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Author Topic: Shake It Out [M/M, M/F, F/F] (Adding plots as we speak)  (Read 1081 times)

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Shake It Out [M/M, M/F, F/F] (Adding plots as we speak)
« on: January 29, 2013, 10:33:49 PM »
- 10+ years of roleplaying experience
- Plays heroes and villains
- Plays males and females
- Plays dominants and submissives
- Prefers to play multiple characters
- Up to ten paragraphs for introduction posts, an average of four paragraphs per regular post
- Does original and fan-based pairings
- Does homosexual and heterosexual pairings; open to roleplays involving threesomes; open to transgendered, and gender-queer characters
- Has a penchant for playing demented/sadistic/nihilistic/sociopathic/plain weird characters
- Loves Crack!Pairings; the weirder the pairing, the better
- Has a twisted sense of humour
- Prefers canons in fan-based, but can be tempted by unusual or exceptional OCs
- Likes to chat OOC with partners

- Are capable of playing multi-faceted characters
- Enjoy character development
- Have a sense of humour
- Aren't extreme submissives (eg: crying, soppy things with no backbone)

- No bestiality
- No child-parent incest
- No characters below the age of 18 involved in romantic situations
- No furries
- No male pregnancy
- If it's got a strike through it on the list then I have too many (though I may be tempted by a bizarre/unusual pairing)



A-Team (Murdock, Hannibal, Face, Baracus)
Avengers (Tony, Clint, Coulson, Bruce/Hulk, Steve, Loki, Thor, Fury, Jane)
Batman Begins/The Dark Knight/Rises (Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon, Robin John Blake, Bane, Alfred, Two-Face/Harvey Dent, Joker, Jonathan Crane, Selina Kyle, Ducard/Al Ghul)
Cabin In the Woods (Marty)
Date Night (Phil, Claire)
Devil's Rejects/House of 1000 Corpses (Otis, Spaulding)
Die Hard (John McClane)
District 9 (Wikus, OC Prawn)
Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog (Dr. Horrible/Billy Buddy, Moist)
Friday the 13th (Jason Voorhees)
Halloween (Michael Myers)
[The] Hangover (Stu, Phil, Doug, Alan)
Hellboy (Abe Sapien, Hellboy, Johann Krauss, Nuada, Nuala, Liz)
Hot Fuzz (Sergeant Nicholas Angel)
In Bruges (Harry, Ray, Ken)
Inception (Arthur, Cobb, Fischer, Ariadne)
Inglourious Basterds (Aldo, Landa, Utivich, Donny, Hugo, Wicki, Archie)
Inspector Gadget (Gadget, ala Gritty Reboot style)
Ironman (Tony Stark, Phil Coulson)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Harry Lockhart)
[The] Losers (Jensen, Clay, Cougar, Pooch)
Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy Krueger)
Once Upon a Time In Mexico (Sheldon Sands, El Mariachi)
Prometheus (David, Shaw)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow, Commodore Norrington)
Repo! The Genetic Opera (Repo Man/Nathan, Blind Mag, Luigi, Pavi, Amber, Graverobber, Shilo)
Rocknrolla (One-Two, Archy, Handsome Bob, Johnny Quid, Mumbles)
[The] Rundown (Beck, Travis)
Saw (John 'Jigsaw' Kramer, Amanda Young, Eric Matthews, Mark Hoffman, Peter Strahm, Lindsay Perez, Jill Tuck)
Star Wars (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui Gonn Jinn, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa, C3P0, R2D2)
Sweeney Todd (Sweeney)
Terminator: Salvation (John, Marcus)
Thor (Loki, Thor, Phil Coulson, Jane, Erik Selvig)
Watchmen (Rorschach, Night Owl II, Dr. Manhattan, Ozymandias, The Comedian)
[The] Whole Nine Yards (Oz Oseransky, Jimmy 'Tulip' Tudesky)
X-Men (Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Deadpool, Cyclops, Mystique, Jubilee, Storm, Xavier)
X-Men: First Class (Xavier, Magneto, Banshee, Mystique, Deadpool)
Zombieland (Columbus, Tallahassee)

