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Author Topic: Fall from Heaven- The Dark Fantasy World of Erebus  (Read 618 times)

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Fall from Heaven- The Dark Fantasy World of Erebus
« on: January 20, 2013, 02:36:35 pm »

Fall from Heaven is a mod for the video game Civilization IV. However, the video game aspect of it is not important. Civ IV is a game in which you control a nation in its growth into a large empire. Fall from Heaven is the same, and so the story is not in the video game part, the story is around the game. Here is the complete lore compendium for anyone who wants to explore more in depth.

These are the civs in their most basic form, reduced to a small sentence describing who they are.

And these are the religions.

Some general (much abridged) history first. Erebus was created by the One, the all powerful god who created the Angels to help him. One Angel, Ageres, rebelled and plunged the world into chaos. The One banished all the Angels, even the ones who didn't follow Ageres, severing the link between the world and heaven. The Angels than created a new group of Angels for themselves, Archangels, and set themselves up as gods of the world. Each civilization and each religion has a patron god who guides them. The gods couldn't agree on anything, however, and waged war for a very long time, fighting each other for dominance of the world using the inhabitants of the world to fight each other. Eventually, the gods agreed that they couldn't keep hurting the world like they were, fighting for dominance. So they agreed not to enter the world any longer setting up the Compact. They created the sword, the Godslayer, as a symbol of their pact, but also to ensure that their war didn't happen again.

Without the gods fighting in the world, civilizations thrived. There was a long Age of Magic in which people learned and grew without fear of destruction. Many races learned the secrets of magic and practiced them. The Illians were eventually able to get ahold of an ancient ritual that would let the gods into the world. The Illians had too often been beaten down and treated as inferiors by the rest of the world. They were able to unleash their patron deity, Mulcarn, the god of ice, onto the world and in an instant, the world was covered in a permanent winter.

The gods were furious at this breaking of the compact, and agreed to allow one god to go into the world and fight Mulcarn, Sucellus the god of nature. Sucellus fought Mulcarn, but was defeated and killed, freezing the world even further. Kylorian, one of the great kings and masters of magic during the Age of Magic returned and reforged the Godslayer, however, forming a new people, the Amurites, and destroying Mulcarn.

With Mulcarn dead, Sucellus returned from the underworld, as the god of life, bringing the world back to its former glory, the Age of Rebirth. However, there are now other people gathering under a common lust for arcane power, the Sheaim. They follow the religion of the Ashen Veil, and only the higher ups know that their goal is the eventual destruction of the world.

Feel free to make a character from any of the nations, for now I'm going to go ahead and accept anything you want to do, canons or OC's. I have a general story in mind that will affect the entire world, and I'd like to see what the interest will look like first. Also, this can easily translate to a one on one so if you are struck by anything in here for a one on one let me know.

Any questions about the world or specifics about the civs/religions/characters ask here so that everyone can see. It's a lot to take in I know, but you don't have to know everything just now. Just know the general background history and the general history of the civ/religion your character belongs to.

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Re: Fall from Heaven- The Dark Fantasy World of Erebus
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2013, 05:13:23 pm »
I wouldn't mind playing a balseraph, but I wonder to what extent their illusion powers go to?

Offline YaoiRolePlayTopic starter

Re: Fall from Heaven- The Dark Fantasy World of Erebus
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2013, 05:22:58 pm »
The Balseraph's illusionary powers are mostly mind based, fooling people into thinking one thing or another that's not true. Or controlling other people's minds. Ect. Of course mages can train in any magic, but the Balseraph's main aim is mind magic.