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Author Topic: The Blight of Ferelden (Closed :[ )  (Read 3346 times)

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The Blight of Ferelden (Closed :[ )
« on: January 21, 2013, 09:18:59 PM »

IC Thread
OOC Thread

Here's the quick and dirty: after the disaster at Ostagar, two newly minted Grey Wardens accompany an older Warden, traveling across Ferelden and seeking to forge an alliance against the Darkspawn, all the while being hunted by the treacherous Teyrn Loghain.

Now for some details:
  • This is essentially the story of Dragon Age: Origins, with a twist: instead of the lone Grey Warden and Alistair, the survivors will consist of three Grey Wardens, two of whom are brand new, the other an elder Warden nearly consumed by the Darkspawn taint.
  • Two people will play as the fresh Grey Wardens, and I'll play as the elder Warden and NPCs.
  • Although we may gather companions along the way, none of the characters from the original game will be present (with the possible exception of Sten and Alistair).
  • The game is entirely freeform.  We'll start immediately after the rout at Ostagar, but from then on it's entirely up to you.
  • Characters can be of any background, age, or race.  The only requirements are that they must have substantial prowess in combat and are willing to be Grey Wardens.
  • I intend for this to be a primarily story driven game.  If you're looking for a quickie smut RP, this is the wrong place to be.  If you're looking for a good story that you can have a hand in and the possibility of some smut on the side, this is most definitely the right place to be.

This game will not be first come, first serve.  I will only be accepting two people.  Dependent on the initial interest this game receives, I'll create a "send-character-to-me-by" date.  The two best characters I receive get into the game.  And then the fun begins  >:)

Suggestions, comments, and ideas are -- as always -- not only welcome, but encouraged.

Warden Profile
Code: [Select]
[b]Former Titles[/b]:


[b]Class[/b]: (Rogue, Warrior, Mage, or some combination there-of?)
[b]Specialization[/b]: (Use one word that best suits your Warcen's talents.  For example, a rogue could specialize in stealth, archery, theft, intrigue, etc.)
[b]Talents/Professions[/b]: (What trades or professions did your Warden ply before being recruited?)



[b]Mount[/b]:  (Optional)
[b]Other Equipment[/b]:

[b]Notable Traits[/b]: (Think tattoos, scars, noticeable marks, etc.)
[b]Casual Clothing[/b]: (Optional)

[b]Misc. Notes[/b]: (Anything else you'd like to mention about your Warden goes here.)

[b]Writing Prompt[/b]: Your character is traveling south along the Imperial Highway, still several leagues north of Ostagar.  Duncan rides alongside you.  He's been quiet throughout your travels, but now he suddenly speaks up.  "I fear the Darkspawn will attack tonight," he begins, his voice serious.  "Ostagar has repelled several attacks thus far, but tonight the King wishes to crush the enemy.  Stop the Blight here, now.  Do you think this is possible?"  (In approximately three to five paragraphs, respond to the prompt from the perspective of your character.  This is non-canon, just a mental exercise, so it won't affect the actual game.  Be creative.)
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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2013, 08:05:07 AM »
*zooms through during cinematic*

. . .

. . .

. . .

*zooms back in with a screech*  Ooooh.  Dragon Age Origins, huh?  Uhm.  Color me interested, if you're still open on this.  I'm currently playing through with all other DLC completed for the first time.  I've beaten it, but never with all the people or anything.

I'll probably play a mage, if you're still looking for people.

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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2013, 10:14:42 AM »
I haven't heard from anyone else yet, and I'll be quick to edit the thread once I've chosen the, er, winners.

I suppose I should have said that, if you're interested, I'd like you to post in this thread.  I seem to often lose track of PMs, so if you don't want your character lost in cyber space, post him or her here!

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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #3 on: January 23, 2013, 12:12:22 AM »
I actually do have one question here, while I work on my character.  Would it be okay if I actually list out some gear from Dragon Age: Origins as my character's gear?  Nothing major, the character I'd use as a baseline is only like... level 8?  So she's not even got anything serious to list up.  Most serious thing I have is my staff that I got a decent loot drop on, and I'd just use the one I had before it, which was the Blackened Heartwood Staff.

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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #4 on: January 23, 2013, 10:32:58 AM »
I have some interest in this. However, I'm a little worried that the story may end up being too similar to Origins. I'm working on a character sheet, but I would like to know more about the possible direction of the story and if it would be ok for me to portray a companion like character on the side as well?

