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Author Topic: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]  (Read 18026 times)

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #525 on: April 05, 2013, 07:25:23 PM »
"I thought of taking your nose and never giving it back, but I thought that would be a bit cruel," the Tenth chuckled as he walked in, causing all the other Doctor's to groan from the horror of the lame joke. "Hey, either one of us makes a joke or we all stand around feeling awkward and a bit jealous that blondie over there gets to stick around with her."

"I am not jealous at all," the first doctor announced before clapping his hands. "In fact I think the blondie should act his age and stop being such a lecherous old fiend. Now enough dillydallying, every link hands. It is time to realign the time lines," the Doctor explained before the twelve Doctors moved into a circle and linked arms.

"Sir, just how are you going to fix the problem of your....uh...condition?" Strax asked hesitantly as he watched the Doctors form a circle around the TARDIS, some of them hesitantly holding hands as they realised that their moment of life had drawn near to a closer.

"We're going to link up and approach the wound of the TARDIS, once one of us comes into contact with it the rest will be pulled in and our Time Line will be repaired and almost all of us along with the billions of other Doctors, shall vanish," the Doctor explained with a grimace, before suddenly staring accusingly at the first doctor and exclaiming, "Wait lecherous?!"

"Guys, lets keep focused here," the Ninth spoke, interrupting the Doctor's moment of outrage. "On three. One, two, thre-"

"Wait!" The Doctor yelled before any of the Doctors could take a single step. "Just wait a minute. Look around us," the Doctor said with a smile as he gestured to the ring of Doctors. "This has been the first time that all twelve of us have been in the same place. I know that we've met each other at different times, but this is something else. I think we need to celebrate."

"Is it really necessary?" The Third Doctor asked. "Once the Time Line is fixed, only you will remember that we were even here."

"I know, and way to put a downer on it number three," the Doctor muttered. "But I just thought, since we may not see each other again, that it would be great if I could say a few words to mark the occasion."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #526 on: April 05, 2013, 07:37:42 PM »
Robin rolled her eyes at the Tenth Doctor's lame attempt at a joke, though she was slightly mollified when he said they were all jealous. But as the First spoke up about the fact that he wasn't, the female Time Lord stuck her tongue out like a child. Her face grew a bit more serious when all the Doctors gathered into a circle, linking arms.

This would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone present. All the Doctors being together was already such a paradox, but to see them jump into the heart of the TARDIS to fix their timelines... It was truly incredible. It would be like seeing the Time Vortex at work, or seeing the inner workings of the universe itself.

"I agree," Robin said, sauntering up to stand by her Doctor. "I think there should be a celebration. Maybe we should take a picture! Or a video! Can I go find some champagne?" Then she looked around again with narrowed eyes. "And you keep saying 'blondie' in such a condescending way... I think you look quite dashing with blonde hair!"
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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #527 on: April 06, 2013, 08:39:38 AM »
"Oh lay off him Robin, he's just being the grumpy old fart that he always is," the Doctor said before breaking away from the ring and walking up to the old man. He looked into his dark eyes and smiled fondly before nudging him on the shoulder. "I loved being you. I loved being every single one of you," the Doctor said as he turned to look around the circle. "The old man in the blue box who dies again and again and again, fighting evil and being incredible, utterly incredible, while he does it. No matter what flavor I was, I loved every single form."

"Even you old fella, I sort of miss the limp and the hmmm hmmm yes's and that clever smile you wear," the Doctor said to the First and offered him a smile, which he returned after a stern moment of holding the sides of his coat and raisin his nose snootily. "And then there was the Second, acting like a fool to make and making people laugh as he behaved like a kid. And then having him scowl and snap whenever he got mad. Ooo that glare. I felt like a right warlord whenever I gave people that menacing glare."

The Doctor winked at the Second, who had been occupied with blowing into a recorder flute, when he saw the wink he gave the Doctor that menacing stare before grinning impishly at him.

