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Author Topic: Many Butterfly Plot Lines(All Plots Open!)  (Read 4359 times)

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Many Butterfly Plot Lines(All Plots Open!)
« on: January 27, 2013, 08:25:31 AM »

Lost in the Steam

 ((This is not Doctor Who Fandom)) ((While the text say 'he/his/him' the game is open to a female doctor as well so anyone who would like to play the doctor as a woman is welcome :)))

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In a steam punk setting a Doctor whose grown disillusions with his work and life is approached by one, Alaric Lime, the eldest daughter of the Lime family.  Without pause she lays out her need for a doctor to care for her bedridden sister before kidnapping the man and forcing him to her home the dilapidated Lime manor.  Here he is introduced to the 'family'  including, Rueben the loyal butler.   Marcus,  The very dead family head who continues to gamble with his very dead friends in the very cold parlor, where they were all murdered by the same man.  and of course Alaric's young ill sister.  Julia, a young woman of striking and haunting beauty whose illness doesn’t stem from the normal ailments of the humans body.  Dragged into this odd world The doctor finds himself facing the idea that ghosts are real, demons are real, monsters are real,  and they'd all very much like to eat him, If it weren't For Alaric and her work as a Hunter.  Working as a shadow assassin for the queen Alaric manages to earn enough money for the upkeep of the family estate and a level of supernatural security all to keep This new doctor locked in, for one purpose to care for her beloved weak little sister.
How will the poor doctor fare at the hands of a seeming lunatic?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I don’t mind the verse but I will warn you most of my knowledge of batman stems from the films all of them even the Tim Burton ones which where the best in my opinion…  anyway the films, the 90’s animated show and it's films including Mask of the phantasm, Subzero, and mystery of the bat woman, Nolan verse, Batman Beyond, as well as some of ‘the batman’  which I didn’t catch much of just the first season which I have on DVD and the film with Dracula and Viki Vale, though he’s a bit to young in that show in my opinion.

Red Hands
Reports have been coming all all over Gotham of a fire wielding woman killing criminals.  when during news coverage of a hostage negation one of the hostages suddenly ignite her hands and murders their captor the woman emerges and point to the camera
"I come bearing the fires of hell,  The batman has failed, allowing real scum to live and costing many more lives with his hubris, and so it is my mission now, and so For my first target I declare war on the Joker!"
With this declaration the woman bursts with a hot white flash leaving only a scorch mark as a bright light streaks off into the sky.
((I have three ideas for this one, Either The joker sees the declaration and decided it could be all in good fun
Jason Todd as the Red Hood sees the declaration and since they share similar goals decides to take a peek and maybe even work with her
and finally Batman,  this woman's a murderer and she must be stopped but can the worlds greatest detective find a woman who dosen't exist?))

Angel of Gotham
Bruce Wayne has been acting Batman for a few years now and his villains are mostly established and well known from the Joker to the Penguin, from the Riddler, to Bane.  Bat girl has come and gone,  as has robin.  But there’s another creature stalking the night.  His first impression was that it might have been man bat, but to everyone’s surprise new stories begin coming out of an angel rescuing people in Gotham.  These kitschy little stories turn into major front page news when a wing woman is seen battling and defeating the criminal know as two face as well as his two minions.
The problem is Bruce isn’t the only one interested in this winged woman…
((This story line is open to pretty much any Gothamite but I have ideas for a few and why they’d want to get their hands on her))
Twoface:  after suffering public humiliation he wants his own back, but in his own way,  using his connections as a former DA he manages to discover the identity of the winged woman and lures her into a trap at which point he proceeds to publicly humiliate her in all possible ways, but he’s not completely heartless, before each torture he flips his coin, heads,  it’s done for the public eyes, tail she can suffer in privacy, what a nice guy…
Penguin: Penguin is mad about birds; as we all know, and the idea of getting his hand on a beautiful bird woman, well that just wets his beak,  Staging a robbery he manages to disable her wings and decides to keep her as his personal pet,  at first he thinks she’s just a pretty cage bird but more and more he’s aware that he’s a man, and she, very much a woman under his power.
Killer Croc:Whose this giant chicken getting in the way?  like the bat wasn't annoying enough!  oh well, with freshly sharpened claws and teeth He was easily prepared to handle this second flying freak.
Riddler:  How fascinating, another riddle to be discovered, not only does he want to work out how this woman exists but why, after all not even the batman could fly without his trusty jet, so why waste such a power on helping the mindless peons of Gotham?  He’s determined to find out by any means.
Joker:  Whose this feathery upstart taking place of his batman?!  Did she understand there was a rhythm to things?  How was he supposed to cause chaos and destruction to tease his bat when this winged malformation kept getting in the way, (this can go even further if Harley becomes irritable and jealous that jokers actually paying attention to a woman when at best her generally brushes her off, so she enacts her on punishment agents the ‘angel’ as well)
And last but not least
Batman: who is this angel, he’s seen vigilantes try to take a place before and he’s seen them go mad with powers,  and yet she seems similar,  not a single person she’s battled has come out with any injury worse then something he would inflict during battle, but during her fight with two face and the minions it clear she has very limited combat knowledge,  she certainly take a lot more damage with wasted movement and slow strikes,  he knows he needs to get her to stop but a small part of him, is somewhat relieved, someone might take the heavy weight of Gotham’s safety on as well easing it for him.
Other villeins such as Mr. Freeze can be discussed I just hadn't really thought of a good story line for them but if you have an idea please feel free to let me know :)  I'm always open to Ideas and story lines.
I'd really really like to play this plot I don't mind if you a female playing a male a male playing a female or what ever.
I would like to play the submissive role please however if you ask super nicely I do double up so if you want me to play a character you really like I can a kind of 'you scratch my back I scratch yours' thing I guess *laughs*

