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May 25, 2018, 09:36:38 PM

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Author Topic: Large-Scale Roleplay. Free-Roam adventure with GM! - Expansion upon AA  (Read 303 times)

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Offline MishaLeeATopic starter

-NOTE! Old Advert is marked with *** !-

Ascending Assassin(AA) - Brave full Bounty-Hunter

The Theme, the Scenarios
As you might have guessed from the title, the roleplay I'm offering is based around assassination or bounty hunting. As such, there will be two themes.

A middle-eastern one, revolved around you, the main-character, and his/her's endeavours as a new assassin in training. How will you fare in a world of corrupt power and deceit, and will you make it to a great rank within the shadowful ranks, or will not guild or group be able to handle you, forever branding you as a lonewolf?
A sci-fi setting one, again, about your character and his/her's journey as a futuristic bounty hunter. From a greenhorn to the most feared bounty hunter in the known galaxy, your character will develop great skills, great traits, gain friends and make enemies. Though, is it a journey that your character will be able to come out alive of?
Both settings are unique in their own way, offering a great variety of different things within each. I have done no preset writing or fleshing out, and I will make up the universe complete from scratch, within the barriers of your interest, making sure you'll have an enjoyable experince, one, hopefully, that you'll never forget, and cherish greatly.
But what does "Free-Roam GMing" mean? In short, I control everything. Almost, that is. Your main character is your own, and your free to do with he/she as you see fit. Are you a peaceful entity, or one that would rather shoot first, and ask questions later? No matter you choice, I'll tailor the universe around your character to whatever choice it is that you make. Everything with have concequences, be it for better or worse. Enemies, allies, love interests, shady merchants, fellow hunters, all of these will be played by me, letting you focus on exactly how you want your character to grow. The fate and development of your Assassin/Bounty Hunter, lies completely in your own hands.
But what about the KINKS?!
What about them? I consider myself a person of great flexability, and as such, there is no definite kink I'd say "no" to. Nope, not a single one. I respect people's desires, and it's always my aim to please them as much as I'm capable of. In order to do so, I would have to put up with every single kink, even if it's one that perticulairly interests me all to much. The fact that I put great joy and eagerness into my partner overshadows any dislike I would ever have for the strangest of kinks. Therefore, I haven't provided a list. Why? It barely matters. State what you like, and we'll make it work.
On a last note, there actually IS something that I require from you!
In short: A proper answer.
Far too many times have I made ads that I put great effort into, only to receive a single line of dialogue within my mailbox, ultimately leaving me disappointed. I try to please everyone I can, but a lot of my motivation stems from the fact that my partner is having great fun. If they are hard to communicate with, or are way too brief, it makes it hard for me to establish that joy I long for my partner to have.
As such, I'd like those who find this ad interesting to put a little effort into their response if they decide to contact me. I'm not asking for much at all, merely that I don't get any "You ad sounds awesome, add me on MSN". A welcoming and warm presentation from my partner means a lot to me, since it helps me determine who exactly I'm dealing with.
With that said, I hope you enjoy what this ad had in store! As written above, you can contact me here on elliquiy, and I'll try to get back at you as soon as I can. I really don't have any limited spaces on how many I can roleplay with, but I will hand-pick the people who genuinly seem more motivated and interested in the theme's and scenario's I presented.
Hope you enjoyed, and have a pleasent Christmas, everyone.
Yours Truly
^My old advert, promising my partners the chance to become an assassin in an open world universe!
and now. My NEXT offer:

It's time for adventure, and a grand one at that, and what better than YOU being the said adventurer?
Are you a hero or a villain? A mighty paladin in shining armour? A shady rogue traversing the shadows or perhaps a jolly bard enjoying music above all else?
 Proffesion does not matter, since events and adventure is to be had everywhere in the world, whether your ambitions may be low, or sky-high.
Much as the title is suggesting, I'm seeking friendly role-players willing to participate in a solo and/or multiple scenario roleplay.
 Said roleplay will star the main-charter, YOUR character, and his/her way to wealth, power, happiness, or whatever ambition for life they may have.
 If you already have a character you like, and is of higher status, we can start in medias res, depending on your preference.

Below are a few settings I thought possible for a grand roleplay to be played out in:
World of Warcraft(Azeroth) - Who doesn't love WoW? With so many years on its behind, the universe has only gotten more and more interesting. Some may argue that recent years has not been too kind to lore, but that doesn't rule out the universe of Warcraft being awesome in general, and definitely a great opportunity for a grand Roleplay.
Fantasy - Oh glorious fantasy. Magic, swords and holy power. A term known by many, and loved in equal. Also a good opportunity for exciting storytelling, in a universe made up by GM and players.
Sci-fi - The slightly more uncommon setting, but an interesting one none-of-the-less. Space-ships, gun-battles and a wide selection from odd to pleasing looking alien beings.
Normal Life - Also one of the more uncomming settings, but nothing I wont rule out. This one is more prone to drama oriented things, problems in the family, love stories, and maybe even more generations? I can easily see an opportunity for multiple players in this setting.
Anything else? - In case I forgot to mention a setting, or you have a unique idea of your own that you'd really love being played out by a GM, I'm more than willing to try and satisfy that very wish!
Now, I'm pretty sure I will be asked this: "Is there gonna be anything sexually related inside?" - Most certainly! Depending on exactly that you like as a player, we will shape the world and events to only include proper kinks and likings. There is no joy playing something out you find disturbing or plain uninteresting.
 In that regard, I will need players to submit a kink-list of sorts, or in any shape or form, a sort of refference to what they'd like to see, and what is completely out of the picture. Personally, I'm a lady of many o' kinks, so don't be shy/hesitant about mentioning the rare stuff. I will not lock it out of the roleplay.

With that said, I think the abovementioned will do it for this post of mine, and I hope it was a pleasure to read this little short advert of mine.
 If you found it interesting, please feel free to apply over a PM post, prefereably in a detailed manner so I know exactly what kind of roleplay you'd prefere!
Thanks for reading. Questions and inquiries are always welcome as well.

My old AA (Ascending Assassin) advert, and my new completely open-world possible scenario, smacked into one, huge ad!

The whole TL;DR version: With former ad focusing ONLY on the assassin scenario, my new offer will focus on ANYTHING large scale related. ANYTHING GOES, people! Let's be inventive!

Hope you all enjoy the rework of the advert, and I await in anticipation for possible applicants

Yours Truly