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Author Topic: "Wrong House" ||- F for M -||- IM or MB -||- Rated R -||-  (Read 306 times)

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"Wrong House" ||- F for M -||- IM or MB -||- Rated R -||-
« on: January 30, 2013, 02:04:34 AM »
((Out Of Character Note: Rated R = potential for: violence, vulgarity, nudity, adult themes, drugs, alcohol, etc.

This was originally written up for a player who never responded. I am, however, interested in finding someone who's interested in playing this scenario out as the Home Owner. Please PM me here or IM me on salacioussixshot on AIM to discuss your character and any additional thoughts for the SL concept.

** DETAIL REQUIRED ** This is kind of long but it's a set-up post. Still, if you gander at my old posts you should get an idea for the level of detail I desire. If you don't think you can keep up, please just don't message me. If you're unsure, let's talk and maybe play; I'm not abashed to say if something isn't working for me.

The Artwork named in this RP exists, and the historical references of disturbances with the artwork may be partially true but twisted or changed for the purpose of this SL. In an effort to add
SOME authenticity real art and historical data was used. Enjoy!))


CLICK TO VIEW (800x900 image)


The moon was bright but the rolling clouds easily and repeatedly withheld the light from view. Leaving the long road that only held half a dozen houses, rather dark and very quiet. One house in particular sat toward the end and was the most spaced from neighboring homes. That much she'd been able to scope for herself, a long with the general outer security. What she hadn't done for herself, was line up the job, and handle the initial surveillance. Once upon a time, the World Class Cat-burglar wouldn't have accepted a job otherwise. Desperate timesDesperate Measures. Leo, a trusted contact of hers had been the one to set her up with a... not so reliable connect who had at least paid her half up-front. Vargas was his name, and Isabel was pretty sure he could sell Hell to God if he wanted it bad enough.

He provided her blueprints and a few photo's of the exterior framework. Providing her documentation, even, on the security installation that looked completely legit-- she'd know. There was, what she thought to be, well documented schedule tracking that showed a viable trend in absences that provided two windows of opportunity. One in the Early morning and one in the late evening two different days a week. It was a quirky sort of beachfront house with a second floor that only extended up in the back corner, provided two extra rooms, a balcony and a bath. Her second pick as far as entry points went and a remaining contender for an exit strategy.

Matt-black catsuit lowered the risk of bodily transference during her time inside. It also helped her blend into the darkened shadows and spotted foliage that lead to the driveway; it opened and split to the front entry and a three-car garage that protruded from the building like a peninsula and had two bay doors and a rear door with standard deadbolt and external motion sensors. Inside was where the real security lay, like a trap she wasn't intending on getting caught in. From her Isabel's perspective the owner of the house was just big on big-name security.

What she didn't know, was that the big-name security system was a shell for something much more customized courtesy of the owner's "friend". A specialist in this sort of thing.

10:43:23pm She did everything like an upstanding professional would against the cover-security system. She'd even taken a few extra steps that would have likely been considered impressive, if they weren't so utterly useless. She rolled the tumblers in the dead bolt and then crouched to cut the sensor before the door was opened all the way.  With that clear she stepped into the garage and closed the door behind her, moving in the darkness with her custom multi-vision goggles providing night vision at the moment.

10:43:25pmThat was that, she'd tripped an underlying internal system and triggered a camera in the garage to flash a shot and run facial recognition. She wasn't sure if she'd seen what she thought she saw, the flash but if she had she didn't have time to waste she knew. Following the blue-prints she'd been given it was into the utility room. Childbearing hips swayed and twisted as she slipped between two cars, forcing herself not to linger a look.

10:43:27pmThe Utility door had it's own security that included a key-pad entry and an inner magnetized cross-bar to ensure it couldn't just be busted down. The belt about her hips was home to an assortment of tools for her trade including extra gloves and a few throwing knives. It was a digital-Demagnatizer, and it would actually break his system, but what did she care? The compact machine had to be laid over the main circuit for the magnetic hold on that cross bar; when turned on it a reversed polarization. State of the art equipment... that still took a few seconds to work.POP

10:43:30pmOnce in side it was in there she actually put a hole in his wall to get into his main-line so she could cut the feeds and then re-route the external signal to the assumed security provider that it was a 'false alarm'. If only...

10:43:37pm She did manage to take down the information feed and visual security but some of the underlying sensors were still in play. She didn't know and thus proceeded through the entry into the hallway.

Fourteen and a half seconds, that's how long it took her to get into the house once she was at the back door.


(( NOTE: the GIF will replay))


CLICK TO VIEW Dossier: "Blackstone, Isabel"

Nov 1982 - Jan 2011

Name: Isabel Blackstone
Known Alias: Ashley Scott, Caroline Teeg, Jessica Peterson, Mila Hendricks, Emily Arlington, Ariana Wilson-Jones
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 121 lbs
Eye color: Green
Hair Color: Dark brown
Nationality: American
Cause of Death: Unknown - Body not found -- Private Jet Crash -- No known survivors

Address: n/a
Phone: n/a

Occupation: Security Consultant
Specialty: Home Burglary, Safes, Art, Jewelry, and Antiques

  • Nov 1982 - (0) Born to Olivia Blackstone and Michael Blackstone in Taos, New Mexico
  • Oct 1994 - (11) Hospitalized(Taos, NM); Broken left arm -- tree climbing accident
  • Feb 1997 - (14) Arrested(Taos, NM); Trespassing on private property || Charges Dropped 
  • Jul 1999 - (16) Hospitalized(Taos, NM); Carbon-monoxide poisoning -- house fire (Parents DOA) 
  • Oct 2001 - (17) Arrested(Houston, TX); Trespassing on government property || Charges Dropped 
  • Oct 2006 - (22] 65ghsted(Hhgchjispassinh ov-ernment propehvh rty yv 

...File Corrupted // Download incomplete


FLOOR PLAN: Entry Path
CLICK TO VIEW path taken by invader (750x843 image)


Miss Blackstone was after two pieces specifically out of his collection, rumored to be in the study. The first target was a sculpture actually, Madonna of Bruges  by Michelangelo, which was once stolen by the Nazi's. In 1972, a man half out of his mind who happened to be a geologist named Laszlo Toth attacked the sculpture. He took a geologists hammer and bashed the Pietà as he screamed “I am Jesus Christ.”  Breaking off several pieces of marble. What no one realized at first, was that there had been a switch. How the hell this guy got his hands on it was not her concern. It was a piece by Michelangelo and was sure to fetch a pretty penny.

The other was a painting but a lesser widely known artist named George Frederick Watts;by most counts was likely one of the most singular, and enigmatic figures in Victorian art, and perhaps the hardest to classify in any way. The painting itself is called Endymion and she was told to find it in the study as well though as she went to making the corner just before she reached the kitchen, she got this feeling.... there was no panic and no proof of any reason TO be nervous but she did step a little lighter and walk more closely along the wall toward the study.

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