"And the amazing changes didn't stop. In my Third form I was dashing and suave, which is hard to pull off when you have white curly hair and are dressed in purple velvet, and I could hurl people through the air with a flick of my wrist," the Doctor said before miming a karate chop and beaming at the Third Doctor, who couldn't help twisting his wrinkled flexible face into a smile.

"Then I was the fourth, all teeth and curls, jelly babies and robotic dogs - and FUNNY!" The Doctor cried as he pointed at the Fourth, who chuckled and blushed before offering the Doctor a jelly baby from a crinkled white bag, to which the Doctor eagerly accepted, tossing the treat into his open mouth before he continued. "Wasn't he funny guys? He drove the Brigadier up the wall and made Robin's mum want to tear out her hair, but he was funny!"

"Fifth came along after him and Tenth, you'll agree with me when I say that was a right laugh," the Doctor said after swallowing the treat and giving the Tenth Doctor a nod as he pointed to the Fifth, who seemed to smile shyly before adjusting his white cricket shirt. "Running about, playing cricket, getting into sword fights with the Master and pulling off a decorative vegetable of all things. Seriously, how do you do that? Its a piece of celery and you wear it like a lapel."

"Although, number Six, you were no better. Sixth, you were barmy!" The Doctor cried as he rushed over to the Sixth and flung an arm around his shoulder. The Sixth seemed to take the comment as a compliment and grinned devilishly as the Doctor went on, "You were the maddest of the lot of us, and that's saying something, but you were amazing at it. You made it work! I still crack up every time I remember Peri almost plugging me because she thought I was one of the cyber controlled policemen."

"Do you remember that?" The Doctor asked excitedly before miming putting on a hat and pulling a strange smile. He and the Sixth roared with laughter, bracing themselves on each other as they chuckled, whilst the other Doctors looked awardly at each other, clearly not finding it quite as amusing as them.

"Seventh!" The Doctor cried as he broke away from the Sixth and marched up to the Seventh, who was balancing himself on the point of his umbrella. For a moment the two of them glared fiercely at each other, but then a sly smile broke across the Doctors face and he began to waggle his finger at him. "You were a rogue. Manipulative and ruthless, but not one of us could play with spoon like you could. You were the adventurer with the master plan, the rrrrrolling rrrrs and the umbrella. You were fantastic! The trouble we got up to with Ace, we were like a dynamic duo! Saving the world and fighting crime!"

"Shame about the operating table regeneration, nasty way to go, but without it we couldn't have gotten to number Eight over here," the Doctor said before turning on his heel to face the Eighth, who smiled pleasantly as the Doctor walked towards him, gesturing excitedly to him with every step. "Shoes! Mary Shelly! Victorian clothes! Personally, I preferred it when you cut your hair short and started wearing leather coats, but you were still amazing. And may I just say..." the Doctor began, wearing a mischievous grin as he nudged him with his elbow. "Nice going with Grace. You were the Doctor that finally got us to puberty."

"Is this going to take long? I'm all for getting my ego stroked, but my hands are starting to get tired," the Ninth groaned, causing the Doctor to throw back his head and laugh loudly at him. "Oh I remember that! I was so rude when I was you! You were all war like and fierce, but lovably cheeky. My favorite line was when you said 'What you gonna do, throw your A-levels at him?', that was priceless!"

"And so was number ten..." the Doctor  said his voice trailing off as he turned to the tenth, who feigned a look of bashfulness as the Doctor came over to him and shook him by the hand. "Tenth, need I say more? The thin man in the suit and sneakers, gigantic hair and cheesy grins. And the talking, the endless, amazing, talking! You had a clever remark to say about everything and anyone! And I loved it. I loved being you. You were just incredible."

"Not that you were bad at Eleventh," the Doctor added as the Eleventh let out an angry huff. "Tweed, bow ties and endless mistakes, which you always sorted out despite the odds," the Doctor said wistfully as he let go of the Tenth's hand and moved over to him being miming a kiss on both of the Eleventh's cheeks.

