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Started by EmergentHierarch, June 02, 2008, 01:13:37 AM

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Greetings everyone,

I was just approved as a full member today and I've been pretty excited.  So, naturally, I came up with some ideas for roleplays to post in here.  There's a wide variety of things here, and even if you don't like them the way they are, maybe they'll prompt a sexy idea you can PM me with.   ;)  The first two ideas are designed with male dominance and female submission in mind, the third idea is more vanilla with romantic potential, and the last two ideas are all about female dominance over a male submissive.  So, without further ado...

World War Three Slave Trade
A third world war has broken out, initiated by geopolitical unrest in the oil-rich countries of Central Asia, and it has been fought to a stalemate between the US/EU/Israel and Russia/China.  Morale among the soldiers on both sides has hit an all-time low, and there is great instability in the ranks.  Both sides of the struggle are constantly looking for ways to keep their soldiers' spirits high to avoid a collapse of the chain of command.  NATO forces operating in Eastern Europe have resorted to an unsavory partnership with sexual slave traders operating transnationally in the region - the heavily-armed NATO forces orchestrate the "unexplained disappearance" of young women far more effectively than the organized crime syndicates ever could, and in exchange, their soldiers are given access to black-market arms caches, providing them with valuable ammunition and fuel, which has become increasingly scarce as the conflict rages on.  They are also given a certain percentage of the captured slaves, which are distributed among the soldiers to keep their spirits high.  Colonel Jack Wallace is the leader of a NATO covert ops unit comprised of CIA operatives and elite American and European troopers whose mission is to deal with the black market in the Ukraine, and tonight he is inspecting the latest wares.  Then a particularly beautiful captive catches his eye...

The Abducted Heiress
The sexy female heiress to a weapons manufacturing company called Staunton Arms is vacationing in the Bahamas when she receives news that her father has passed away and that, since she has been willed his share of the company stock, she is to become the de facto leader of the firm.  What she does not know is that several members of the board already have plans for Staunton Arms' future direction, plans that demand the heiress be kept out of the picture.  The company's shady dealings with terrorist groups might be exposed as a result of the change in leadership, and the faction attempting to seize control of the stock intends to expand those dealings in order to raise shareholder value - whatever the cost to innocent civilians caught in war zones around the world.  The leader of one of Staunton's client groups, a corps of Russian mercenaries who quit the Spetsnaz to make more money in "private industry," owes a favor to Richard Carlton, the leader of the profit-hungry faction.  He offers to send a team of his best men to eliminate the threat to Staunton's profitable black-market deals, and Carlton approves.  The orders are to kill the heiress, but such a beautiful body shouldn't be put to waste.  The terrorist leader has his own plans for her.

The Escape
The daughter of a wealthy German lord in the age of the Holy Roman Empire (1500s or so) is to be married off to the son of a rich baron from a neighboring principality, increasing the wealth for both families and consolidating their land.  However, she resents the sycophantic suitor she is to marry as much as she resents being used as a pawn in her father's gerrymandering scheme.  She disguises herself as a lower-class servant girl and steals away on horseback in the middle of the night.  After laying low in town for a few days she finds her way into the company of a traveling merchant caravan and, in need of protection during her travels, offers to share camp with them in exchange for tending the horses and cooking food along the way.  Eventually she realizes the impulsiveness and stupidity of her decision - she knows nothing about life outside the manor - and she has second thoughts about her escape.  Luckily, the handsome son of the caravan leader has taken quite a liking to the girl, and offers to escape with her to Italy, south of the Alps, exactly where the caravan is headed.  He turns out to be everything she wanted in a man - tall, handsome, and with gentlemanly manners imparted through years of accompanying his father to deals with business associates, and, infatuated, she finds it hard to refuse.  But what they fear has come to pass - the father of the escaped girl has dispatched a search team that's hot on her tail. 

Teaching the Teacher
Jerry Riley is an English professor at Yale with a precocious student in his Intro to Creative Writing class.  He strikes up a friendship with her, praising her work, and pushes to get her to change her major to English with a writing emphasis - he is convinced her work is good enough (and flows out of her effortlessly enough) to get her published even while an undergrad.  Upon sharing her material with another professor from the department, though, he finds out that most of the student's best work is plagiarized.  He runs a check on her high school record and finds out that there, too, she had been caught cheating on tests.  A plan hatches in his mind - this student is sexy, obviously desperate for academic success, and seemingly naive.  Blackmail seems perfect.  Now, this idea can be taken in two directions - either it becomes a straight blackmail scenario, with the teacher in control, or the girl could turn the tables on her professor, figuring that he has more to lose in the case that she decides to put heat on him.  The young professor stands in a place to lose his tenure-track teaching position!  He comes to regret his decision as he is twisted more and more around his precocious student's finger...

The Witch and the Paladin
A young paladin of the kingdom of Arnathia's holiest order has been dispatched on his first real mission - raiding parties of masked black riders have begun making forays into border villages from the barren, mountainous region to the west, leaving destruction in their wake.  Everywhere they go, the corruption of death spreads - crops wilt, birds drop from the sky, babies die in their cribs.  These raids had never before occurred, and could not have possibly been carried out by mere roving barbarians.  The party our paladin is part of just one of many scout teams tasked with the mission of finding information about the masked riders and their bases of operation so they can be effectively combated.  Little do they know that an ancient power has been resurrected in the mountains... a witch descended from a mixed line of dragons and human sorcerers, once bound by an ancient curse, has awoken from her slumber, and stands ready to conquer Arnathia with an army of demonic minions, resurrected warriors from a holy war fought long ago.  But her dark kingdom's power will not be enough to dominate the world until she finds a certain young paladin, a representative of the people's highest god, and corrupts the divine being through access to the paladin's holy blood.  He must bear a certain birthmark in accordance with an ancient prophecy, and once he is found, every aspect of his mind must be corrupted and bent to the witch's will if Arnathia's protecting deity is to be destroyed.  After our paladin's scouting party is defeated by a band of riders, the prophesied young warrior is taken into custody so the witch may begin the long process of breaking his will in every possible way, corrupting him, and breaking him in to complete submission and devotion.

Well, I hope you all like these ideas.  Please PM me if you think any are worth biting on.  I'm pretty much equally interested in all of them, so just let me know what you think.

May you all be happy,

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