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Author Topic: Rampant's Revised Desires (predominately F/M pairings but highly flexible)  (Read 3850 times)

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Yay you have clicked on my ideas thread which means that you're either looking for inspiration, a partner, or a way to kill time.  If we're very lucky I can provide you with all three of those things.  I will beg your indulgence because I can be a bit long winded and rambling at times.  I do try to organize and highlight the really important stuff, but perhaps it would be best to start off with the fundamentals.


Style and Gender. I write exclusively third person past tense and prefer it if my partner does the same.  Most of my characters are currently female, but  thanks to a rather creative partner I recently wrote my first M/M scene and it was incredibly hot and enjoyable. I am not adverse to the possibility of playing a male for the right story/partner, just keep in mind I am far less experienced in this. I care less about the gender of the person behind your keyboard than about how skilled you are at portraying your character.  Not currently interested in exploring Futanari pairings.

Forum RP only.  I encourage you to add me to a messenger service to discuss ideas, but I only RP here on the E boards.  Please don't ask me to make exceptions to this its just not going to happen. Also should you add me please do introduce yourself first or even put that you're from here in the friend request. You'd be surprised how many random/fake requests filter in. 
I would also appreciate you taking a look at my On's and Off's thread and even some of my other writing if the mood strikes you to make sure that our kinks and posting styles line up.   

Current Posting Schedule - Slowly but surely!

Group games have priority but I am open to the possibility of discussing a new story if you're willing to be patient.

I have quite a few active stories with amazingly patient and awesome partners who put up with my wildly varying post times.  I'm here mucking about E pretty much everyday.  This means you COULD get a response to your post within a few hours, but more likely it will be sometime in the next, I don't know, month maybe? It is hard to say.  Muse is currently sluggish.   Sometimes I read what my partner has written and BAM inspiration strikes and I have to reply right away, can in fact trade several posts in a single day almost to the exclusion of all else.  Other times I have to stew and plot and tweak and ponder. If you haven't heard from me in four or five days poke me and see what's up, but daily prods as to if I'm posting or not do not go over well. 

Genres and Inspirations

Generic Settings and/or Themes

Post-apocalyptic or dystopian futures
Vampires/Shifters/other paranormal elements
Political intrigue
Fantasy worlds
Magic systems both vague and clearly defined
Mythology, Greek gods are a special favorite but I'm happy to branch into other pantheons
Historical settings, almost anything pre-1900's
Emotional upheaval
Superheroes, especially flawed ones.

- Here are a list of authors who I enjoy reading and would be open to starting some original content based in their worlds (sorry I don't play cannon characters) :

Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake or Merry Gentry, I pretty much hate her writing now, but I LOVE the world)
Kim Harrison (The Hallows:Rachel Morgan)
Jacqueline Carey (Kushiel's series)
George RR Martin (Song of Ice and Fire)
Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn Trilogy, Stormlight Archive, Elantris, WoT to a lesser extent)
Jim Butcher (Dresden Files)
Assorted Paranormal Romance Authors (Carpathians, Lords of the Underworld, if it has a paranormal twist chances are I've probably read it)
Cassandra Clare (The Immortal Instruments, except you know, less teenagey and angst filled)
R.A. Salvatore (Forgotten Realms drow leaning stuff, I'm up through War of the Spider Queen)
Other D&D settings/inspirations am a huge geek have read a lot of Dragonlance and such but nothing very recent.  I currently play tabletop Pathfinder and would be up for something set in Golarion as well.
Scott Lynch (Lies of Locke Lamora; I love the concept of bondsmagi and con games :)
Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien I spent many a year RPing on a LotR fan site and know more than any one girl should about Gondorian cavalry. Original characters are always welcome!

Television Shows/Movies- I like these concepts and worlds and would be up for something inspired by/in that setting.

- A group or duo of 'bad guys' taking revenge for the little guy? What's not to like?
Merlin - I'm not interested in recreating the classic Arthurian myth, but variations on it could be fun.
Stargate - I absolutely adore the premise of advanced aliens setting themselves up as gods.
Castle/Bones/Any Number of Shows -  Who doesn't like the equation of geek+badass=good times?
Once Upon A Time/Grimm ect - Modern day or really any kind of twisted fairy tale sounds interesting.
Doctor Who - Except not as the Dr. or anyone in the actual show.  Perhaps two Time Lords caught up in the infinite war? Could be made of awesome.
Willow - I kind of like the thought of starting something while Bavmorda is still kicking around and things are all dark and hopeless.
Constantine - Pretty much anything to do with angels and demons I'm in!
Underworld- Vampires and Lycans? What's not to like?
Avatar - Elemental bending not blue aliens.
Ladyhawke- Seriously if you haven't seen this movie go watch it.  Now.
Nightwatch/Daywatch - Lines blurred between the forces of good and evil, count me in.
Fringe - I generally like the more.. evil scientist breaks and somehow finds redemption angle, but exploring alternate realities could be fun too.
Warcraft Yes as in World of.  I don't want to make a games sub section so this is going here.  I love the richness of WoW lore. 
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Rampant's Revised Desires - Super Old Ideas and Dead Stories
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2013, 09:07:13 PM »

Oldies But Goodies

These stories all interest me in some way shape or form and are not currently being written/discussed, but they're not the shiny new ideas cavorting around in the front of my brain.  Absolutely PM me if you see something you like I'm still very interested in exploring them!

Currently Not Interested
The Guild of Calamitous Intent
Venture Brother's Based Rp - Superhero vrs. Costumed Villain 
The Characters - M/F or F/F (I'll play either heroine or female villain)
Rated - Anywhere from Light to Extreme as long as there is copious amounts of irreverent humor
The Details
Thank you for selecting the Guild of Calamitous Intent as the instrument of your demise.

So I really like The Venture Brothers, one might even say love.  It's an acquired taste, hopelessly silly at first, but then you realize that random quotes and references have wormed their way into your everyday life and then its too late! I would very much enjoy doing an over the top Venture Bros. inspired RP.

One character would be the villain the other the hero, but unlike most 'super' RPs these guys have contracts, there are guilds involved and a set standard of 'acceptable behavior'.  Their powers are somewhat out there, even worthless, and well ... kind of based on something like the following clip.

The Monarch: "I'm Trying to Arch here, this is how it's done! I-I don't know, w-what are you doing, retard?!"
Ned: "No, no word!"
Jonas Venture Jr.: "Yes, it is Ned."
The Monarch: "Did he just cut me off?!"
Jonas Venture Jr.: "Retard is a hateful word, we don't use those slurs here."
The Monarch: "I'm your archenemy, I'm not going to use "Bungling Boo" Or "Meddling kids", it's not my style. That guy needs to get a thicker skin!"
Jonas Venture Jr.: " Thicker skin? Poor Ned has skin that's three inches thick. How do you think that makes him feel?"
The Monarch:" Itchy? I don't know, just keep it cat and mouse. Not cat and missile."

I'm happy to play either the villain or the hero and have multiple ideas either way.  Does your 'hero' only do good things in order to keep his good standing with the guild and his arch who is happy to indulge his bondage fantasies? How does your villain feel when my heroine starts selling tickets to their clashes in order to make enough money to quit her day job?

Please have fun with this, the more creative the happier my muse will be!

First-rate professional menace to all who qualify!
Possible Cast Members
Glam-amorous ~  Villain
Real Name/Job : Chasity Williams/Runs a wildly successful dating service
Age: 26
Physical Description: There is the saying that some women turn heads while others break necks.  Chas has been doing her best to keep local chiropractors in business.  Short auburn hair,  your stereotypical model body, tall, leggy, more sleek lines than curves she knows how to use her features to their best advantage.
Costume Varies.  Unlike many villains she has no go to spandex outfit.  Prefers cutting edge fashion or over the top theme costumes which fit the scene
”Super” Powers:
at•trac•tion [uh-trak-shuhn]
1. the act, power, or property of attracting.
2.attractive quality; magnetic charm; fascination; allurement; enticement.
3.a person or thing that draws, attracts, allures, or entices.
4.a characteristic or quality that provides pleasure; attractive feature.
5.Physics. the electric or magnetic force that acts between oppositely charged bodies, tending to draw them together.

Through the manipulation of pheromones, glamor and altering one’s perception filters she is able to ignite that magnetic spark between two people.   For a few hours its all breathless desire, sweaty bodies, and shared passion.  Then her ‘gift’ fades and he find himself lying in bed next to a stranger with a unibrow and incredibly bad breath. 

She enjoys the elaborate set up, keeping her assigned target on edge, waiting for the crucial moment in his plans to play her hand.  He'd have to constantly be second guessing himself and others. Did that hot girl just wink at him or would this be another random hook up he’d regret in the morning? Was the damsel he just rescued all over him because she had a hero fetish or were they being manipulated and he’d have to deal with a crying “just take me home” mess in a few hours? 

He catches only glimpses of her and eventually becomes rather paranoid.  What’s real, what isn’t? Was that a flash of auburn hair out of the corner of his eye?  Most of her archs are initially pleased with their assignment, but the novelty wears off quickly, resentment even rage begin to build.  She teases and plays and distracts... then sends him home with an utterly unacceptable replacement. Will he find some way around her mental and physical manipulation? Just what kind of retribution would ensue?

Slush Fundamentals ~ Former Punk Band now Villain (or Hero) Group

Obsessed fans were part of the whole stardom package.  Things didn't usually get too weird until one of those fans is a crazed super scientist who hijacks your plane and proceeds to inject each member with weird serum.  Unable to find venues which could afford the insurance premiums required in light of their new cold based powers the group has instead decided to turn to/fight crime.

Silly Other Character Names That Amuse Me

The Snow Blower
Iced TeeHee
Perma Frost

Their front lady didn't even have to change her name when making the switch!
Real Name : Hailey Stone
Age: 21
Physical Description:With her signature electric blue hair Hailey has a rather elfin attractiveness to her.  Since the "incident" her skin is usually dusted in what looks like a fine layer of glitter but which is actually ice, larger bits glazing her hair especially if she is actively using her powers. She's used to commanding attention on a stage (and wearing retardedly high heels while doing so) causing most people to over estimate her height which in reality is an underwhelming 5'1". 
Costume Who knew polar bears could be so damn sexy? She tends to ham it up upon occasion making odd roar sounds and flashing teeth and claws.
”Super” Powers: Can produce a focused spray of small frozen balls from her hands, really more an inconvenience than anything else.  I mean they're not even sharp, though they can kind of sting, potentially blind someone, and make areas super slippery.    Her body is always cold to the touch and she can withstand extremely frigid temperatures even with an exposed midriff.

Random Thoughts: Does Hailey still travel with her former bandmates or did she go all prima donna and strike out solo?  I initially saw them as a villain group, but it works the other way as well she rather likes the spotlight and the thought of being a role-model.

Not Fully Fleshed Out Characters
Happy Trigger - Neither hero nor villain. World's most cheerful assassin/gun for hire/bodyguard.
Wind Sheer - Hero. Can control (kind of) large gusts of wind.  Limited flight powers.  Wears gauzy impractical outfits which invariably malfunction in some way in the gale force of her gift.
BombShell - Either Hero or Villain.  Technology/explosion based, maybe small mech operator.

