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Author Topic: Jump Into New Fun Kinky Worlds  (Read 532 times)

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Jump Into New Fun Kinky Worlds
« on: January 23, 2013, 10:24:47 PM »
A normal life is boring, so let's take the leap into strange, wonderful, and downright kinky new worlds.
Join me in realms where fantasy is reality, and desire and lust is the fire that come to fruition.
Where your deepest needs are given the one shot to be made real.
So do you take the plunge? Take my hand and let us cross over into the worlds of wonder.

From long ago with tribal Orcs goddesses, and their sex slave trade; to a school that is a secret sociological study. From a genetic outbreak, to a dark future of drugs and cyborgs.
Two lovers Literally worlds apart, to lovers to close their family. Species unlike anything we have seen before yet bound for their master like we know all to well. And a relationship that would change the both of them forever
Do not let society hold you back, love and lust knows no borders, so why should you?


Hay everyone, here is a few fun ideas I have been craving. They cover all different degrees of plot to smut balance, time, characters and more. So hopefully there is something here for a lot of you. I always say this but I will keep saying it, nothing is set in stone, even if they have a very detailed plot. Genders, names whatever you want can be changed. I have relived some of these plots in my head way to many times for comfort so if you have your own spin or ideas you want to try I will be more than happy to do them. But if you do see anything you like and want more info just shoot me a PM. Have fun peoples and go wild.


I will try and keep these simple:

1. Looking for male and female, and you may play a different gender
2. Any size post you want is ok, but try to not write one sentence.
3. I will not do a male on male story (Unless you can convince me)
4. Try to stay in character (I just mean don't jump to sex if you can help it)
5. Be civil (not really a problem for this community)
6. enjoy!

War of Tribes

In the primitive world of Atosh For to the south are two majoring tribes. The Kabel of Warrior Woman, and The Toosee of Gathers. One would think that the Kabel would easily crush the other tribe. And the kabel did think this as they marched on the Toosee lands. The chains hanging from their nipples clanking as they ran, they smell of war paint filled the air. And the vibration of their heavy footsteps crashed through the Toosee people. But while the Toosee are not killers, they are strategists and the Kabal woman fell into traps, either to slavery or death.

And for hundreds of years that balance was kept. The Kabal woman would work their life to be worthy of being called warrior, then they would storm the Toosee walls. Only to be beaten and taken as a sex slave to some Toosee man. Where in Kabal daughters would be born and sent back to their tribe. The Kabal have themselves goddesses. It is said she is 10 feet tall, and as strong as 30 warriors. But what is worse is rumors are spreading that the Kabal goddess has a penis. If this is true Kabal's no longer need the Toosee men, their goddess can make children.

And this seems to be true because the moral and numbers of the Kabal are at a level that the Toosee ways of life are in danger. The Toosee tribe has already retreated to smaller and smaller lands. But the ultimate step was taken. A few wise men of the tribe began training woman of their tribe to be spies. That is your job.

You have been taught by the shamans in the ancient lore of the Kabal. You have been Trained in the Sex positions and tactics used by kabal woman. And you have been raised in a life of secrecy and fighting. You are neither Toosee nor Kabal, you are something different. and it is that difference that makes you the perfect piece. You will infiltrate the Kabal tribe, get to know them and find their goddess. Then your task, your life long task, is to eliminate the goddess. Though death or submission.

You are not alone in this mission, you are a part of a large group of special Toosee warriors, and today is your final day of training

School for the Gifted:

Maria Hills was a Harvard professor of sociology and a dominatrix. A strange mix sure, it was just these strange skills that landed her the greatest job she could have ever asked for. Headmistress, for a school designed around sex. But let's rewind a bit. Maria started her teaching career working as a health teacher in a small high school. She didn't quite new what she was doing and was having trouble managing a busy work schedule and trying to become a regular member at a bdsm club. One night in a fun mood she had way to many drinks at a bar and went to the club, things got way out of hand and she found out not to long later that she had gotten pregnant. A child was unlike anything she knew how to deal with and as time went on she spent more time raising him and less time at work; she even stopped going to the club altogether.

But the urge to be the person she was at the club never went away, and as life went one the urge grew stronger. Eventually over the years she cracked, and started being that way at home... with her son. Nothing to sexual but she wasn't shy of nudity or porn on the TV either. It a strange almost suicidal string of ideas, she carried this philosophy over to her health class. No more boring diagrams or pointless essays, she would give them the experience first hand. She would have everyone put on condoms, or help others do it. She would have them strip, and she would show her body if needed. The class grew more responsive and learned things faster and faster with each weak. They where coming back with smiles and questions. Her crazy Idea worked... But the parents and school board did not see it that way. She was quickly fired. Luckily she had friends in high places that managed to cover it up and she moved on with her life. But the memory of what a good classroom looked like and the pain of being torn from them stayed with her... Up until she got the call.

