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Author Topic: Pocket daydreams (F for M)  (Read 582 times)

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Pocket daydreams (F for M)
« on: January 22, 2013, 09:55:10 PM »
So, this is my little thread for F+M story ideas. I do have a more complete thread, located Yonder which includes m/m and some flexible scenarios. I'd love to have a couple of M+F stories though, so they get their own thread.

*I'm really only looking to play female characters in these scenarios (though I'm always happy to play NPC's of either gender.)

* Feel free to check out my Wiki page or my Ons/Offs thread.

* For examples of some of my stories, here are a few of them.  All of my active stories are listed on my wiki.

Story Style:

I prefer character-driven RP to Michael Bay style 'blow shit up!' action.

I greatly prefer slow rp's, character development, building a relationship between our characters.

I like stories that have broader themes going on in them. That can be as simple as how does someone rebuild their life after screwing it up by becoming a drunk, to attempting to reconcile ideals of friendship with morality when a friend turns out to be a supervillain. Big ideas, told through the interactions and relationships of people. However, this is not something that needs to be explicit, I think it comes naturally with a well-written story of any kind.

I am a myth-mucker. I like to look at old stories/myths/legends and twist them to suit a story, or just to make them interesting to play through.

Posting Style:

My general 'sweet spot' for RP posts is between 3 and 6 paragraphs.

I don’t like to be poked and prodded for posts. I find it very annoying. I also don’t poke and prod at people to post, though after a month or two of no contact (hiatus is fine, I'm talking disappearance) I’ll probably figure the RP is done. However, if you come back and realize it's been several months, feel free to message me and see if we can pick things up again. More than likely I'll be willing to give it a go.

If you get bored/unenthused/blocked/don't like where a story is going, please just say something. Even if it's that you're tired of it and want to call it quits. I'd much rather know than not. :) No hard feelings. I usually consider the first 10-15 posts as a trial period to see if a story gels or not. Sometimes you never know until you try.

I only RP on forums, no PM, no IM.

M/F Ideas:

Fractured Fairy Tale
Scene: Modern/fantasy
Playing with: Luthien (an elf)
Sketch: I’d like to do a slightly modernized retelling of Sir Orfeo, which is itself a medieval retelling of the story of Orpheus and Euridice. The gist of the story is that the hero's loved one is taken by the fae folk and he's left without a clue how she could have disappeared until rumors are spread of a woman with a host of hunters is seen in the forest. He follows them through a mountain to the realm of the fae folk. He meets an elf who offers to guide him to the land of the unsavory elves who have 'captured' his loved one. From there, I would like to twist the story, so that the hero arrives, but it is revealed to him that his wife/girlfriend has elected to stay with her elvish lover and only returned to the mortal world tell him so.
Notes: My envisioning of the elves is not a high Tolkein-esque tradition where elves are nearly demigods and practically perfect in every way. I picture the elves as earth spirits, possibly much closer to dryads in communion with nature, living in trees in a much more aboriginal/tribal/shamanistic culture than a traditional medieval feudal tradition.

Freedom Fighter
Scene: Either modern United States, or 1960’s US.
Playing with: Maggie
Sketch: Maggie is a drifter and music junkie, tied to protests, concerts, and general rabble-rousing. The police are called on her while she's camping out in a local parking lot and a local cop offers her a job working around his place, rather than just sending her down the line.
Notes: Looking for a fairly genial or passionate police officer. The character of Maggie is an anarchist, if this is a personal issue for folks (I don't know why, but apparently it can be) then just nevermind this request.

On the Diagonal
Playing with: Maggie.
Sketch: Essentially, I'd like to play out a storyline based on the world of The Stand, with you playing Nick Andros (preferred) or a male original character. I'd pair him with an original character (which is a bit up in the air.) I want to fiddle around with events from the book (such as, having certain main character not die.) I have a terrible craving for something like this at the moment, though I might be a little fussy about it.
Notes: Obviously it helps to have read the book at least once. I'm happy to refresh details, and if the person playing Nick would like, I have some ideas to alter his handicaps throughout the story. Once again, see note about Maggie vis a vis anarchy.

Silver Lining
Scene: Grover’s Corners, a small ‘Anytown, USA’ type place.
Sketch: Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Davidson moved to Grover’s Corners because her husband wanted to leave New York city and start up his own ad business in a smaller market, taking Charlotte away from her friends and life in the city. She’s left at loose ends, dabbling in small town activities and trying to find a place in this new life, until she meets a local who makes her feel more than welcome in her new town.
Notes: Looking for a male, obviously. How things develop will depend a lot on who he is. He could be the instructor at a parks and rec arts class, or a handyman helping her fix up the house, etc.

Gilded Cage
Scene: 50’s Casino, or modern day Vegas/Atlantic City
Sketch: A professional gambler and card shark is hired by the club owner to manage the floor, putting his skills to good use. One of the things he’s given to manage is the club owner’s fiance, a former dancer and a terrible flirt. He finds himself developing feelings for the very girl he’s supposed to be protecting from other guys. When her fiance disappears, does he keep up with the job, or follow his own desires?
Notes: Gambler can be sharky as desired, if the partner for this story is interested we could back play the introduction of the club owner to the gambler.

This time next year
Scene: A yearly business convention (field is flexible)
Sketch: Two members of the same field meet at a yearly convention, and bond over similar interests and free flowing drinks in the hospitality suite. Maybe more happens, maybe just the hint of more happening. Things continue the following year, maybe with phone calls in between working on a committee together. Perhaps one or both of them are married and only have the luxury of meeting in secret once a year.
Notes: As with most stories, I would prefer a slow build for this one, done through a series of vignettes playing out the growing attraction at yearly conventions and over phone calls.

Also feel free to message me if you have another idea. :)
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Re: Pocket daydreams (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2013, 11:37:06 PM »
1.31.13 "This time Next Year" available