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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #5 on: January 23, 2013, 11:02:51 AM »
Pink: this game won't be using levels or stats or any sort of system.  Feel free to use whatever gear you think is appropriate for your Warden; as long as it makes sense, I don't see a problem with it.

BTW, upgrades in armor and weapons are handled in a realistic manner.  For example, a sword that does 10 damage in game is a normal sword.  If your character finds a 15 damage sword, they may notice that it's sharper, lighter, more durable, and you'd take that into account as you wrote combat scenes.  Same applies to Mage staffs.  A normal staff bolt may feel like a solid punch, whereas a more potent staff could dish out bolts that can knock Darkspawn off their feet.

Essentially, game mechanics and stats should be treated like guidelines, not hard rules.  Realism trumps mechanics, in other words.

Odan: Thanks for the interest!  First, I will not be railroading you guys down a storyline.  Where your characters go and what they do is entirely up to them, although the elder Warden I control will certainly have some say.  It may end up that our story resembles Origins, or it may progress completely differently.  That is up to you.

Also, you can have as many characters as you feel you can handle, but you can have only one Grey Warden.  That doesn't mean your other characters can't become Wardens in the future, but that's how the game will start.
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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #6 on: January 23, 2013, 11:14:33 AM »
Alright then.  That answered my question.  I will go ahead and get her finished up and posted, then.

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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #7 on: January 23, 2013, 07:16:53 PM »
Guess I should declare interest.


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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #8 on: January 23, 2013, 09:14:46 PM »
Guess I should declare interest.


Of course not!  We're barely on page 4!  :O

But seriously, nice to get some additional interest.  I'm sure you know it, and I'm certainly not accusing of presuming, but I figure I should say it anyway.  You have as equal a chance as anyone else; it all comes down to the quality of your writing and your character.

Oh, I almost forgot!  I baked some DARKSPAWN cookies!  Be careful, some of those chocolate chips may or may not be congealed Darkspawn blood.   ::)

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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #9 on: January 24, 2013, 11:45:06 AM »
I don't care about details. Well I do. But I have been waiting for something like this for forever.


Seriously though, why does everyone seem to prefer to roleplay from the perspectives of the stories in two rather than origins?

I'm a bit obsessed with the series so it may be some time before the profile comes up. Only because I want to be thorough with my application and with how my character comes out.

I do have a question as to if we are going to be using a respect system for fights or rather a dice system? Also when you say combination there of, for classes, does that mean we are not limited to one class range like we are in the games? As in Rogue/mage is entirely possible? Like that?

I just recently got denied from a game, through application process so this makes me cheer up insanely so. WOOOOOOOOOOO! *goes to make a character*

Also as for pictures of our characters, do you prefer realistic or animated/drawn? I know for some races it would be easier to find one versus the other? Oh wait, look there's a character creator available for download from Bioware itself. This... is kind of awesome:

It requires a Bioware Social account (which is free) but still, this looks amazing.
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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #10 on: January 24, 2013, 01:13:18 PM »
Hey Luma!  I like the enthusiasm!

To answer your question, I prefer realistically drawn or real life photos for character concepts, but I won't fault you for not agreeing!  However, I will say that I loathe it when people use name to represent their characters.  It tells you nothing about what they look like, except hair/skin color.  And possibly gender.  Maybe.

That character creator sounds brilliant.  I'll have to check it out when I get home.

Alright people, I'm making a deadline.  This Sunday at 6:00 PM EST is the cutoff.  I'll review characters posted before then, and select the two I like best.  Good luck!

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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #11 on: January 24, 2013, 02:00:00 PM »
I can't believe I forgot to include this earlier, but the character profile was supposed to have a writing prompt at the end!  I've edited the prompt into the profile in the first post.  Make sure you include it with the profile!

Sorry for the screwup.  >.<

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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #12 on: January 24, 2013, 03:02:05 PM »
Name: Mathius Vairo
Former Titles: Templar Knight-Lieutenant, Lord

Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 29

Class: Rogue
Specialization: Dueling
Talents/Professions: Complete Templar training, skilled duelist with dual short swords, theft, charm and coercion.

Personality: Mathius has a very coy and charming personality. He always injects humor into situations, even in the most improper times to do so, and rarely takes anything seriously. Because of this, he particularly deflects questions about his past using humor to distract and change the subject. Though his propensity to write poems shows he has a deeper side to him.