"You were a dork." The Doctor said bluntly, causing the Eleventh to glare at him with disbelief before he quickly added. "But, you were a brilliant dork. The big kid trapped inside an ancient Time Lords body. The Ponds, River Song, Clara Ozwin Oswald, you had a huge selection of awesome companions and drove them nuts! Not to mention fat Craig, I dropped by on him a few weeks ago, called the police, he didn't know who I was."

"In conclusion," the Doctor said as he backed up into the centre of the circle and applauded the Doctors. "Each and every one of you was incredible. And although I never enjoy regenerating, I still enjoyed being you. Having so much variety in my life. I'm kind of blessed in a way."

"So come on, lets get ourselves a round of applause," the Doctor said before clapping slowly. "Come on, all of you!" He called before the Doctors slowly started to join in until the TARDIS was full of applause. "You were all brilliant! Amazing! Splendid! Fantastic and more!" The Doctor roared, punching his fist into the air.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #528 on: April 06, 2013, 09:06:08 AM »
Robin listened to her Doctor speak, her eyes flitting to each of his other forms as he talked about them. They were all so wildly different, especially in appearance. From the old man with the curly gray hair and the cane to the man with a big chin and floppy hair wearing a bow tie, they all had their own style, their own face their own personality.

Yet underneath their varying appearances, they somehow managed to stay the same. In all of them it was easy to see that sort of rogue undercurrent, the fierce morality, the slightly mad brilliance. It carried on through each of the Doctor's regenerations and Robin was very glad for that. Without having had each of these regenerations, the Doctor would not be who he was... The man who saved the Earth over and over again, even though it wasn't his own planet... Even though his own people were all gone.

She chuckled along with each of his stories, flashing the Fifth a grin as his celery was put under scrutiny. It was very true, the Doctor with that face was the only one who could get away with wearing a vegetable pinned to his clothes. It made Robin want to somehow go back and travel with each of them, even though that was impossible.

When he reached the Ninth, she crossed her arms and looked at him. The purple jumper, the leather jacket, the fiercely short hair... He was sort of militant. But when that grin came out, it was the goofiest, most adorable grin and Robin wished she could see it all the time.

Then came the Tenth, and though she would never admit it out loud, he was her favorite. His hair, his suit, his shoes... His laugh, smile, that cheeky way he had of just rambling on and on while making sort of snide comments... If she didn't have her Doctor, she would easily have wanted to travel around with him, just to hear him talk all the time and to see that cheeky smile that so mirrored her own.

And the Eleventh... He looked so young, with all his hair and his baby face. Robin grinned, thinking about all the endless torture she could put him through. With the bow tie, the strange way he had of looking around in a sort of bewildered way...

Any of these Doctors would have been fantastic to travel with and Robin was sad they all had to go. Eagerly, she joined in when they all started applauding, her smile so wide and bright it hurt her face. Allen had gotten up and was clapping too, his smile almost as wide as his sister's. Even Strax had joined along, though somehow he managed to make his applause as militant as possible.

When the noise had died down a bit, Robin stepped forward.

"I'm nowhere near as eloquent as you all are," she said softly. "But mainly I just wanted to thank you again. Each of you individually played such an important part today, and we all owe you our lives... As usual. You're all amazing and I'm so glad I got the chance to meet you."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #529 on: April 06, 2013, 09:32:37 AM »
"Oh it was nothing. No trouble at all. A trifle really," The First Doctor spoke, smiling smugly as he and his other forms began to revel in her thanks. The Doctor sighed heavily as they all began to chatter amongst themselves, bickering about who helped the most during the crisis.

"Look what you've done. A few little words from a pretty girl and chaos ensues. I swear, you better start trying to make yourself look less pretty or dress modestly when we start traveling or else you might cause interstellar war," the Doctor joked with Robin before walking back to his place in the circle, just between the First and the Eleventh Doctor.