A few members of the board of education that fired her called her up and asked her if she was interested in a job. She denied them for months out of spite, but eventually they told her the whole story. The School for Sex wasn't only just one of the largest sociological experiments to date, it was also one of the most expensive and one of the most damaging.

The scientists that had set it up had a utopia in mind where kids could go up without fear of sex or their frame, but the governing bodies that controlled it twisted it into something sick.
The students being sent there where not your top of the line children, they where the failures and the rejects. The government that was overseeing the program set it up as a hell to drop these kids in to get them out of normal life. And it was costing them millions, but if they cut it the students don't go back to normal school, no as part of the agreement when signed they don't go anywhere. They stay on that island for the time they are supposed to be in school.

Maria's job was simple, go in and turn the place around. She had one year to make the place a functioning system. The students had to be able to meet all the criteria the government wanted by years end, anything else is up for grabs. She had free rain over what she could do or make them do. For Maria was being made Headmistress, and would even live on site with her son.

This was a dream come true, with her son's help she would turn this place right side up and give him the education she had been trying to give him for years. And maybe then the students and this school and her son could have the relationship that she had in that classroom years ago. But better yet, she could make a place that would change the world, and give children who society has forgotten a way to not only enter it again but take it for their own, for when she was done they would have something very few people in todays world have: confidence.

Genetic Outbreak:

25 years ago an event occurred that would change the human race forever. New stories covered it as the "Genetic Outbreak" but scientists spoke out to shut this kind of bad wording down. This was no outbreak, it was not a disease it was however bizarre beyond understanding. Left and right children where being born neither female nor male, but a mix of both. A True hermaphrodite not just in small parts, or code, but also with both genitals; they would be known as "futanari" because of this. Never before had the world had a social movement thrust on them so fast.

What to call them, how to treat them. It was a nightmare. Out of the blue 1 in 10 children where born like this and religious and political movements shot up. Was it ethical to have them forced to pick a gender at birth, was it ok to have them with normal people. World was in a flux about what to do with them, but as they grew into their teenage years the questions faded and harsh reality took fold.

The children born as futanari also came with a cruel biological condition. They shared the sex drive of both their male and female counterparts but increased even beyond that. When they reached teenage years the world witness a horror they could not imagine. molestation, rape, abuse, and assault where at an all time high. The futanari would quickly become violent and crazed if their sexual urges where not fulfilled or kept in check.

But that was not the dark part. Man is a reactionary animal, and when this happened the people responded. Instead of creating a long-term program designed to teach and help control the urges these futanari where feeling. A military control was put into place. Futanari where rounded up right and left. Some countries put them into camps, others sent them to labs for experiments. Each futanari rounded up had the same question, where would I be going

And that is no different for Sammy. Sammy is a young blonde futanari, with an especially large penis. Her parent's refused to giver her up at birth and kept her in hiding as long as they could but her body is not easily hidden. Sammy often wore things to tie her penis in, or keep it down but these restraints broke and it slipped out of her gym uniform in class. It wasn't long before the military ripped her from her home and set her on a bus with a bunch of other futanari her age.

From the bus she heard rumors of a school, others speak of a compound. One girl even said something about having to live together; but no one really knows what waits for them. Whatever it was though Sammy didn't want to go through it alone.

Her Children:

Bethany Is a local high school English teacher, and single mother. But those titles do not even begin to define her. She grew up years ago in a nudist colony far outside any city. But A strange place even among nudist colonies. People there accepted sex with almost everything. Families and friends could often be seen having sex in the restaurant or masturbating at the local market. It was a place to truly accept ones body and open up. There she was raised that comfort in one's body and free love was of the utmost importance. But times changed and when she came of age she moved out to pursue her career as a teacher. But that meant leaving that world behind.

That wasn't ok with her, and in a way she kept the spirit of it with her, by becoming a nudist while at home. Honestly, it never mattered much. If you find someone naked in your living room pleasuring themselves you might freak out. But when you grow up with someone like that you just get used to it. At least that is what she hopes her children thought. She has been naked and masturbated before them all their lives. The key was never to force it on them; she hoped though sheer exposure they would join her. That together they could share in the lifestyle that they grew up with. That she could enjoy each other’s bodies and pass down the knowledge of her years to her children, but that didn't happen. That was many years ago, and her children are at a critical age now. Sexual development is an important part of their lives and these next few years will come to define them.

