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Author Topic: Kinky F Sub looking for literate Dom  (Read 344 times)

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Offline RosenDrakeTopic starter

Kinky F Sub looking for literate Dom
« on: January 25, 2013, 02:20:21 PM »
Current Status: Selectively looking for new RPs! PM me with your interest!

What I'm looking for:
  • A dom to play with. I enjoy playing unwilling characters who are eventually forced into liking what is being done to them, sometimes to the point where they become addicted to sex as a coping mechanism for having it done to them so often. If that's your kind of situation, then I'm your girl. Make me beg for it <3
  • All my role-plays on here are sex-centered. No exceptions. This doesn't mean that every post our characters need to be mindlessly fucking, but that I do expect at least 80% of the content to be of the sexual nature.
  • My first RP with new partners will almost always be a one-shot so we can get  feel for each other. If we're both a good match then we cant talk about playing something longer.

Writing Style:
  • I will be expecting a certain evel of literacy and more than one-liners for posts. I don't want you to write me a novel for every post but a paragraph (4-5 sentences) is not that hard. Detail is always appreciated.
  • You can expect 2-3 paragraphs from me per post, although I can usually match my partners as well.
  • I enjoy playing with people who are action-oriented in their posts. If our characters need 5 posts just to greet each other or run into each other then I don't think I'm the girl for you. It's very important that you give me something to work with in your posts.
  • I understand sometimes, during scenes of conversation or short actions, short posts might be needed, but if they become common place I will lose interest.
  • I can be very picky when it comes to picking my partners. I am always willing to try new partners and scenarios but if I get bored I reserve the right to drop RP's. This is why I stick with one-shots as my first RP with someone.

My life revolves around the deadlines of my work, so my activity level can range from a couple of times a day to one post a week. If I ever need to take more time than that away because of real life, you can count on me to let you know!
Currently I am able to post about 4 times a week, specially during the weekend.

Fave kinks/current cravings:
anal play
sex toys
fuck machines
gang bangs
forced submission
pseudo-rape (<- where I secretly enjoy, not the whole trauma of real rape)
lots of cum

For a more detailed look at my on/offs, check out my O/O thread


Pairings that appeal to me:
Babysitter or Neighbor/Girl next door
Multiple Guys/One Girl
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Offline RosenDrakeTopic starter

Re: Kinky F Sub looking for literate Dom (plots)
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2013, 02:20:50 PM »
Current cravings: Gang-bang! looking for a literate RP partner who is willing to play 2-3 (or more?) males in a quickie non-con scenario. Please refer to some of my plots for inspiration or contact me with your ideas! OR Something Romantic & Kinky

Possible scenarios:


**Public Property
I love the idea of being a girl tied down in a public place to be used as a cumdump by the men that come by - something on her (a sign or something written on her) clearly indicating that she is there for public use. Men keeping count by adding marks on her...
Any of the other plots can be fast forwarded to this, we'll discuss something!

*The Tease (Gangbang)
*This plot requires you to play 2+ characters!*
It's a regular Friday night and a group of friends are hanging out together drinking and watching a movie... It's a group that's been formed for a while, where by some coincidence she'd the only girl. Someone puts on a porno and the guys decide it's time for her to stop being so comfortable by having them as friends without putting out, after all, she's flirty and a tease. She resists but they clearly outnumber and overpower her, deciding to put her through her paces, at least for the night.
Kinks: non-con, rape, gangbang... can escalate to anything you want  - bestiality, public use, toys, etc. Can also be linked to any of the other plots (24hr sex marathon, etc) if needed.

(De)PowerGirl (DC Universe)
Power Girl is tricked into a trap by a gang of villains/low lives who've gotten their hand on some very interesting new strands of kryptonite, from one that will make her as powerless as a regular mortal to one that will make her libido accelerate impressively, they use them to exact the revenge they've always dreamed of!
Possible kinks: non-con, rape, gangbang, toys, anal (in the original RP they way they kept the kryptonite in her was through a butt plug), degradation, humiliation, etc.

XXX-GODDESS (Ah! My Goddess)
You are an average college guy fapping in your room when you realize you are low on tissues - you call up your friend to pick some up on his way to your apartment but instead mis-dial and end up speaking to the Goddess Help Line. Before you can correct your mistake they've already sent a representative over. When I appear in your offering to fulfill one wish you ask to have me "be forever by your side," once the contract is approved, I'm bound to you forever. My first task? To clean you up.
Since I'm a goddess and pure, you have to teach me all the dirty things you want me to do, knowing that I can't resist because of the contract. Expect resistance and hesitation.
I'm open to playing wither the canon characters (Belldandy/Keichi) or OCs.
This plot is based on Nonoya's hentai doujinshi Goddess Assault.
Possible kinks: virgin, bondage, anal training, degradation, servitude, gang bang, etc.