"All right boys, its time for us to go," the Doctor said as they ceased their chatter and grinned at each other mischievously. "On the count of three everyone," the Doctor said before taking a step back along with each of the Doctors, as they prepared to jump into the glowing wound, that waited before them, still shining with bright infinite light.

"One, two, three...GERONIMO!" The Doctor yelled before rushing towards the wound and leaping at it, pulling the Doctors with him as they divided towards their side of the TARDIS.

Just before they vanished, one thing could be heard over the clunking of heavy foot steps, laughter and cries of elation. The Eleventh's cry of protest as he yelled, "Oi, that's my line!"

The moment the Doctor touched the wound the glowing ceased and the Doctor's vanished into thin air, leaving him draped over the controls of the TARDIS with his face pressed up against the glass tube. He let out a groan of pain as he slid off it and landed in a heap on the ground.

"Ow...shouldn't have pegged it at the wound. I should have realised that once it was gone I would just crash into the darn controls," he cursed before slowly getting to his feet and looking about the deck of the TARDIS whilst clutching his head. "Great, they're gone. Now I don't have to share the TARDIS or Robin."

His eyes widened and he almost gagged on his own words as he realised what he just said aloud. "Or you Allen, I wouldn't want to share you either!" He said hastily before groaning a he realised that what he had said was just as bad. "Or Strax. I couldn't share him! He's a funny troll monster with a laser!"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #530 on: April 06, 2013, 10:00:12 AM »
Robin snickered at the blasé way the first Doctor responded to her thanks. The snicker turned into a laugh as they all began squabbling over which one of them had helped the most. Allen again groaned, dropping his head exasperated lot into his hands.

"Oh hush, you know you don't want me to change," Robin said as her Doctor resumed his place in the circle. Her grin was again bright as all the Doctors prepared to jump into the wound of the TARDIS, and she waved hard as they took their step back together. Then, as they jumped, her breath caught in her throat. But a laugh forced its way out when the Eleventh Doctor expressed his opposition to her Doctor's choice of word.

When the first of the Doctors touched the wound, all of them save hers disappeared, as did the gaping hole in the TARDIS. A blinding light flashed through the console room and then it was just Robin, Allen, Strax, and the newest Doctor in the big room. For a moment all that could be heard was the Doctor's groan... Until he spoke. Then Robin laughed so hard she had to lean against a rail, Allen gave another groan, and Strax began to grumble.

"Oh Doctor, you fiend," Robin said with a mischievous wink. "I knew you were greedy, but not even wanting to share with yourself... That's a whole new level."

"Enough!" Allen roared, clapping his hands over his ears. "God, I was thinking about asking to come with you guys, but I changed my mind! Take me home!" Robin cackled, walking to the Doctor and grabbing his hand. Leaning toward his ear, she spoke in a whisper, her breath ghosting along the curve of his neck.

"It's okay," she said. "I don't want to share you either."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #531 on: April 06, 2013, 10:23:56 AM »
The Doctor's eyes bulged in their sockets as she whispered so tenderly into his ear. His body jerked out from under him as he lost his balance on the lever he had been clinging to as he dragged himself off the floor. It snapped down with a bang before the TARDIS started moving. The Doctor leaped to his feet and frantically began fiddling with the controls, trying his best to right the sudden mistake.

"Oh come on Allen. You know I would know...I'm just..." the Doctor stammered as he rapidly flicked a line of switches before exclaiming. "Come on Allen, I'm a gentlemen! I have a blue box! Its blue, the color of gentlemanly things!"

"Sir, I am detecting an irregularity in your hearts beating. You seem to be experiencing some for of heart attack!" Strax called with alarm before racing up to the Doctor and placing a hand on his chest. "How peculiar, you also seem to be experiencing a hormonal increase. Are you sure that you are healed from the time fracture?"

