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Before we go further, my O/Os are found here.

To give you a brief overview I enjoy plot-centric role plays. Sexual aspects are fine but plot centric-role plays are what I am looking for. Not really on here to get some kinky rocks off. I wish to develop stories and characters. Forums , PMs, Emails, and AIM are all perfectly fine by me. My AIM is made public and located under my profile picture. If I am online on here, then I am almost certainly online there. Now I have a lot of ideas and all that. If you are open to looking at them, I’ve categorized plots and pairings all in a single post. I enjoy certain fandoms but I’m more of an original sort and I adore exploring dark themes. The dark and gritty side of the human psyche is an interesting place to explore.

My plots range from light and romantic to dark and foreboding. I enjoy either side of the spectrum and I also look forward to your ideas. I’ve categorized everything.  I don’t mind mild fantasy but really I am looking for realism. It’s more my style. That being said, my plots and pairings are listed below. 

NOTICE: I will hear your ideas. I don’t mind. Really I don’t. The worst I can say is no right?

Fantasy Plots and Pairings in all Time Periods
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Fantasy Plots

The Vampire's Mate
He has lived in this world since the times of Charlemagne. She is a human girl. A princess in her father's realm. When he comes under the ruse of a foreign diplomat, she is swept away by his charms. Seduced by him, she soon starts feeling ill and having strange dreams of such erotic nature. Things a young virginal beauty never had thought before. Then one night, she stays awake and finds that the man she is so enamored with and having dreams about is the diplomat. He is swept away with her and wants to fully have her but her blood is the sweetest he's ever tasted. Basically a plot of eroticism without much in the way of sex because taking her virginity would get rid of the taste of her blood. For this it is all about the seduction and his dilemma because her blood tastes so good. Other stuff can be added later but I though this would be interesting.

The Lost Princess
Long ago war destroyed her home. She had been nine years old and had fled into the woods making her place in the forests for fear of being killed if she ever returned back home. nine years after the revolution, the prince of the neighboring kingdom and his friend were come upon a man-made structure in the middle of the forest that lay close to the border of the kingdom overrun by rebels. They discover a beautiful young woman with sun-kissed skin, dark hair and bright green eyes. Her clothing made of flower and leaving little to the imagination. The Prince decides he will take her to the palace because he recognizes those bright green eyes. She is his betrothed, the lost princess and she is perhaps more beautiful than any creature he's ever seen. But she has been living in the woods for half her life. She is not the lady and queen that she had been born to be. And then there is also the Prince's new betrothed, who would see her killed in jealousy. I think this can be a little humorous and romantic and have a nice thrill factor if the other kingdom finds out that the heir to the throne they have overtaken is still alive.

Fantasy Pairings
Vampire Male x Human
Vampire Female x Human
Vampire x Newly Turned Vampire
Shifter Male x Human
Shifter Female x Human
Shifter x Shifter from opposing clan
God x Human
Goddess x Human
Demigod x Human
Demigoddess x Human
Demigod x Demigoddess

Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome Plots and Pairings
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Ancient Greece/Ancient Rome Plots

God of Darkness
Obviously based off of Hades and Persephone, it is the tale of a beautiful young woman who was so beautiful that she was abducted by the god of the underworld to be taken as a bride. How the god of the underworld is played is up for discussion. He can be cruel and heartless or kind and gentle. And we can discuss deviations from the myth and create our own little spin on it.

Hearts of Atlantis
Atlantis is the most modernized civilization of the ancient world. Created by Poseidon it is an island community. There is a Prince of Atlantis who resides there and who is in love with a slave girl. She has been a slave all of her life and when the Prince calls her to become his concubine, at first she is against it. She does not want to be a whore to a prince and tries to refuse his advances. He is determined to have her and as their conflict continues, he is being pressured to marry a princess of Greece. All goes well until he finds out that his slave girl is pregnant with his child.  This can be centered around the fall of Atlantis but that seems a bit depressing and Atlantis seems like a good clean slate to work with and build for ourselves.

