Meet Jolenar Black ... human? or succubus?

Started by Alive Until Dead, January 19, 2013, 02:32:49 PM

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Alive Until Dead

>>>>>> My On/Offs thread. <<<<<<

NOTE: The ideas listed below are NOT the only ideas I'm interested in. If reading one inspires another idea, feel free to pitch it to me! Likewise, the male descriptions are to help you know what I'm looking for. They're not requirements. The FEMALE character listed, however, is not negotiable other than small details to fit for a SL. I want to play her.

**I am straight and my characters are straight, so Male/Female relationships ONLY.
**At this time, I ONLY play females.
**I reserve the right to decline ideas and prospecting RP


My AIM Screen Names
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** Some details may vary depending on genre/timeframe. Stats below are basic and apply to all ideas unless otherwise noted in the idea. Questions, please ask.

Name: Jolenar Black
Nick Name: Jo, Jol, Lady Black, The Viper, She-devil
Known Alias: n/a
Age: 27
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 143 lbs
Build: Athletic & Voluptuous

Piercing: None
Tattoo: None
Scars/ID Marks: Impalement scar; right thigh, 4 inch knife slice lower back left side, nail impalement center of both hands, horizontal knife slice from left to right halfway across her throat

Weapon possessed: 2 six shot revolvers, thigh belt of double edged throwing knives, hatchet with a spiked back, 4 boot knives, cross bow and long bow, bola, sniper rifle (as needed).

Occupation: Renowned Bounty Hunter (also known to be of hire for darker things)
Personality: Sharp witted, intelligent, brazen, cocky, largely independent, sensual, distrusting, driven, open minded but skeptic, typically dominant (not as in dominatrix), curious, controlled, seductive, defiant, selective, passionate, sometimes utterly inconsiderate
Reputation: Accepted as a top choice Bounty Hunter across the known sectors. Good humored but wont take any flack from anyone; arguably hot tempered and lightening on the draw. It's said that once she's on your tail you'll never shake her unless you kill her. Often referred to as The Viper for her stealthy approach and whip like striking abilities. Said to be as seductive as she is lethal.

Best Skills: Seduction, Deception, Stealth, Quick-draw, Dual shooting, Sharp Shooting (Gun and bow), Tracking, Trapping, Close Quarter Combat and killing, tactical intelligence, Balance & Grace

The Succubus Aspect: feeds off chi/lifeforce/life-energy and thus can be lethal, especially to humans. See's sexual energy in it's various levels of arousal. The chi is pulled through her mouth, usually initiated by a kiss. Her touch, when so desired, can offer a loving, arousing warmth into the other persons body in a slow-spreading fashion to their core. With said touch, weak wills can be easily persuaded to do things or be honest. Sex with the succubus can be lethal with humans because climax can break her self-control not to suck them dead. Supernatural beings tend to regenerate their energy at a much quicker, safer rate for constant engagement. Different Supernaturals are effected in different ways. Mixing her blood into another during a feeding from them causes a binding effect that drives her partner into devotion; ultimately enslaving them. Enslavement can be broken through a simple ritual. Feeding provides enhanced strength, stamina, and total healing. Failure to feed for a prolonged period of time after being injured can result in permanent damage/scaring. -- ask if you have further questions.

W E S T E R N ; the wild west, outlaws, marshals, murder, thievery, saloons, trains, devil-may-care attitudes
(OOC notes: Succubus aspect optional. Basic stats still apply with only time-period adjustments to weapons and manner of reputation. In this period, her reputation as seductively lethal is more profound and she's approached with considerable caution.)

  • --- Setting ---  River Bend nowheresville, Midwest. A small barter-town comprised of independent settlers some of whom live on near by ranches. Gold is of course accepted here, but the most common currency is trade. River Bend is split by a mainroad that cuts through the center of the town. Along the left when entering from the east there's the Sheriff's station, complete with an office for the local Marshal and a three-cell holding area. A Barber was next down the line, followed by the General Store, Butcher Shop, and the local Black Smith.