History: Mathius was born to a lower class Antivan family. As far as he knows his mother was a tavern wench who raised him alone. But at some point she could no longer keep him and had to give him away. She took Mathius to the local Chantry and gave him to be raised with the Templars. At the very least that’s the story he was always told, he has no recollection of his mother or anything before the Templars. From that point on he was raised in the Chantry, and to become a Templar in time.

He grew up a rebellious child, and that trait never seemed to leave him. He was cocky and stubborn, and difficult to control. But he was also talented and one of the more promising young recruits to be found in Antiva City. So his various commanders would let the smug looks and disorderly conduct pass without too much in the way of punishment. At adulthood, Mathius took to drink and whores and spent as much time at brothels as he did on duty. Eventually, he was assigned to the Circle of Magi in the city and spent three years there, rising in rank to Knight-Lieutenant.

However his sudden rise was just as suddenly halted. One day, while standing on guard for the Harrowing of a young Elven apprentice named Tajiri, he snapped. His commander, Knight-Commander Augustus killed the young Elf girl for believing she had taken too long. Mathius went into a frenzy and fought his own commander, leading to the young Templar slitting his own superior’s throat. Mathius ran, and escaped the Circle, and he didn’t stop running. He fled south into the Free Marches, and then west into Orlais. All the while under heavy Templar pursuit. Four months he was on the run, before his pursuers finally caught him in the forest areas outside Val Royeaux.

Imprisoned in the capital of Orlais, and scheduled to be executed, Mathius rotted away in cells waiting for the end. Until a Grey Warden happened upon him. He learned of Mathius’ story. Of how he was able to escape a Circle of Magi after killing his own commander, and then with pure will and determination eluded the Templars for months, and in the process killed another six of his former allies. The Warden was impressed, and used his Right of Conscription to free Mathius from his cell and save him from execution.

The Antivan successfully completed his joining and has been a Warden for just a few short months. Not long after completing the joining he was reassigned to aid in rebuilding the order in Ferelden. And would be present for the Battle of Ostagar.

Armor: Grey Warden issue medium plate armor.
Weapon: Twins short swords he calls Fate and Grace.
Mount: None at the moment (unless given a horse or something)
Other Equipment: Keeps a poem book and pen with him. Along with some other private belongings.

Appearance: Tanned skin, blue eyes, dark blonde hair, and other notably Antivan features. 5’11” 180 lbs. with a very athletic build.
Notable Traits: Tattoo over and around his right eye, as well as a scar left by the slash  of his former commander over his left eye.

Misc. Notes: If you find two Wardens you like more than this character, I’d be willing to play this character as a companion as well Question Mark and take a lesser role. And adapt his story to where the group would run into him at some point.

Writing prompt response:

Mathius shifted in his saddle, and stirred at hearing Duncan's voice for the first time in several hours. Good thing too he thought, anymore silence and listening to the rythmic trotting of horse hooves on the cobblestone of the Imperial highway and he may well have fallen asleep and fell from his horse. He sighed and turned to face his Grey Warden commander, "I suppose we'll see if Fereldens are any good in a fight when they're not going against Orleasians." Mathius jested and deflected the question. He'd been traveling with Duncan for a few weeks now, and couldn't recall a single light hearted moment the old man had. The backwater country of Ferelden as a whole had greatly dissapointed the Antivan. Everywhere it smelled, like a bog, and the cities he'd been too were nothing in comparison with his home. Despite Orleasians all being right bastards in his own mind, at least they did have some pretty girls and nice food. More than could be said of what he'd experienced in Ferelden thus far.

By land, Mathius traveled from Val Royeaux, through the Dales, and to Denerim. There he met and joined up with the main Grey Warden forces led by the man riding beside him now. Soon after, they heeded the king's call to come to Ostagar, and theree Mathius was. Only a Warden for a few short months and already off to stop the blight. He would often joke to the other, less gruffy, Wardens about his impeccible timing for such things. Mathius ran a hand through his darkened blond hair and stroked his stubble. He hadn't had the chance to shave in some days due to constant riding. The Antivan made a mental note to rid himself of the beard once they'd reached their destination.