Jokers Wild
Joker has found himself in Arkham again, a nice holiday from playing with Batsy all the time, it's almost worth it to lose and get a chance to relax, no work to do plenty of loonies to toy with, well usually.
There's a new addition to the Asylum,  and she's almost disconcerting in a way.  She seems perfectly sane in almost every respect  she speaks clearly seems to have no delusions and seems to function on a much higher level ten the other inmates,  So why is she in the high security cell block?
Does it have anything to do with the way she'll sit and stare at him unblinking for large amounts of time?  and she didn't even have the decency to laugh at any of his jokes!  He can't put his finger on it,  he enjoyed a game as much as the next clown but this was getting weird, it seemed like every time he turned around she was there staring at him! 
((Ok so the idea behind this story starts in Arkham, Jokers locked up again and naturally he has a plan to escape, in due time, when he was in the mood, but there someone in the walls of crazy town whose almost as interesting as batman,  But what are her intentions towards him,  why dose she stare at him all the time, and why is she being held in a cell block for the criminally insane?
This is primarily a story driven plot anyone eager to play the joker Please PM me in regards to the story ^^ if theres anything you'd like to add or suggest please feel free I love when people add their own twists :D ))

Harry Potter
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Cats and Snakes
can be set either Prior to book 7 or just after either way Severus Snape has been severely wounded and left for dead as he slowly slips he hears a strange noise and feels the brush of soft fur his fingers barely able to grip the soft pelt before his world goes black.   To his surprised Severus dose not wake up in his afterlife but find himself in a dark room, aching like a bitch in heat and wondering how he survived looking around she's surprised to find a woman sleeping in a chair by his bed.
The Woman is Maya Gates a panther animageous who was a member of the order and long assumed dead,  after explaining the mission she was given by the headmaster regarding The protection of Harry Potter she explains the last thing Dumbledore had asked of her was that she save Severus when the time came for it.
Now this can be set at either time like I explained,  So the plot can go two ways Prior to book Seven Maya and Severus work together to help Harry Ron and Hermione from the shadows while keeping up the illusions of Severus' death having been discovered as a traitor by Voldemort.
post book 7  Severus is faced with two opposing people those who count him among the hero's of the wars and those who still deeply hate him for killing Dumbledore.  Not needing to protect Harry any More Maya jokingly suggests being Severs' body guard but an attempt on his life by one of the fanatics makes it clear he might actually need one.

Forget Me Not
AU seventh year.  Severus is saved by Draco and taken to the order.  Draco pleads his case and Harry Taking command Lets Severus Live, on the condition he stays at Hogwarts and does not leave until the final battle at which time Harry doesn’t care what he does. 
Happy, in his own way, to be free of Voldemort Command Snape returns to his position as potions professor Dumbledore death being blamed on a different death eater.
A new professor is brought in to teach Defense against The Dark Arts she claims to know Severus and fully expects him to recognize her.  When he doesn’t she’s utterly devastated.  As they interact Snape starts to feel that something about her is familiar. 

Pirates of The Caribbean
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Brother is Not a Pirate!
Felicity Sparrow is a young noble lady whose mother has recently passed away from a poor heart condition combined with illness.  Determined to find her older brother who had left years before to join the Royal Navy Felicitys search for her brother takes her to the Caribbean where she begins to hear of the Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.  dismayed by the news but determined to find her brother Felicity embarks on a search for her brother countering anyone with stories of the Pirate captain by firmly declaring her brother is not and never would stoop to Piracy!  Hoping to find her brother Felicity Barters passage on a small ship but during the trip they are attacked by Pirates, And basically that's where the game would start  The ship could be attacked by either just a random group of Pirates but rescued by (Norrington, Beckett) Or the attacking Pirates could be someone like Barbossa or Jack Sparrow himself (Who would chose not to give the girl his name)