The Gladiator
He is a man forced into slavery. A former soldier betrayed by his best friend, an older soldier and general. Taking the fall for a mission gone wrong. Now that older soldier is dead and the man is a gladiator who is hell-bent on revenge. His revenge being taking the daughter of the man that betrayed him and killing the man’s heir. But to do that, he has to get close to both of them. What luck that the son bought him for the arena? Basically going to play this out with him wanting to avenge his sentencing on something that was not his fault. He feels vengeance will go through without a hitch but doesn’t anticipate falling in love with the daughter of his former enemy.

Ancient Greece/Rome Pairings
Prince x  Slave
Princess x Slave
Senator x Arranged Bride
Prince x Arranged Bride
Senator x Slave
Gladiator x Wife/Daughter of Owner

Medieval Plots and Pairings
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Medieval Plots

Her Irish Warrior
Beaten and abused, the Norman woman fled her betrothed and the keep he had seized with his men. She finds a group of Irishman and begs him to help her. Not realizing the man that she is begging is the true owner of the keep. A quick battle occurs and she is taken back by her betrothed and beaten severely, the Irishman beaten and kept prisoner. Determined to help the man that tried to save her, she devises a plot to help him escape. When it finally happens, both of them know the danger they are in if they get caught by Norman forces but she is determined to never fall victim to the man who took lands from the man now protecting her.

A Forbidden Affair
At fourteen, she was married to her husband. Fourteen was a good age for marriage in such a time. Now she is seventeen, married three years to a man that beats and abuses her. That blames her for not bearing a son. She suffers the abuse, the degradation but all the time is devising a plot to escape. What luck when a knight arrives under her husband’s tutelage. A handsome man that sees her plight and is determined to aid her. It starts off as courtly love but soon she is having an affair with her brilliant knight in shining armor. The fear that her husband might catch them is great and when she discovers her pregnancy, she knows that it dire now that her husband disappear. Otherwise, she might be killed herself.

A blind daughter is no man’s blessing. Doubly cursed for her gender and her handicap, she knows she will never marry. Her father is a man who wants perfection, and she is not it. So when it is decided that she will marry an earl, she is shocked. What’s worse is that her soon to be husband has no idea of her blindness until after the vows are spoken. She sets out to prove that she is not so disabled as anyone thinks and that she can be a capable wife and housekeeper. He is angered at the deception her father puts to him by omitting the girl’s blindness. But soon he is intrigued by the smart mouthed young woman he has taken to wife, and more than surprised by the passion they share. Will love come of this?

Medieval Pairings
Norman Man x Irish Lady
Norman Lady x Irish Man
Scottish Laird x English Lady
Scottish Lady x English Lord
High Ranking Man x Bondslave Woman
High Ranking Man x Gypsy / Irish Traveller
High Ranking Woman x Servant
High Ranking Woman x Bondslave Man
Blacksmith/ Working Class Man x Daughter of the Presiding Lord

Georgian Era (1700-1800) England/Ireland/Scotland) Plots and Pairings
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Georgian Era Plots

The Unwilling Courtesan
Her father was a gambler. A man who was not of the noble class but had gained his wealth through milling and enterprise.  Now he had lost all his money. Worse than that, he has bartered the virginity of his daughter to a wealthy Duke. Now she has to play whore, knowing that the moment she loses her virginity to this Duke, she would be little more than a whore or prostitute. The Duke is tired of the worldy courtesans and unwilling to marry. So when he wins the virginity of the innocent miller’s daughter, he is intent upon claiming her, never realizing he might fall for the fiery girl that shares his bed.

The Duke’s Daughter
He was aiming to high. But he didn’t care. He was determined to seduce the virginal daughter of the Duke of Edmonton. He never anticipated that she would seduce him right back and right into marriage. A match set in scandal, the talk of the ton. She knows he is a fortune hunter but she is determined to set him aright. Even if it means being a bit naughty in the process.

The Pirate’s Captive
A former military officer and privateer as turned to piracy since privateering has been outlawed. He takes from the rich and distributes the wealth to the lowerlings of the Bahamas and lower parts of the American Colonies. One day, they come across a ship wreck and he finds a beautiful woman stranded on a slat of board. The only survivor. He then finds out that she is the daughter of a duke and was on her way to Port Royal from England to marry the Governor’s son. Deciding he can hold her for ransom, he also wishes to seduce the girl, never realizing that the seduction might be more dangerous than pirating ever could be.

