Windows 8 wifi issue

Started by Starlequin, January 31, 2013, 03:26:01 PM

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I got a new laptop over the holidays, running Win8 (ugh), and I've only had a couple chances to take it out surfing. It connects without much fuss to one local network, but absolutely refuses to connect to any others. I keep getting 'Limited Connectivity' notices and 'WiFi doesn't have a valid ip configuration' messages. I've un/re-installed all of my AV and firewall software, gone through my ip settings, run troubleshooter, and nothing works. And I don't think the problem is the WiFi, because I'm at a hotspot right now and my phone connects without a problem.

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You might need to change your connection settings back to defaults and remove your remembered network, then re-add it later. That's a strange one.
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I've already reset everything I can find back to default. I'm running a full system restore right now; if this doesnt work (and it won't), I'm just gonna Cartman. ::)

Update: after a bit more searching (thank you, Reddit!), it appears that this model laptop (an HP 2000 Core i3; sorry I dont have the specific model number atm) is equipped with a subpar wireless card. I shall be muchly miffed if I have to shell out for and install a new card on a brand new deck. Grr. Arr. And other growly unpleasantries. >:(
You live for the fight when it's all that you've got.


That is super frustrating. >:( I would be so ticked off if my new laptop's wireless card wouldn't let me connect to any typical wireless hotspot (for example, one at a coffeeshop).
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I was having issues with my WiFi being dropped on my latop too, and I had recently upgraded to a new Asus and Windows 8. My old computer was slowly going catatonic, but would reliably connect to the internet. I likewise would not have any problems connecting with my Xbox. Then my new computer would randomly drop connection with my router.

Eventually, I took it up with my ISP, as their internet had been an issue before. That seemed to be the problem, though sometimes I suspect my wireless card.


As expected, the system restore failed to resolve the issue. I ended up abandoning all attempts at a solution and am now at the original hotspot (the only one the deck will connect to, apparently). Yes, that's correct. I had to drive two towns over to find a working AP. See previous post regarding growly noises. >:(

Got a feeling the new card will end up being the solution. I miss my old deck already. Le sigh, man. Le sigh. (Sorry you're sufferin' the same horribull fate, NG. *commiserates*)
You live for the fight when it's all that you've got.