Based on Christine Feehan’s Dark novels
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Dark Bite
Caroline is a vampire hunter, a very special kind of vampire hunter.
Caroline is a Carpathian.  A race of beings who originated in the Carpathian mountains who have a unique tie to the earth.  Obtaining sustenance from human blood and the soil Caroline’s race is easily mistaken for vampires,  and while it is true vampires come from them Carpathians are a noble race.
When Caroline was young she was kidnapped after witnessing a horrifying slaughter, Her telepathic abilities caught the attention of the vampire who committed the ac and he kept her feeding from her and using her body as he wished.  In her fear she connected mentally with the vampire and found a way to kill him.  What she didn’t realize was she also connected with a male Carpathian who began communicating with her.  However because of her age an inexperience,  Caroline didn’t realize that she hadn’t killed the first vampire who claimed her and turned her.
Many years have passed Caroline’s grown into a lovely woman and while she’d spent several years moving from place to place, her most recent target had killed a whole family before she could stop him only managing to rescue the young daughter who now looks on Caroline as a big sister.  Now facing a war on two fronts, the vampire stalking her and her vampires targets  Caroline’s growing tired but she know she must protect the little girl depending on her.. what’s worse is the Carpathian in her head keeps promising to help her if she’d tell him where she is,  she can’t do that and put Alice at risk as she believes he is a vampire too but both of them senses he’s getting closer to her and it’s only a matter of time before he finds her as well.

Dark Unknown
A powerful Carpathian rises from a long sleep his world is grey his emotions long forgotten.  he knows his duty, to hunt the darkness that is the vampire.  Males who have chosen to lose their souls for the brief thrill of the kill.  Heading into London seeking prey He is startled by a sudden shout, landing before him like an angel from heaven is a woman he is stunned her shout was not out loud, but in his head.  her hair shines a brilliant gold, colors.  Stunning him she flees and he watches as she is pursued.  he knows he must follow, this woman is his lifemate, the one he was sought for centuries, and he will not lose her to some human monster!

Dark Feast
For years he has searched.  He and his brother have hunted across the world dispensing justice on the darkness that is the vampire. as they hunt  he searches.  Something deep inside him pulls and as they travel he begins to hear it, feel it.  someone is calling, and as the call grows louder he knows he is growing closer.  What he cannot comprehend is that what is pulling at him is his life mate.  For a Carpathian male the lifemate is what keeps them from turning, the light to their darkness, but for him, his world will be shaken when he discovers his lifemate is not the usual Carpathian Female, but a beast as old as the carpathian race. one known as the Raja.  A myth told to warn of the dangers of being a vampire these creatures are said to live on the blood of the vampire.  Raja can only be born female, for a male would to easily turn to the darkness that drinking the blood of a vampire brings.

When he witnesses his Lifemate for the first time feasting on the blood of a vampire, he knows that their lives will be far more complicated then any other carpathian couple.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Case Of Shin
The ‘peace’ has been established, the war between the machines and Zion is at a tentative standstill. Each is letting the other exist,  the machine is not going out of its way to show people the truth but those who learn are not hunted down as they were before… at least… not by the machine. Since the beginning there have always been programs that rebelled against the Machine.  Some of whom do not agree with the peace.  These new programs are hunting down not only Member of Zion, but also people who ‘know’ the truth of the matrix, a sympathetic programs.  The machines makes no effort to help these rouge programs but also does not try to stop them either.  Shin is a member of the crew of the Lobella a jaded woman who doesn’t believe in the peace, and with these new rouge program she feels like her paranoia is justified.
This can play out different ways
Maybe the programs decided to use any means to defeat the members of zion, 
Maybe her captain is sick of her going off and decides to enact his own ‘punishment’ on her
Maybe she team up with a rouge program on Zions side,  it’s up to you :) 

So I've decided I'm just going to list all the plots I like to play here, they will be added to when I get inspiration I will update  with the new plot lines :)

While I have been asked to play dominate characters I'm finding I'm more submissive So I will admit I'd prefer to play a submissive role, I will play a more dominant role but you have to convince me.


Please note the majority of my story lines can easily be edited if any more dominantly inclined Females wanted to pick them up,  I'm a very story oriented person but that dosen't mean I don't enjoy a good blast of pure smut,  each story has the potential to be very plot and character driven or, plot for the sake of sex, I'm very open minded,  the thing is, I love writing, and I love writing stories and I love role playing and crating worlds if nothing else,  You'll have some fun reading some of the crazy shit I see in my head and write in my posts.