Angel (Wesley, Lorne)
Arrested Development (Michael, Gob, Buster, George Michael, Maeby, Tobias, Lindsay, Lucille, George Sr)
Breaking Bad (Walt White, Jesse Pinkman, Skyler White)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Giles)
Community (Abed, Jeff, Troy, Britta, Annie, Shirley, Pierce, Senor Chang, Duncan)
Dead Like Me (Mason, Rube, George, Daisy, Roxie)
Dexter (Dexter Morgan)
Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog
Farscape (Crichton, D'Argo, Zhaan, Aeryn, Pilot, Rygel, Chiana)
Firefly (Mal, Simon, Jayne, Wash, Kaylee, Zoe, Inara, Book, River)
House M.D. (House, Wilson, Cuddy)
Jeeves and Wooster (Bertie Wooster, Reginald Jeeves)
Metalocalypse (Charles, Nathan, Pickles, Murderface)
Misfits (Nathan, Simon, Kelly)
Modern Family (Phil)
Scrubs (Perry Cox, The Janitor, The Todd, Ted, Carla, Turk, Elliot)
Sherlock Holmes BBC (Sherlock, Watson) (Will also do novel-based)
Stargate: SG1 (Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Sam Carter, Teal'C)
[The] Unusuals (Walsh, Delahoy, Banks)

Deadpool Comics (Deadpool)
DC Comics (Batman, Scarecrow, Joker, Two-Face, Superman)
Discworld (Sam Vimes, Lord Vetinari, Rincewind, The Luggage, Carrot Ironfoundersson, Death, Nobby, Fred Colon, Moist Von Lipwig)
Level 26 (Sqweegel)
Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock, Watson)
Sin City (Marv, Dwight, Hartigan, Nancy, Gail)
X-Men/Marvel Comics (Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Storm, Deadpool, Jubilee, Spiderman, Ironman, Thor, Loki, Coulson, Hawkeye, Captain America, Nick Fury, Charles Xavier)
Watchmen (Rorschach, Nite Owl II, Dr. Manhattan, Ozymandias, The Comedian, Nite Owl I)

Bioshock (Jack, OC Splicer, OC Doctor, OC Rapture Resident)
Halo (Master Chief, Cortana, Captain Keys)
Soul Caliber (Voldo)
Silent Hill (Pyramid Head, OC, Various Monsters)
Team Fortress 2 (Medic, Sniper, Pyro, Scout, Spy)

- Deadpool, I'd love a chance to play the Merc-With-a-Mouth again.
- Playing an affable demon, modern day, summoned by someone who has no idea what they're doing
- Playing an anti-hero
- Playing David from 'Prometheus'
- Playing Bruce Banner opposite nearly anyone
- Playing Phil Coulson opposite nearly anyone
- Superheroes
- Playing someone villainous
- Something crime-based and gritty
- Playing a big, gruff guy like Wolverine or Hellboy, or potentially something original

Summoned Demon/Confused Summoner
Homicidal Doctor/Police Officer
Zombie Apocalypse Survivor/Zombie Apocalypse Survivor
Genius Career Thief/Tortured Detective
Scientist/Monstrous Experiment
Attending Physician/Intern
Supervillain/Unwitting Lover
Mafioso/Innocent Bystander
Grim Reaper/Human
Circus Freak/Dancer or Curious Visitor
Guardian Angel/Savior of the World
Terrifying Criminal/Nextdoor Neighbour
Friend/Best Friend's Supervillain Father
Bored Retail Worker/Serial Killer
Supervillain-in-training/Retired Mad Scientist
Businessman/Captive Assassin
Apprentice/Modern Day Wizard/Modern Day Evil Sorcerer
Wild Man/Traveller
Sheriff and/or Deputy/Outlaw
Friend/Ex-Convict Best Friend
Super Soldier/Revolutionary
Serial Killer/Obsessive Fan
Serial Killer/Serial Killer-in-Training
Struggling Actor/Famous Producer
Detective OR Private Investigator/Employer
Asylum Inmate/Doctor

Modern Times
Dystopian/Big Brother
Virus Outbreak
Zombie Apocalypse
Robot Apocalypse
World of Superheroes/Villains
World War 2
World War 3
Sci-Fi Western
Modern Fantasy Setting
Film Noir/Detective Novel-esque
Lawless, Seedy City
Extraterrestrial War
Sci-Fi, Human-Cyborg Body Modifications
Unwilling Time Travel (You Poor Bastard)
Bolivian Jungle
Crime Family
Illegal MMA Fighting
Human Evolution/Mutants
1950s Gangsters