Amusing Writing Snipets
I played the Lovely Assistant for this guy in old City of Heroes days, we've discussed writing this as a full fledged story, but its never actually gotten off the ground. Still its fun to think about.
“Look, for the last time, we are NOT dating…” narrowed blue eyes darted from the man’s face to the bunch of sadly wilting flowers in his left hand.  “Seriously what is your deal? I meant it last week I’ll get a god damned restraining order if need be!” Resorting to the legal system? How had things gone so very wrong?

Four years, four successful years of working with the Guild and AquaNet had never had this kind of trouble.  The guy should have been a cake walk.  Sure he had an impressive magical lineage, but this apple had not simply fallen from the tree it had bounced, rolled, been kicked and then run over.  But everyone deserved a chance, and so when the request had come in a few months ago she’d accepted the position as his arch.

Mr. Delusional … she’d thought he’d been being clever, turns out he was just being painfully honest.  The guy had some talent of course, she’d watched him conjure items from thin air, but they were never exactly useful.  In their last ‘battle’ she had him down the gossamer weave of her signature retiarius enveloping his body while she’d taunted him with this newest failure.  He’d shouted “Ah Ha, that’s what you think!” and poof shiny police cuffs had appeared … except they were around his own wrists immobilizing him further.

Ironically it had worked, she’d reached down, gently untangling the net from his body a rather helpless laugh causing her shoulders to shake.  They’d had a nice little chat about goals and dramatic license and she’d gone on her merry way already making plans for next time. 

Then the flowers started arriving.  He was thinking about her? Oh God, psychological warfare, the worst kind.  Maybe some of what she’d said had gotten through; this new track was rather devious.  Then the chocolates, and show tickets, and … it was unbearable. 

“What do you mean you thought it was a dating site? What kind of hook up company has the word Calamitous in its title?... well yes I guess it is kind of flattering that you picked me over  DiscoOrdinance, that much polyester would be hard to take you made a good choice, but come on.  I’m a VILLIAN you’re supposed to be a HERO.  Go… I don’t know, volunteer at an orphanage or start building a mechanical crime fighting suit that I can steal or SOMETHING…..Yes, fine, we’ll go out for dinner after, just get out of here and take your flowers with you!”

Prince Not-So-Charming
Twisted Fairytales - A Princess doesn't exactly get her fairytale ending..
The Characters - F/F (I'm going to be even more specific in that I'm only interested in writing this with a female playing as a female, sorry guys!)
Rated - Nothing too excessive, maybe some light bondage, possibly branching to a small group where we reintroduce your Prince
The Details
]You were supposed to get the happily ever after.  Evil had been vanquished, prejudices over come.  It was time to retire to your castle with your Prince and live out your days in blissful contentment... except he's pretty much a world class jerk and you find yourself turning elsewhere for fulfillment.
This could be based off a specific Disney-esque story or just your stereotypical story book ending, I'm pretty flexible in that regard.  I realize that this is all but destroying some corner stones of every girl's childhood, but it could be a lot of fun and I'll throw out some random and horridly cliche examples because hey why not!

Sleeping Beauty's Prince makes her long for the days when all she had to do in bed was sleep!   Sex tended to be painful and at best awkward.  At least until the Princess's maid took matters quite literally into her own hands, teaching her new mistress not only how to please her and herself but to demand satisfaction from her new husband as well.
Does Jasmine need some advice from a harem girl, and what better way to learn than with a demonstration?

Will Belle's frustration with her oh so pretty man-child be countered by a french maid who can thoroughly appreciate the hidden potential of inanimate objects?

Again it does not have to have a specific story basis.  Those were just some of the thoughts that made me smile while I was pondering this.  I want this to be fun, even silly in places in a way that only fairy tales can be... that doesn't mean I'm opposed to adding some darker/kinkier elements.  Perhaps your Princess has decided that she rather liked being tied up, and with the antagonist defeated is looking for someone else to meet that need.  Moving to a new kingdom with your love is supposed to be non-stop excitement and joy, why then is the highlight of your day when the decidedly wicked fingers of the 'lady' seated next to you at dinner begin to tease and play.  How long can you keep that a secret and dare you ask for more? All of these ideas thus far have stemmed from the Princess being the more innocent/submissive one, but it could easily go the other way as well.  Perhaps her new-found power goes to her head and she decides to see just how far she can push some of her new subjects. 

Blasts From the Past

I raided my Old Ideas Thread. It is full of stuff that might be an ongoing story or was abandoned for some reason or another. Surprisingly I still like most of them but these are the ones which currently appeal most to me.  Slightly revamped to fit new layout :)
Tales of a Smitten Lab Rat
Modern, Light Paranormal Elements Possible - He barely noticed her while she has spent the last few years slowly working her way into his life, crush reaching epic proportions.  All of that changes one day in the lab.
The Characters - Grad student with a crush and her professor.
Rated - Probably Light
The Details
The Cast:
Name - Ashlynn Johnson
Age  - 26
Height - 5'7"
Weight - 132
Occupation - Lab Assistant/Masters Student
History - Thanks to some wealthy and rather indulgent parents Ashlynn had never really had to work for anything in her entire life.  She coasted through highschool, went on an exploratory trip across the country before starting college, and even then just kind of flitted from one major to the next without any real direction in her life.  All of that changed at the end of her sophomore year when Dr. YourNameHere guest lectured in her field biology class.

Wow.  The man was clearly not all that thrilled to be there pandering to underclassmen, one of those professors who only worked at the University in order to gain grant money and prestige, he barely looked at the large throng of students, most of whom were doodling or texting on their phones.  After all what were the chances that a guest lecturer's points would make it onto the test? But Ashlynn was... enraptured.  He spoke and things that she had never even considered let alone cared about clicked into place.

Her student adviser had been flummoxed.  Changing majors at that late juncture in the year was silly but not unheard of, but for the flighty girl to insist that she was going to become a cellular and molecular biology student was rather unexpected.  Still they'd filled out the paperwork, mapped Ashlynn's tentative schedule out for the next few years.

It wasn't pretty, it wasn't fun, but finally the young woman was driven, she had a clear goal in mind which allowed her to trudge through organic chemistry, some advanced physics, and finally to sit in Dr. StillYouWhateverYourNameIs's classroom.  She was a model student, not pushy or attention grabbing, but generally thoughtful her questions well formed and on topic.  If there was an opportunity to volunteer for more time with him she took it.  Hell she even became a TA for one of the other professors though only because their offices were next to eachother.

Her crush went largely unnoticed, at least by Dr. You, then again most things went unnoticed, but it only added to the allure for Ashlynn.  Unwilling or perhaps unable to give in she applied and was accepted into the Master's program.  The classes were smaller now, more intense, but her crowning achievement was beating out the competition to become Your lab assistant.  Stalker is such a harsh word, but rather true in this case.  She knew exactly how he liked his coffee and made sure to bring him one every day, she made an attentive assistant and had started taking over parts of his private life as well; picking up dry cleaning, sorting mail, organizing office hours and most of his schedule really.

But through all that he never actually SAW her, no, that didn't happen until the accident, and now he finds her the most interesting woman on the planet go figure.

You - Brilliant but rather out of touch professor, of what precisely is totally up for debate, some form of science however.  I am happy to leave the character creation up to you!

Plot Possibilities :  We can start this at any point from the day that my character develops her crush to the day of the lab accident it really just depends on what you want to focus on.  Accident itself has many possibilities, it can just be something tragic where she's injured (even minimally, just something to shake him out of seeing her as a human being and not a piece of lab equipment), or we can go for a more paranormal bent on the story which is my personal preference. Based upon whatever it is your character is studying Ashlynn would develop some sort of power.  A chameleon like ability to blend in? True Invisibility? Telekinesis? Manipulate sound waves? Regeneration? any number of things really.

Has he always been oblivious to his rather adoring shadow or does he just not know how to deal with her?

Can her crush weather this rush of change in her life?

What happens if anyone else finds out about the accident?

Does he already have a wife/girlfriend and/or a child from a previous relationship? How do they feel about all this?

Will he try to reverse her condition or enhance it?

Can she ever be anything to him but a lab rat?

Echoes of a Fallen World
Sci-fi -  Post-apocalyptic future, earth or some other colonized planet
The Characters - Advanced synthetic meets cautious but curious human
Rated - Not a ton of inherent kink at least nothing that immediately jumps out at me.  Totally open to suggestion!
The Details

Hundreds or perhaps thousands of years ago the world was cleansed in fire.  The hubris of the world's scientists was washed away by their own creations and it has taken this long for humanity to once more rise from the ashes.  This new world is almost technophobic reverting to a agrarian society.  There are still remnants of the past that they cannot rid themselves of.  Herds of animals which they tend have some clear genetic tampering, swaths of land remain scorched and unusable, and ruins litter the landscape once great cities no more than tombs, a reminder of the price of dabbling in the realm of gods.

Most people view the ruins with distrust even dread, but a few driven by need or curiosity find themselves venturing in to scavenge.


You - I'm not going to give you a character sheet and say hey play this, that's not my style, but he/she would have to be one of the before mentioned brave/desperate types who go into one of the ruined cities.

Me -
An incredibly advanced AI model created x-number of years ago by one of your many times over great grandfathers.  Damaged but not destroyed in the apocalypse her system has been slowly rebuilding and re-powering over the years, but she has stayed in a stasis like state which has gone undisturbed... at least until you come near.  Keyed to you genetically she animates, for all intents and purposes looking and acting like a young woman ... though one who is clearly out of place in time.

Plot Possibilities:

The world she knew is utterly destroyed and she has nothing here, no function, and there are those violently hostile toward any form of advanced technology and she most assuredly is that.  Does your character destroy her or turn her over to others as the laws demand or do you allow her to fulfill her original purpose as companion? Do you feel distaste toward her and the havoc 'her kind' caused or is there curiosity there as well? Her ramblings about the world as it once was are certainly... fantastic to say the least.  Is there any place for here here in this society, with you?

This is all incredibly one sided since I've only really fleshed out the one character in my head, the rest waits on your input which I would love to hear :)

The Graveyard

These are recent plots from this new thread which have for some reason or another died and are in varying stages of decomposition.  I might be interested in trying a Lazarus if you see something you like and have an idea to make it substantially different than the initial story.
A Diamond in the Rough
Paranormal Modern Day/Historical - A vampire's obsession complicates your life
The Characters - Me, Eccentric Vampire. You, Average guy, another paranormal creature, whatever floats your boat(male or female)
Rated - Another wide spectrum this could go from Bondage (due to some darker blood/restraint elements that seem inherent to vampire play) to Extreme
The Details
With the years stretching out before her endlessly Morrigan had to find SOMETHING to keep her entertained.  Blood and battle lost their allure, politics were stupid, and so she invented a most diverting game.