"Strax! Stop talking! I'm trying to fly a Time Machine whilst Robin acts scandalous and her brother judges me!" The Doctor barked before grabbing one of the levers and slamming it forwards to halt the TARDIS in its journey. "There! Florida again! Now everybody pile out I want a moment to compose myself before Robin's dad tries to kill me."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #532 on: April 06, 2013, 10:45:38 AM »
Robin's jaw dropped when the Doctor lost his balance after her whisper. She'd been expecting some sort of reaction but nothing quite so... Out of control. Her surprise only lasted a moment, though, before she was basically rolling on the floor with laughter.

When Strax started giving away the Doctor's inner turmoil her laughter only increased. It felt like she might explode with the force of her laughter. Allen was protesting again, practically yelling in his attempt to block out what was happening. Robin could hardly control herself, but she sobered up quickly as the Doctor announced that they'd arrived in Florida. Slowly, she stood, her face rapidly growing sad. Allen's did the same.

"I think I'm going to find something else to wear," Robin said quietly. "I don't think it would be good for them to think you'd replaced me so quickly." Walking to Allen, she kissed his cheek and hugged him tightly. "Thank you for being so brave. And remember, I'm going to visit you. I promise. I'll phone and I'll come see you when I can." Whirling, she looked at the Doctor. "Put them somewhere cool."

"I love you, Robin," Allen said softly. "I'll see you soon. Come on Strax, come meet my parents." Strax nodded, for once having nothing to say. Robin watched her brother leave.

"Love you too," she said, before running off to the wardrobe. Allen and Strax went outside, and the Doctor would be able to hear the Bakers' elated cries as their son appeared from the box.

"We came out as soon as we heard the noise!" Rita said, embracing her son tightly. "Is Robin in there? The Doctor? Oh, they had something to do with this, didn't they!" Then she seemed to see Strax for the first time. Both her and Dennis's faces lit up as they saw the alien.

"Mom, Dad, this is Strax. He's a Sontaran. But don't worry, he's uh... Good." Strax pounded his chest formally.

"Hello, puny human family!" He shouted. "I hope to one day destroy you in battle for the glory of Sontar!" For a second the Bakers' eyes were wide in shock.

"Um... Nice to meet you too," Dennis said. "Now where's Robin?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #533 on: April 06, 2013, 11:06:32 AM »
The Doctor was still as he heard the joyous cries of their sons return. He watched Robin as she left the room before letting out a deep, heavy, sigh and shaking his head slowly. Over a thousand years he had been alive and yet it didn't make what was about to come next any easier.

So many lives had been sacrificed in his name, so many families had been destroyed, and it was all his fault. The trail of heartbroken parents and lonely children was far too long. And now, he was about to add to it.

Painfully slowly, the Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS and looked out at the family with a look of absolute remorse on his face.

"Mr and Mrs Baker...I'm sorry," he spoke softly, his eyes lowering to the ground. "I am so, so sorry."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #534 on: April 06, 2013, 11:12:42 AM »
For a moment the Bakers did not seem to understand the Doctor. They had continued smiling, though their eyes grew confused as he spoke, until finally the smiles faded from their faces. Allen looked away, unable to watch as his parents' lives were crushed. Finally Rita spoke up.

"What?" She said, her voice small and hurt. "What? What?" Slowly, Dennis put an arm around his wife's shoulders and pulled her into his side. "No, no, that can't be possible. She was with you! You were supposed to keep her safe!" Her voice rose to a shout by the end as tears started leaking from her eyes. After a moment she could no longer speak through her sobbing.

"How?" Dennis's question was soft, his tears silent. "How did it... Happen?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #535 on: April 06, 2013, 11:29:44 AM »
"She died saving the world," the Doctor replied, managing to raise his gaze to meet his. "A couple of old enemies of mine were responsible for putting the world in jeopardy. They led me into a trap and crippled me. Robin found Stax here and brought him to heal me," the Doctor said as he nodded to the Sontaran, who seemed confused by the story, but did object at any point.

"While I was healing, Robin infiltrated my enemies base and destroyed the psychic beacon that was placing everyone on Earth into a coma," the Doctor spoke before gruffly adding. "She went down with the beacon."

