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Author Topic: Spark in the Dark- Initial D - light/human - (M/F or F/F or Non/Sex) - Interest  (Read 1394 times)

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The Beat

A Spark in the Dark-An Introduction

If I ever get this RP up and running it will be entirely unlike the rest of my work on this site. This is mostly due to the fact that this is an Anime, and a Manga. Historically, I have had a biased against these two forms of art. I never understood it, and I didn't like it. I was also, not all that much into cars, racing, drifting, or spending money on things that support any of those behaviors. Initial D is an Anime about Drift racers. Wow, I never thought I would want this, but it's conquering my focus, I think about cars all of the time, and I have an urge to drive like I've never had before.

I think this would be at it's best in a small group game with one GM that doesn't participate with a character, but instead strictly with narration, but I want to gather the people who would like to be involved by doing a few solo's first. Anyone who finds themselves interested in this, let it be known that I want to do an "Initial D: Alternative Stage". Among other things, this will be all original characters, I intend to write the same story with entirely different characters. Also, I will be VERY flexible with my Playable Character, I'll play anyone, boy, girl, driver, civilian, a gas station owner, etc. Pretty much any possible character that isn't the comic relief.

I have my own huge request thread, but I want to give this idea it's own space, mostly because I don't think anyone will find this request in my request thread, no matter how well I end up getting it laid out. I searched all over this site using keywords Inital & Drift. Nothing happened. So here I am. If you don't know anything about Initial D then skip down to II. If you know this canon, observe the stipulations outlined in I

Finally, before I get into it, remember that this is an open thread, and discussion is encouraged. PM me if you want to, and I'll respond, but an open discussion would be much more effective I think.

I - The stipulations

  • I want character models to be pictures from manga/anime/original art, and the pictures should look normal, no blue hair, or gems in foreheads, this RP takes place in real life.
  • Set in Japan, 1997 everyone speaks English, all nationalities are allowed
  • I imagined that I would play a driver, and your character falls in love with mine for whatever reason, it could be about rival drivers, or it could be about a humble racer just trying to live a regular life, or a group of drivers competing to protect their name, etc.
  • We'll likely just use the mountains and courses from the Anime to simplify things. However, Akina doesn't have to be the home course
  • repeating, all Original characters
  • pick your own car, spec it out any way you want, no need to have the 86 and the Rx-7 in every post
  • open to suggestions and criticism. This will work, and adjusting it to each player that's interested will be the key. I hope to see you on the downhill

II - Newcomers

At it's heart, this story is about conquering your fears, treating others with respect, respecting yourself, losing and gaining love, and trying to drive as fast as you possibly can. I would suggest that any newcomer to this world keep to the civilian world. Don't try and be a driver right away, there's a lot to learn, and it might be easier to fall in love with a driver than it would be to attack the corners at the right angle and accelerate at the apex of every drift. If you are interested in proud, furiously competitve, fair-minded men and women with money, a passion, and an exciting life-style, then PM me and we can talk about trying something out.

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