    Across from the Black Smith shop at the west entry was an Inn, two stories tall with ten rentable rooms. Beside the Inn was the Black Owl Saloon, complete with harlots, corner-table poker, live music and various kinds of whiskey and moonshine. Across from the General store was the Doc's place, both home and office with an extension to the east for the apothecary. At the mouth of the East entry across from the Sheriff's station was a Produce Market for the local farmers to sell their goods. 
  • --- Plot(s) ---  1) Jo comes into town just after a group of bandits stole valuable medicines and herbs from the apothecary.  Killing 4 people and tearing out on horseback to the west. The Local Marshal is rounding up a hunting party when he comes to realize most of the good men are already drunk down at the saloon; forcing him to take a chance and hire Jolenar to help him track them down and get the supplies back. 2) Jolenar hits up the saloon before getting a room at the Inn. While there, she gets into a brawl with a half-drunk deputy who insists a woman with her figure MUST be a whore. I will open this RP, you can play whom-ever you want save the drunk-deputy. 3) Yes, a little 3:10 to Yuma, only this Bounty Hunter's a hell of a lot better than the Outlaws expected. Play one of the Outlaw's trying to get their commander back, or play her captive. 

  • --- The Man ---
    • //Traits I look for in this genre'\\\\ Gruff, unpolished,  cocky but not overly arrogant, gunslinger, skeptic, single/widower, appreciative of the wild, attracted to her prowess and skill but still believes in the 'natural' order, intelligent, cunning, witty, casually vulgar, unrushed, passionate (even if inwardly so), observant

1 9 3 0 ' s ; speakeasies, mafia, bootleggers, delta blues, swing, "dirty 30's" 
(OOC notes: Succubus aspect optional. In this setting her Bounty Hunter status is less notable. A word-of-mouth-only hire. For this genre' I am most interested in exploring her ties to organized crime.)

  • --- Setting ---  Chicago. A city of organized crime and opportunity. Speakeasies. Gentlemen Clubs. Smoke Lounges. Dirty Cops and Ruthless Anti-Gang Cops. Turf Wars, arms dealing, drug dealing, retaliations, and assassinations. 
  • --- Plot(s) ---  1) Delicate problems require delicate solutions. With CPD's anti-gang force stepping increasingly out of bounds and deeper into the lions den the local family has hired Jolenar to run 'interference' on an inside man they suspect as being an undercover cop feeding information to the local badges. 2) Unaffiliated until recently, after she tore a hole through a branch of their ranks going after a skipped payment for hunting down a newly rich squelch who ultimately owed the family quite a bit of money. It was in that act she was lured on as such a hunter on a more permanent basis. Not everyone's happy about it either. (Let's talk about who you want to play here.)3) The Local Family has put out a Bounty on a handsome Import from across the pond who's thought to snub his nose at local hierarchy and protocol. It's an open bounty with a dead-or-alive tag on it. Just the sort of job for Jolenar to put her name on their radar. (Play Target or Crime Family Member)

  • --- The Man ---
    • //Traits I look for in this genre'\\\\ Intelligent, adaptable, suave, confident, mild-tempered, not easily tempted but sometimes utterly captivated, investigative, gruff or refined, sarcastic, dick, more compassionate than he'll ever admit, 30's, experienced, attentive, aware, resourceful 

T E E N   Y E A R S ; impulsive behavior, wild-lethality, unexplored-passion, careless vulgarity, taunting youth
(OOC notes: Succubus aspect optional, if interested in this option please know I'm looking for a supernatural male counter-part, one who can help her teach herself to control her abilities, IE, not kill anyone if she doesn't want to. Stats change slightly, 5'4'', 120lbs, age 16-19. Natural talent with weaponry, but unrefined. Not yet a registered Bounty Hunter. PLEASE>PLEASE>READ the blurb after the image for Hunter King to get an idea of what I've had in mind for their history so far specifically. Open to other concepts. )