"I failed you again Mr and Mrs Baker. I let her die, because I'm a stupid old fool he thought he was untouchable. And I'm not, I'm so very very weak," the Doctor whispered, the ache in his voice all too apparent. He gazed up at the sky and offered a weak smile as he listened to the sound of their neighbors chatting and cars driving past their house. The sound of normal life, that had now continued as it always had.

"You should know, that there are races who bared witness to this day. Aliens from all corners of the galaxy who will hear about how Robin Baker saved the world," the Doctor said as he dropped his gaze to look at them. "I will not go down as a hero, but she will. They will never, ever, forget that Robin Baker saved the Earth."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #536 on: April 06, 2013, 01:14:43 PM »
"That's Robin," Dennis choked out, still-silent tears streaming down his cheeks. "Always thinking of others before... Before herself." Rita was wailing by this point, and would have crumpled to the ground had Dennis not been supporting her. Even Allen was crying, though for quite a different reason. It was horrible, watching his parents cry like that when their daughter was actually alive and well inside the TARDIS.

"Hey," he said, pulling his mother into a hug. "Robin wouldn't want us to be sad. And she wouldn't want us to be angry at the Doctor. She died saving everyone, Mom... You, me, the Doctor, everyone on the Earth. We have to stay strong for her, okay? We have to try and live on for her, even though she can't be with us. It's hard, but if we're as strong as Robin was, we can get through it."

By the time he was done speaking, Rita had straightened, and her sobbing had ceased. There was still a steady flow of tears dripping from her chin onto the ground but she managed to look at the Doctor without a trace of anger. After a moment she nodded before taking her husband's hand in hers, and then Allen's.

"Doctor," she said, her voice strained. "Thank you for everything. We know Robin was grateful for the time she got to be with you, and so we are too. Just... don't forget about her. And don't forget about us." Dennis wiped his nose on his sleeve, unable to speak. Allen looked at the Doctor.

"And don't forget... You said you needed to find new... accommodations for us," Allen said, twisting the story a bit.

"And if I may add something," Strax said, his voice uncharacteristically gentle, "I would like to stay with this human family until you have further need of me, sir. I think they could use my help and I can give them a firsthand account of Robin's bravery."


Inside the TARDIS, Robin's disguise had dropped. She was crying steadily, sitting on the floor of the wardrobe, trying to get everything out before the Doctor came back in to find her. After several minutes of sobbing, she stood, shaking her head and placing her 'just fine' expression back on her face.

"Okay," she said, wiping her eyes. "Okay." Then she began walking down the racks of clothes, shedding the outfit she wore as she did so. First, she replaced her bra, having to find a bit bigger size to fit her new curves. After that she stood in front of the mirror, contemplating what she thought her new style might be. A moment passed and she smiled, returning to the wardrobe.

She found a pair of black tights, which she pulled on eagerly. Then a plain black tank top, just to have something to cover up with. Looking through the shoes, she found a pair of nice black lace-up boots, sliding them onto her feet with ease. She picked up the pants she'd worn earlier and pulled the letter and the pen-looking device, quickly putting them back into the locket to examine later.

Scurrying back up to the console room, she looked all around until her eyes finally landed on what she'd seen earlier. A sweater of the Doctor's, blue and white striped, hanging over one of the rails. With a little grin she pulled it on. It was a big enough size so that it was slightly below her waist. She thought she may not wear it forever but for now it would be sufficient to distract the Doctor a little... Sufficiently short, that is.

With that, she waited, not wanting to watch what was happening outside.
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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #537 on: April 07, 2013, 11:06:57 AM »
"Never," he replied with a nod before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a thick wallet from his coat pocket. He opened it up, revealing it to be chocked full of various business cards, and flicked through them before picking out one and handing it to Allen. "This is a colleague of a friend of mine. His name is Rex Matheson. He's tough, but I'm sure he could benefit from hearing from you."