Georgian Era Pairings
Duke x Commoner
Earl x Commoner
Lady x Commoner
Lord x Commoner
Duke x Arranged Bride
Earl x Arranged Bride
Courtesan x High Ranking Nobleman
Married Man x Woman Married to Another Man
Married Man x Widow / Unmarried Woman
Pirate x Lady
Pirate x Governor’s Daughter

Regency Era (1807-1815 in Ireland / England / Scotland) Plots and Pairings
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Regency Era Plots

The Arrangement of Spies
Female spies for Britain are a rarity and she takes her job seriously. Coming from the pits of hell and becoming one of the top spies for her country, she is lethal and deadly and the best in the business. Her assignment is to spy on the French and kill if necessary. But there is a mole in their ranks. A man who is betraying the men and few women in the Spymaster’s League. And while all this intrigue is going on, her new assignment is to investigate another spy to see if he is the one that is betraying them. As she goes deeper into the game of intrigue, she finds herself falling for the man she is spying on. He is suspicious of her as well, knowing who she is and why she might be drawing close. Even if he is not the betrayer, he knows that if she gets to close, she might discover his dark secrets.

An American in England
Tensions between Americans and English are definitely high. With the War of 1812 finally over, an American ambassador has come to England to discuss possible political treaties. He is invited to stay at the home of a high standing Duke who is rather powerful in the House of Lords and that Duke has a rather beautiful daughter. She is saucy and feisty. Not like all the prim English roses he’s met. He knows it’s dangerous to dabble with her but he is intrigued and fascinated by her and wants her in his bed. A dangerous thing considering her father is conspiring to have him killed. On accident of course.

Regency Era Pairings
Male English Spy x Captured Female French Spy
American Male x English Lady
English Man x American Woman
High Ranking Man x Widowed Woman
High Ranking Man x Commoner
High Ranking Woman x Commoner
Married Man x Woman Married to Another Man
Married Man x Unmarried Woman
Duke x Arranged Bride
Earl x Arranged Bride

Victorian Era  Plots and Pairings
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Victorian Era Plots

Remember Me
He found her on the side of the Thames next to his home. He recognizes her as the courtesan that so shamefully ruined and embarrassed him. He sees her helplessness as a chance to take advantage of her and humiliate her as she did him. The thing is, is that she has amnesia and as the pieces come together, she may indeed not be the woman he thinks she is.

The Buccaneer
Admittedly, I stole this idea from a BBC miniseries. In 1776, it was the English that invaded the Americas to overtake them and now here it is 100 years later and it’s the Americans invading Britain. How? Through marriage. A young American woman comes to Britain to experience a British season. She is intrigued by all of the titles and lords but her eyes fall in a British man. The son of an Earl and a Marques in his own right, he wants little to do with marriage. He is content to gamble and debauch his way through his fortune. But he is intrigued by this young woman from America. She is not a proper English rose. She is vibrant and speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to get involved. He resolves to seduce her. It’s a game for him but he ends up being the loser when he sneaks into her bedchamber one night and finds a dueling pistol pointed at him. He is dragged before the alter and forced to marry this American woman and while he resents his own folly, she shines, hoping to make their marriage a true one. And not just a good romping in bed.

Victorian Era Pairings
American x British Lady
American Woman x British Lord
Courtesan x High Born Lord
High Born Man x Commoner
High Born Lady x Commoner
High Born Man x Arranged Bride
Widow x Widower
Married Man x Woman Married to Another Man
Married Man x Unmarried Woman

Modern Plots and Pairings
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Modern Plots

They met in her first year of college. He was smart and funny and handsome. She was a small town girl riding a scholarship. He charmed and romanced her and even got her to fall in love with him. He had been respectful of her wish to stay a virgin until she wed and he even popped the question. Vows were spoken and as soon as the door closed for them on their wedding night, she found out her charming handsome husband, was only a ruse and that he was a cruel sadistic being and also the son of a major crime lord. A man that always got what he wanted, and what he wanted was a son. This can be played out with their marriage and then maybe later on, her managing to escape him and form a new life somewhere else but with the threat that he would find her. Allows for the person playing the male character to get both sides. Dark and light (If we did it where she ran away later on).

