Under the Sea. (M/F, F/F, Futa/F Roleplay ideas...)

Started by Wolfy, January 21, 2013, 08:49:17 PM

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Both of these can be M/F, F/F, or Futa/F...;3

Under the Sea (Human x Mermaid)
Based on an anime I've seen...

A Guy, out on the ocean, gets caught within a fantastic storm that causes his boat to capsize and go under, plunging him into the deep ocean. With little hope for survival, a mermaid finds him and brings him to the shore, where the man slowly comes to with the mermaid nearby. He thanks her for saving him, and soon the two strike up a conversation, and eventually fall in love together. All is well and good, except this mermaid...has a small family problem. For you see, she's actually the daughter of the Boss, a man who is the head of the largest underwater Mafia syndicate in the entire world, someone who doesn't exactly like that his Daughter is dating a Piece of Garbage "Land-Dweller".

What's one to do, eh? <3

Childhood Memories: (Human x Furry.)

Back then, when they were kids, the two of them were inseparable, a Human Boy and a (Insert Furry of your choice here) girl. The two of them went everywhere together, as they were neighbors and the best of friends. But such things are prone to not lasting, and as the two of them got older, they developed feelings for each other...but never expressed them. Soon enough, life came into play, and the two of them were split. He went off to pursue a career in Acting, while she took up (Insert career choice here). He became famous, a man of many talents that could have anyone he wanted...but he always thought of that missed opportunity, always remembering his best friend who had stayed in their home town.

Now, on location for a movie, he arrives into his home town...and meets her again at the coffee shop where she works.

What will happen? <3

Almost forgot!

PM me if you're interested in either. <3


Alright ya'll....

So here's an interesting thing: A Pokemon Stranded Island RP.

Our Characters are on the S.S. Anne when it gets into a terrible accident, leading to the ship sinking. Our characters are the only two survivors, managing to make it to a nearby island where they must survive together with their pokemon until help comes.


Now, I'm also interested in Doing a Stranded Island RP where our characters have powers (Control over fire, etc, etc.)....;3 Something to spice the setting up, basically.