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April 14, 2021, 12:58:40 pm

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Author Topic: Modern-day Gladiator Games ( anime-based, prison setting)  (Read 779 times)

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Modern-day Gladiator Games ( anime-based, prison setting)
« on: January 19, 2013, 01:46:08 pm »
Basic Idea
This isn't really the recruiting topic, but I don't mind if people expressed their interest in joining such a game. So anyway,  an idea occured to me the other day while brainstorming and I want to test to see whether or not this thing has legs before I release a more in-depth updated version . The premise of the game is somewhat based on Starz's original series Spartacus and as well a little bit from the anime Deadman Wonderland(minus the freaky blood based powers). I find that Super Powers tend to make things less realistic and I want there to be a sobering sense of mortality in this game. You can die at any moment. However, I will allow peak human level enhancements. The ones that are usually associated with olympic level athletes and such. There may also  be some gender or other based medical modification aspects in the game for those who request it.

Ran by a wealthy prison industrialists, The facility's biggest draw is its underground modern day gladiator coliseum which young prisoner slaves fight, (sometimes to the death) where the elites go to indulge all manner of apetite and to hedge ridiculous sums of money . A sort of amusement park for billionaries

As far as specifics about the environment and setting. The game will be set in the present day, at an undisclosed juvenile correctional compound in Nevada, Las Vegas  which is really just a cover for its illegal activities, incoming juveniles are ID'd, tagged(collared) and then assigned labor to one of the four industry districts based on their appraised worth to the system.

Division of Labor
An attractive prisoner may be sent to work the brothels in the pleasure district, a prisoner who has shown a great deal of trustworthiness and co-operation  may be sent to work inside the prison owners mansion. Most regular types tend to do groundwork as field hands on plantations surrounding the compound and the most defiant prisoners are trained to compete in underground gladiator matches. Basically this story will call for new meat ages 16-21 to work in either of these key districts, but I'll also need someone to play the wealthy prison industrialist owner who lives on the property, his family,  as well important staff like prison doctors, tech people,  prison warden, brothel madam (can be npc),  a former gladiator who trains instruct the new slaves as overseer and of course the reigning champion of the gladiator games. This is your standard prison escape rebellion type plot.

Institutional Roles

Prison Privateer:
Prison Owner's Wife:
Prison Privateer's Children:

Prison Warden:
Prison Physician:
Technology Department Head:
Brothel Madam:
Gladiator Trainer:

Gladiator Champion: Reserved

Any takers?

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