Bethany is a gentle sweet soul, and loves to spend time with her kids and usually lets them get away with things most other parent's wouldn't, in sort of a trade off for her weird ways. But this is an issue she can't afford be a kind self on. She had to play the mother card and change this before it got out of hand. If there was anything she knew it was the value of freedom, and the virtue of being comfortable in your own skin. Fear consumed her, because she knew that if she didn't step in her kids could end up with the wrong idea of sex. Freaked out by their body and sexuality and left sexually broken and scared. It happened to easily, and it was her job as their mother to stop that from happening. So she is going to do what she should have done long ago... make them conform to her ways.

New Pets:

Journal entry 36: It was 1842 when I first saw them, I was on an expedition through the juggle of the southern lands, and there they where people... but not. At first site they seemed like animals but my team and I inspected them further it was apparent they had human form. My college described them as hybrids between animals and humans, like women and men but covered in fur, he even coined the annoying term "Furry". I personally am not a fan of the term, but it has struck a cord with the general populous so I will indulge its use. I must respectfully disagree with my friend because while they seem human, I can tell you from brain of theirs I have examined in the resent years I am sure they are far from it. When looking at a human brain we see all the parts in the correct locations, but upon inspection of the furries brains we find the part that deals with subservient behavior and sexual drive to be quite large. Confirming my hypothesis they lack the higher brain functions of a true human.

Which is why in the years to come we in the queen's country have taken them and brought them to their rightful place; as servants and sexual companions to real people. Supporters of these animals have spoken out in terms of equality, but I think it is all for not because the furries enjoy their place in this world. Contrary to what they advocates like to think the furries I have seen, whether in my company or in another's home have always been so cheerful and so willing to fulfill my physical needs. Why my dear bunny maiden services me everyday and I force to be nude even with guests, and she has never once complained. But something is stirring Journal, I feel there is something dark going on. I hate to say it, but I believe it possible that the activists could be stirring the furries up and giving them delusions of free will. I heard that the royal families furries evens started acting strange a young cat girl clawed a man... strange I say. But I feel my body fading into the realm of sleep and I will search to investigate these tales another d---------------

Council Member Turner felt a shooting pain run through his large body as he looked behind him to see a face of fury.
"Mary, how could you?" Confusion and fear pierced his every world as his eyes shot from his arm with a large kitchen knife stuck deep into it, back to his naked bunny servant standing before his covered in rage.

 "I should have done this a long time ago master, but take that knife and end yourself." He saw the murder in her eyes and he knew she wanted to kill him but wasn't: a life for a life perhaps.


"The war has begun master, and we want our land back"

A Different Kind of Sex Doll:

Early in 2035 a new line of mechanical assistants went live in Asia. They where designed to help the user achieve orgasm. While at first the west laughed at it, over the next several decades it would make it's way globally. Excepted by society, companies where hard and work making better and better versions. Loren is the latest model, but her designer had a different goal in mind. He wanted her to have a personality. She would not have sex as a function only, but because she wanted to. She was designed to be the perfect pet both in personality and in her physical ability to do things most dolls couldn't. And Loren was the test model. All was going well in testing until they left the door open. Driven by curiosity she went to explore the factory. There she found other dolls and tried to chat.

The engineers ran after her desperately trying to stop the machines. But it was too late in her ignorance Loren had wondered into the manufacturing line and got packaged up as a normal sex doll.

Hundreds of miles away an old woman sits in her house. Her name is Maggie Thatcher but she just goes by Ms. Thatcher now. She spent most of her young life with her wife going out to party, or rock climbing, or studying for school to be a teacher. She was an outgoing person with a lot to look forward to in her life and wanted to spend that with her lover. But years ago her wife died in a car accident and she had never been the same since. She became a shut in and tried to counter her depression with money. She became a businesswoman obsessed with her job and was very successful at it. But 20 years and a few mansions later and she was still nothing more than a miserable lonely old woman, stuck in her ways she never even left her house much except to walk in her garden. But In a moment of twisted curiosity she bought a sex doll. She still had her needs as a woman but she hated people.

Loren was one her way, asleep in a mailing truck. But what Maggie didn't know is Loren is more than a sex doll, she has a personality an innocent curious one at that. One that maybe would find remnants of Maggie's younger happier life and be the spark that breaths new life into the woman.

In time their relationship would go beyond just sex to her first love since her wife. Loren would mature and be able to navigate around the woman's bitter outlook on life. While their sex life started off with the older woman being demanding and controlling in bed it would soon change. One night the doll took control but gently as to not scare her away from the idea. Then in her curiosity and wanting to find her joy again the Maggie lets the doll try new things some nights. This change lead them to doing things she would never do like sex in a public area or something that gets her old heart racing again. And soon the once dyeing old woman would be alive again, and all thanks to a strange sex doll.
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Re: Jump Into New Fun Kinky Worlds
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Edit: Added New Pets, looking two add to more soon.
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