  The bruises all over her body, from her face where his fist laid into her, to the bottoms of her feet where he caned her.  She couldn't take it anymore.  As she laid upon the tiled floor of the bathroom, laying in blood from her mouth, she just couldn't take it anymore.  Out of desperation, she called the one number that stuck out in her mind, the one person that would help her.

It was during college when the two of them met, one a seemingly straight-laced good girl, the other a free-spirited young woman that was free with herself.  The attraction between them was unexplainable, neither sure why, but it just happened.  Together the two came, experimenting and exploring with each other the different layers and feelings to each other's sexuality.  For the two of them, things became closer, more intimate by the day.  It was only a matter of time before the two of them moved in together in a small apartment on campus, perfect for just the two of them.

However, things weren't meant to be.  As college came to an end, the two girls went their separate ways, despite what each wanted.  For one, it was a career, a job that seemed perfect.  For the other, she despised the thought of living in the city, surrounded by people she didn't know, living a life and a lie that would force her to hide their relationship together.  And so the two went, on with their separate lives.

Until that night, the night that would change both of their lives.  One needed an out, a way to escape her abusive and frightening husband, and the other was more than eager to help her friend, her former lover.

This is a lesbian story about an abused and battered wife looking for a way out of her life of being abused.  After ten years without a single word, she finally calls her college lover, hoping and praying for a way out.  This could go either way.  We could have the abused wife murdering her abusive husband in a crazed rage, needing a place to hide, or go with her running away from her abusive husband, taking what money and valuables she could find, and running away to be with the only person that loved her.

Looking for the Abused or the Old Lover.

Blind Date
Inspiration:  An episode of 30 Rock
Light, Bondage

Modern, Lesbian Romance, Reluctance of Sexuality, Questions of Sexuality, Light (Possibility of Bondage dependent upon preference)

I was watching an episode of 30 Rock, with the storyline of the episode being Liz getting set up on a blind date with a Lesbian.  Instantly the idea stuck in my mind for a role play and still, after a few days, has not left.

I had envisioned something along the lines of perhaps a woman who constantly is single.  Just has not had the best of luck with finding Mr. Right.  Reluctantly she agrees to a blind date set up by a friend, not knowing it was a joke by said friend to set her up on a date with a Lesbian.  Somewhat embarrassed, the two decide to make a night out of it and have some fun like two friends just hanging out.

From there, there are a few routes the story could go.  Perhaps a drunken night leads to an embarrassing morning...  Maybe they just have a good time with one another, to the point where they become friends, and allow a relationship of sorts to slowly develop.

Love in a Time of Zombies
Light, Bondage, Non-Con, or Extreme
Post-Apocalyptic, Zombie/Infected Outbreak, Survival, Survivor X Survivor

Everything changed with a single bite.

The world as the human race knew it crumbled out of existence.  Good was replaced with Evil.  Civilization and Humanity began to recede into the shadows.  It became a dog-eat-dog world.  There were no rules.  There were no laws.  There was only survival.  It was kill, or be killed.  It was give in, or be raped and killed.   For a young woman in that world, it's more frightening and horrifying.  That's why, when she comes across a powerful person with a gun that seemingly has a heart, she offers anything for protection and help, even herself and body.
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Hi There,

I found your ideas for "Don't Let Me Down" and "Blind Date" intriguing.  I would love to discuss them with you.

I am currently in a One Shot with Chrystal titled "Dark Alley".  Chrystal is playing a character based on Liz. 

If you might be interested, please get back to me.

Hugs and Kisses,

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