Look look I have an On/Offs Page finally see see *all proud*

I also figured it be helpful if I listed what I don't like here  Now I am pretty new to this I imagine there is some stuff I don't know about yet, if something new I don't like comes up I will add it to the list
So I will not do
vomiting on
snuff (though I have had characters be almost killed their always saved or whoever is brutalizing them stops before killing them)
I guess I should mention I am willing to play all the plots more then once so if one is already being played but you want to play it to that's fine  everyone plays stories differently,  The ones I currently have running are,


Smut Pairings (stories can be discussed)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Italics = my role
Psychiatric doctor/ Patient suffering hallucinations
Oldworld-lovecraftian God/Priestess
Mafia-mob-gang leader/Cop-woman in debt-Cage fighter
Farmer/city girl
Man/mail order bride

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
HA! Our Goddess
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It’s long been said that the reason the golden Kingdom of Ailthor is So prosperous is because every generation the Goddess of Mercy is born to a temple maiden selected and impregnated by the current king of the land.  The subsequent child lives a life of chastity and prayer pouring the power of the goddess inside her into the land and blessing it and the people.
The current goddess whose already lived 23 years is a striking beauty fulfilling her duties with warmth and generosity she oversees the peoples Spirits with love, and knows nothing of true violence.
However a neighboring kingdom of beasts has finally had enough of being looked down upon by the Ailthorians creatures of Malice and darkness they worship a god who demands ritual and sacrifice not the weakness of love or generosity.  The high priest tells the king that he has had a vision,  if the Goddess host is corrupted then the Golden Kingdom will fall.
The king quickly arranges a mission and the Priestess bearing the goddess is kidnapped!
The story can be played a couple different ways, You can play the monster king who at first despises the priestess of her beauty and normal body and face which even your own people are enthralled by, but the longer you spend with her you see the depths of acceptance in her heart and it leads you to continually spare her life and keep her from being brutalized.  Or you just hate her and torment her.
Or you can play the high priest a twisted man who is full of the evil of the god and either believes or really is possessed by this evil god,  He takes the priestess using her is horrific rituals not only to invoke dark magic’s to destroy her land but also to corrupt and torture her for daring to think her good was more powerful the pure evil.
This can also be played with women and evil queen or the corrupt high priestess.

Vampire Eater
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Vampire roam our world some good some evil just like any human but all that more powerful.  However being of lore roams among them a creature that vampire fear.
Kara is one such creature.  A Raja,  a Vampire eater a creature that exists souly by feeding on the blood of vampires who have killed humans.  A creature of since an forbidden magic’s she was created by human in an attempt to control the population of vampires, to prevent them from killing Humans, however the experiment got out of hand, and their success in the creation of Kara did not extend to the creations who followed creatures who could not come to terms with their existence and went mad either killing themselves or slaughtering others until Kara brought death to them.  Now Kara wanders, a Raja with no purpose other than to feed, Having given up o both humanity and vampires as monsters she questions her purpose in a world of debauchery.

Will You Make A Contract
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A woman whose has dabbled in magic, but has never taken it to seriously because of the society she lived in didn't widely accept  Having dabbled in various things it wasn't surprising that she'd dicked around with a Ouija board once or twice just to see what the big commotion was about, disappointed that she seemingly contacted nothing she had no idea she summoned a powerful Spirit When out on the town with her younger sister their mugged and her sister is shot shocked and angered The woman begs for help willing to offer anything,  the Spirit latches onto that plea wanting the raw magic and more from the girl it appears offers to save her sister life and give her the power to kill her enemies 'if' She lets it feed on her To distraught She agrees only to realize later that when the Spirit said it wanted to feed it meant more than her Magic it wants her body to, to use it in all ways it sees fit. 

War Goddess
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A war is being raged between two very strong clans,  But one is starting to win over the other, this is because of their so called ‘Goddess of war’  A Woman brought with them to battle  while she dose very little fighting of her own she has been seen to kill any man who approaches her who is not of her clan,  Her sole purpose is to give the men ‘support’  spiritually.
However the opposite clan determined to win hatch a plan,  a soldier is sent bearing the armor of the enemy and is mistaken for a supposedly fallen soldier,  he is welcomed and in the cover of night he kidnaps the ‘goddess’  and explains her purpose to his leader,  they misunderstand her purpose and believe her support comes for allowing solider to have her physically.
Despite having this ‘goddess’, bringing her onto the battle field and making use of her body the army is still losing,  the soldiers become angry and more violent in their use of her not realizing the worse they treat her the harder her people are fighting to get her back.  The enemy army Bring her out on to the battle field bound up on a steak in an attempt to taunt the good army with their use of her but it only makes the battles more vicious and the good soldiers more desperate to get their goddess back.
This is a very early setting the army’s can be roman or Norse Vikings or even Medieval knights from different kingdoms and soldiers,  the idea is that the Goddesses people are more advanced (Like the Romans)  and the enemy who captures and abuses her are more feral

