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Author Topic: Illakia - Open for stories and roleplays  (Read 797 times)

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Offline DominicaPotestasTopic starter

Illakia - Open for stories and roleplays
« on: January 15, 2013, 09:51:34 AM »


I am looking for people interested in world building to roleplay or write stories in my universe of Illakia. It is a work several years in the planning, and there is hopefully a kink for most people.

Guide to Illakia -:- Story section upcoming

Current Illakia Roleplays for your reading pleasure!
Bellfield's Girl's School - by Elayne
Platinum Club - with Elayne, not active
Slum Lord - with rpgirl85, not active

What you need to be
Imaginitive, detailed and openminded writer. I'm not into M/m, incest or underage stuff.

Feel free to PM me with any thoughts at all.

In the next post will be a list of storylines or setups I'm currently interested in.
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Offline DominicaPotestasTopic starter

Re: Illakia - Open for stories and roleplays
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2013, 11:35:24 AM »
Here are some ideas set in Illakia. Please feel free to think of any alterations or adaptations you want! Please PM me rather than replying here.

I am looking for either male dom or female dom or sub characters. Real life gender not important

(Stories are listed roughly in order of extremeness, extreme at the bottom).

PRISON WIFE prison, Mf, Ff
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A middle class housewife wrongly sent to prison. Her husband understands and believes her. However his contact with her in prison gets more and more infrequent as he suffers the shame, and she gets increasingly worse conditions in there as well. As a mother and mistress of slaves she is not used to being bottom of the pile.

THE SHACKS sandbox
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You have just been recently divorced and are now penniless. You are dumped into the Shacks, the poor slum area of Grand City, with only the clothes you stand up in to your name. You will have to sell and barter your way into a job, a slum and avoid missing tax or getting arrested. I've done this before and it’s really good. There are a list of rules which the game will run by and a map I can give you.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The basic concept is that on Earth in the near future a Japanese company develops virtual reality gaming, or VR. VR is so addictive that it is quickly banned in Europe and North America, but there is a flourishing unregulated blackmarket for VR in these countries. There are two possible ways a VR set could work; a catsuit and helmet, or being suspended in a oxygenated solution with nanites in that attach to your nerve endings.

One game on the VR system is a Second Life-like MMORPG recreating the [tongue-in-cheek] famous books by Dominica Potestas. It is popular because it is so escapist, where buisnesswomen can end up helpless slaves and downtrodden office workers can be great slave owners and ministers of state.

It is possible that to make the numbers work, women can join the game for free. Either way everyone has to pay a $200 deposit that is returned when they complete the game, making sure that everyone logs in no matter the hardship that their character goes through in Illakia.

When you join the game, you can choose which sex you want to be and alter some appearence features, but that is it. You will have no control over what social class you are or where in the Empire you live. I have designed a character sheet IRL that will decide all this by dice rolls.

In the Illakia game, people can get pregnant and give birth. These child avatars are non-sexual NPC characters until they reach 14/16 (depending on tastes) in-game. So when you join a game you take over the character of a child avatar who is just reaching their in-game birthday, and you will have to play that character until the end. You could be a princess or a lady, you could be a pauper or a slave, you have no control.

In the game, The Emperor is controlled by the game developer or Dom Potestas himself (noone is really sure). Some men luck into inheriting large and important peerages though and they can have a very real effect on politics and laws in this virtual Illakia.  In the game people take the laws very seriously and everyone takes great efforts to pretend to worship the Emperor as God, as anyone not doing so is ruining the Illakian illusion. If you chose to rebel it is dangerous therefore, and remember that pain is felt as if it is real.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
We follow a slave as she attempts to become free. The emancipation process is supposed to deter slaveowners and slaves from wanting to do it on a whim. The slaveowner has to pay 5,000 lira, and then the slave becomes property of the state for 12 months, during which she will be attached to some Army, Imperial Guard etc unit. At the end she is also given a public punishment, branded, and when she is free she is subjected to a 25 lira weekly poll tax (normal women get 10). In addition she will also be barred from marriage, slave ownership and owning a buisness or land, as well as informing any potential employers of her status.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A girl falls foul of a man or some group, who have the power to have her arrested on trumped up charges. She is taken by the Secret Police, and is tortured to confess to heretical crimes. She could also be forced to testify against her sister or friend. The RP could then continue onto a trial and sentence.
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