It was her prized possession, the necklace was exquisite, delicate gold wire forming woven through alabaster pearls all surrounding a disgustingly large diamond. Priceless... and she cast it out haphazardly into the world.  Some poor sap would buy/steal/trade it and she would impatiently wait. Sometimes a month, sometimes years it depended on what else was going on in her life at the time, but eventually she would bend her considerable skills and resources to hunting it down again.  Basic smash and grabs were not her style, elaborate lies and back stories, careful seductions and meticulously planned heists were so much more fun.

This can be set really in almost any time period post 1500's up through modern day (maybe even a bit into the future if you'd like to add some sci-fi elements to give your character an edge when it comes to dealing with her). 

I've based her pretty much on Laurell K Hamilton vampires, but am flexible and am willing to make changes to suit other systems.  She's pretty well fleshed out in my head but I don't want to over load details here since they will change to fit the time/story.

Are you a rival who has learned of her weakness and wants to capture her attention/demand a favor in return for her precious? An average person who has an unexpected windfall/inheritance or who picks it up out of a costume jewelery bin? The random worker tasked with repairing a broken clasp on a museum quality piece, head of security at said museum? A private collector determined to unravel its history?

Lots of options I'd love to hear your take on it.

Whispered Nightmares - Davikk
Realistic Modern Day - Therapist/patient 
The Characters - Me, Female psychologist. You, Guy with a high stress job/traumatic background (yep heavily leaning F/M for this one, but would be willing to entertain the thought of a F/F story for the right partner)
Rated - A dark and fairly gritty exploration of the human condition.  At the very least bondage, maybe venturing into NC extreme territory.
The Details
This is going to be a fairly complex story requiring a fair bit of discussion before hand.  Exactly what's happened to your character is up to you.  I'd like it if  he were a cop, FBI, or ex-military guy who deals with high pressure situations all the time, but it could just be something traumatic in his past or some sort of personality disorder. Regardless he's got some mandated counseling time.

General Outline of Story and My Character
Dr. Cassandra Everett had a reputation for being able to reach the most sullen and unresponsive of clients, which is probably why he was referred to her in the first place.  The attraction was pretty much immediate catching her off guard and occasionally distracting her during sessions, but professionalism wouldn't allow her to act on it and things never moved past a mild flirtation at best. 

What happens in therapy is up for debate, but after a few months he either decided that its not working or that he's satisfied the requirements of his boss/family who ever pushed him in that direction in the first place, or maybe she decides that she is becoming too involved and asks for a replacement better suited to the job. 

More time passes.  A few months, a year, two, whatever makes sense for the story. But then their paths cross again.  In the grocery store, at a bar, in the street, the options are endless, but the spark is still there.  Can they finally explore it? She knows some of his darkest secrets, nightmares whispered in confidence, how does he feel about meeting her again? Does she fall back into the habit of trying to 'fix' him?

RP Ponderings:

I'd like to start the RP at their second meeting and then flashing back to some of the therapy scenes as the story progresses.

It would be nice if a deeper connection formed between these two over coming their past to forge a new and healthy relationship, but it could also go the other way and become a rather dark obsession.  Does he blame her for failing him in some way or resent that she knows so much about him and his life?

No More Mr. Nice Guy - Cycle Dead :( Possibly reopened to another variation.
Realistic Modern – After a messy break up a man receives a rather unexpected proposal from one of his ex’s friends.
The CharactersYou Somewhat bitter and angry man wondering just how your relationship crashed and burned so hard. Me Woman who’s going to help some of that go away.
Rated - All the way from quick One-shot to Extreme there are so many ways for this to go.
The Details/Picture NSFW
As far as break ups go it was pretty messy.  Turns out his ex was a world-class bitch, bad enough that she cheated on him, but did she have to give her friends a graphic laundry lists of his faults and share every aspect of their relationship in the worst possible light?

Melina Lawrence has spent the last ten months hearing stories about how nice but terribly boring he was.  Having only met him a handful of times she waffled back and forth on telling him about his girlfriend's extracurricular activities and minding her damn own business.  She should have taken the risk that he wouldn't believe her and just told him, it would have been far less painful than him catching them in the act like that.

How and where Mel sets things up can be worked out later, an email inviting him back to her apartment? a quick phone call asking if she can come over? a courier delivering instructions and a hotel room key card with the word "Please?" scrawled at the bottom? it depends on the tone really, but regardless about a week later she arranges a meeting.

Again many options abound.  Is he confused but curious? Angry and impatient? Ambivalent? Does she make it clear from the beginning that she'd rather occupy his mouth with things more interesting than talking, a with quick and rather rough introduction to the night showing  how very serious she is about all of this? Perhaps she deliberately pushes his buttons first, bringing up things that she has no real right to know until he snaps. Does that plan then backfire on her provoking more than just an honest and therapeutic conversation?

Regardless of how it all plays out she's determined to leave him with the knowledge that nice guys don't always finish last and that even gentlemen can enjoy being bad from time to time.

I want this story to be about pushing some boundaries (though nothing in my Off's list please).  Maybe ex had a bit of a point and your guy really is a boyscout strictly vanilla when it comes to sex kind of man.  How does he feel about the weight of a flogger in his hand and the sight of Mel kneeling blindfolded on the floor in front of him? Maybe he decides to test her offer of 'anything'  and she finds herself experiencing a few firsts as well. I'd like for it to run the gambit from rough almost punishing sex at the beginning, possibly to a slow exploration of anal, to an almost tender and much needed clean up shower that morning.  I want her deliciously sore and marked in places and thinking less about the good deed she's done in rehabilitating him after the break up and more focused on the possibility of making this happen again.

Love is a Battlefield
Sci-fi MechWarrior/CBT Based - Sun Tzu wrote that all warfare is based on deception. Care to test that theory with me?
The Characters - I'd like to play a mercenary mech operator, your character is up to you.  I like the thought of a minor clan noble in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Rated - Bondage seems most likely, copious amounts of teasing and mental games as well as a struggle for dominance.
The Details
Let me start off with the disclaimer that I haven't actually played Battletech since I was like ... seven? I have not super studied the lore but I am willing to brush up on the parts pertinent to this story.  If you're looking for a highly technical 'this is what the books say this is how it is' partner I'm probably not the girl for you.  If you want to write a story about two characters caught between duty, lust, honor, greed, and love in a futuristic setting complete with awesome megaton mechs then by all means keep reading! Terms and titles are for the most part deliberately kept vague.

A Bit About My Character
Devin Grier is a mercenary, a rather unrepentant and good one at that.  She has made a career of doing the impossible and seems to be willing to take most jobs as long as the pay is good regardless of personal risk.  She hates venturing into clan space far preferring to deal with intermediaries.  By all rights she should have made enough to retire, but she's never been very good with money, well not saving it at least, she's incredibly skilled at spending it and is usually on the edge of ruin causing her to take on yet another assignment.   
She pilots a rather distinctive Mad Cat and gets a bit too much enjoyment out of making people use silly code names for her on missions like 'Miss Kitty' or 'Fluffykins'.  Just because its war doesn't mean you can't have fun right? The 75 ton mech packs some serious firepower and she, if her reputation is to be believed, either has cutting edge modifications or is just uncannily good at pushing every ounce of speed and lethality out of the machine.  The truth, as it usually does, lies somewhere in the middle.
Any number of rumors float around about her. That she's unhinged, that she's a secret Clan spy, tales linking her sexually to men and women sometimes both at once, but its incredibly hard to separate fact from fiction because she encourages all of them.  There is no such thing as bad press right?

RP Thoughts
So here's how I kind of see things going: Devin there is hired to do ... something, maybe take a city on some border planet, a fairly cake walk job, when your character is unexpectedly there.  Some form of conflict ensues, writing mech battle is a bit daunting but I'm willing to give it a go if you like.  Who wins is open for discussion.  Currently I'm leaning toward her being the victor just because ... well it sounds fun.  Your character is taken prisoner, killing you is not an option, ransom takes FOREVER.  Whatever shall they do in the mean time?  Verbal sparring, mind games, teasing, bouts of tension releasing/amping sex? All good options.  Does your character try to escape or are they resigned to their fate? Can she get over her inherent dislike of... whatever it is in your backstory that I've decided offends her?

If you're keen on her being the one captured does your character turn her over to their family/the authorities or is there a more personal form of revenge to be had? Can she be swayed to 'your side' or is she always just going to be a heartless battlefield jumper?

I want this to be more a exploration of the characters rather than the universe, the sci-fi elements are just there for flavor and fun, the real meat of the story will be how their relationship evolves. 

Long Awaited Inheritance -
Historicalish or Fantasy - Everything will be perfect once the old man is gone. Right?
The Characters - Me - The well bred debutante selected as the old Viscount's new bride. You - The heir apparent.  Some cousin/nephew/or even son.
Rated - The wearing away of innocence as you await your rightful inheritance.  Can go from light seduction to full on non-consent.
The Details
So, first things first.  This does not have to be a strictly historical story.  I'd actually rather not do hours of research because my OCD nature doesn't allow me to just play fast and lose with actual time lines.  I'd love to explore alternate worlds, maybe even some steampunkish elements with this.  The only must haves for me are 1) Corsets and such, because who doesn't like playing dress up? 2) Some form of rigid social structure.

Is she really the gentle innocent creature that the world thinks she is? Or have you seen the rather selfish girl beneath who agreed to this marriage because she's well aware that her new husband has one leg in the grave already? Does that make her a kindred spirit or a dangerous rival?  Regardless of her nature she is still a threat to you.  It would take a miracle but if the girl actually gets pregnant then there goes your whole inheritance, all those years of ass kissing and being good wasted.

Could it be that you actually care for her? A childhood friend, a first love chosen just because the old man knows that it will hurt you, his resentment over the fact that he's dying and you're about to get everything rather obvious. 

Was it an accident? That first dance, the heated press of mouths and bodies in the shadowed alcove after.  Are you deliberately trying to ruin her before the marriage can take place? Perhaps even make sure that if she does produce a child its yours the only revenge really left open to you at this point?

Is it a partnership instead? Better he marry her than some unknown quantity, at least with her around things are entertaining.  She's not exactly pleased to be foisted off on a relic and has made her attraction toward you clear. Its important that she go to the marriage bed 'pure' but that doesn't mean you can't teach her things.  How to use her mouth to bring you the most pleasure, what it feels like to have your cock buried deeply inside her ass with the promise that after the marriage you will continue her education. How exactly does this whole inheritance thing work? Do you get her along with the title when it passes or is your relationship now even more secretive?

I really wish that my brain could just settling on one option and say 'yes, THAT one is the best we should do that' but it tends to scamper from idea to idea leaving incomplete but still entertaining thoughts scattered about.  If any of the above interests you please PM me and we can discuss things further!

Possession - RedMoon
Modern Paranormal - An unlikely bond forms between a _____ and a ghost leading them to come up with a rather odd plan.  If she could possess the body of another, even if just for a little while, they could finally be together.
The Characters - You: Some kind of paranormal creature, though I do have a preference for a vampire for this one since it has more options. Me: Incorporeal spirit and the 'average human' selected for the experiment.
Rated - Anything but Light. Very possibly Non-Con and even Extreme.
The Details

I am an evil woman and I adore the thought of not merely a forbidden love, but an impossible one.  Ideally this story would be set in a modern setting with a twist.  Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, witches, you name it they probably exist somewhere out there trying to quietly go about their day to day lives.  Chances are they are either loners or have a fairly strict pack/coven/clan structure.

