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Author Topic: DTW's Library of Luscious Lashes (M for F)  (Read 327 times)

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DTW's Library of Luscious Lashes (M for F)
« on: January 26, 2013, 02:05:36 AM »

Vinculum Juris

  • I tend to put games in the NC/EX even if they aren't strictly NC/EX because it allows the most freedom for the progression of the story.
  • I strongly  dislike drawn/computer generated images such as 3D Avatars, anime, manga, etc. for character images.  Paintings and drawings are fine for locations but I like my character images as realistic as possible
  • When it comes to responses and messages, I try to get to them within the day.  I'm usually on  Elliquiy  at least once a day, but sometimes that may not always be the case. I'll try to warn you beforehand of any absences.
  • I prefer to write via forums.  I am open to writing in  pms, but for the most part, I prefer writing on the
  • Constructive Criticism is always welcome.
  • I  don't  give senior members preferential treatment. We all had to start somewhere.
  • I prefer  anywhere from one to five paragraphs per post.


The Boy From The River:: - Non-Consensual/Incest/Age-Gap/Medieval
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

In the kingdom of Calderia , The oracles speak of a boy set adrift by his mother at the river's edge. They say its foretold that at the age of twenty he would amass a great army in Narloth and slaughter King Johan. That he would one day rule over Calderia as the Gods had intended from his birth and that the Mother who so recklessly cast him out would suffer great loss in the war.

Now with King Johan's corpse impaled on a spike for his citizens to city in the capital , His wife Maria sits worriedly in the castle terrified of the new king and remorseful for her indiscretions in life while The Boy From The River searches for the one who set him adrift.

Details may be discussed.
PM with any interest.

Superstitious Nonsense:: - Non-Consensual/Paranormal/Magic
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Skepticism vs Belief. Magic vs illusion. These are debates long ingrained in the psyche of man but then there are others who take no side in these matters. A blatant attempt to gain the spoils of the inflamed passions on both sides. Agatha Johnson is one of these people. Once a small time farm girl in Kansas , She's found fame and fortune in the big city as the most popular magician in the world. The only problem is that Agatha Johnson is not a magician , She's an illusionist and she's only famous because She stole all her tricks from her first boss. Igor Mago is not an illusionist , He's a magician and he learned all his tricks in the old country. Sadly however the old country did not teach him about the tricks of a greedy tempting seductress which is how he ended up a broke bitter d-list celebrity while his former assistant gets rich off his hard work with her alluring figure.

But don't fret , Ivan's got one last trick up his sleeve and this ones a dozy. He's an issued an open challenge to his current rival and former employee. A challenge that would create terrible publicity for Agatha if she was to turn it down.Spend one simple night in Livingstone Manor. An abandoned mansion famed for its paranormal activity To make things fair and to ensure no cheating takes place Mago has agreed to spend the night surrounded by reporters while Agatha enjoys her time in heavenly manor.

So the plot is simple , Can Agatha spend one night in Livingstone Manor or will she run like the greedy Wench she is?

I was thinking of having this take place in early twenties. Right around the time that Houndi was also active in debunking "paranormal" activity and sort of became the first illusionist in the world as opposed to a true Magician.

Details may be discussed.
PM with any interest.

Priestess's Paradox:: - Extreme/Medieval/High Fantasy/Paganism
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Hannibal is man of great courage and knowledge. He can kill with the greatest ease and command a thousand men to their doom with the simplest of his words. His blood is rich in charisma and ambition but for what his blood has in talent and genius it lacks in nobility. No matter how many men Hannibal slaughters or how many castles he sieges he will never be King. Even if he somehow managed to a raise army , King Xavier has far more resources and allies then him and Hannibal's forced would be overwhelmed in a few month.d Yet there is something Hannibal has that the King doesn't. Something that irrevocably swing destiny in his favor. What Hannibal has is Belief.

You see when Xavier became king he cast the oracles and witches out of his land and now he's made a terrible mistake. He's sent Hannibal and his men to capture a pagan priestess for heresy but Hannibal has a better idea. Why not keep the priestess for himself? With her knowledge of the future , he can anticipate the kingdom's movements if he attempts to overtake them. Of course there is a better of a hitch in this plan and that is the priestess herself,. Sure the king cast her out and sent a man to killer her but how is Hannibal any better? He's kidnapped and the only reason he's spared her life is because he needs help in taking over his kingdom? Then again , If Hannibal's willing to commit treason , one can only imagine what lengths he would go to to pry the knowledge of the future from the Priestess's pretty little head.

Details may be discussed.
PM with any interest.

War is the disease , I am the cure:: - Extreme/Medieval/Royalty/War
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

War is a disease and I am the cure. was the key sentence in a speech giving by Queen Justine at her coronation. It symbolized the dismantling of her father's famed heavy cavalry. As Queen she promised that no more young men would bleed to death in the fields and no more villages would be burned. That this was a time of enlightenment and prosperity as opposed to one of villainy and tragedy. That her diplomacy had brought peace to a region stricken by war for centuries. To prove that she was dedicated to this cause , she locked Jean-Luc Moreau in a dungeon and publicly belittled and chastised his supporters . Painted him as a wretched men who forced himself upon the young maidens of the region. But now she finds herself in great peril. When the crops of the other kingdoms went barren , they began to raid the kingdom's settlement which lead to discontent in the commoners and nobles of the region.
Even worse then that without the threat of Moreau's famed Calvary charges coming up their head the openly mock and belittle the monarchy with at best minor reluctance.

The sad truth of the situation is that while Moreau be a vile cruel man , the people need the threat of the mace to keep them in the line. Without order , there is only chaos. Of course this creates quite the corundum , doesn't it? Why should Moreau help her? She mocked him in public and there's no guarantee she just won't lock him away again once he gets her followers back in the line. Though there must be some sort of agreement they can come to for the sake of kingdom? Something she has that may be of some value to man like Moreau.

Details may be discussed.
PM with any interest.

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