Sacrifice does not mean death
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
for centuries the villages in the land have been ruled over by a fair and just king,  their lives are comfortable, peaceful and light,  they are happy,  but there is a cost to this perfect life,  every 20 years a virgin maiden is selected by the villages, she is chosen to be sacrificed to the king who is (monster, Vampire, demon, dark wizard, your call) and requires life energy to keep himself powerful  so that his Powers/magic  can continue to keep the land safe from invaders and disease.
It's widely assumed the sacrifice is killed by the king, and while this is a horrible thing, it's in the peoples opinion a small price to pay for peace and prosperity.  and the killing is never seen,  the selected girl is Lain upon a stone table at the edge of the forest, where castle lies,  and sometimes during the night, she vanishes.  taken by the king. in her place are gifts of thanks,  rich ripe fruit,  young fresh live stock, meats, and other foods,  the villages use this food to host a massive fest  celebrating the start of another 20years of safety.
This Year, My character has been chosen as the sacrifice,  not because she's anything particularly beautiful or stunning, but because She an energetic happy young woman full of life and love, they feel Her liveliness will provide the king with lots of good powerful energy.  When the king come to collect her he's surprised to find she's utterly miserable crying and very upset, this is strange as usually the girl are sedated and left sleeping,  intrigued by this he asks why she's crying and she explains she dosen't want to die, she had a good happy life, she wants to live.  so the king makes an offer,  he could devour her, there painlessly or  he'll let her live with him in the castle she'll be provided anything she likes, but she has to fulfill his every need because he does need the life energy to protect the villages after all.  Innocent to his meaning she eagerly accepts and returns to his castle and walks willing into his hands.
This one’s kind of new for me I got the idea recently so it's open to plenty of interpretations, so it's up to you how you want to take it :)

Dragon Kin
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My Character is a rare Opal Dragon  She live a sworn duty to protect and ensure the purity of a valley in the mountains on the western range of a magical Kingdom.  The king of this land is corrupt and sick, a purely evil man who uses his charm and charisma to win over his people and get them to commit unspeakable acts for his enjoyment.  His power is slowly spreading like a plague but the evil magic he hold is eating away at him and he knows this.  He was told by a wise man if he consumed the heart of the opal dragon he could live forever, and so sends out knights and anyone willing to try and kill (or capture it)
The dragon herself has the ability to take on human form and often does so in order to lure invading knights away from the valley or trick people who come to kill her with the idea that's she's already skilled the dragon herself.
This role play can go any way You cold be the king and have her presented to you finally but magic has been used to lock her in human form and keep her submissive so she can't eat you, you find her human form pleasing enough to play with for a while, 
You could be a knight sent out to kill the dragon either decided to keep her to yourself, or seeing what she's trying to protect and being swayed over to her side to help fight against the king, 
Or you could even be from the Pure Valley sick of the peace and gentle ways of the people around you, you learn of the kings offer and try to capture her yourself, finding yourself in her grasp your surprised when instead of killing you for your betrayal she keeps you prisoner as she tried to find out what corrupted you while you try to convince her you’re not corrupted by evil or bad magic, your just sick or your plain life.
Demons invasion
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Twenty five years ago fifteen children were born with the innate knowledge that demons would open a gate to hell and take over the world.  What they didn’t know was how.
My character Rosa Gates has been finding a way to expose the coming calamity without being seen as crazy  at 16 she published her first novel ‘the arrival’  this novel and the novels after all dealt with the coming of demons to earth and the humans different way of coping with the invasion and even winning against it.
Growing more and more popular Rosa doesn’t realize that the demons invasion is already starting and she’s been marked as a carrier of the ‘knowledge’  that could ruin all the carefully laid plans of hell.  After being drugged by her lover whose a demon in disguise she’s admitted to a mental hospital for supposed hallucinations,  the staff of the hospital are all either demons in disguise or humans who are possessed by demons.  They want to get vengeance on the fifteen carriers, and with Rosa in their grasp intend to do their worst as vengeance for her attempts to expose their plan and stop them.
This is basically a ‘do your worst’  story, Rosa is completely at your mercy but she won’t give up without a fight,  she’s going to try and escape and expose you, she’s also versed I ways to not only purify the possessed but to expel demons, so be careful if she has enough material to work with your demon ass is grass.

Nature of a beast  This one is a werewolf roleplay :)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Basically My character Danika or Danny for short, was bitten by a dog while trying to protect a kid,  she starts feeling sick over the next few days and to her horror after collapsing in an ally she begins to transform.  The city she's in has several pack groups all held under a council of pack alphas who work together to keep their secret, One of these former pack alphas smells the newly bitten pup and goes to investigate as, biting and changing humans has been outlawed.  Surprising everyone He decided to take in the 'pup' and teach her, but things get complicated when it turns out Danika's biggest problem isn't being a werewolf but the fact she's being stalked and hunted by a mad man who 'loves' her and who begins murdering werewolves in a sick revenge for what’s happened to Danika
This story can go pretty much anywhere as I've really only hashed out the opening part, feel free to PM me an suggestions or adjustments :)