  • --- Setting ---  Modern. Modern/Supernatural. Location can actually be anywhere because Jolenar was quite exploratory as a teenager. Settings will, however probably revolve around the desired plot named below-- unless of course you have an awesome idea.
  • --- Plot ---  Hunter King is an Arms Dealer and a damned good one at that. He has a strict it's not my business policy to those he sells merchandise to. Of course the Arms industry is almost as dangerous as some of the war's it's service provides to. When the need to issue some hard-core but creative payback arises King looks to an unlikely new client of his. Jolenar Black was as naturally talented with artillery as she was gifted with a body from the gods. (We can discuss their ties and his approach to hiring her and the job itself etc.) 

  • --- The Man ---
    • //Traits I look for in this genre'\\\\ 28+, intelligent, sometimes wise, bold, opportunistic, commanding, quiet-nature but not submissive, watchful and assessing, versatile, resourceful, rational but sometimes heatedly impulsive, brutally violent when angered (not necessarily abusive to her), conflicted about his desires to ravage Jo, Single/usually uncommitted, good on his word, typically selfish, casual cusser, independent but connected 

Jolenar Black has been an exception to his strict I don't give a flying-fuck what you do with it policy since the day he met her. There are official channels that have to be gone through, in an unofficial world, for new buyers. For his protection of course. Much to his surprise that 10pm appointment was a damn teenager! He hadn't been sure at first, despite the obvious youth in her face that bodacious body couldn't possible have been adolescent right? Wrong. He tried to turn her away the moment she asked for a revolver, Really? Who, but his 'friends' comes to him for a fucking revolver?; but she had an answer for that too.

"Get the fuck outta here ... pft... fuck'n revolver.."

"Aren't you short-minded."

"Excuse me? Who the-"

"I have cash." Yes she did. "And this is like the appetizer before a full course meal. You sell me a revolver that works proper and then we'll talk about the custom pieces that are more up your alley."

She was so damn direct how was he not to wonder what custom items she was thinking about? She pulled the cash from her bra through the V of her shirt without shame and it was a lot more than she needed for a damn revolver. That was how it started. She was too clean and put together with a solid self-confidence to have been a whore some place. She was able to argue her point on a revolver over a Glock like she actually knew what she was talking about. Normally he never asked but Jolenar had a way of engaging through her directness that started the spiral of their relationship.

((OOC: The above is just to give an idea of how the King character met Jolenar. We can fill in blanks because ultimately I want you to make him yours when you play. ))

F U T U R E  ; time-travel, misunderstandings, growing tension, cultural exploration, curiosity, temptation
(OOC notes: Succubus aspect optional. YOU MUST LEAD THIS RP, for this particular genre' I would like to play Jolenar as the time traveler, into the future. Thusly being the respectively naive about "modern" technology and customs etc. )

  • --- Setting ---  -- We'll make it up based on the futuristic world and the plot listed below. Yes, I am down to brainstorm with you, some ideas are mentioned in the plot.
  • --- Plot ---  1) Random anomaly that created a time-warp that Jolenar stepped into during a chase after one of her targets. The difference a step made for her was literally night and day. Sensors in the future city pick up the disturbance and send a team out to investigate. (Could play someone on the investigation team, could be military, could be police, or scientist. You could play a civilian, if it's an oppressive culture some how, maybe he's helping save her from the investigation team. Time travel hasn't been possible yet so there is room for that confusion.) 2) Jolenar is pulled through a time-warp anomaly because of experimentation in the future. In her time she was simply sleeping in her bed. The transfer brought what was physically touching her: sheets and pillow. (Setting could be the lab of the experiments or a random location elsewhere. Let's talk about it.) 

