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Author Topic: avt2's ideas for plots! (F looking for M - bestiality, monsters, rough, etc!)  (Read 635 times)

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Offline avt2Topic starter

NOTICE: If you like my O/Os, please just PM me. Maybe you have an idea I don't, or we can figure out an RP together!

I'll put stuff I want to RP here. I have yet to make an O/O thread because I am a lazy, but you can look at the ones on my profile - I made them as comprehensive as I could. If you like something that's not on there, ask me and maybe we can work something out. Also, if you're not okay with a couple of the things I tend towards, just let me know and we will see if that's okay.

This is going to be a little rambling for now until I consolidate all this stuff and format it better. Sorry!

I like most genres, and I'm okay with doing some fan fiction type stuff. Universes I'm familiar with: Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls and Fallout, Star Wars.
I'd also be interested in doing universes I'm not AS familiar with: Marvel/DC, any other geeky or nerdy things. Just hit me up: I might not know what you're talking about but I'm a quick study.

My characters and my partners:
I like playing strong independent women with a secret submissive streak (or just string independent women that get broken). Submissive women are fine too. I like to RP rape or coercion but I prefer when there is some sort of mechanic to help my character start to enjoy herself quicker (mind control, some sort of toxin absorbed through skin or inhaled, etc). Don't be surprised if my characters don't give in at first - I'm a complex person and may not feel like making it easy for you on any given occasion. I also like to play against characters fitting in one of two extremes: typical strong men that are sexually experienced, well endowed, etc., or fat, ugly, old men that are poorly endowed and maybe don't last too long. Other things I like to RP: Incest, large age discrepancies (generally where my character is the younger, though I can be persuaded otherwise), large size discrepancies, and bestiality and monsters.

I have a slight preference to RP'ing on AIM, but forum posts are fine.

Writing style:
I like lots of description and grammatically correct sentences. A lot of my writing tends to be about my character's thoughts, emotions, how she's developing, etc., though I'm trying to be better about being flowery and descriptive and painting with words :P 

I really really like it when my partners have good grammar. I'm very picky, so if you hit my up, I will stalk your posts to see if I like what you got. Sorry, I don't mean this in a rude way, and most of you will probably pass, but still. Also, I prefer long posts, but if the RP is light, not very serious, whatever, then I don't mind if they write short one or two paragraph posts. For a more serious RP I would prefer at least two paragraphs as a general rule.

If you like an idea, please PM me. Don't post here - it's my special place, so there's no boys allowed ;)

Also: The first few ideas are kind of one-offs (as a general rule I will give an RP a title of it has actual plot in it). I have yet to post them in the proper section though.

Plotless RPs

I'll update with more ideas eventually!
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Offline avt2Topic starter

Re: avt2's ideas for plots! (F looking for M)
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2013, 11:34:27 PM »
RPs with Plot

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Re: avt2's ideas for plots! (F looking for M)
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2013, 04:19:55 PM »
Shelved For Now

Catwoman (from Arkham City) has to fight against super-villains all on her own. How will she fare? ;)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Not much to explain here. I'd be playing Catwoman, and my lovely friend would be playing any supervillain of his choosing. For those of you that need visual stimulation...
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This RP would mainly involve Catwoman getting into nasty fights with henchmen/the big boss and getting taken advantage of.

Star Wars! Hurray! Lots of possible ones here, here's one of them. If you want to come up with a different one, hit me up.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
An Imperial Lieutenant who hates Sith gets assigned to one by her CO (commanding officer). The Sith then begins to sexually dominate her with the power of the Force. Not exactly sure how I want this to go down but we can work it out.

To Be One With... [original story]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Okay. Not only is this an original, but it has plot, so watch out. It's set in a sci-fi universe and starts out on a military cargo ship doing a routine delivery, except that one of the passengers seems very out-of-the-ordinary, and so is her cargo. Soon, a vast government conspiracy unravels itself as the protagonists struggle to try and protect what is dearest to them. You'd play one of the Marines on board, initially, but eventually we'd also play an additional two members each of a 4-man squad. This story will have some sex between characters, or maybe we can have little side-RPs of certain characters hooking up, but sex isn't the focus of the storyline.

Naive super-heroine falls to earth from another planet and ticks off the "Justice League".
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This was inspired by Super Girl and all that jazz, so if it sounds a little familiar, that's because it is. It's supposed to be a somewhat light-hearted RP, so I'll be a little casual describing it.

A human-looking girl crash-lands on Earth. Earth has a Justice League type organization that investigates the crash and discovers her. After studying her they realize she is immensely powerful and begin training the inexperienced, gullible girl to be a superhero. After a while, though, it's clear she's far better than them at their jobs and they begin to resent her. After the resentment builds for a while, they take advantage of her naivety to have sexy time, and other such things. This would likely involve you roleplaying multiple male characters, though feel free to concentrate on just one or two most of the time. Additionally, it could turn into a little bit of non-consensual business if she bites off more than she can chew while fighting crime. Again, read my o/o's on my profile and make sure you're okay with most of them.

Something Mass-Effect. No thoughts on this one, I just like the universe.

Same Day, Different World
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Not quite fleshed out yet, but basically a medieval world very similar to our own gets turned on its head when magic suddenly appears. As the old guard try to keep the status quo from crumbling, new institutions arise to both contain, embrace, and study the new phenomenon. However, the creatures that arrive with the magic are too terrible to fathom, and everyone in the upper echelons of society seems to be clear on one thing - whatever is responsible for this must end.
Yeaaah... pretty crappy description, I know, but sue me - it's late! Hit me up if you like and I can explain betterer ;)

A fantasy RP where an Elvish Paladin discovers that destiny has given her a unique and powerful way of banishing the evil in the world ;)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This one is pretty shameless. My Elvish Paladin is on a quest to rid the world of evil. However, she is the victim of a prophecy/her astrological sign which makes her sexually irresistible to the evil which plagues the land, and allows her the power to absorb the life force (and thus kill) any creature lured into fornicating with her in this way. The poor lass tries to avoid her fate with the help of her trusty blade, but occasionally gets overwhelmed.
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Offline avt2Topic starter

Update 1 10/19/2013: Removed some plots that I either don't feel right now or am not accepting any more requests for. Also added a "Shelved plots" section for these that's in the following post.

Update 2 1/5/2014: Changed some sections around, removed some plots, added a notice: You can just PM me if you like what I like!