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Author Topic: Pokemon! (M for F)  (Read 593 times)

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Pokemon! (M for F)
« on: January 23, 2013, 01:58:36 pm »
First off a bit about myself. I'm usually always on, if I'm on I'll usually be replying for a good while if not all day rather than calculating myself by "posts per day". Though I don't expect my partner to be on all the time or post every second of the day, I would appreciate if an interested partner was on enough to actually move the story. Also please, if you are wanting to rp with me, don't go busy for a month right after we start? I understand that at times things get busy, at least let me know, but I'm tired of unfinished stories (especially when they're getting good) and I'm really tired of rp's getting paused just as they start. I'm into most things, my O/O's can be found here: (though it is a bit outdated so feel free to ask about something included or not). My posts are of varying lengths as I can post quite a lot as long as I get enough to work with but I do understand that certain scenes call for only so much before one needs a response. I do put as much detail into each post no matter the length so I do like when my partner tries the same. Now lets move onto the idea, shall we?

So we all know the common story of Pokemon- young trainer heads out on his own, tames wild Pokemon and competes for the top spot in the Pokemon world whatever that may be at the time. He competes against his rival, meets many people along the way, and has a grand adventure throughout~

I would like to play a similar story of Pokemon (preferably Gen 1 to keep it simple) but with a twist. Basically I would like to play the Pokemon world but a world that focuses greatly on smut and sex. I wont lie, yes, the story is very smutty, but there can be deeper plot building too.

The idea is that in this world, everything has a sexual theme (be it logical or not): Pokemon battles are conducted with Pokemon like usual and they do fight, but as they fight, Trainers too fight in a battle of physical strength, namely sex. Moves must be carried out by both Trainer and Pokemon by equivalent movements and the two must be in perfect sync as would a true Pokemon master. This sets the tone for the world as everything is based around sex as well; Nurse Joy's offer sexual comfort to Trainers as their Pokemon heal, Officer Jenny's use certain sexual techniques to subdue criminals, silly quarks like this~

Even though we will be playing with Gen 1, I think it would be more fun to create our own characters to go along with the established Gym's in the Gen 1 region. Give me and my partner a bit of creative room to work with and have a bit more fun~ To be simple, the Gyms will be the same but we can make our own Gym Leaders for them for our characters to encounter.

The idea is for giggles and unique, light hearted, feel-good game but the potential for plot is definitely there. It may look a bit simple and smut-only but I believe with a good partner we can make a very nice story while having fun along the way.

I'm looking for a female to play my main's rival and companion throughout the journey to become the best and whatever other plots we would like to throw their way. I'd also prefer my partner have a real interest in the story. We'll be making plenty of characters so please have some sort of like for such a thing. I'll leave specifics vague so that an interested partner has room to work with whatever sort of character they wish. Send me a PM if you have any questions or interests in this story! ^^

Pics for inspiration~ (NSFW)

^I know that these are from Gen 5/Unova region but any Gen 1 stuff focuses on the anime and I'm more so thinking of the games haha.
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Re: Pokemon! (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2013, 06:54:51 am »
Cleaned the request up a bit~

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Re: Pokemon! (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2013, 08:02:34 am »