My character is a ghost.  I have several possible back stories in mind for her and am rather flexible on the details.  I'm a fan of some kind of medieval-ish Scottish theme,  but the current favorite is some kind of southern belle type who died in 1863 at the height of the Civil War.  She is biter and still fairly angry, but even worse she is BORED.  Haunting the same plantation house that she died in over one hundred and fifty years ago was never exactly fun, but now it has become positively dull.

Why your character is there I have no real idea, that's a matter for later discussion, but once it becomes clear that they can see her your character becomes the focus of her attention.  Some kind of relationship forms, while not ideal it isn't HORRIBLE either.  She cannot get sick, she cannot be killed either by yourself or any enemies that you've picked up over the years.  She's actually fairly powerful, especially in the walls of her formerly grand home. Vampires aren't supposed to be able to dream, but somehow you do, and the little ghost has a rather wicked imagination and now that it has an outlet she is determined to keep you. 

Still, there are needs that she cannot fill, and sadly she's well aware of that.  No matter how nicely things seem to be coming along she craves more.  And so a mad scheme is hatched.  Possessing a human is no small thing, but for you, to feel the brush of skin against skin once more she is willing, no, EAGER to try. 

And so a suitable candidate is selected. Someone willing? A submissive who is happy to live in the house worry free? Someone taken from the street and defiant? Kept prisoner except on those nights when the ghost has recharged enough to take possession of her body....Again this is something that we need to discuss since I'd be willing to play that second character as well. 

I really like the odd threesome angle. What happens if feelings begin to develop between your character and the human? I see possession as being draining for the spirit requiring at least a day or two of her resting and recharging requiring you to deal with the human girl who starts to form an attachment of her own either some kind of Stockholm syndrome or something more natural. How do you deal with a jealous and somewhat irrational ghost?  You're totally welcome to bring in your own drama, exes, enemies, your own metaphorical or perhaps even literal ghosts from the past.

As previously stated I really like the idea of a vampire, it allows the human to also act as an occasional or even primary blood donor and deepens the jealousy angle since she is providing something vital.  However your character is entirely up to you, some other kind of paranormal creature or even a human psychic type are all possibilities.  I am willing to consider all manner of possibilities, I'd even be up for playing opposite a female character and perhaps playing as a male (who is then possessed by a female ghost making it even a little more complex and infinitely humorous as she adjusts to that very different body, but hey I LIKE complex, so its all good :)

Where the story starts - Also up for debate.  From the very beginning before their first meeting? A few weeks in while the ghost is invading your character's subconscious? When the mad scheme to bring in a human woman is hatched?

Some Visual Aids
These are just kind of random images I like and have vague ideas for I'm totally open to finding or using a different one though.


Here Be Dragons ... or something. - TheUnholyPotato
Fantasy/Medieval Based
The Characters - Pissed off male dragon  and the human woman who's been looking after his wayward hatchling
Rated - V for violent  and very dramatic.
The Details
So many a year ago in the golden age of yahoo chat RP one of my friends asked what my greatest desire was.  I half jokingly half serious said a baby dragon, and after much discussion a plot formed, but was never fully explored. It goes something like this:

Young woman finds newly hatched dragon one day and not knowing what else to do takes it home with her and does her best to take care of it.  Her new pet however has a VERY angry father out there who eventually tracks them down.  He's still raw over the death of his mate, hates humans pretty fiercely and is determined to kill her.. except she's already bonded pretty well with the baby and he can't bring himself to take away yet another mother figure.

So what do I mean when I talk about dragons? Hey good question.  I'm pretty flexible.  They don't have to be based on a particular book or system, but I do want there to be some constants.
- Dragons, at least the older ones, have to be able to shapeshift.  Sorry but if I'm going to work on developing a relationship between these characters I want there to be some options open.
- They are innately magical and intelligent creatures who live a very long time, though at birth they are virtually helpless and have a more animalistic nature.
That's about it for requirements really, I'm happy to work with you on the rest.

My Character
Probably going to be human (though I could be convinced to go elven or other similar race if you want) and rather unimportant.  A crofters' daughter, maybe an aspiring botanist out compiling drawings of a rare fern when she stumbles across newly hatched Jr, perhaps even a *cough* fallen women who lives on the fringes of society.  I really don't want to go the princess/noble route, she's not going to be a warrior, but I am absolutely open to suggestion.

Random Thoughts and Possibilities
Some larger conflict that she's not really aware of provides delicious drama.  Why was his mate killed? Are dragons being hunted for some reason?

I want both of them to kind of be out of their depths.  How does one really care of a baby dragon? How does she handle her life changing so rapidly? Can he get over his distaste of humans?

I will add more to this as my brain churns through scenarios but I think this is enough to at least get the ball rolling.

You Look Familiar -Damien
Paranormal Modern Day - We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight. ~ H. P. Lovecraft
The Characters - A witch and her out of place (or maybe even time) guardian.
Rated - I'd be willing to go with more extreme elements in this story but at the very least Bondage.
The Details

There are several ways to go with this story which I'll get into in just a moment, but the basic premise is that a modern day witch somehow manages to bind herself to your character.  On purpose or deliberately (even vindictively) is up for debate and once completed she is either unwilling or unable to reverse the spell leaving the two of you tied to one another for an indeterminate period of time. Disclaimer - I may have been watching a bit too much Sleepy Hallow lately...

                       Marisol "Mari" Allister

My Character Option 1 = She is your average 24 year old with a bachelor's degree in philosophy which means she's temping her way from paycheck to paycheck looking for some direction in life.  Still not too bad for a 'problem kid' who grew up in the foster system.  It wasn't that she was particularly rebellious or a trouble maker, bad things just seemed to follow Mari around.  An unexpected death in the family which had her moved to another home, which then burned down due to some odd wiring mishap, to a group home which was eventually condemned for an unexplainable black mold outbreak, ect and so forth. 
All her life she'd been told time and time again that these things weren't her fault, freak accidents happen.  Most of the time she even managed to believe that, but she is still wary about forming lasting attachments to people or places unable to stop that soft voice in her head that whispered that she was responsible, bad things came from the dark, and the darkness was there for her.
Turns out that voice might have been right.  Latent power begins to rise to the surface as she nears her 25th birthday. That place between her shoulder blades constantly crawls, someone, no someTHING is watching her.  With no control over her budding power and facing a threat she can't put a name to she finds herself wishing desperately for a protector, a german shepard maybe? a hot cop to move into the vacant apartment next to hers.... what she gets instead is you teleported smack dab in the middle of her bedroom.

Option 2 = Mari comes from a long line of white witches, but for the last few generations things have been fairly, well... normal.  The great clashes between dark and light that they've read of in their coven's history seem to be just that, history and though they practice faithfully it has become more theory and ceremony than anything else.  This year she's been chosen to act as Vessel in the Samhain rites, a symbolic offering of her body to their Goddess as the veil between worlds thinned... no one expected the prophecy which spilled from her lips nor the appearance of the man (yep that's you) in their midst.

Option 3 - You've always been at odds and now after obtaining a rare text she finally has the means to humble you.  It was supposed to bind your power if you ever tried to act against her effectively ending the feud... instead it bound you to her. Sure on some level the attraction had always been there, but suddenly she's all you can think about. Wouldn't it be better to kiss her neck instead of wringing it?  You worry about her, about her safety, about her happiness, and it is to say the least disconcerting.  For Mari too since it seems that that door goes both ways...

Your Character - I don't want to hand you a laundry list of traits and such and say "here play this." RP is a fun and collaborative process and I'd love to see what you come up with.  That said I do have a few random ideas.  A practiced and somewhat jaded warlock? A werewolf who disdains the use of magic? Someone pulled from another period of time, maybe even an alternate dimension? 

Random Thoughts More than just the two of them should go bump in the night.  I totally expect there to be sex in any of these story lines, but I want it to be more than just hi there lets fuck because we can.  Relieved we're happy to be alive and reaffirming that after traumatic event sex, punishing angry sex and everything in between, but its going to be an accent to the story not the story itself.  That said there are a few kink elements I am craving at the moment which include but are not limited to: Knife Play, semi-public scenes (possibly taken even further and they directly have an audience), struggle for dominance.

A good deal of it will probably be shadowed threats and intrigue, but if blood and gore icks you out this might not be the story for you since I'd kind of like to explore occasionally gruesome elements.  Its not just about them making peace with one another, there is a sinister outside force that they have to work against as well.  Bodies on the ground are fine, but I might want her to be haunted by the carefully arranged lines and arcs of the entrails as their adversary leaves them a message.  If you're not comfortable with that please make sure to tell me up front. 

Unintentional Bonds - CM619 (under discussion)
Possibly Starship Troopers based Sci-fi - A night of unbridled passion follows a successful mission.  You were never supposed to see one another again, and yet now your paths keep crossing. Fate or something more deliberate?
The Characters - I'm looking to play a psychic Intelligence officer, your character is up to you, but I kind of like the thought of a rough and tumble martial character at the moment.
Rated - I'll be honest, most of my stories end up in the Bondage section just to be 'safe' I can easily see this including some light bondage, semi pubic scenes, but it could even go Non-Con or Extreme at times if that's something you're interested in.
The Details
This doesn't have to be set in the Starship Troopers verse, that was just where my brain was in the initial plotting.  Any sci-fi setting kind of works, or even a modern thing with a kind of paranormal twist where people are doing psychic research.

Dahlia "Lia" Warner was pretty much off limits.  Bad enough that she was one of those weird psy division intelligence officers, but she was also an Admiral's daughter.  Of course you didn't know any of that at your first meeting.  She was just a pain in the ass added to your mission at the last minute by Command.  Despite the initial drama of her arrival she was an asset, and what had seemed to be a suicide run actually ended up going pretty smoothly.  A moment of insanity or just celebrating being alive, for whatever reason the two of you ended up in bed together for a night which could only be described as intense.  She slipped out of bed in the early hours of the morning and was no where to be found when you woke up.

It should have just been a hot one night stand, but a few months later you ran in to each other again.  Not only was the spark still there, but it was virtually undeniable. Over and over your paths kept crossing when they shouldn't, some kind of cosmic joke or is someone arranging this? Lia has her own well ordered life, maybe even a perfectly acceptable fiance somewhere and you probably don't like the fact that some privileged rich girl seems to be having a lark at your expense. 

What happens during their times together I'm not going to plan out in advance I'd love your input on stuff you'd like it to cover.  Hurried half clothed straining against one another during some boring military banquet? His hand over her mouth to muffle the sounds on a crowded starship on route to another planet or in a cramped barracks somewhere?

All of that is frustrating enough, but then she starts invading your dreams, not just the hot sexy episodes which might be expected (I've been wanting to write some dream sequences for awhile now!) but more than that you can actually feel her, pain, desperation, frustration across untold miles and it becomes clear that whatever happened was more than just a physical joining, you're now tied together by deeper bonds.