  • --- The Man ---
    • //Traits I look for in this genre'\\\\ Curious, good-humored, considerate, strong willed, work driven, intelligent, innovative, physically capable, unlikely hobby, stubled, instinctually protective, focused, agile, compelled to teach (even if only Jo), dominant, expert in his field, risk taker 

D A N G E R O U S   P e t; supernatural, seduction, deception, murder, defiance, enchantment, unbridled passions, lethal-affection
(OOC notes: Succubus aspect NOT-optional. Yes, this is a slave-like play where Jolenar is basically 'owned' by someone. Supernatural preferred. No, she's not directly submissive even in this scenario. )

  • --- Setting ---  Primary Location will be your character's home. Lavish. Big. Yes she has her own room, everything else is up to you. Other locations will come up as her tasks require.  While there are many supernatural beings out in the world, the human populous as a whole remains unaware. There is a Council of Elders which aids in governing the paranormal world but for the most part each area creates it's own hierarchy by any means possible. So long as they don't draw too much unwanted attention, no one cares. 
  • --- Plot ---  The infamous Lady Black first became owned when she made a deal with her current keeper to issue payback he was in a unique position to deal. It was a complex negotiation but ultimately she's bound by a means of witch-craft. A choker, simple and black around her throat is what keeps her under his thumb. Spelled to allow him the ability to call her to him, even from afar, to make her kneel by sheer will of intent, and to marginally transfer some of his own emotions into her. Physically make her feel the heat of his anger for example. And most importantly, prevents her from ever killing him or asking/ordering someone else to. It was not a deal of blind obedience however, every task asked of her has the stipulation of being done her way. It's no secret she's his, and it's not news she's salaciously dangerous.

    1) Her Keeper is new in the area and hell-bent on taking over. He has his own array of special talents and creative resources but one of his greatest weapons is his succubus pet. He's one of few who knows better than to under-estimate her abilities of which he isn't completely immune to even if he doesn't have to worry about her ever killing him with her succubus hunger. (We can discuss their targets etc!) 2) Her Keeper is the Master of the area and Jolenar is just one of his bonded, though she is by far the most difficult by comparison. For all her defiance there's no question to her power or lethal skill and dark ruthlessness. He enjoys the fact others are afraid of her and that even if only by a few threads of magic and technicality, he owns her. (I don't have an action plot for this just yet but please tell me your ideas!)

  • --- The Man ---
    • //Traits I look for in this genre'\\\\ Dominant, confident, self-assured, leader, blunt, intelligent, manipulative, ruthless, creative, indulgent, attentive, reactive, commanding, deadly, supernatural (you can choose what flavor!), practical, efficient, patient, seductive, taunting, lethal-tempered (could be quick to anger or slow, your choice), powerful: physical, mental and supernatural. On top of his business, good on his word, crafty, cunning, witty


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Alive Until Dead

(( OOC: First is the post of the male player I was playing with, followed by my reply post back. Not my best work, buy it should give you an idea of what I'm expecting. ))

[[SN WITHHELD]] (9:25:26 PM):   Commentary on the topic of intent first hand the edges of his lips broadening into a slight smile, the expression no more than a passing ghost temporarily perched on the apex of the gradually more expressive mouth. Whether the slow shift out of his almost unresponsive shell was thanks in part to the adaptation of algorithms within him or an outward reach of human side was unclear to Jake as the thought briefly passed across his mind.

Thought it was in his very nature and being to be diligent about  keeping his head about him at all times, the release of tension throughout his body spurred by the woman's attention and the alcohol was a welcomed retreat from the rigidity of his life. Though cloaked in the disguise of a working-class man, the lie did not run deep enough to actual practice. Hours that he claimed were occupied with hammer and sledgehammer was, in truth, held hostage by training regiments and experimental tweaks preformed under extreme secrecy.

The weight of such was not carried ontop of his shoulders but rather inside of them, strengthening them and hardening their framework until the placement of his arms, folded across his chest in the elevator, was more a man cast in stone than made from soft flesh. The determined set of his jaw was kept at a slightly upward tilt as he stood with his back to the wall, but he did not rest his weight upon it. Boots spaced a uniform distance of shoulder-width apart were perfectly square in their stance, weight distributed evenly and with an uncanny stillness that seemed to persist even when the elevator started to move.

