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Author Topic: Craving a Transformer RP (F Seeking M or F)  (Read 432 times)

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Craving a Transformer RP (F Seeking M or F)
« on: January 09, 2013, 02:47:20 PM »
The Universes I know best are G1, Armada and Prime. I'm up for just about anything having to do with this topic.

I would be willing to do any paring with my OC Oracle
Megaton x Starscream

Type: Transformers
My Character: Oracle
Your Character: Open
Idea: Open

Transformers: Shards
A Very Brief History of Cybertron and the Transformers in the Shard universe.
Credit to: Hasbro
A equal mix of TF: Prime and OC History)

The Transformer race was born an untold amount of time ago. No current Transformer alive remembers or knows the origins of the species…though many believe it was because of the AllSpark and the Well of All Sparks. Thought both have just seemed to fade into myth and legend. All knowledge of its location just seemed…lost. Whether this is because such things happened so long ago or due to some sort of race wide memory wipe is unknown. To them, they and Cybertron have simply always existed.

What is known is that the Transformers lived on Cybertron for ages in peace at a high tech and highly industrialized level. Cybertron was ruled as a republic, with the city-states having their own senates and courts and representatives on a larger, planetwide federal system. As time went on, problems arose in the structure of society. As time passed the natural occurring energon deposits found on the planet began to dwindle. More and more Transformers were brought in to continue mining for the life fuel of the race.

The miners, seeing their livelihood being taken from them, began a small revolt. Initially this revolt was put down, but a young Transformer by the name of Megatronus was able to escape into the slums of Kaon. There he joined in the organized underground fighting matches, gaining skill, experience and power in battle. He began to develop a cult like following, drawn to his raw power and charisma. It wasn't long before he successfully seized control of the undergound fights and began his life as a Gladiator in the Cybertron Colosseum. There his fame and power grew…

It took no time for the revolutionary words of the great Megatronus to start to root out and gain a loyal following. One of these followers was a simple clerk in the lacon Hall of Records…Orion Pax. Learning of Cybertron's past, Orion grew concerned about the corruption affecting high places and the state of inequity in society. He became inspired by the revolutionary words of Megatronus, the gladiator who took his name from one of the thirteen original Primes. Megatronus gained a loyal following through his radical and innovative actions.

Over time, Megatronus became a mentor figure to Orion Pax and chose to shorten his name as he left the gladiatorial arena for the political one. Megatron appeared before the High Council, voicing his ideas for shaping a new Cybertron by violent means, and demanded to be named the next Prime. Orion protested against Megatron's suggestions before the Council, moving their sparks and minds as he unknowingly revealed himself to be the one worthy of the title.

Megatron severed his ties to Orion and the Council, taking his "Decepticon" followers to begin the first battle in Kaon .Vowing he would claim the legendary Matrix of Leadership for himself. Hoping to reverse the damage that had poisoned the planet, Orion journeyed to Cybertron's Core, where legends and lost records spoke of the AllSpark rested. However, there he found himself before the spark of Primus; the AllSpark having been shattered back and scattered to the stars during the last battle of Unicron and the Thirteen. Yet, Primus sensed the purity of Orion's own spark and bestowed upon him the legendary Matrix, transforming him into Optimus Prime.

By then Megatron and his 'Decepticons' were receiving heavy weaponry from an outside source and were proving to be quite a match for the Autobots. It wasn't until Sentinel Prime, the military commander of the planet, got personally involved, that Megatron and his followers were brought down.

Unfortunately, that is what Megatron wanted. With the assistance of his follower, Megatron orchestrated the mass execution of the Kaon ruling senate and instigated a mass breakout of the city's main prison. These prisoners were quickly armed with high tech weaponry and unleashed on the city-state. The Autobots rapidly deployed to fight back, with Sentinel Prime himself leading the charge. He met Megatron on the field and a titanic battle occurred. In the end a nearly deactivated Sentinel was dropped on Autobot forces. The Autobots withdrew and Kaon fell to the fully forged Decepticon forces. And thus began the great war….

The war would rage across Cybertron for several millennia, with both sides gaining and losing territory. Various technologies were invented to increase lethality and to stretch the rapidly dwindling energon supplies with varying degrees of success. In the end the war proved too much for their homeworld and the AllSpark grew weak. Stripped of resources and battered by constant warfare, Cybertron suffered a full environmental collapse. Its atmosphere was stripped away, leaving the surface unprotected from cosmic radiation and wracked by plasma storms, rendering it uninhabitable by Transformers without extra protective shielding. All energon deposits have been depleted and no new ones appear to be forming.

The war did not end with the death of Cybertron. Megatron and his Decepticons were still bent on conquest, and turned to other planets to help provide materials and fuel to continue against the Autobots. The Autobots, now led by Optimus Prime, were bent on stopping the Decepticons once and for all. The war now continues across the stars…in search for the lost shards of the AllSpark. The only hope to revive their now dead homeworld.
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