Did she do it on accident? On purpose? Was it some government experiment and you're both just pawns being moved around from the very beginning? Do you keep fighting it and her or give in eventually and see where this leads?

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Rampant's Revised Desires - Taken Plots
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2013, 10:42:05 PM »
Taken Plots
I can be a bit of a pack rat at times, these are all proposals that I have either found partners for or lost interest in.  Still they're a good way to get an idea of how my brain works and what I'm looking for in a story.

Ramble About Dragon Storylines
I know I know.  What is it with you and dragons lady? I just, really rather like them. Crave them really.  I like all kinds of dragons in all kinds of settings so prepare for some rambling.

But first a disclaimer.  I am just getting back into the writing thing after a cross country move.  I'm not looking to start a new thread quickly, probably not this week, possibly not even this month as I like discussing things over PM and what not before hand.  Hopefully that's not a problem.

Anyway, on to the specifics!

Dragons are a fantasy staple and I'm happy to play in a kind of traditional magic laden medieval setting with them, but I also see nothing wrong with shaking up a bit.  Such as ...I don't know... a group of technologically advanced beings landing on a planet convinced of their own superiority only to find that the natives have an almost symbiotic relationship with MASSIVE firebreathing creatures (in this case one of us would play the native the other one of the landing party and the dragon would likely be a shared NPC after we discussed their behavior). 

As fun as they are to NPC I must admit I'd rather it be a main character.  There are almost to many options to list but I'm going to do my best to narrow things down a little.   At the bare minimum, in my head at least, dragons are innately magical beings who have incredibly long lifespans, are capable of shapeshifting, and have a rather complicated relationship with not only other races, but eachother as well.

Tales for Another Knight
Fantasy - Drawn together by fate, tradition, or even genetics it is a bond which defies explanation or expectation.
The Characters - Dragon and its rider.  (I'm willing to play both sides of this and the details will go into several possibilities)
Rated - Once again goes all the way from light to extreme depending on the route we take. 
The Details

Possible kink inclusion - Moderate size differences. Even in human form I see the dragon character as large and imposing.  Marking/claiming elements. Orgasm control/denial. Sexual Exhaustion.  Power struggle. 

Scenario 1 : Opposites Attract

Marin wasn't really cut out for life in the army.  Too loud, too crowded, too much blood and waste, but like all able bodied citizens she was determined to see her five years of service done.  Her brother's career commitment at least bought her a favored position in the reserve ranks.  In the last four years she'd only seen combat a handful of times spending most of her days as a scribe helping organizing supply lines between camps and spending countless hours in tedious guard duty... which all ended the day she found herself bonded to your character (exactly why this happens is intentionally left out as it's something we'll have to work out between us :) ).

She had no idea why the great dragons were even interested in the politics and wars of the kingdom, having never spoken to one and only rarely seeing them in passing.  All of a sudden she finds herself facing a rather different future than the one she'd envisioned.  Exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time.  Part of her is convinced that there has to have been some kind of mistake made, why her and not someone like her brother seemingly born for the role?  The bond however is undeniable.

This one implies an instinctive bond between dragon and human, something that perhaps neither of them really has control over (your character is welcome to be displeased with the rider fate has given him to throw yet more drama into the mix).  I like the thought of at least a mild empathetic connection. He forces her to become more, drawn into both political and physical battles, while she reminds him that there's more to life than conflict.

Scenario 2 : Holding the Reins Taken - Swashbuckler

She never asked exactly how the Emperor had managed to enslave the great creature.  Lysandra knew better than to ask questions of her lord.  She had made a career of following his order to the letter, up to and including cutting a bloody swath across the countryside quelling all rumors of rebellion.  Though young she quickly became one of his most trusted captains.  The Iron Maiden, Crimson Lady, those were the nicer names she'd been called over the years. But it wasn't enough. 

Cast one down and two more would rise elsewhere.  Simply fearing the blade failed to keep the peons in line.  And so more drastic measures were needed. 

Dragons were little more than myth for most and yet he'd managed to not only find one, but bind him to his will.  It was not fitting for the Emperor himself to visit the battlefield, Lysandra would be his avatar though, a symbol of his power to both rally his troops and crush his enemies.

She could feel his rage at being so trapped, but there was no room for sympathy.  They had a job to do and failure was not an option, nor was escape no matter how convincing the dragon's arguments to the contrary. He is magnificent though and soon the struggle between the two of them starts to become more important to her than the war which had become her life previously.  Who knows what will emerge from the tangle of anger, resentment, passion, and death which surrounds them. 

This one is clearly more toward the extreme end of the spectrum with the possibility of dubious consent thrown in as we discuss the limits of his imprisonment and what might happen should those bonds slip or break. I'm still a softy at heart though, I'd like for there to be a real relationship forming between them, bent and darkened by circumstance perhaps, but there none the less.

I'd also be up to playing a female dragon in a similar scenario.  Somehow trapped and bound to serve your character though continually looking for a way to turn things to her advantage using whatever means at her disposal.

Scenario 3 : Tradition Taken - arkhos

Others called the humans her pets, but that wasn't it at all.  Maughryxia, loosely translated to Burning Rain, or Mara if she liked you, had always had an unhealthy obsession with humans.  Not all of them.  They were too exhausting en mass, but the _____ family?  Fascinating.

At first they hadn't known what she was.  There was an almost fairy god mother-esque figure in their early history.  A lovely woman who showed up unexpectedly to grant wisdom or another boon, but eventually she'd entrusted them with her true identity and the majesty of her full form. 

She was used to them being respectful, reverent even in the brief interactions, that is until she shows up to meet your character.  Whatever the request she's likely mostly agreeable, but she's also intrigued.  Most dragons would call it insolence, but Mara finds it simply ... odd and truth be told refreshing and even a bit exciting.  Soon it is more than just tradition and passing interest holding her there. What would she be willing to do for that tenuous bond?  Turn from her own kind? Stand against them completely? Who knows.

In this one I see dragons as a dying breed.  Few of the older ones with the capacity to shape shift and what not left. Smaller and more animalistic creatures are being born instead as their time starts to wane and perhaps magic itself leeches from the world.  Maybe some kind of dragon war for fun?

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Rampant's Revised Desires - Old, but not TERRIBLY old ideas.
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Random Ramblings

Crisis of Faith
Possible Sci-fi/Fantasy - Their god demands purity and devotion, just how long can their faith sustain them?
The Characters - Either slaves or willing servants of their god their attraction is a forbidden but undeniable force.
Rated - There could possibly be NC elements to the story.  Mainly exploring the slow decay of their belief in the face of growing need.  Less physical bondage and more the restraints they place upon their own behavior.
The Details

Originally I saw this taking place in the Stargate universe, but I am willing to discuss other options as well.  Perhaps a Warhammer variation or a homebrew setting, I am more than happy to hear your own ideas and tweak details, but for this description I'm going to be assuming that they serve the same Goa'uld master. Please also note that I have watched the movie and all the seasons of SG-1 am most of the way through Atlantis, but have not seen Universe at all.  Ideally I don't want this to have anything to do with Earth, will be a random world with almost medieval tech levels.

Tameri has served her god Petbe (picked randomly, is the Egyptian god of Retaliation) her entire life.  Her quiet grace and devotion have allowed her a remarkable level of access to the god.  From serving his meals to supervising his baths she efficiently sees to his comfort while he is in residence.  Oddly enough there is no physical side to their relationship, he says that he finds her purity and innocence refreshing and has ordered her to remain so.

The demands of her god have never bothered her, a small sacrifice to serve so powerful a being ... until your character enters the picture and temptation rises.

Another servant, a distinguished warrior, honored first Prime? All good options.  Perhaps he does not even serve Petbe, but another Goa'uld seeking to form an alliance.  I'm leaving what you're character is deliberately vague.  Regardless a bond begins to form between the two.  An accidental touch, stolen moments spent together.  A first kiss, heated dreams, frenzied embraces in darkened halls all the while fighting the knowledge that what they're doing is wrong, that they are betraying their god in thought and increasingly by deed.

It becomes increasingly clear that perhaps Petbe is not all knowing as no punishment seems forthcoming.  Slowly they begin to push boundaries further and further. The set up for this story will be rather long, perhaps done in cut scenes and flashbacks to a certain extent depending on your preferences.  Eventually they'll work their way up toward more interesting things, some mutual masturbation maybe, teasing, oral, and when smiting does not occur they give in completely. 

Do they stay and try to continue their charade? Are they caught at some point? Do they try to go off and make a new life together? All good questions that I don't really have an answer for.  Would love to hear your thoughts. 

Hunting the Huntress
Mythology based, historical, fantasy or even possibly modern day - A virgin goddess.  A challenge? A torment? A lie?
The Characters -  So it should be clear by now that I'm looking to play some variation of Artemis.  I see the most fun coming from playing across Apollo her twin, but I'm flexible you can even mix pantheons if you'd like.  Could easily be played as  F/F story, technically maintaining her virginal status.
Rated - I think all myth stories are required to have elements of rape and incest.  Or it could be light and fluffy.  Will absolutely include some out door scenes and the whole virgin angle, other than that door is wide open.
The Details
So yeah, mythology stories are all the rage, but most often I see people perusing the whole Persephone/Hades angle or even Ares/Aphrodite.  Artemis doesn't get a whole lot of love and I find that tragic because she's always been one of my favorites. I don't really want this to be based on a book or movie (sorry Camp Halfblood fans, I haven't read them but they are kind of on the list). Instead I would rather just weave together bits and pieces of myth and create our own story.

Why Artemis? Are virginal goddesses of the hunt and moon seems a bit ... much.  Are you sure? Absolutely. Greek mythology is full of odd and sexually charged relationships, but that of Artemis and her twin brother Apollo has always been particularly fascinating for me.  Is there a deep and abiding love and affection there or is it more a covetous need? Do their flaunt their relationship or try to hide it? Just how far can they go while still preserving Artemis's virginal status (a gift from their father protecting her from the unwanted advances of others) how long can they last without crossing that final boundary? All of these things can easily apply to other characters as well.  Would you like to play a flighty but devoted nymph seeing to the comfort of her goddess? We can probably work something out there as well ;)

Do we want to start in the heyday of the gods? After Apollo tricks her into killing the only other man she's ever been interested in (Orion) out of either spite, jealousy, or a genuine need to protect his sister do they begin pitting their followers against one another love and revenge all tangled together?

Or should we go with the whole divine spark reincarnated? Is the title of god or goddess merely a mantle passed down over the years when need and an appropriate candidate arise? Is modern day Artemis hidden somewhere inside somewhat naive wild life management major Selena Preston? Do things build naturally between the two of them or is it full of tension and drama? Do you almost come to blows at a nature refuge protest? Did a single almost dream like night of unbelievable passion on your last camping trip turn into something far more when you returned to civilization to find the now blushing girl is a TA in your Evolution and Diversity class, a requirement for graduation which had been resented at first but is now shaping up to be your favorite.

Please feel free to mix and match as well as present your own ideas.  Have a cool story that involves another goddess angle? Go ahead and throw that in too as these are just amorphous ideas that I'm not too terribly attached to I'd be willing to entertain other stories along the same lines.