 The Many Lives of a beast
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This would be a very long term role play the ideas is based around the idea of this creature forced to live these horrible lives as a woman continuously suffering in various ways when during one of her lives she meets and makes a deep impact in the life of a young man who is horrified when he witnesses her brutal murder despite having sworn he'd protect her.  growing into an adult the young man is turned into a vampire and cursed to wander the earth but ten years after his turning he meets the woman again,  she's younger then she was when she met him the first time and seemingly has no memories of him but it's the same woman he can't deny it.  Saving her (from slavery, a hanging, your choice)  he again swear to protect her from death and is again thwarted,  as the years pass he seeks out the different reincarnations of this woman and vows to keep her safe and beat the vile repetition of torment she suffers by letting her live a happy life with him, but the god that cursed her to this fate isn't willing to let her go.
The idea behind this would be a lot of little stories of your character starting with him meeting her as a young boy and developing maybe a first crush, maybe deep respect for her strength of will and character despite being a woman, what ever.  the setting would take place in different time periods you character going through the years waiting for the next incarnation of the woman.

Beauty and his Beast
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Fifteen years after a brutal war has rocked the notation people have rebuilt their lives and moved on,  the war however is not really talked about for key reasons,  the soldiers who won the war where a select group of children, brutalized and honed until they became solid killing machines.  Once the war was over no one was sure what to do with them so the children were split up across the country and rehomed.  The problem is one by one the children, now adults are going insane and slaughtering the people around them mindlessly.  Once of these former child soldier is Shina Ryder the only child not to be rehomed, experimentation on her was probably the harshest as unlike most of the other children, she would not just lay down and take it,  evaluations found sociopathic tendencies in her mentality and channeled that for their own needs, with some difficulty.  And so far, Shina is the only child not to go insane and running of on bloody rampages.
Shina still working as an enforcer for the company who created her and the other children, has been sent out to hunt down the remaining soldiers to detain them so that the company can adjust their ‘programming’ or kill the ones who have sunk into the insanity.
Tagging along for the ride is a researcher who is the newest member of the project that manages her and continues to experiment on her.  His role is simple, If Shina loses herself to the insanity plaguing the others, he has to kill her,  but her morbid senses of humor and obvious hatred for normal people has him constantly on edge never sure if she isn’t already insane.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The supernatural Investigation Division of the New York police is a small group of creatures who have shown  they can be relied on,  the unofficial leaders of the group is a woman with a powerful energy,  she seems normal enough however when in battle she fights with a deadly precision she casts demon spells and when she reacts critical point demonic attributes explode across her body including fangs scales claws horns and six leathery wings.
Her possession was cause by a rave drug that was being issues by demons in an attempt to invade earth,  unfortunately the majority of hosts went mad from the drug and killed themselves before they could be possessed,  Killa  suffering developmental disabilities and schizophrenia was spared because the chemicals in her brain functioned differently because of her disabilities,  or that’s the consensus doctors came to.  Because she’s stable enough to live and control her actions she was basically drafted to fight off demons and other supernatural creatures.
You can be either a new detective in her unit, green and fully human, you’re not sure why you’re here except for the fact you have a fascination and knack for spells,  your told you posses incredible energy and magical control and can be of use,  though Killa looks on you with as much disdain as anyone else at the start
Or you could be a demon she’s sent to kill,  but your older and much more powerful,  you chose to take her, you’ve never seen a woman like her with a human body and a demon body this fascinates you and being the twisted demon you are you want to do everything you can to it and push her  past her limits physically and mentally,  a hybrid pet sounds like fun after all.

Ella Of Ashes
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Your character is the eldest son of a good and just King, unfortunately your father has fallen ill and ever since then he's been making decrees and orders that are wholly out of character.  his most recent decree the capture and beheading of any known sky Pirate has come as a shock. The king himself had established the treaty with the Sky pirates of the region, in exchange for protection of both parties.
Your mother determined to try and keep things normal holds her annual Spring festival ball, during which you as eldest son must attend (Your feelings on that are up to you :))  however things become interesting when an unknown woman of startling elegance appears,  You managed to talk her into a dance and are enthralled by her,  because of this you notice when she slips away,  curious you follow, only to witness her supposedly attempt to attack your father!,  You sound the alarm cutting her short and so she flees, crashing through a window and landing in a wind rider, a smaller ship that's used as a sort of dingy with Sky vessels the ships of sky pirates, you leap in after her and are promptly taken hostage.
The beautiful woman is the well know highly regard Pirate Ella of Ashes, She decided you'll make perfect bait to lure out the king, and explains to you the truth of your slowly collapsing kingdom.  you meet many interesting characters and creatures and learn more about a world you thought you knew.

Non-fantasy Plots
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A Game of Cat, and Mouse
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Cat is a skilled and sneaky thief well known for the fact that people she steals from don’t always report their robberies or if they do they eventually pull out of the investigations and refuse to have anything to do with it.  Mouse is a seasoned detective who has been after Cat for years, the two have often come to bows in a playful Game Cat never Taking mouse seriously no matter how often he catches her she always manages to slip away.  More and more mouse comes to realize the things Cat steals never belonged to who she stole them from when he’s brought in on a kidnapping case. The wealthy parents of a kidnapped young girl have hired both cat and mouse to find their daughter, Mouse realizes Cat is a theife for hire, wealthy people who have been robbed Hire her to steal their belongings back discreetly.