Training a Slave
A young woman is left with her family's considerable debt to a shady organization which she agrees to pay off with her body. Due to her little sexual experience, she has to be trained into the perfect sex slave first: someone who will not only be able to do what the client wants, but also enjoy it. How you decide to break the girl and turn her into a sex slave is up to - either by force or by nudging her on with gentler methods. Remember the goal should be to break her mentally, not cause permanent physical harm since she needs to always be in tip-top shape for her future customers.
This setting lends itself a lot of possibilities. You will initially be playing the trainer, but then the clients as well if the RP goes on for long enough. The kinks that can be incorporated into this one are only limited by the imagination, but ones that I definitely would like to have are: anal training/gaping, non-con, degradation, gangbang, and at some point the girl being used for a cumdump.

Daddy Dearest
When the daughter is around 10, her mom passes away. Her dad is wrecked with grief, and it brings father and daughter close together. Over the course of the next few years, her dad becomes more and more protective of her, by the time she is 14 she has become accustomed to living life strictly between home and school, depending on her dad for everything and making it her priority to make his life worth living. By the time she is around 16, her dad notices that she looks just like her mother when she was young.
At this point the plots can fork two ways:
(1) One day he just can't contain himself. At first she is resistant, knowing that it is morally wrong but he convinces her that this is the only way that he can be happy. After some encouragement, she gives in and he uses her to take his sex life somewhere it had never gone before.
(2) They'd been living off the mother's life insurance money, and it's running low. He sees an opportunity in his daughter's sexual maturity, and convinces her that the only way she can help his depression is by fooling around with him. Once he's sure she'd become used to it, he begins renting her out to his friends for a fee, at first to her horror, but eventually having no choice but to learn to enjoy it. (He could possibly auction off her virginity, that could make for a really yummy non-con scene.)

Sex Marathon
Two friends make a bet and I lose. When my 'punishment' is revealed I have no choice but do exactly what you say... which is become your sex slave for 24 hours. At first I'm sort of ok with it, but soon your and your friends' requests escalate to a point I'm not sure about. The conditions state that I must complete a sex marathon, meaning I must have sex for 24 hours straight. Whether one on one or me with multiple guys/animals/toys/machines is up to you. If we want to elongate this plot we could have someone record her and use said recordings to blackmail her into turning her 24 hours of sex into a much longer commitment...

CLOSED Dear Mommy
Back before you were born mom used to be a real slut - charging men for her services and making bank in the process. She loved sex and she was damn good at it - that is until she got pregnant with you and had to quit the biz (but nor before cashing in on some pregnant fetishists.) Fast forward to the present - you're a senior with an enviable sex drive, and after working your way through the girls in your class, are looking for something or someone who can keep up with you. One day you stumble across some old video tapes... only to find they hold the images of your beloved mother doing the nasty in all sorts of ways with all sorts of men. With this knowledge and these tapes, you arm yourself with the perfect blackmail to get the perfect love slave: your mother.
This one lends itself to any kink you want to explore - does he lend her out to his friends? does he make her fuck the dog? Tie her up and teach her who's boss? The possibilities are endless!

CLOSED For the Lord my Lord
A young woman who has been raised in an extremely sheltered environment meets a man who is more than ready to exploit her innocence. The girl has been raised to be extremely religious - taught that her only purpose in life is to serve the Lord. She's never been given any sort of sexual education. On a chance encounter, she meets you, a man who immediately recognizes how to manipulate her. He convinces her that he is a Holy Man, who has heard the voice of the Lord and that He told you that she is to become his faithful servant. He then teaches her about carnal pleasure, convincing her that the reason it feels good is because that is how the Lord's love passes through his servants. From here on out he proceeds to convince her that her mission in life to bring as much pleasure to as many men as possible, in whichever way they want.
This particular scenario lends itself to kinks such as demons, public scenes, gangbangs, the girl being used repeatedly over an extended period of time, and anything else that you can come up with.

Those are just some ideas to entice the mind, feel free to propose anything that would have me submitting to you and eventually begging you for more.