Suddenly then Mathius's hands began to shake as he held onto the reigns, his lips quivered, and his breathing started to quicken and become short. His head began to throb as he stopped off his horse, and quickly dismounted. "I'll be right back, just need to take a piss." Mathius said to Duncan as he wrapped his horses reigns around a nearby post and quickly shuffled off of the highway. Once out of eyeshot of the main group, Mathius ducked behind a bush and fumbled with the pack on his belt. He grabbed at a flask filled with strange blue liquid and placed it to his lips, drinking the substance. A few seconds passed and his hands ceased shaking, his breath became normal again and he regained himself. Mathius placed the flask of liquidated lyrium back into his pack and secured it well. Several  moments later he began the trek back to the highway, to rejoin the main group again. Ostagar was now just in sight on the horizon.

This is the companion character I suggested earlier.

Name: Sabine Margaive
Former Titles: None

Sex: Female
Race: Human
Age: 26

Class: Warrior
Specialization: Dragon Hunter
Talents/Professions: Expert (as much as one can be at this time period) on fighting dragons. Skilled cook from her years working at a inn.

Personality: Brash and rarely wastes time with idle talk. She is an extremely driven and focused individual, to restore her family name. Beneath this brazen exterior though, she has a kind heart for those who’ve suffered in the wake of the blight.

History: The Margaive clan used to be one held in high honor in the land of Nevarra. They were nobles, and respected dragon hunters, even rivaling the Pentaghast clan in renown. However, centuries ago the king of Nevarra called his banners to go onto a final hunt to demolish the remaining dragons in the world. Including the Margaive, at the time however their leader was a coward and addled minded, and the family did not come to their kings call. Upon his return, he was furious at their supposed betrayal, despite the countless years of loyalty the clan had shown. He slew the head of the house, and stripped the rest of the clan of their titles and lands, banishing them from the country.

The clan went east into the Free Marches, and over time separated more and more. Sabine’s ancestors came across the sea and into Ferelden, seeking their fortunes in the young growing country. However there was none to be found. Soon after King Maric reclaimed the throne from Orlais, Sabine’s family settled in the small town of Lothering and opened a Inn called Durg’s Den, which is named after a high dragon that was famously slain nearly half a millennia ago by a member of the Margaive clan. And the remnants of the clan have been there since.

Now, Sabine and her father are the only known Margaives left in Thedas. Despite this, in their time of exile, Sabine’s family has kept the tradition alive of training their young to fight and educating them on dragons and tactics to defeat them. Sabine read every book on dragons she could find in her youth, and trained from dawn till dusk everyday. Her mind was filled with dreams of glory and restoring her name to prominence. She became a fearsome warrior, though as the years waned, and she was forced into a mundane life of serving drinks at her father’s inn, those dreams eventually passed. There still is a burning inside of her though, a need to atone for the cowardice of her ancestors. And if the rumors are true, that a blight really is upon Ferelden, that would also mean there is a Archdemon somewhere out there.

Armor: Simple boiled leather and plate armor providing little protection.
Weapon: A silverite shield bearing the clan‘s sigil that has been passed down for centuries, and a dragonbone longsword named Endor, the sword is named after the dragon from which the bones that forged it came from. She uses a crossbow from time to time as well.
Mount: None
Other Equipment: Various cooking supplies.

Appearance: Sabine has carried on the trait of a distinct Nevarran accent from her father, however her appearance strongly suggests Free Marches blood and maybe even some Orleasian. She has a strong angular bone structure, wild ginger hair, and light freckles across her cheeks (as well as other places). Apart from that, she is a surprisingly fit woman, from her years of hard training, with toned and lean muscle throughout her body. She’s roughly 5’10” and 160 lbs.
Notable Traits: Light freckles, and  yellowish orange eyes
Casual Clothing: Simple tavern serving cloth.

Misc. Notes: Like I said, this is a planned companion like character. And I can adjust her background to better suit how the story progresses. I don’t plan for her to join immediately of course, but possibly after some time. I think the best place may be at  the first city, village, or town the party arrives at, whether Lothering or not, and I can relocate the Inn as needed.

p.s. I'll edit in the writing prompt when I can find some more time Question Mark, and I'll fix Mathius' picture to crop out Bethany an Leandra.
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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #13 on: January 24, 2013, 06:42:44 PM »
Horses seem to be rare in Ferelden, but the Grey Wardens have managed to scavenge up a few thoroughbreds for their soldiers to ride.  Huzzah logistics!

Offline Odanrav

Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #14 on: January 24, 2013, 06:51:10 PM »
I call shenanigans, everyone knows horses are just a myth in Thedas. =p

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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #15 on: January 24, 2013, 07:02:46 PM »
They're IMAGINARY horses!

