My Wonderful Sister~

Started by Koibito, January 23, 2013, 02:13:56 PM

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Now it's time for a change of pace from my usual ideas~

Today's idea is a real world setting rather than fantasy. A bit of a kink idea that I'm having.

A young boy raised in a family of good, strict morals has always grown up closed off and innocent. His parents however are going on a vacation they can not take him on so someone had to watch him. With little option, they send the young lad to live with his older sister for a while, the family member who has more than broken away from that moral bound group called her family for a more... fun life, far away from the home her brother was raised in.

I'm looking for someone to play my older sister for this story. I'll leave her position vague for creative room but I'm looking for an incest story of corruption (I'm in a mood to be dominated for the moment you see). Perhaps she despises the morals instilled in her innocent brother, or perhaps she simply has a thing for corruption? If anyone is interested please PM me soon~

Been sick the past couple days, will get to posts when I can~