Errant Knight
Fantasy/Twisted Fairy Tale -Someone needs to rescue the Princess from the clutches of the evil sorceress.  Lucky you!
The Characters -You, some likely cliched knight or prince honor bound to under go a quest for the Princess's hand. Me, over worked 'evil' sorceress or faux princess who is nothing at all like what you were expecting. 
Rated - Maybe some bondage, magic, political tension, humorous farce. Take your pick.
The Details
So I've been trying to NOT write these up for awhile now, but thanks to some Finders/Seekers threads this is going to damn well happen regardless if I want it to or not :P Because its been stewing for so long there are many options to chose from.

1) Mistaken Identity

The woods were dangerous, everyone knew that.  Ogres and other dark things made their homes there, the territory belonging to a dark and covetous sorceress.  Only the very brave or very foolish found their way there.  What that says about your own presence there is up for debate.  Regardless you come upon a woman bathing and after some well deserved ogling feel compelled to warn her of the dangers.

Initially annoyed by the intrusion (and the fact you likely killed the posted guards) she debates educating you painfully as to the nature of your mistake.  But damn it was kind of endearing.  And so she played along, wide eyed innocence and admiration. Flirtation could be fun, she couldn't remember the last time she'd enjoyed an afternoon more.  The next thing she knew she was arranging these little meetings, seeming to vanish completely into the forest after each one.  A local farm girl? A wood sprite? Dare you hope, a cursed princess? No, just a bored sorceress with a crush. 

What happens when you find out about her deception? Just how far did things go before you learned the truth? Hopefully some time before you decided to go to war for your mysterious maiden. Most awkward battle conversation EVER.

2)We're Sorry But Your Evil Overlord Is In Another Castle

Aislynn told her sister that it was ridiculous.  Evil witches did not get to go on vacation, and they certainly did not get their twin to stand in for them in order to keep their territory secure.  However she let herself be guilted by the whole family card and the fact that she really didn't want to spend the rest of her life as a literal ungrateful cow. And so she agreed to hold down the castle for a few weeks while stuff was sorted out (really she didn't want details after seeing some of the.. instruments in the basement. Some things even twins didn't need to share!).  Besides how hard could it really be? They were after all born with almost the same gifts, illusion, the ability to manipulate the elements... except somehow whatever Aislynn tried somehow ended up.. wrong.  She lacked her sister's killer instinct and ruthless streak.

Still two weeks wasn't an eternity, the chances of anything dramatic happening were slim.  All she had to do was wear a few outfits, make a few public displays to reassure the peons and those in the area that the queen bitch was still in residence.  Simple.

At least until you showed up.  Whatever it is you're pissed over she has no idea what you're talking about, her sister never saw fit to mention it.  She tries to brazen it out, throws out some pretty hefty threats, but its pretty clear that something is up.  Did she really just refer to your beloved fiance as 'Princes Who'sHerName? Was there genuine panic in her eyes or was that just a trick of the light? Eventually you call her bluff and she begins to bargain.  Just what will it take to make all of this go away? Is it worth throwing down for a confrontation that you're not sure you can win or is it better to just take what you can get? What happens when the evil twin returns?

3) Their Blood Isn't Actually Blue Right?

Really it was your fault.  She might have come clean with things and introduced herself properly, but at first you were all imposing and then came that kiss.  Her toes were still curled.  How was a girl supposed to form thought after something like that?  Vague mmmhumm sounds and 'whatever you want' were pretty much all she could manage.  And really why couldn't she be your long lost Princess?  She remembered the girl in question, vaguely.  Brought in years ago, lots of wails and tears.  It was entirely possible that the master had eaten her.  All of the servants had been grateful that the noise stopped.

Now apparently her master was dead and you were ready to return victorious to the Kingdom of Wherever.  Did she really look enough like the lost Princess to pass for her convincingly? Was it really such a bad lie? Surely some confusion was to be expected after the 'ordeal' she'd been through? Princesses were allowed to be eccentric. She was used to managing difficult situations this would be a cake walk.  Right? Besides she's rather set on getting another one of those kisses.

Will her deception ever be uncovered? Is it a double con? Are you not a Prince but hoping to secure your own future by this act of bravery? Want to go super dark? Is he really securing the lost heir for some kind of sacrifice or ritual? Far too many possibilities.

4) Give and Take

Why did people insist on labeling her evil? Okay sure she meddled in some stuff in a manner that could be considered unnatural.  Sorcery was baffling to the masses, but it wasn't like she was a necromancer raising zombies to terrorize the country side.  Ewww.  She didn't even like dealing with the fae much, tricky little bastards, so much easier to just rely on her own talents. Besides, most things could be taken care of with the careful application of common sense.  Take the last Princess who came to her begging for a 'miracle'.  So the twit wanted to run off with her beloved stable hand? Totally doable, a quick hop across the border, a small coastal village where the pair could live as reasonably well off merchants for the rest of their days without raising too many eyebrows.  Poof, MIRACLE.

Had she known there would have been a massive uproar about her kidnapping the heir apparent she would have given that little request a pass.  There was no way that she was going back on her word, it would totally ruin her supernatural cred. Things start escalating to a full on war (yeah, that really got out of hand quickly) and then you show up. 

Never one to turn her nose up at a gift she makes a bargain with you.  A month of service and she'll take you to the Princess, war can be averted, nothing arduous she agrees to most other terms readily.. really she just needs the time to stall and plan further.

Is marrying that girl really worth the lives of countless others? Would a more unorthodox alliance be more benifitial to the kingdom?

A Lesson In Betrayal -Reopened
Paranormal Modern Day/Fantasy - She's betrayed you to your enemies.  Can you forgive or forget her?
The Characters - Am leaning some kind of were-animal for this, but also works other ways fae/vampire/whatever else you're currently into.
Rated - Definitely bondage possibly extreme. Will likely start off light for initial seduction and graduate to the lovely land of angry sex. Lots of emotional trauma and delicious drama.
The Details
Why would she do it? Betray one of her own kind to to humans who saw them as nothing but monsters.  That's a good question and it has any number of answers.  Perhaps they have someone she loves, a lover, brother, child even (very James Bond Casino Royale, poor Vesper torn between new love and old) and she's being black mailed into working for them.  Maybe she's just a cold hard bitch who agrees that monsters need to be hunted down. Or it could be that she doesn't even know she's being used like that, some form of mental control/brain washing that's been going on since she was a child. Could it be that she really does love him?

Anyway I would love to write a story with a supernatural bent that deals with your character being tricked and captured.  I like shifters because... well ...who doesn't? But really you can be anything you want as long as its kind of growly, arrogant, powerful and not precisely human. My own character will be a complimentary female version almost perfectly designed to push his buttons (which means we're going to have to do a fair bit of discussing before hand) and worm her way under his skin.  They'll meet, she'll seduce and tempt ... then he'll be taken by some random human group.  The government? Sure.  Private organization of monster hunter types? Why not.  Their purpose? Detain, experiment, gain and edge against this new threat. 

If you're into the whole torture thing we can ... discuss it, but I'll warn you that its not something I'm super excited about.  I'm more into the scene set up, describing the room that he's taken into and the instruments laying out? Absolutely.  Skipping to the aftermath when he's all bloody and crumpled in a cell somewhere.  Yep I'm on board.  But that middle cutting skin and milking pain bit ... not so much. 

What happens when he escapes? Come on they ALWAYS escape at some point.  Does he just try and move on from all of it and forget it ever happened? Go looking for blood from his captors? Go after her specifically for some more personal revenge?

I know all of this set up is kind of vague, but there are just so many directions I would enjoy it going I don't really want to limit myself early on. 
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Re: Rampant's Revised Desires - Bring your hard hat, heavy construction ahead!
« Reply #4 on: February 21, 2013, 03:21:49 PM »
Vague Yearnings

Sometimes I get little 'holy crap I want to do that' moments, a quick flash of desire with no real story attached to it.  Usually its inspired by a picture.

My brain has been fluttering through office based scenes lately.  Is she the devoted personal assistant or the over worked boss? Exactly what are the requirements in that job contract one of them signed? Are they staying late while the rest of the office is gone or is his other hand covering her mouth to muffle her moans?  How hot would it be to write a lunch break scene followed by one or both parties distracted and squirmy in the next board meeting? Is it only at work or does it start spilling out into their every day lives? Is that even an option or are one or both of them married and trying to stay faithful to their spouse? Do they even know or like each other or is it just something to blow off steam?  I wonder many things, not the least of which being if I'll ever find a concrete inspiration for that picture ...

Blindfolds.  Seriously how hot are they? Especially when they are, as in the picture, something re-purposed for the job like a silk tie.  So much yes please! A married couple trying to spice up their sex life? His best friend's sister looking to explore after years of a crush? His own sister trying to keep her identity a secret while they explore the forbidden? Does he even know who that woman is or has a complete stranger made that blindfold a condition of this little interlude of theirs? Really the options are endless.  If I could convince you to include wax play somewhere in the story that would be ... *just shivers happily* .. of course in that instance MY character would probably be the one wearing the blindfold since control and aim are appreciated in such endeavors :)

I know, come on lady look at something other than black and white pictures.  I can't help myself, they're so freaking hot. Anyway without further adieu...
Rampant very much desires water scenes.  Please make this happen.  Mere words cannot express all the buttons that last picture pushes for me.
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I know what you're thinking, crazy woman you have a ton of RP going already why on earth are you posting in your request thread?  The simple answer is because I have to.  Sometimes stories rattle around in my head and refuse to give me peace until I at least TRY to write them. 

Added Love is a Battlefield to Current Cravings
Added Blindfolds to Vague Yearnings
Tidied up some phrasing in opening post
Adjusted Taken/Available stories

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More stories? Damn straight!
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Relatively caught up on all of my stories.  Huzzah! Tentatively open to starting one or two more as long as you are okay with my current posting schedule.
Added Crisis of Faith to Current Cravings
Added photo and further ramblings to Vague Yearnings
Added Style and Gender clarification to first Requirements post
Linked Taken Plots to their current active threads
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Brain is silly and won't let go of some of these ideas so I thought I might as well post them.  RP plate is pretty full at the moment, but there is always room for that perfect story/match. You'll no doubt see a theme in my Current Cravings. What is it with you and corrupted innocence lady? All of this stuff is starting to sound the same.  I can't help myself and beg your indulgence in this.

04/11/13 Edits:
Added Unintentional Bonds, Long Awaited Inheritance, and Hunting the Huntress to Current Cravings
Vague Yearnings now addresses an intense need for water based scenes
Updated posting time as well as added bits and pieces to opening general info and expectations section.
All stories reflect their current statuses (if it doesn't say taken or under discussion its still very much available)

10/14/13 Edits:
Reopened office scenes in Vague Yearnings
Updated posting time estimate
Moved Whispered Nightmares to The Graveyard :(

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I have a lot of characters laying around and their wasted potential is somewhat offensive.  If you have an idea for any of these please don't hesitate to send me a PM.