Entirely equalized balance was slowly broken down as though he were becoming aware of the subconscious body language, casually stamping the underside of one boot against the wall behind him, soon followed by the bulk of thick oxen shoulders. The movement of his gaze was no longer passive in the way it took liberties in examining her; as the the mechanically-altered muscle in his chest began to squeeze out a slightly faster tempo, his tongue flashed out briefly to wet the surface of his lips, the tip lingering in one corner for an instant as though snagged there by thought before it retreated and a close-lipped grin surfaced to take its place.

Did I just hear you say you'd make an effort to push me into the deep end, because I think there might be a couple of ways a man might be able to interpret that...” The gaze that had found its way back to the darker hue of her eyes once more sought that which his human side was yearning for, the passing of his palm and splayed fingers over the fabric of his shirt, across the terrain of a labor-sculpted abdomen, came as a reflex to the pang of memory that throbbed briefly into his thoughts of sweat-slicked skin pressed against his own.

Fingertips gave the muscles beneath the dark fabric a casual strum one after the other and a cunning smile threatened the edges of his lips, turning their sensual mold to something more outright daring in shape. Thoughts of the shape seen pressed against flesh beneath the fabric of her skirt continued to circle throughout his head, pitting molars against each other as his firm jaw set itself into a brief clench.  -d-

SalaciousSixShot (9:48:04 PM):   || C r a c k s ; like any snoop it was the cracks in the wall that drew the most favorable attention. Allowing a view into what sometimes seemed like another world all together. He seemed able to fill them just as quickly as they broke open. Taking on that statue like stillness that made her quite sure he wasn't a blue-collar worker, not really. Though defining what he was off the almost natural hardness of his posture was a longer process. There was no hiding her lingering inspection of the way he held himself in the elevator; arms crossed and legs oh-so evenly spaced and that stillness. It made her glance to his chest for a prolonged look to watch for what she expected would be the subtle shift of his pectorals with the inhale of breath.

   There was an allure to the thought of a wall-like man as much as it made Jolenar wonder if she'd enticed the wrong company to tag along. He moved to a more casual poise but never loss that rock-like solidity. It was the pass of his tongue with the pause of thought before the flare of grin that put a little humanity back into his features. When his eyes made their way back, hers were there waiting for them. Resisting the dragging urge to watch the slide of his hand across his stomach. ||"
You heard me admit to thinking about it... "|| She mused with a devlish smirk that softened before she continued. ||"... but I think we'll start in the shallow end."|| Her own tongue curled over her upper teeth and slid across them briefly with her smirk before she looked away from his eyes toward his mouth and the flex of his jaw with the clench of his teeth.

Her eyes were paint-brushes painting the lines of his face with a slow precision, interrupted by the ding of the elevator which pulled her eyes from him out into the blue carpeted hallway. A few of the suites were on this floor and ahead of them at a four-way intersection was a gold plack engraved with general directions. The Pool was to the right. Shoulders pushed off the back of the elevator and in doing so those buttons threatened to bust for a moment at the arch of her back. Suspenders pressing in against what one could easily assume to be hidden peaks. It could have been she did it for his view pleasure or simply without thinking, in either case she was moving onward again.

Of all the ways she'd killed a person, pushing someone who'd said they couldn't swim into a deep pool of water had never been one of them. Admittedly, in the darkest depths of her core she was tempted to put that question to rest. Would he sink or would he swim? Or perhaps walk, she rationalized. On the bottom of the pool. Alas, killing him -- truly, wasn't really on her list of things she wanted to do to him. The pinnup pumps were surprisingly quiet on the floor, and the black stripes up the back of her legs centered each shapely definition rather well. There was no detour for swimming clothes, nor did she speak a word of concern about there being others there. Thankfully, at least from what she could see down the door hall as they turned right, there didn't appear anyone in there. The water, at least, looked calm.|| [d]

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