"Strax, protect them. That's an order," the Doctor said in a low voice to his friend before giving him a curt nod and patting him on the shoulder.

Without another word, the Doctor turned his back on the grieving family and stepped into the TARDIS.

A clean break, that was what they needed, and the Doctor would make sure that the healing was as smooth and painless as it could be, but he would never forget their despair. Regardless of what Robin might say, he still caused this. He was still the one to lead their daughter through the valley of death.

And he would never forgive himself. Just as he would never forgive himself for any of the other lives he had ruined.

He closed the door behind him and shut his eyes before letting out a heavy sigh. When he opened his eyes he looked upon Robin and let a smile cross over his face as he fought to push down the awful guilt, not wishing to make her pain any harder than it already was.

"Okay!" The Doctor cheered before rushing over to the controls at her side and flicking at the controls eagerly. "I have to go and check up on a few things. I need to find out if Gwen Cooper and Sky got back okay and I also need to drop Madame Vastra and Jenny back home. And UNIT will certainly want to have a chat with me about what went on."

"But you know what?" The Doctor asked before adjusting one of the gauges on the TARDIS and grinning at Robin. "I think we could stall for time a bit, don't you?" He asked before grabbing one of the gears and yanking it down, letting out a loud laugh as the TARDIS began its journey and let out the wonderful roar of its impossible engine.

The Doctor stepped back and admired the TARDIS with a grin as the crystals in its cosmic engine sank and bobbed. He watched it with interest and rubbed his hands together, excitement gleaming in his golden eyes before he said; "Your wearing my jumper..."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #538 on: April 07, 2013, 11:26:13 AM »
Allen accepted the business card and looked at it, unwilling for the moment to even glance in the direction of his parents. He hated lying to them - he and Robin had always been as honest as they could with their family - and a lie this big was hard to cover up. After a second he tucked the card into his pocket and watched the Doctor walk back to the TARDIS.

"Rex Matheson works for Torchwood America," Strax said. "We should contact him as soon as possible. He will give you cover identities and I believe the Doctor wants you to work for them as well." Rita and Dennis seemed not to be paying attention, just holding each other. Finally, they began walking slowly back toward their house, tears still falling.

"Come on Strax," Allen said, his head hanging. "We can get everything set up."


Robin looked up as the Doctor entered. The first thing she noticed was that he seemed to be wearing a smile that was quite similar to hers... Falsely cheerful. She sighed, hating that she'd done this to him, to make him so sad. There was nothing easy about being a Time Lord, and Robin was now learning firsthand. A slightly more genuine smile touched her lips as she listened to the TARDIS make her noise. When the Doctor commented on what she was wearing she jumped up.

"Like it?" she asked, twirling. "I think it's flattering. But I agree, I think we can stall a bit. But don't you also need to go back and deliver all those sort of cryptic messages everyone was repeating? And I don't know why but I'm feeling... a little... tired..." Suddenly her eyes drooped and she fell, completely exhausted and almost immediately asleep.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
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"It looks good on you. It brings out the color of your eyes and really suits your figure," the Doctor said with a nod as he looked over her. "Its also mine. Give it back," the Doctor joked before pressing three red buttons on the TARDIS controls, diverting the course of their flight.

"You do have a point. I really should get on spreading the word about the oncoming disaster. I wouldn't want to interfere with the time lines," he mused as he scratched his bristly chin before eventually nodding and fiddling with the controls again to the change the course of their journey one more time.

"It makes sense now, seeing as how I'm wearing my suit. They did all say that I was wearing black when I came to see them," the Doctor explained before looking down to admire the sleek black suit he was wearing. "My I look good. I think my Tenth form was just being cheeky to me earlier because he knows I wear this better than him. Don't you agree?"

"I bet you agree. I can't prove it obviously, you passed out six seconds ago, but I'm sure if you had been awake, you would have agreed," the Doctor said as he turned to Robin and gazed at her sleeping form, which leaned against the controls of the TARDIS.

