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May 27, 2018, 05:06:02 AM

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Author Topic: Avatar of Lust (f seeking dom GM, NC-E)  (Read 514 times)

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Avatar of Lust (f seeking dom GM, NC-E)
« on: January 18, 2013, 05:58:01 AM »

So some folks over on hentai-foundry pointed me towards this odd little text-based RPG thing called Corruption of Champions (nsfw, contains some odd kinks so squeamish beware. There's also some mild M/M stuff right from the getgo so if that bugs you, I'd suggest a lady champion.) I've played a bit over the past few days and liked it well enough, though the writing is a bit awkward at times and it gets into a lot of fetishes I'm not terribly fond of.

Still, the game itself is pretty neat. The basic premise is that, in order to keep your village safe from invading monsters and whatnot, your PC has to travel into the demon realm and protect the portal that leads back home. The demon realm of course is full of incubi and tentacle monsters and minotaurs and countless other lust-crazed creatures that want to fuck your PC silly. There are benign and neutral NPCs as well, that you can help/recruit/interact with as well of course, but most of the game is spent out adventuring. Basically it's a sprawling exploration game with a bit of plot to give you an excuse to send your PC out to "fight" monsters that want to fuck her brains out, while encounters with creatures and items you use all "corrupt" and transform your characters in various ways (for instance there's an item called "whisker fruit" that will give you random catgirl characteristics if you eat it, while drinking "succubus milk" will give you demonic features.) I'd like to play something of a similar vein, though geared more towards my particular kinks (and those of my GM of course :D)

I did a little brainstorming, and here's a bit of back story I've come up with for the game. Of course this is just sort of me rambling and I'm happy to alter and add to this or restart from scratch with input from the GM
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Generations ago, a group of mighty heroes were tempted by a wicked god of lust, greed and darkness. Some indulged themselves at the first opportunity, others resisted long and hard, but in the end they all succumbed to their basest instincts and were corrupted by the god, becoming his dark champions and spreading his rule across all the known lands. In the years since the land has become warped and decayed, creatures both human and bestial becoming twisted, evil things that hunger for the sweet, pure flesh of uncorrupted maidens, seeking to break their minds and deliver their nubile young bodies to their master's harems. Pockets of resistance remain, cities and towns that have found ways to defend themselves, or struck deals to keep the dark creatures away. The God knows this and it pleases him; it wouldn't do to outright destroy the sources of innocent young maidens he craves, after all. He gives them the illusion of hope, but his wicked influence has a stranglehold on the land.

But recently a faint beacon of true hope as emerged; a young goddess who also possesses the power of the dark god's portfolio of lust, though paired with light and joy and love and beauty. The newly risen goddess seeks to fight back the only way she can, by raising a champion of her own to purify the dark god's corrupting magic and return the world to balance. But she is young, and weak, and alone in her struggle. She can imbue only one champion, and both that divine avatar and the goddess herself will be at great danger as the dark god seeks to toy with them, and make the pair the crowning jewels in his debauched harem.

Our unfortunate heroine hales from the city of Whiterock. A small city hidden in the foothills of a great, snow-covered mountain range, it has managed to keep itself safe by striking a deal with a small cadre of corrupted creatures that make their home nearby. In exchange for keeping the village's existence a secret, twice a year, on each solstice, the ruling council of the city must hand over one of their most beautiful young women to the beasts, knowing she will never return. It was obvious from an early age that Rose Fairchild would one day be a legendary beauty, so it came as no surprise when, just after her sixteenth birthday, the creatures demanded she be the next sacrifice. The Council's enforcers came in the night, stealing the girl from her bed (and stealing more than a few gropes of her ripe young body) and delivering her to the same place they'd taken countless girls before. It was a small cave near the base of the mountain, strange glowing plants illuminating it. A pair of sturdy chains hung from the ceiling and Rose was stripped, chained up as all the other sacrifices had been. The enforces fled just before midnight, barely escaping before the small hoard of beasts arrived. Wasting no time the largest, most terrifying of the creatures moved behind poor Rose, ignoring her please for release. His massive clawed hands grasped her hips and lifted her up as if she weighed no more than a feather. He lined up the struggling teen's virgin cunt with his massive, throbbing cock, savoring her struggles. He'd been watching the girl for months, dreaming of the moment he'd be able to take her. Without further ado he thrust forward, simultaneously slamming the girl down upon his rock-hard shaft. She screamed and the beast howled, spurring its watching pack mates into a frenzy as he claimed the girl's innocence.

Wow that's a lot more words that I thought it was...Here's some visual inspiration to further illustrate what I'm going for. All links NSFW
Peace talks with the demons tends to go bad pretty quickly...or great, depending on which side of the debate you're on
Another sacrifice...
And another...
The beast king and two of his harem girls.
A pair of would-be thieves discover that demon lords have...unusual security.
Don't you just hate it when you're out walking your pet slave and suddenly you're both raped by conjoined googirls?
Little known fact, orcs are great proponents of statistical record keeping.
Botanist: a fun and exciting career!
It's not wise to seek sanctuary in the church of the dark god on full moons. Or ever.
Those pesky cults, it's getting to a point where a girl's not safe running around naked in a dark creepy forest anymore!
"I know my Abyssal's a little rusty but are you sure this is what is says the next step in the ritual is...?"
Okay I don't have a snarky comment for this one I would just love a city full of monsters where girls are kept like pets. Maybe not...goofy pig-orcs though...
Tamed tentacle monsters can be of great help when walking your less cooperative pets.
Funny, from the looks on their faces you'd almost think the elves knew their route would take them through an area infested with horny werewolves...
The key to a well-trained pet is discipline.
It's important to get to the market early if you want a chance at the freshest merchandise.
See now this is why they tell you not to attempt summoning spells without a couple spare schoolgirls on hand to act as bait...

I would prefer to try and use some sort of system for this as at least a basic framework, possibly Pathfinder with a couple homebrewed mechanics to track Lust and Corruption and whatnot but I won't rule out freeform for the right GM. We don't really need to roll for the actual fights or anything (after all, the heroine losing getting ravaged by the corrupt monsters is...kind of the whole point) I'd just like a solid framework to track lust/corruption/how various transformations are effecting the heroine's abilities and all that. Overall I'm just looking for a fun, slightly tongue-in-cheek smut-quest. Lots and lots of gratuitous fucking and improbably sexy peril, with everything a bit exaggerated and over the top. I want to make sure I find someone who's a good fit so I won't be going first come first serve with this, but I'll try and have a decision by the end of the weekend. Feel free to ask any questions here or send me a pm :-)