Gentle woman
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Now this is a simple idea that can span any genera because it's not to deeply tied in setting but in the character,
My character is a soft spoken Woman in her mid twenties,  She had been married once and even bore a child in the marriage, however her husband was cruelly abusive and when he struck the child for the first time,  She gathered up her courage took her daughter and fled,  Crazed and possessive the man followed to reclaim her, The Man makes a last push but ever and in a fight he accidentally kills himself and the child (In modern settings he crashes his car into hers a killing the girl and forcing his own off a bridge on accident,  in more fantasy setting he's trying to pull his wife from her fleeing horse isn't paying attention snatches the little girl instead the horse makes a bad jump and take both husband and child with it killing all three.)
Because he was a powerful man and she was just from a average nobody family his family blames her for the deaths and even go so far as to bribing officials to take her into custody and rig evidence against her.  That's where You come in,  It's your choices that will determine what happen to this woman whose already had it very difficult.   Will you be kind, and save her despite pressure from a wealthy family, or will you succumb to the offer of money and power and punish her, or will you claim her as your very own, pleased by just how well she's already been trained by her Husband?
Her future is up to you, your decisions will help shape her personality and what she'll chose to do, from becoming a loving loyal woman healing and thankful,  A broken woman who tends your every need by law laid out from a man before you,  or even a fighter sick of her treatment and ready to fight back, and win, the choice is yours  ((This story isn't for just men either, another woman is more then welcome to try their hands at the Gentle Woman story))

Big Brother, Business Basic incest story
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After the sudden death of her mother Laila is approached by a man at her mother’s funeral,  he introduces himself as her older half brother.  Laila who always believed her father was dead, was actually the product of her mother affair with a married man while she worked as a hostess.
It turns out that her mother had contacted her father shortly before her death and asked him to take her in,  however,  He had been killed in a car accident shortly after.  Her brother knew her father intended to take her in however and so he decides to do so.  Even though she’s 18 and can live her own life,  He offers to help her because she’s never been on her own before,  startled by the offer and still stricken with grief Laila agrees and moves in with her brother.  She’s shocked to discover her brother is the CEO of a fortune 500 company he had inherited from their father.
While she tries to adjust this whole different life style, her and her brother make an attempt to build a relationship but oddly she finds herself feeling more than sisterly affection,  the more she learns about him and spends time with him.  For him he feels the same (No this can either be blind lust or honest feelings of love again depending on how you want to play it)
This story can go in a few different ways from them having a vanilla gentle romance and tender love, to him blackmailing her with her feelings for him so he can satisfy his love and his more twisted desires and kinks,  He can’t risk scandal and his company by doing it with someone who might turn to the papers, but he knows his sister wouldn’t be able to do that so he uses her in all sorts of depraved kinky ways.  Up to you :)

Muse  ((loosely Based on The Manga Kimi wa Pet))
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Kai is a well known and popular artist whose becoming disillusioned with life,  she’s a rich independent woman who has no wants or needs, she has everything a person could want,  except love.  She has a poor relationship with her family and because of this she has a habit of sabotaging her relationships with men.
In fact she’s just coming home after being told by her fiancée that he was cheating on her.  Taking this in stride Kai goes home and stumbles across a box which she gives a swift kick only to discover a homeless man living inside, This man is your character. Why he is homeless and his circumstances are up to you.
Kai, takes him in feeds him and cloths him on the condition he leaves in the morning,  when he doesn’t leave she becomes frustrated trying everything to kick him out eventually telling him he can stay but only if he agrees to be her pet.  To her shock and annoyance,  He agrees and thus starts an interesting relationship.

The Farmer and the City Girl
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Layla runs into trouble when she witnesses her abusive Ex finally lose it and kill a man in cold blood,  fearing for her life she flees from the only home she's ever known in the city with pretty much just the cloths on her back and the money in her purse.  working odd jobs she find her way to an out of the way little town where she's sure she won't be found the place is friendly and welcoming and she takes up work as a cook as well as selling watercolors of the scenery.  As friendly as she tries to be she dose shy away from personal question deftly redirecting,  or changing the subject from her with a practiced skill.
While outwardly she doesn’t come across as a victim there’s things about her interactions that seem suspicious flinching a bit more then normal when doors slam,  speaking to men only when she's addressed, and seemingly just slightly more subservient,  if a man and woman asked her to do something she'd cater to the man first
Perhaps your character used to be in law enforcement and settled into small town life because he'd grown jaded by the city, he sees her as suspicious because he can tell she has secrets but he doesn’t realize what they are.
maybe he's just a friendly quiet neighbor seeing a woman on her own trying her level best but obviously out of her elements so he offers her help occasionally and find himself charmed by her.

