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January 27, 2022, 06:23:49 am

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Author Topic: Starcry's Bad Habits  (Read 676 times)

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Starcry's Bad Habits
« on: January 13, 2013, 04:56:06 pm »
Pretty new to this solo request stuff so bare with me!

Before saying yes to any RPs I put up please read my ons and offs as that has all the info you'll need to know.

I am open to discussion in regard to how exactly things will progress in any of my RPs. Of course things will start of slow and with small things in some before full intercourse happens. Call me old fashioned but I like things to build up instead of just jumping into things mostly and it is rare that I will just do a story in which sex is the core of it.

If you are interested in any of the RPs I put up please pm me. If you have any questions; feel free to ask here. Thanks. x



[strike]Forbidden Studies.

Tags: Human, F X M, Vanilla, BDSM, Romance, Comedy, Student x Tutor, Master x Pet, long term. 

Sixteen year old, Charlotte's, family was once wealthy. She attended an elite private all female school, her brothers were at uni without a worry, her mother was a homemaker and everyone generally wanted for nothing. However, that all changed when her father lost his job. Within a few months sacrifices were to be made. First her brothers were forced to find their own funding for their courses and accommodation, this in turn made them move back home and get jobs while they studied hard. Next they had to sell off a few of the cars they owned leaving the family with three. After this they were forced to down size as they could no longer keep up the payments on their private, sea view condo. This made tensions higher within the once perfect family unit. It didn't take long before they were forced to sell Charlotte's car and pull her from private education and put her into a unisex public school, who given her test results and performance from her previous school, were more than happy to have her in their school. After a while her father managed to find a job, but it wasn't as good as it once was, this then meant her mother was forced to give up homemaking and get a job too. A year has gone by under these conditions and when the family isn't arguing they don't even interact. In but a year they have become strangers living in a house together.

In the seemingly fast year Charlotte hasn't been adjusting to her new life, but has been suffering in silence. After her car was sold her old friends no longer bother keeping in contact with her. She has barely has any friends at school and even then they don't bother keeping in touch outside unless they want help with their homework or some tutoring. Some of the girls pick on her during physical education for how she looks, leaving her now with low self-esteem and if that wasn't bad enough the boys at school are harassing her. She has tried to report this but the school doesn't take her seriously and put it down to her being over sensitive. If the bullying, harassment and isolation wasn't enough the school have also taken it upon themselves to give her course work that she shouldn't be studying until she is in university. As a result of everything her grades have been slipping to the point where her parents have been called in multiple times. The school has become angry that a prestige student such as Charlotte has proven not to be what her file showed her to be. After long negations both the school and parents agreed that as a last resort a tutor was to be hired to bring her grades to what they once were. If the tutor failed then Charlotte is to be ejected from the school.

Where you come in:

You will play a guy who has been hired by this girl's family to bring up her grades. They have painted a very different picture of her and for all he knows she is a typical spoiled, lazy, rebellious, teen who isn't doing her school work. However, in the time he spend with her it becomes obvious that she isn't the person your character was lead to believe. Things go from there. [/strike]


I will add more when they come to mind. :)
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