Offline Lumasan

Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #16 on: January 26, 2013, 04:04:30 PM »
I don't know about you but I'd rather run around on a Halla, or even better, a Bronto. Or a bear. But I'm weird like that. Imagine charging at someone on a Bronto, so intimidating. D:

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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #17 on: January 26, 2013, 04:16:02 PM »
If anyone uses a Dalish character, they're free to have a Halla as a mount!

Also, just 25 hours left and only one Warden has been submitted...

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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #18 on: January 26, 2013, 04:17:26 PM »
MY profile has become rather lengthy, but you can count on me getting mine up before the end of the day.

Also you make it way too tempting to be a dalish elf now, but... I already have 50% of my profile done. :/

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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #19 on: January 27, 2013, 01:32:55 AM »
Wanted you to know I'm posting my profile in the morning with a writing prompt. I have everything finished except that.

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Re: The Blight of Ferelden (Open)
« Reply #20 on: January 27, 2013, 04:02:31 PM »
Name: Eluv’yan Federan
Former Titles: While she did many things worthy of earning a title, she never was given one.

Sex: Female
Race: Human
Age: 24

Class: Mage/Rogue
Specialization: Stealth
Talents/Professions: Previously she was a member of a rogue society in Denerim, where she specialized in lock and traps, as well as being a support for larger endeavors. She also had a little experience in running an organization thanks to her father. As far as talents go, she is a talent of the tongue and fingers, her charisma getting her into and out of many situations, as well as her nimble fingers. As well as her rogue talents, she holds a natural connection to the fade, one which she has had to hide from most others for a long time, she is able to conjure elemental spells, but beyond that she has had no training for.

Personality: Eluv’yan is not what you’d expect typically from a rogue. She’s not devious, and not sneaky. She enjoys conversation and has an agile tongue. While she is privy to being weirdly witty at times, she often is seen as a rather kind girl. However years of work within a group of thieves had hardened her to some of the harder aspects of life. In attempts to reconcile with her past, she has focused on being a person many who could look up to and count on. She keeps to her word and usually does anything asked of her in a swiftly manner. While she’s not afraid to skirt the lines of ethics and values, she generally will choose an outcome that will help the better part of a population or a person in choice. She has tendencies to sit alone, in a dark corner, just evaluating people or thinking about her life up until that point. She finds a point to inflection and does it very often.

History: Eluv’yan Federan was born straight into a lower class family, who’s reputation was larger than their income. She was born to the head of a local group of thieves, who typically did not have a name, but were fondly called the River Rats by the workers at the docks along the Draken River in Denerim. At the time, the group was small and in its prime. The group’s main focus was smuggling of cargo and pawning of stolen goods. As time went on, in Eluv’yan’s early childhood, her father took the group into a newer direction. They up scaled form simple smuggling into burglary, pick-pocketing, and a successful business front of selling traps to people who needed them in the area.

Around the age of eight, Eluv’yan’s connection to the fade was discovered. Rather than turn her into the Chantry and Templars, her father, Ricker, kept her close and her secret under lock and key. He put forth her training in the group, under his second in command Lucius, to be taught how to defend herself if her secret was ever discovered. A small time apostate was hired under confidentiality, being paid a wealthy sum and given free room and board, to teach Eluv’yan to harness her power.

As time went on, Eluv’yan was able to master elemental control of her connection to the fade, as well as techniques to keep herself from being possessed by a demon or ever having to make contact with them. Unfortunately, at the age of fifteen, Eluv’yan had the unfortunate luck of being accused of mage abilities, stating that she had been seen practicing it in an alley. Due to her love of her student, Eluv’yan’s apostate tutor took the fall for her, and actively surrendered to the Templars of Denerim stating that it was her in the alley and not Eluv’yan. It is because of this that Eluv’yan did not further her talents with the Fade, her father deemed it too risky and instead decided to further develop her skills as a thief.

At nineteen, Eluv’yan helped the River Rats gain further fame within Denerim, and went as far as to help broker a deal with the local thieves’ guild. The River Rats had up until then had been taking clients away from the Thieves’ Guild in a small amount, but any loss of clients was not tolerated by the Guild. So, while they remained their own separate group, they instead received clientele and jobs through the Thieves’ Guild. Ricker had recognized Eluv’yan’s talent from early on in her life, and not just her mage skills. Her tongue was witty and charming, and her personality got her farther than most could on personality alone. After years of honing her into a tool, unbeknownst to her, he had set up a ploy to seize control of a larger group of thieves and absorb them into his own ranks through use of his daughter’s untapped powers under Eluv’yan having the assumption she was only there to provide back up support.

