An Aunts Love

Started by Sabby, June 03, 2008, 01:51:52 PM

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When Adrian was 5, his parents died in a traffic collision. From then on, he went through a few foster families, mostly relatives, buthe never knew a warm, loving house hold. He's never had the kindness and love he would have gotten from his parents had they still been alive. Now he's turned 17, and his current foster family need to move and can't take care of him.

His Aunt Joyce never knew about her poor, unloved nephew, and when she was asked to take him in, she complied in a heart beat. She's incredibly loving and affectionate, and she wants to try and draw this poor boy out of his shell, wipe up all his tears and make him feel what its like to be loved.

Sweet, romantic incest. I want to play Joyce ^^


I'm sooo interested! pick me! pick me!

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