Hali - Merry Gentry based Fae character, suitable for import to other worlds.

Full Name : Hali
True name : Himinglæva “The Transparent Wave" Light Upon the Water.
Age : 4200ish she hasn't kept perfect count
Sex : Female
Martial Status : Single, and determined to remain that way!

Court : Seelie, exiled
Species : Sidhe
Powers/Magical Affinity : Though a daughter of two former water deities she has no actual control over the element, but she does have extended lung capacity allowing her to stay underwater for long periods.  Hand of Tranquility -  Hali can ease the emotions of others. Touch strengthens this power though simply focusing can generate a smaller effect upon those in the same room with her.  Worries fall away, anger cools, passion subsides. Calm. There is only the smooth spread of water touched by the warmth of the sun and the gentle scent of the ocean bringing the recipient into a more relaxed and compliant state.
At one point she held limited powers of prophecy.  With focus a shimmer of possible futures spread out along the surface of the water.  She is rather glad that the gift has diminished since it was always a rather fickle thing, hard to interpret and most became frustrated with her vague visions, herself most of all. 
Weapon(s) : None of note.  Though she has training Hali prefers to avoid conflict whenever possible, or get someone else to take care of 'the messy stuff' for her.
Occupation/Position : Unknown

Height : 5'9"
Weight / Body type : 137, Physically she is in no way imposing,  gentle curves upon a lightly toned frame. Being neither tall nor excessively strong nothing about her says warrior, though she carries herself with a fluid grace which could easily turn deadly if provoked, she is after all still Sidhe.
Hair : Multi hued, from a deep ocean blue to the green of sea foam with occasional gold strands woven through, even a streak of magenta here or there.  Wet the ends brush the floor, but when dry it only reaches her knee, curling a bit despite is length making it hard to pick out the individual colors. Hali's hair is almost always unbound, formal hair styles or even a simple braid somewhat driving her crazy.
Skin : Sunkissed.  Especially in natural light her skin has a golden shimmer.
Eyes : Tri-color. The brilliant aqua of the sea on a clear day, royal purple center like clouds at sunset, rich amber inner ring reminiscent of the sun.
Distinguishing Features : None
Anything else? Hates trying to blend in with humans and revels in her true form.  Bad enough that she should be so diminished, attempting to appear more mundane is offensive and she's made an unofficial vow to herself to limit the time she spends under the guise of glamour .  That said when it is necessary to tone down her appearance she keeps her eyes the vivid aqua that no human could match (thank goddess for the advent of colored contacts allowing her to get away with this for the most part!) and her hair darkens to a midnight black.  Hali doesn't so much radiate light the way others do so much as draw existing light toward her, either from natural sources or her partner, picking up the golden highlights already present and almost seeming to ripple across the surface of her skin. In moments of high emotion or when using her hand of power her hair stirs around her as though by some unknown current our sourceless breeze. Carries the fresh clean scent of water with her.

Personality : Though she can calm the emotions of others her own are ever changing and unpredictable.  The sea is a fickle mistress and so to can she be upon occasion.  She has a hard time hiding her true feelings and as such SUCKS at the political court dance.  Happily she has no real aspirations toward power. Tries to avoid talking about the past whenever possible ... and the future too for that matter.  It is all about living and finding joy in the moment.

Likes : The ocean and water in general, Dancing, simple gifts, flowing decidedly informal dresses, watching the sunset/sunrise
Dislikes : Gratuitous violence, politics, being talked down to, what the humans have done to her beloved ocean, being pressured to use her ability continually, people who hold grudges
Fears : Having to live among humans forever, falling into a rut, another Fae war, being trapped in a committed relationship (becoming pregnant)

History :
Hail to the Bringer of the Sun,
Fair Weather Mermaid,
Lady who brings the calm winds
And the sunrise over the serene waves,
Sunrise over the morning foam,
Sunrise over the breaking ice,
Sunrise over the wreckage of yesterday’s storm.
Hail to the gold sparkling on the waters,
Hail to the light that filters through the waves
And began the first moments of Life.
Goddess of the beautiful day,
Goddess of the glorious sunset,
Hail, Undine of the moment of joy,
The relief from dread and suffering,

Ægir and Rán did indeed have nine daughters, just not always with one another and some are half blooded.  Each embodies some facet of the ocean. Hali is the youngest and least fearsome of the brood and has led a rather sheltered life all considering.  She has handled the waning of her power far better than others, perhaps because she is used to the ebb and flow of tide and believes that one day it might return, or maybe because there is just no point upon dwelling upon the past. 

As the power of the Norse court faded Hali and her sisters faced a choice, some with their darker appetites and physical deformities were welcome only among the Unseelie, but it was clear that she and a few others would have a hard time surviving amongst the dark, and so they split.  (If someone else wants to make one of them as a character, awesome I'd be happy to talk character ties/background, but for now I'm assuming that they're either members of the other courts or that they died in the Fae Wars).

Though Hali is not skilled at the game politic she was always welcome among the Seelie with her beauty and the soothing nature of her very presence.  There were minor periods of favor and disgrace but she managed to fly for the most part under the radar.  That is until she began an affair with a former fertility god.  Sweet Goddess it was an intense few weeks, and she enjoyed every moment in his company.  However at the end she was content to part as friends where as he had other ideas, convinced that she could be the one to mother his children.  At first it was kind of sweet, then mildly irritating, and eventually deeply disturbing.  King Taranis would not step in, it was their duty after all to try since children were necessary for the survival of their people, besides her potential suitor was a court favorite.

Eventually it drove her from her home and she chose exile among the mortals rather than face his continued advances.  He was convinced that her time away from faerie would be the perfect catalyst, that she would soon crawl back to him and beg for his attentions ... and eventually she might have, except she was still exploring her new environment when his patience snapped first and he tried to get her to return by force.  That did not go well for anyone and Hali now currently seeks asylum/protection.

Sexuality : Bi-sexual, slight female leaning currently. It isn't that Hali does not enjoy males, she just does not trust them or their motivations anymore.  She is far more likely to push for/agree to sexual encounters where this is no possibility of pregnancy. Switch. Her moods and tastes are somewhat mercurial from soft and gentle to an intense maelstrom often without warning or reason. Personal O/O's are still mostly applicable.
Sexual On's : Water :) Pretty self explanatory.  Exhibitionism Has never been or ever will be shy in any way shape or form, is comfortable both naked and in mixed company. The Taste of Her Lover Be it the salty tang of a tongue running against skin, a gentle kiss, or the lingering taste of their pleasure, all good things and she revels in those details. New Experiences and Partners. Not hung up on the typical standards of Sidhe beauty and purity, a few of her sisters have far darker origins after all and she takes joy in the new and exotic.
Sexual Off's : Bondage.  With the right partner she can handle mild forms of restraint and even enjoys the struggle against them, but complete immobilization destroys the 'mood' and causes her to panic. On a related note,  Possessiveness. In the heat of the moment is one thing, however pressure for commitment or exclusivity causes her to baulk. Continued Submissiveness Sex is about give and take, not constantly being in one role. Someone who continually caves to her demands or expects her cater to theirs would cause her to quickly lose interest. Excessive Amounts of Pain/Blood though she can enjoy rough play upon occasion torture squicks her out.
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Pictures That Need a Story

These are more just a reminder for me of pictures that I think are awesome and need to be developed into full on story proposals.


Librarians, YES! Perhaps with some kind of occult angle?
Taken - Davikk

I don't know what it is, but she has a story

Badass Warlord Type
Taken - Swashbuckler

A literal Ice Queen

I need this, either role

Needs to be a spaceship in my immediate future

Car sex/teasing

Photo Booth Insanity

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05/15/14 Edits:
Moved Possession to Taken Plots
Moved No More Mr. Nice Guy, Unintentional Bonds, Love is a Battlefield, Long Awaited Inheritance,  to The Graveyard

I've really been craving another go at some of these older aborted stories lately O.o The ones mentioned above as well as Tales of a Smitten Lab Rat, Diamond in the Rough, and Whispered Nightmares.  If at all interested in giving one of them a go please PM!
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Moved Dragons/Tales for Another Knight to Taken Plots
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Re: Rampant's Revised Desires - Unclaimed Interests
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07/28/15 Edits:
Moved Unintentional Bonds to Taken Plots

Testing Their Limits
Sci-fi or Modern Paranormal - Raised in a science facility they've generally been good little lab rats... until now.
The Characters - Either taken at a young age and experimented upon or born in the lab the characters will be extraordinary in some way (I'm super flexible on this). 
Rated - Nothing major jumps out at me kink wise with this one.  It largely depends on their mutations and how they feel about each other I guess.
The Details
So it is a pretty common theme, but those can be enjoyable right? 

Their first test group had been entirely female, no more than children really when they'd been given the serum, and while the results had been mixed in the end they called the experiment a success.  Half had showed no reaction to the treatment, three had outright died after the injections, and two more were catatonic.  Four of the girls showed promise, increased cognitive function and reflexes,  one even exhibited an interesting animal affinity which would require further testing. 

And then there was Cassandra.

She picked up telekinesis first, then psychometry, while progressing along with the rest of the girls in the other trials.  However as they grew older it became increasingly difficult to keep them focused and it was harder to imagine a practical application for their skills or imagine running the risk of trusting them outside the facility.  The now young women seemed to share some kind of telepathic bond making their mutinous episodes, their general apathy toward anything resembling combat training or intelligence work, that much harder to overcome.  Punishments were difficult.  Physical pain could be blocked and they didn't truly want to hurt the test subjects whom they'd been working with for over a decade now.  They already lived in a laboratory and with their bond isolation wasn't exactly the chore it might otherwise be.

And so this time they replicated the experiment.  Older subjects, ones already trained, already dedicated.  They took their pick from emergency and military forces across the country, most voluntary though those with resistance were quickly persuaded/strong armed into it. 

The results were ... unexpected.

Some died, perhaps some would always die, but it was still an acceptable loss.  Those remaining however did not rebound as projected. Perhaps it was because the girls' brains were still developing when they underwent the treatment, maybe it was a flaw in the new batch of serum, but  they became unstable. Headaches, seizures, bursts of irrational and violent anger, hallucinations.  They had to be locked away for their own safety and the safety of those in the facility.

Maybe they'd acted too hastily and it was time to scrap that trial entirely?

She wasn't supposed to be there.  Cassandra knew that, but she couldn't help herself.  Undoing locks and slipping past security was well within her capabilities and while she had to fight down a wave of guilt for going against protocol it wasn't like she was trying to escape.  She just wanted to see.  She'd heard about the new trial, well kind of, disjointed memories, worries and thoughts plucked from the minds of the scientists around her.  And so she peered curiously through the window slit in the cell frowning at the sight of the man restrained there.

"Hello Michael (or whatever your charater's name is)..." her voice cut through the buzzing sound in his head, through the haze of the drugs pumped into his system to keep him calm, complete control returning for the first time since the treatment.

Do they end up integrating their test subjects?  Does he convince her to help them escape before more talk of eliminations? We have lots of potential paths.