One Night Was Enough
….to get her pregnant that is. She was a waitress and a small town girl. He was a man who had made it big and had returned to his small town for a funeral. While there, the two reconnect over dinner, being former high school sweethearts and next door neighbors. Now he’s a big-shot attorney in New York. After a few drinks, they end up falling into bed together and he leaves before she wakes up, a note saying “Thanks for the memories” on the pillow beside her. She feels disgusted with herself. After all, she had been a virgin and he had completely ruined that. She vows to never speak to him again until three months later when some blood work comes back that she’s carrying his child. The worst part is learning he’s engaged to a high power attorney’s daughter and socialite. A nice sort of triangle to play out some drama and somewhat humorous moments I think.

She used to be a prostitute. Not because she wanted to be, but because she had been forced. However, she managed to escape the circle of human trafficking and get counseling and help and raise the daughter that came from one of her many rapes. Now she’s in her mid-twenties, working as a librarian at an elementary school and living next door to the small town police officer. He doesn’t know about her past. Doesn’t know that she used to turn tricks for money. He thinks she’s just a normal, hardworking single mother and lord knows he’s falling hard. But the net of safety she’s created ends up backfiring when her old pimp finds her and starts to blackmail her.

Modern Pairings
Single Mom x Single Dad
Single Dad x Nanny
Single Mom x Guy Next Door
Millionaire Man x Mistress
Widow x Widower
Bartender x Regular Customer
Abusive Boyfriend / Husband x Abused Girlfriend / Wife
Rich Guy x Working-Class Girl
Heiress x Working-Class Guy
Bodyguard x Heiress / Fictional Princess / Celebrity / Fictional Celebrity

Fandom Pairings
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Harry Potter: Next Generation
Scorpius Malfoy x Rose Weasely
Scorpius Malfoy x OC
Rose Weasely x OC

Corky x OC
Annie x OC (About five years after the initial show, making her 16-17)
OC Cop x OC Five Point Resident
Maguire x OC

Shameless (US Version)
Fiona x OC
Fiona x Jimmy
Lip x OC

Game of Thrones (Show)
Daenerys x OC
Jon Snow x OC
Robb Stark x OC
Sansa Stark x OC

Westeros (Setting of Game of Thrones)
OC x OC (Using the various houses throughout the Song of Ice and Fire Setting in a new generation)

The Borgias
Cesare x OC
Lucrezia x OC

Boo x OC
Michelle x OC
Sasha x OC

Pride and Prejudice: The Next Chapter
Georgiana Darcy x OC
Daughter / Son of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy x OC
Daughter / Son of Charles and Jane Bingley x OC
Daughter / Son of George and Lydia Wickham x OC

Twisted Fairy Tales
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Red Riding Hood
Beauty and the Beast
The Little Mermaid

Songs for Possible Inspiration
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Country Music
He Didn't Have to Be by Brad Paisley (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/bradpaisley/hedidnthavetobe.html )
Better Dig Two by Band Perry (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/bandperry/betterdigtwo.html )
Cowboy Casonova by Carrie Underwood (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/carrieunderwood/cowboycasanova.html )
If Teardrops Were Pennies by Porter Wagner and Dolly Parton (Lyrics: http://www.metrolyrics.com/if-teardrops-were-pennies-lyrics-dolly-parton.html )
Keep Your Hands to Yourself by the Georgia Satellites (Lyrics: http://www.stlyrics.com/lyrics/coyoteugly/keepyourhandstoyourself.htm )
What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/rascalflatts/whathurtsthemost.html )
Skin by Rascal Flatts (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/rascalflatts/skin.html )
Last Name by Carrie Underwood (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/carrieunderwood/lastname.html )

Every Time We Touch by Cascada (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/cascada/everytimewetouch.html )
Unfaithful by Rhianna (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/rihanna/unfaithful.html )
The a Team by Ed Sheeran (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/edsheeran/theateam.html )
Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/elliegoulding/anythingcouldhappen.html )
Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/paramore/brickbyboringbrick.html )
Criminal by Britney Spears (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/britneyspears/criminal.html)
Daddy's Little Girl by Jesse McCartney (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/jessemccartney/daddyslittlegirl.html)
Skyscraper by Demi Lovato (Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/demilovato/skyscraper.html )



Updated with Fairy tales and songs that might inspire a story line.