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Author Topic: Join My Hall of Fame... Be My Writing Partner (perfer female)  (Read 917 times)

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Join My Hall of Fame... Be My Writing Partner (perfer female)
« on: January 25, 2013, 08:40:52 pm »
My Hall of Fame.

For something to be interesting to me, it must have story... it must have some kind of magic and or action... it has to be sexy.  I cant write a story about some girl chained up in dungeon.  The female is the beating heart of a story.  What she feels... what she sees... is the story as it unfolds.  Men around her are forces (actually... laughably... tools) of the story.  A good story should be like a battle scene... a shield... a sword.... bouts of action and passion... moments of rest and reflection and the reaching of goals perhaps chances to make friends along the way.  A good story should explore borders and taboos.  Here are some of my writing partners who have impressed me the most.

Precious Alicorn
This is my greatest story here.  It is the only one we actually finished.  My writing partner... she is so perfect.  She added intelligence to the role I first pitched to her of a princess used to trap a unicorn and a love that attracts the two of them.  Lots of magic.  Lots of fun.  She had to remain a virgin until the end, but we played around and had some great roleplaying moments.  I remember one scene where she decribed her body underneath my unicorns head 'her body open and accepting of him'.  A greatly written thread, in my opinion.

Here There Be Dragons;all
This idea is based on a hybrid of a few ideas.  One is tentacle rape.  The second is Laura Croft.  The third is La Blue Girl.  This world be my idea of vampirism.  No more dork in an opera cape whispering about awaiting all of his life to give some lucky girl the gift of immortality.  These are degenerated dragons who can only continue breeding by the ancestors of those who cursed them into darkness.  Lots of fun action... lots of abberent sex.  It had a good purpose to be building toward, but I got a little off track at the end, I think.  I still had a lot of plans for this story.

Anything to Survive;all
This story is very close to my heart.  This is post apopcalyptic with zombies and a Mad Max type barren world.  A haunted warrior who has lost his family takes pity on a young girl.  He saves her life... tries to leave her, but she follows him.  She seduces him... cooks for him... takes his abuse... and it isnt a picnic.  This guy is grumpy... has post traumatic stress... almost strangles her once when he wakes up... calls her his dead wife's name during the first time they actually have sex.  I got to explore an interesting taboo... which was a rare oppertunity.  Id love to continue this story... with changes like having two guys involved... one a militant rapist... the other a decent, intelligent man into the mix... or whatever might work with you.

Scion of the Scarlet Hood and A Grim Fate;all;all
These are my two werewolf stories.  In one werewolves are spiritual vagabonds whose destiny lies with a lineage of scarlet.  There are different factions... the first she is captured by is the Dominate.... the second, more dark antiheroish, called the Outsiders clash over her and her attentions.  The second one is where werewolves and witches are drawn by to cursed young aristocrat... the story was supposed to continue with the young woman slowly figuring out thier weaknesses and in one hellish night, killing both of them and escaping... the curse removed having earned herself a reprieve.

A Girl and Her Robot;all
This is about a very skilled, yet slacker tech peddler in the aftermath of the fall of a stellar military empire.  She has a lot of people after her wares... so she creates a few things for herself... including a female robot with Data-like qualities.  We had idea of the peddler redeeming herself and the robot... possibly by alien artifact achieving total sentience and chosing to remain with the tech peddler.  It seemed like it would be promising and full of action and fun.

What are your thoughts?  Do any of these ideas interest you?  Right off the top of my head... what if you are powerful Magi... kind of a Dr. Strange mixed with Laura Croft.  An aristocrat stolen by dark fae which awakens her talent.  Years later and she understands her place... her calling... as a Magi protecting this world.  Ill play the forces and challenges of this world... suggest motifs and limitations and such for your abilities.  Even play recuring characters... maybe even love interests... whatever interests you in context with the story... with supernatural threats and such to be faced, as well.  Let me know your thoughts and interests.  Perhaps we can make something beautiful together.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Have to add two more to the list that I'm in right now.  Both threads seem promising and I have another on discussion about a trifecta of a James Bond style villian, his mistress, and a mysterious stranger bent on revenge.  I need more excitement, though.  Id like to have some action everyday, or maybe a couple of tags or so at a time, if things get interesting.  I mean RL happens, we all have to work or have things to do sometimes, but I would like to have more momentum.  When a plot moves, it gains inertia... excitment... advancement.  Each of my stories has a part of me inside of it... a seed.  Id like to see it grow and 'become'... to fully manifest.  Everything a story stalls out... every time someone abandons a story... it sucks.  Its depressing  Its like its a stillbirth.  And though I have tried a few times, a story never happens again.  Each is like a strike a lightning... and lightning refuses to be bottled.  So if you are enthusiastic, please send me a PM if these kind of stories appeal to both your emotional, intellectual, and physical side.  Thanks for reading all of this.  So, for your concideration.