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These are just random plots I've come up with but has no real idea of where I want it to go or how I'd like to play it, so I am all for people who have suggestions or changes or ideas,  as mentioned above all these plots can be tweak to fit any type of plot FxF MxF  or most recently added MxM)

Married to the Mob
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An innocent, bright young full of life and a charming young man with good looks and manners to match meet in collage and after an acceptable amount of time begin seeing each other seriously Once the young man graduates they marry and the Woman is let in on his family secret, hi BIG family secret.  Her new husband is next in line to head a massive mob family.  What will happen between them,  can a woman who grew up just short of the 'goody two shoes' line accept that the man she loves is a mob member,  does his family accept his outsider wife?
I see this as a long term plot with various characters but the main focus being on the young newly wed couple as they face not only your average newlywed troubles but the threat of being involved in organized crime.  Did he marry her because he really loves her or did he just need a breeding horse to marry him so his kids could have the family name while he goes off to bone anything in a short skirt?  there’s a whole bunch of different angels though I would like at some point for them to face a child or a child scare.
What do you think?

His demon
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When the body of a well known drug lords and several of his underlings are left torn open and the stairs of the Police headquarters the cities gang bosses all go on the defensive,  but none claim responsibility for the brutal murder,  each day another boss and his closest underlings is taken down brutally slaughtered and left for the police to clean up.  Growing more and more paranoid the bosses begin to flee one by one,  Other moving in to claim more territory willing to risk their lives for the money and power that comes with owning larger section of the city.
One crime boss moves to take more and more space and isn’t at all concerned by the attacks,  because he’s the reason why.  This man holds the reigns of a powerful demon.  Having followed the teachings of his mother, a true witch, he summoned the demon seeking revenge but botched the spell and linked them instead.
The demoness is tied to the human until his death but due to the terms of the contract he swore her to She cannot cause his death, either herself or by not protecting him,  in effect he’s tied her as his personal body guard.  She has access to her complete power set however she’s tied to following the orders of this power-hungry human man who has used her abilities and his own cool massive intelligence to climb to power as one of the most powerful most frightening crime bosses in the city.

Beautiful Stranger
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So I got this Madonna greatest hits album and herd this song and thought, wouldn't that make a neat roleplay?
So a woman and devil/demon/monster/  meet by some circumstance and at first he enthralls her into coming with him, but craving company he releases his thrall and keep her trapped as a pet, at first slowly as he gets to know about her he starts to really care for her and wonders why she didn't run from him  eventually learning that she'd seen him many times and knew what he was, but she wasn't scared f him because she'd seen the good he'd done even though he is a da/da or/da  any takers?
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Now Other then, That Gental Woman, I am Open to a lot of other roleplay Idea's  I'm a pretty open minded player I play Plenty of fandoms and variouse diffrent story lines,

The only thing I won't do Is Zombies,  That's a personal problem with me having to do with paranoia and bought of intense combersome fear that keeps me sealed in my room for days at a time if it gets to bad, fun right?  Yeah so no Z's please

Other then that I really don't mind


anything really just Post here or PM me  always feel free to ask :)

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MissRoziel, "Lost in the Steam" sounds interesting, but I'm curious if this is an original work or somehow connected to Dr. Who.  Not that I have anything against Dr. Who, but so many stories I encounter on Elliquiy that have a doctor are usually referring to him.  And I've only seen a couple of Dr. Who episodes many years ago.  So I'd probably be out of my element in such a story.


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Plot line

Demons invasion ((Non-con to EX ))
I'd like to roleplay demons invasion with you if you don't mind... <3

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New craving,  Taken plot line list

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Lay out

Non-Fantasy Plot

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Angel of Gotham Taken :)

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Added an Undefined Plot and MxM  potential for all plot lines :) I am now accepting MxM requests Please feel free to PM me :D

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Updated HIATUS status for Ella of ashes plot

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Added Role Prefremces

Added list of Smut plots for fun :)

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Added plot

Will You Make A Contract

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Added Beautiful Stranger plot

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Updated added nonfantasy plot

The farmer and the City girl

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Re: Butterfly Plot Lines(New Plots CRAVING The Many Lives of a beast)
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Updated added

Married to the mob Plot

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Updated craving edited and tweaked a few plots

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Vampire Eater
Game of Cat, and Mouse

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Kitty Kiss

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Angel of Gotham!

Updated and rearranged plots cleaned up thread

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Re: Butterfly Plot Lines(New Plots CRAVING BATMAN! :D )
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Re: Butterfly Plot Lines(New Plots CRAVING Steam Punk! :D )
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Re: Many Butterfly Plot Lines(ALL PLOTS CURRENTLY OPEN)
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Re: Many Butterfly Plot Lines(ALL PLOTS CURRENTLY OPEN)
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