Of course, in typical fashion, no one saw a mage coming. Let alone, a mage with a quippy tongue and a knack for laying inconvenient traps. Eluv’yan had unknowingly usurped a small clan of thieves on her father’s orders. When her father arrived, the thieves had already been led to believe that they were only there for property that rightfully belonged to the River Rats, and Ricker proved them wrong. After watching her father unmercifully killing half the group of thieves, she began to question her father’s motives.

After questioning her father later about the incident, he kindly reminded her that she could have grown up under the eyes of “evil” Templars and could have been locked in a tower her whole life. Instead he had taken pity on her, simply because she was the daughter of a bar maid and was his only child. It was only once that Eluv’yan needed to question her father’s motives to realize what had been going on her entire life. She had only been a tool, a hidden card up the sleeve of a man who only wanted power.

After months of planning, and several other forced plays where Eluv’yan helped to pick off small up and coming groups of bandits, she had finalized her plan. Previously, before she was able to sway her father into possibly changing his ways, the Thieves’ guild of Denerim labeled the River Rats as a plague that had needed to be cleansed. With the help of the Thieves’ Guild and some rather well trained assassins, Eluv’yan was able to catch her father off guard. On specific terms with the Guild, she had decided the only one who could take him out would be her, with a quick stab into the heart (with a lyrium infused/enchanted dagger her father gave her no less) she ended his life.

It took a couple of months to dispose of the unruly crowd and people who had supported her father wholeheartedly. After wards, with the help of Lucius (who had thought her father’s ways were always too demanding and controversial), she brought the now smaller group of thieves back into good terms with the Guild in Denerim.

After a year and a half of rule over the group, she handed the power to Lucius, and left the group to be a rogue agent throughout Denerim. In attempt to rid herself of her more evil past memories, she took only jobs that helped the better half of the population. Whether it was retrieving stolen sentimental items, or simply stealing food to hand out to the beggars on the streets. It was never enough to rid the disquieting memories, and so at twenty four years of age she was still looking for something to rid her mind of old haunts or at least preoccupy her mind.

Until a few months ago, when the Blight had reared its deadly hand again, Eluv’yan had spent her time wandering and helping people. She had gotten caught up in a tiff with a bystander (a rather rich one) over whether or not she stole his coin purse. In an act of pure charisma and a slight of hand, Eluv’yan was able to distract the person and add a weighted coin purse (full of caltrops) to his belt. She had convinced him she had not taken it, but had apologized for bumping into him anyways.

Unbeknownst to her she was being watched at the time by a Grey Warden, who was more intrigued by her tongue than by her hands. As the day went on, she was sloppy in watching her tail. The warden witnessed most of her acts of kindness, in handing gold to the beggars on the street and stealing food for others as well. When she finally was caught in the act by several officials, the Warden came to her rescue and stood up for her. At her trial, the Warden invoked the Right of Conscription, testifying that a kind person should not rot in jail for the things they do to help others.

After a successful and frightening Joining, Eluv’yan took to learning the Grey Warden ways and their beliefs. She found herself in a perfect fit, able to help others without having to use devious ways. She took to helping farmers pushed out of their lands by hordes of Darkspawn, and supplied numerous traps for hunters and farmers who still had yet to leave their homes.

As of this time, no one is aware of Eluv’yan’s connection to the fade.

Armor: Typically Eluv’yan favors lighter armors so that she is never hindered when she is using her magic. If she is expected to be up closer in battle, she will don a light leather armor set tailored to fit her body snugly. Otherwise, she typically wears a heavier cloth outfit akin to what a ranger would wear in a much shorter style. Around her waist is a tool belt, with a scabbard for her dagger, as well as several pouches for storing items and trap materials. She will never wear boots with a definitive solid sole, as soles click against the ground.
Weapon: A single lyrium infused/enchanted dagger given to her from Ricker, her father. It is dull from years of use.
Mount: None
Other Equipment: Eluv’yan makes sure to always have lure wire, a set of lock picks, a file, a bag of caltrops and a few trap triggers on her.