Trapped in Wonderland
I am proud of my newest babies.  This one is about a young woman of the Victorian Age who is in the process of 'becomming' a mage.  She is near a nexus point... and is achieving a very critical point in her development.  The manifestation of her power requires incredible self awareness and focus.  Unfortunately... because of how much shes been repressed her entire life, she cant mainifest right... instead a 'fractured reality' is created around her where the Unreal ,shaped by her own preconceptions and archetypes and the insanity of our own Id, and the Real.  She will fluctuate from Wonderland to the real world, but the real theme is the social and sexual repression of women during this age.  As she faces and experiences and comes to gripes with this, she gains more and more power until by the end she must face a jaded, corupt version of herself as the Queen of Hearts in order to emerge and claim her Birthright.  Sound intriguing?  Im hooked and cant wait to see where this crazy ride will take us.

Threes Are Wyld
This is a fun little three way.  I run two characters... two brothers, opposites really, who dont know it but are recessive lycanthropes.  Called Exiled in my world.  The young woman who has dated both in the past is accompanying them.  They are reliving the past, enjoying a moonlit picnic like they used to sneak out for when they were younger.  Well, in the middle of thier ackward yet sentimental reunion, an unclean spirit manifested into a forgotten soul attacks them.  These are called Hydra in my world... they followed the Exiled here... and so they are a perversion of them.  Both brothers are wounded defending the young girl.  The Hydra has a corrupting venom... so thier lycanthropic natures rear like a natural reponse to an infection as they finish off the Hydra.  From there, this will be an exploration of the savage world of the Exiled... and the Scarlet Lineages... known in fairy tales as 'Red Riding Hood' is actually a parable about families of humans who has something Wyld about them.  Most often, they are ancestors of the Fae, whom were related to the Exiled thousands of years ago.  The young girl just happens to be of this lineage, and it drives thier senses crazy.  In fact, she is a very wonderful distraction against thier more hyper aggressive nature.  So where does this wonderfully explosive mix go from there?  Well, there is still much to discover.  There are factions among the Exiled who vie for control.  There are many different breeds who show thier forms diffently and have thier own very different points of view of this beastial blessing.  There are very angry Exiled... and some very spiritual Exiled.  How will all of this play out?  I dont know and that makes it even more fun.

This is kind of a blend of 'The Crow' and 'Live and Let Die' and 'Last Man Standing'.  We are still hammering this out.  I sent a proposal... still needs fine tuning, probably.  Nothings set except a gangster/mob story with the normal vengeful stranger comming into town to meet out righteous vengence in a fury of film noir intrigue complete with a femme fetal with a talent for tarot and, of course, blazing gunfights raging in the bockdrops.  Thats about as much as I know so far.

So, do you have an idea you would like to see realized.  I have many more ideas as well.  Show me yours and Ill show you mine.  Maybe we can come to some kind of arrangement.  I like stories with plot and thought... and motion.  I like them to have a breadcrumb trail of sex throughout, of course, though such can be teasers and should be spaced to break the monotony sex can become sometimes.  Something about the heady mix of a story with sensual, though varied, elements which really drives forward most of my stories here like jet fuel.  Look over my children... I am so proud of them.  See if I make your grade.  If I do, send me a PM. 

As the Rod would say, "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?  Come on, sugar, let me know."
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Re: Join My Hall of Fame... Be My Writing Partner (perfer female)
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2013, 06:47:51 pm »
I have added three more new entries to my Hall of Fame.