It doesn't really have to be that set up either.  They could be test tube babies raised together, their 'sibling' status going right out the window as they age and hormones kick into high gear their new preoccupation with each other skewing their test results and field performance.

Really I like a lot of variations of this theme so if you have any ideas please do share them!  I'd also be up for playing the male in the proposal above or writing something between one of the other female test subjects and Cassandra (perhaps using one against the other to get them to comply for ... some kind of mission thing).

Additionally moving an old one shot request over because it needs to be written *nods sagely*

My Best Friend's Wedding

Content: Modern Realistic. Wide spectrum possible.  Anywhere from light and vanilla to some possible bondage and incest.  Nothing extreme though I don't think.

Scenario: So yeah, I shamelessly ripped the title and part of the premise for this one from a chic flick movie :P  It also pulls from some personal experience and that 'what if' question.  I've been wanting to write a story like this for awhile now so there are a lot of variations and I'm prone to rambling.  Apologies in advance.

Basic Set Up - She always thought that they'd somehow end up together.  He'd been her best friend since they were put together as lab partners in junior high.  But something always seemed to be in the way.  Bad timing, one of them being in a relationship or just getting out of one, moving across the country for college, randomness with work, and yet they were always there for one another for support and the occasional bout of thoroughly enjoyable flirting.  She was determined though, no more excuses, the next time he was single she was going to make her move... except seven months later she found herself agreeing to be a groomswoman at his wedding. 

Smiling until her face hurt and riding a rather wild rollercoaster of emotions, from being happy for him and his new bride to resentful and even a little bitter, it was certainly one hell of a day.  She didn't set out to with the goal in mind, but after downing her glass of champagne after the first toast at the reception more alcohol seemed like a great idea. Determined to have a good time and with her inhibitions lowered who knows what happens next...

Options for your character
Generic Hook Up - He's just someone else who happens to be at the wedding, or even just in the hotel in general (staff or another guest).  They hook up and wild sexy times ensue.  I rather like the thought of some hurried elevator action, moderate exhibitionism on a balcony.  Do they ever even exchange names?
Someone From the Wedding Party - Something about flirting with the best man or even the wife's brother for a little ego boosting appeals to me.  A little bit of quasi revenge sex never hurt anyone right?
The Groom Himself - Taken w/ Theta Sigma Wedding isn't what it seems, not a happy union and his wife informs him that she's going to bed early, ALONE, and he finds himself frustrated and as per the usual turning to his best friend for some comfort where upon things get out of... or rather into hand.

Really whatever appeals to you.  I'm pretty flexible on this and there isn't one "Oh my God my partner has to play THIS for me to enjoy the story" angle or idea that I'm holding out for.

Setting: Somewhat upscale hotel where the wedding reception is being held.

Requirements: Looking for someone to play the male that my character ends up with for the night.  I tend to write middle of the road sized posts, intros and scene changes are longer while back and forth conversation is shorter, but never less than a paragraph.  Average for this one probably 2-4 paragraphs a post.  My posting can be kind of sporadic so I need a partner who can be patient with me from time to time and one who is happy with a slower pace.  I'd prefer for this to be done in a thread here on the forums.

Other info: This request is heavy on the smut with a lot less set up than most of my stories have, BUT if things go well and we're both keen on continuing I can see it developing into a longer exploration of the characters.  What if her random hook up ends up not being so random?  A neighbor, friend of the family that she for some reason doesn't recognize that night  (or actual family member even, probably cousin or uncle though as I'm not sure there is enough alcohol in the world to not recognize a closer relation :P), new co-worker, ect.
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Re: Rampant's Revised Desires - New Cravings
« Reply #13 on: August 11, 2015, 07:32:57 AM »
No.  No Rampant, what in the seven hells are you doing? You can't be here.  This section of the forums, this -thread- is dangerous.  You have stories, stories you love, stories that need replies.  There's no way you could possibly want more... okay you can WANT them but that doesn't mean you should HAVE them.  Turn around and ... fine, okay, you can sketch out ideas, but nothing else, no formal proposal... SON OF A BITCH!

So I had this conversation with myself this morning :P  My writing plate is pretty full, but there was one brief and shining moment last week when I was gloriously all caught up on posting.  Surely that means I can at least entertain the idea of taking on more... right?

The Power Behind the Throne
Fantasy - Blackmail and intrigue, lies and manipulation.  Who's is the real hand guiding the country?
The Characters - One of us will play a ruler or high ranking official, the other an old acquaintance or relative who knows just what buttons to push and what ears to whisper in to get what they want.
Rated - Probably NC.  There will likely be themes of dubious consent and heavy 'persuasion'.  It should be noted that there are a ton of variations for this story that I'm interested in and I'll be willing to write multiple characters off and on throughout it, but would like to focus generally on the action between the main ones.
The Details

I had a recent conversation with a new writing partner about how it is fun to indulge one's 'switchy goodness' from time to time :P  All of these options have elements of dominance and submission, but I'm happy to play either role so if you read something you like but would prefer the pairing go the other way by all means just tell me!

As a younger son or daughter your character was never actually supposed to ascend to the throne.  It is both thrilling and daunting.  Suddenly everyone is coming out of the woodwork, asking for time and favors, one of these is your cousin, an old childhood friend, who begs for funds and sponsorship as she returns to court.  Somewhat warily you grant the request.  It will be nice to see a familiar face,  besides, you worry about refusing her.  The girl knows your secret (what that is we can totally discuss later) and placating her seems in your best interest.  However once she's there her demands only increase.  She seems determined to pull her family from the state of impoverished relations into the political forefront and is not afraid to use the past, or your increasingly odd and pressing desires against you to get what she wants.

Story could go rather dark, will involve copious amounts of teasing, possibly even private bondage and such (who else would dare treat nobility in such a way, and how could they expect to LIKE it so very much).  I'm also interested in exploring political themes, there will be people trying to oppose her and her goals and rescue their ruler from her clutches, willingly or not!

The death of her father plunged the kingdom into chaos, at least it would have without the familiar guiding hand of his brother/adviser/random but still well know political ally stepping in.  Seen as a stabilizing influence to the young Queen, a comfort to her in this dark time of mourning, they could not know what went on behind closed doors or that the man's motivations were entirely self serving.

She is not an oblivious creature, she knows that he has grander ambitions, and yet she can't bring herself to oppose them.  A childhood engagement to an unknown prince from a neighboring country is perhaps the better political choice, but some times it is better to stay with the devil you know.

Will she work with him to sway public opinion further in his favor? Can affection and a real and lasting relationship be born from such a shaky and manipulative start?

Again somewhat heavy political themes, I'm up for discussing various kind inclusions.

Hard Lessons
Modern Realistic (with some time play wiggle room) - Either an exclusive school or tutor has very unorthodox methods of shaping their students' talents.
The Characters - Looking for some one to play the teacher or tutor across from my musical protege.
Rated - Wow, more Non-Con than usual floating about here today O.o
The Details - NSFW Imagery
So I have long been a fan of Formless's Musician thread in the Finders and Seekers section.  There are a lot of incredibly hot images of dedicated musicians honing their craft in various states of undress and that has always both bemused and intrigued me. 

I've had several ideas about how possible stories could start.  The first is a modern school, known for it's exclusivity and exacting standards.  It produces the finest musicians in the world, graduates crediting their success to the lessons learned there.  My character, while not precisely a prodigy, does manage to secure a scholarship to attend.  She's ready to dedicate herself and do whatever it takes, at least that's what she's told herself time and time again to push back the nervousness of moving to a place far away where she knows no one.

Once she arrives there though things go poorly.  The other students can be cruel, and her teachers even more so.  One in particular has rather unorthodox methods.  She understood that you had to be willing to lay yourself bare before an audience to give a truly good performance, she just never expected that anyone would take that literally.  His insistence that clothing was forbidden in their practice was unexpected to say the least.

There was no room for distraction, you had to be completely focused, even when his hands ...

So yeah, I'm very interested in writing this.  Possibly exploring other quirks of the school.  Perhaps they give exclusive shows to generous patrons, some of which are only nominally about music?

The next is a variation on the same theme.  It could be played in either a modern or even somewhat more historical setting where a girl's music tutor was one of the few bits of male companionship she was allowed.
I'm just going to point out that I am open to the idea of a violin bow being used as a crop should her performance not meet his exacting standards.  I'm also fond of them having to hide their activities, can't be too loud and draw the unwanted attention of the others in the house.

Want to play in a fantasy/alternate world? Sure lets do that too.  I'm super flexible, all of this can be mixed, matched, edited.  It is more the generic theme that I'm interested in.

The Price of Loyalty
Possible Sci-fi/Fantasy - How much does it cost to buy a person's trust or their love?
The Characters - You Foreign trader newly arrived and ready to make a name for yourself. Me House slave assigned to seeing to your care and comfort.
Rated - My first inclination is Bondage, but could easily go Extreme if we decide to explore certain themes.
The Details - Again NSFW
Regardless of what world we put this in (fantasy or sci-fi) we'd start play in a massive market city.  Run by various Trade Princes there is nothing which can not be bought, slaves, merchandise, information.  Everything has a price.

What brings your character there is up for debate, but they are invited to stay in the compound of one of the Princes and then shown further favor by being given a beloved daughter for the duration of their stay.  Daughter? It was possible.  Her eyes were the same striking green as the Prince's, but her mother was a simple slave, and as is she if truth be told.  Pampered and educated yes, but there is no life for her outside the walls of the compound.  She does the bidding of her father, serving his guests, distracting them from their very important negotiation and diplomatic goals while at the same time passing along information gained to him to either be traded to others or used for future advantage in their dealings.  Her loyalty is absolute ... or is it?

She did not expect to actually enjoy their time together.  Can he offer her enough to earn her trust?  Can he afford the price of her freedom (either by actually purchasing her from her father or breaking trust and taking her with him)? Is there a possibility of life outside those walls?

I'm looking for this to be a clash of two very different cultures.  Hers, while backstabbing and occasionally ugly, is carefully structured at highly civilized on the surface.  Yours ... well it can be whatever you want.  I'm willing to entertain thoughts of not quite human partners.  Kink wise ... well I expect if and when he finds out what her real purpose is he'll not be pleased and there may well be angry punishing sex in their future, maybe he even takes her with him out of spite and anger, but eventually I'd like them to reach some kind of accord and have her prove useful to him (she does understand the world in which she grew up well and knows more than she perhaps should about the behind the scenes workings and politics of it all). I also have a rather thorough bath scene in mind, but as always I'm open to pretty much everything.   

Also still very interested in Testing Their Limits from the above post.
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I once more have zero business being here as I'm still just getting back into the swing of posting, but someone sent me this picture today and it is all my brain wants to focus on.

Must have it.

I'm not the partner for everyone, my posting times are WILDLY variable.  The people I currently write with are awesome and have the patience of saints at times when life goes wild on me.  For the time being we're looking at a post a weekish, potentially more if it continues to dominate my thoughts the way it has today.

It should be noted I'm willing to play either the female or male role for this and have ideas for both of them pretty equally.  Will update with some specifics when I have a bit more time (or delete this post when I come to my senses and realize taking on another story is a bad idea, either way).