Appearance: Eluv’yan stands tall for a woman at 5’7”, she is fit in her figure and does not have much for hips. She is a dark brunette with her hair appearing black in the night and shade. Her eyes are a popping green, often brightening up when she is happy or relaxed, and dimming/darkening when she is angry (as all people’s eyes do). She has a softer touch to her skin but her hands are callused and scars litter her body. Her skin is an olive tone, but somewhat pale due to her night time activities.

Notable Traits: Although she carries no tattoos, Eluv’yan is covered in scars from her exploits as a thief. Whether they have a story behind them is something to ask her. It could have been anything from a failed attempt at disarming a trap to a slip of a knife in a fight.
Casual Clothing: Typically on a casual day she’ll run around in a loose fitting cotton tunic (designed for men) and a pair of pants, and a pair of slip on shoes.

Misc. Notes: I would like to mention, I set this up for potentially allowing Eluv’yan to grow as a character, or come further into her mage talents, no longer needing her rogue ones. Also after much debate, I decided against a character generated within the character creator for DA:O. I couldn’t get anything to NOT look like me. :/

Writing Prompt:

Eluv’yan shifted her belt with her hands, the caltrops in a belt pouch jingling softly. Her mind was tired. It was a long journey from Denerim to Ostagar. A type of journey she often didn’t make. She was very much a local girl in that aspect, never straying too far from familiar haunts. At least a mount kept her from tiring her legs out too much. She hadn’t done much horse riding in her life, only as a treat when she was a child. She only pet one every now and then in the streets when they’d rarely come by pulling carts. She stroked at the horses neck, smiling faintly and then resumed sitting up straight. It was then she realized the soft and weak pain in her lower back. Elub’yan rubbed at it and looked at their surroundings.

Things were quiet, more so than Denerim ever could be. Even in the night, loud gregarious banter could be heard leaking from the taverns. People were always shuffling by in the night, and even some businesses other than the taverns stayed open late. The open road had brought a calming atmosphere along with an unending disquiet that nerved her. She wasn’t sure whether she should relax or to consistently keep her guard up. Although, when she looked to Duncan, if her could find a balance between the two, then so could she. Her shoulders relaxed a little, but it was evident that Eluv’yan was still examining her surroundings.

She hadn’t heard Duncan’s voice for quite some time, the last time being back in Denerim, where they had been introduced by her savior Warden. The act of him speaking had caught her off guard, and shattered the silence of the world around her. It was almost too loud, having her ears adjusted to the natural sounds of nature, but they adjusted quickly. Looking straight on ahead, she listened, curious but considerate to let him speak what was on his mind at the time. A fingerless gloved hand pulled her hood down as she listened, the plain’s wind softly kissing her cheeks. Green eyes narrowed as he mentioned the fighting in Ostagar, the Darkspawn, and the potential of stopping them.

Shifting in her saddle, Eluv’yan took a few minutes to think over her response. She knew what she wanted to say, but she wanted to word it correctly. Her lips parted and she took a deep breath in before replying. “If they shall attack tonight, it will be met with great and powerful force. For years our Order has taken it upon themselves to protect the world and the innocence of life from the hordes of evil that are the Darkspawn,” she paused and adjusted her hood around her neck with a single hand. “King Cailan, I believe, knows this. I believe he knows we are willing to do anything to stop the Darkspawn for good. Although from what I hear he can be rather tenacious, but I think with proper influence he’d help us to succeed in battle.” She paused again, as the horse stopped to shake its mane. “All in all, I believe that anything is possible, especially when you have the means and will to foresee it happening. Whether it means the end of life as you know it, you will always have the will to continue fighting the Darkspawn. At least, I shall. So no matter what happens there, if we choose to end it once and for all, I shall give it my all. For when all hope is lost, there is a glimmer of light. Even if I am mortally wounded in battle tonight, I will continue fighting to give my brethren hope.” She paused and looked to Duncan for the first time since they left Denerim.

“Hope shall be our winning play, we will not lose,” While she hadn’t answered his question directly, she could hear the doubt in his voice. She knew that it would take tactical advantage to utterly destroy the Darkspawn once and for all, but she also knew something else was needed. Hope was an underlying factory in any victory, if troops were not inspired, they would not give it their all.

I'd like to personally apologize for this massive wall of text that is a profile. Le sigh. I hope no headaches were caused by it.
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Odan and Luma, those are some very interesting and high quality characters, and I'm glad to say that they're both accepted into the game.  YAY!




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Thanks ?

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