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Author Topic: Kidnapped Twins and Magical Sex Academy- M/M, NC, Bondage, ect  (Read 576 times)

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Kidnapped Twins and Magical Sex Academy- M/M, NC, Bondage, ect
« on: January 22, 2013, 02:24:49 pm »
Kidnapped Twins
Hello there wide world of Elliquiy. I'm looking to play a situation in which two blonde twin boys, 16 years old, get kidnapped on their way home from school and are forced into slavery. I'd like you to play the boys and I'll play their captor. I'd like the boys to be definitely straight, not bi or gay so they won't even have an opportunity to enjoy what happens to them. They'll have to do a lot of things with each other, like suck and fuck each other and other fun things. So twincest here too. Yeah. That's about it.

Magical Sex Academy
My second idea is shamelessly pilfered from this group rp:

This is basically Hogwarts but with a policy of ignoring all sexual things going on in the school. Rape, sex slavery, tied up naked in the bathroom? A ok as far as the heads are concerned. Infact, it's not uncommon for the professors themselves to engage in this behavior, even right in front of a class full of people. My character has been known to rape students right there in the classroom and have other students get in on it. Why am I asking for a one on one for this? Because I want a one on one for it, also because it needs more gay. Obviously. Here's my character:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Jacob Brent
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Species: Human- Wizard
Job: Professor of Dark Magic

Appearance: He keeps himself looking young and pretty through beauty and aging transfiguration spells. Daily he applies his transformation, and it gradually deteriorates and if he doesn't put more spells on himself within a week, he'll look like his normal self. He has black hair and dark blue eyes. His eyes are so dark blue that it's hard to distinguish between the blue and the black often causing an eerie feeling in students, not the least reason because they have a rather creepy looking person who looks about their age teaching them, and torturing them if they misbehave.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Personality: Dark and somewhat brooding, Jacob does not take shit from anyone. He will not hesitate to punish you in increasingly cruel and sexual ways. At the slightest provocation in class he will remove his student's clothes to embarrass the offender. He's been known to allow his students to rape each other in an orgy during class. Anything really, as long as he is the dominant one, he is in control.

History: He has none, as far as anyone is concerned. He is simply there, and won't volunteer information.

Ons: Torture, bondage, control, forced/NC
Offs: The usual, but also blood, not a fan

Transfiguration- Advanced at turning one thing into another, mostly used to maintain his younger form, but also used as a punishment, occasionally.
Torture- Jacob is adept at torture spells, whatever they may be. He's skilled with fire, ice, and whatever else he decides to use to torture hapless students. Or even just straight up pain. He is also skilled at bondage and stripping a student, without even thinking about it he can remove the clothes of a student and tightly bind them before they knew what hit them. He's also good at knocking people unconscious, if need be.
Mind Magic- Jacob can control other people, read their minds, make them fall in love with him, ect.
Death Magic- This is his specialty. He can control anything to do with death, whether it be straight up killing someone, bringing them back to life, or raising an army of zombies.
General Magic- Moving things around, cleaning things, ect. Normal wizardy things.

Casting Method- Usually he can cast spells just by using his mind, but for more powerful deadly spells he has to speak specific incantations.

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Re: Kidnapped Twins and Magical Sex Academy- M/M, NC, Bondage, ect
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2013, 05:14:52 pm »
Updated with Magical Sex Academy.