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June 23, 2018, 01:27:39 AM

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Author Topic: The Forsaken Synthetic (Gynoid, looking for m or f, synthetic or organic)  (Read 336 times)

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In a future where the 'soul' of a human could be copied into a machine, there arose many concerns, both ethical and personal. Several "rules" were established, in order to protect both the organic humans and the synthetic ones as well-

1) A synthetic human(android or gynoid) must have enough unnatural features so as to make his or her true nature obvious with no more than a minimum of scrutiny.

2) A synthetic human is still a human, a person, and is not to be sold or treated as property, nor discarded wantonly.

3) During the memory transfer, the organic human memory donor must be put to sleep, then transfer over and then be allowed to expire without waking up, so as to ensure one smooth memory from organic to synthetic.

4) Androids and gynoids are NOT to be programmed with anything but the memories of their organic donor.

Even in the future, people are still people, and rules are invariably made to be broken. The first rule wasn't broken too often, although it did happen. The second rule was the most abused, as the synthetic humanoids were easy to deactivate, and in conjunction with the breaking of the fourth rule, program into obedience.

Given all that, Lily could have been so much worse off than she was, but that was small consolation to the gynoid as she hung from ceiling, trying to conserve the last bit of energy from her power cell in order to not fade altogether into the oblivion of system failure. Her glowing, crimson eyes were already starting to flicker a little, and she loosened her plastiskin plating to allow for greater ventilation in order to save just that little bit more energy. A soft groan escaped her barely parted lips, the sound coming out a little distorted, with an odd metallic reverberation.

Maybe she should just welcome oblivion, she thought to herself, after all that would have been her destiny as a human. She had come down with a rare degenerative disease, and her husband William had been faced with the choice to either watch her waste away or spend their life savings transferring her into a gynoid. It seemed such an easy choice at the time... but it was only scant weeks after the transfer when he realized he just couldn't love a synthetic, no matter who she had been in her previous body. That had almost been expected, and Lily had been prepared for a relatively amicable parting, but then what he did next really shocked and saddened her.

Instead of just letting her go, he reached around and deactivated her, hung her up in their room and then abandoned her and the old apartment, going to start a new life where he could forget her and she would fade into obsolescence. Decades passed, sometimes going slowly, sometimes fleeting by in feverish dreams... or whatever they were, maybe bits of processing gone haywire. But now... she realized she was nearing her end, with scant hope of redemption for whatever it was that she had done to deserve this fate. She feared that, at this point, she was far beyond saving... or was she?

Will you be her savior? An organic human with the ability to see beyond the barriers of skin, metal, plastic, and value the person inside? Or perhaps another abandoned gynoid or android, wandering the ruins of the abandoned lower city, searching for the meaning to your own existence?

(Please PM me if interested, I would love to discuss things further and get some kind of story going.)
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