Fleshed Out Plots

a) Frustrated with a series of over-complicated and unsuccessful relationships (or perhaps an unhappy and current one), a character (female or male) decides to dabble in the supernatural.  Feeling ridiculous and following a roughly translated latin spell, they summon a demon - an affable incubus - with the nervous intention of fulfilling their fantasies for a night.  To their great surprise, it works, and they are faced with the reality of now having said demon at their beck and call - but it turns out things aren't so cut-and-dry.  Having made a mistake by putting their own blood into the spell (rather than that of a sacrifice; chicken or cow blood) they have bound the clever, trouble-making demon to themselves for the rest of their mortal life.  I'd like to play the demon in this situation.  Dark humour.

b) Life is hard enough working in a soul-sucking cubicle five days a week, having your life micro-managed by an asshole of a boss; the only thing you find more pathetic than your professional life is your sorely lacking social life, which took an even deeper decline when you finally cut the ties with your on-again-off-again partner. Your life sucks and you're the first to admit it, but it wasn't always this way - once upon a time, you had dreams and talent, and sometimes when you squint, you can remember it.

When you were a child, you were gifted in the arts - music and drawing came naturally to you, but your imagination sometimes got out of control. For most of your childhood you insisted that you had an invisible friend, one that you held hands with and drew pictures of. You were so sure he existed that you even had your parents set out an extra dinner plate for him, but by the time you were twelve, it had stopped being so adorable. Your parents became concerned, but you couldn't understand why - after all, he was real. You could see him, it wasn't your fault that no one else could. But after years of therapy, medication, and alternative treatments through high school, you learned it really was a figment of your over-active imagination. You let him go, and he faded away, and with him, so did your interest in art or music, and so did your dreams.

Now that you've reached your late twenties and you've worked the same high-paying but unsatisfying job for a few years, you can barely remember what it's like to feel passion for anything, or to feel inspired. Most of your life passes you by in a haze of boredom and the only compensation is your equally bored best friend who sits in the office next to you.

During your annual check-up, an unfortunate series of events unfold that end with your childhood physician dropping dead before he can confirm your usual prescription. This is naturally the last thing on your mind, but it's the first time in over a decade that you've gone without - and the withdrawal is miserable. You're forced to call in sick for the first time in your life, barely able to move from your bed. You dream for the first time since you were twelve, and when you wake up again, there is someone terribly familiar leaning over your bed, and this time he's not going away - not even when you get your pills back.

This is about an invisible friend who stops being so invisible.

I'd love to see the development of a character who regains her inspiration and starts to see life in colour again - possibly initially resistant to it - while having to deal with this impish man that no one else can see. At least, not yet. The invisible man himself is a bit peevish about being ignored all those years and he's definitely being a bit immature about the whole thing, but he's also intensely protective of the protagonist, who he regards as being his person.
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Re: Shake It Out [M/M, M/F, F/F] (Adding plots as we speak)
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2013, 11:46:37 AM »
Edit: Altered fan and original lists, added plot B)

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Re: Shake It Out [M/M, M/F, F/F] (Adding plots as we speak)
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2013, 02:00:54 AM »
Edit: Altered the fan and original list.

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Re: Shake It Out [M/M, M/F, F/F] (Adding plots as we speak)
« Reply #3 on: December 07, 2013, 01:24:34 AM »
Howdy doo, and I have noticed your pairings and fandoms... I am VERY interested.
I am intensely interested in your mentioning of Team Fortress 2 (Medic), Stargate SG-1 (Daniel Jackson), Marvel (Bruce Banner, Loki, Thor), and your ideas of the not-so-imaginary friend, WWII era, gangsters (though i prefer 1930s over 1950s, myself...there's just something about the Capone generation), prohibition i enjoy too. Civil war...Ancient History...anyway, I usually rp over messenger but I am particularly seeking a TF2 Medic at the moment. I enjoy his German background, his insanity, his brilliance, his curiosity, and that darn dove is just so cute. Pm me or respond to this if you are still looking for an rp partner. Looking for dominant. I usually play sub, but my subs aren't the weepy type. They just follow your lead in most bedroom activities. Message me if you are still interested

Thank you for your time!