He tittered and brushed a few strands of raven hair from her cheek, fondly stroking her sleeping face. The bruises from the conflict had now faded away thanks to the combination of Strax's medical skills and the excess regenerative energy that still lingered after her regeneration. Knowing that made the Doctor feel just a little uneasy, it had been a long time since he had traveled with a Time Lord as his companion and seeing this girl before him, with her whole future in front of her, was as nerve wracking as it was exciting.

"Time for bed Robin. Your bodies been under enough stress. Your regeneration cycle is demanding rest," the Doctor said before turning to the controls. "Luckily for you I have..." he flicked a switch and something light fluttered down from the ceiling and hung in mid air by a set of ropes. "Hammocks!"

He lifted her body into the cozy bed that dangled on the floor and tucked the cotton pillow that had fallen with it behind her head.

"You're trouble Robin," he spoke as he ducked under the controls of the TARDIS and pulled out a blanket from one of the compartments that lay under it. "Years of being the last Time Lord that wasn't insane or destined to die and now I have one on my ship who is not only beautiful and cheeky but the daughter of one of my closest friends. Its like the devil himself as sent you to drive me nuts," he said with a quiet laugh before adding. "Then again, I can't imagine that being true. I killed the devil after all."

The Doctor's feet were suddenly kicked out from under him as the entire room shook violently and a loud bang resounded through it. The Doctor yelped and came crashing to the floor, landing in a heap with a thud and a groan of pain.

"What the...?!" The Doctor cried as he stood up, untangling himself from the blanket that had wrapped around his legs during his fall. He looked up at the TARDIS with confusion as the entire deck of his ship was bathed in red light, the sign of an incoming disaster. "What the?!" The Doctor exclaimed before scrambling to the controls and making a move to yank down one of the screens that dangled from the ceiling.

"Why are you being like that old girl?" He said with confusion as he pulled the screen towards him. "You only do that as a warning to me. To tell me when I'm about to make a mistake like-" the Doctor stopped as he looked at the words on the screen. "-visiting a period of time I have already gone to."

The words on the screen made no sense. He couldn't have done what they were suggesting. Everything that the Master and the people from the resistance had told him during the last twenty hour hours had proved that it was not possible, yet the words on the screen told him that it was so.

Time Period Locked. Area of History already Visited.

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Robin dreamed. The dreams were unsubstantial and fleeting, but dreams nonetheless. Sometimes they were memories, early memories that were filled with strange sounds and loud noises. Memories from before her conversion, in which she could see Romana's face trying to smile down at her even though she knew what she would have to do to Robin in the near future.

Some were memories of her childhood, running around with little Allen, laughing and having a wonderful time throwing dirt in each other's eyes. Those days had been so simple. After what had happened in recent days, it was hard for Robin to think that any time in her life had ever been simple. Her parents' faces flashed in images through her childhood. A single tear leaked from Robin's eye as she thought of the parents who now believed she was dead.

Others were memories of more recent times. Images of terrifying aliens, Daleks screeching and Cybermen shooting their red lasers at them... The latter starred in her dreams a lot, even the terror and pain she'd felt when she'd gotten shot surfaced several times. But what hurt the most wasn't the memory of dying, but the look on the Doctor's face as he'd realized he was losing her.

That look was the most painful thing she'd ever seen. It was a despair so deep and so many times felt that Robin had had a hard time even looking at it. The tears spilled over those golden eyes, tears that she had wished she could've kissed from his cheeks a thousand times over. But then he'd opened that locket and both of their lives had changed forever. And the shock on that face was a lot easier to look at than the sadness.

Around five hours passed before Robin even moved in the hammock. When she finally woke up, she stretched, almost toppling herself out of the hanging bed. A small smile spread across her mouth as she realized the Doctor had actually tucked her into bed. After a moment she sat and hopped out, still wearing his sweater and her tights and boots.

"Well, I feel better," she announced, placing a hand on her hip. "Now I seem to recall you requesting your sweater back... I mean I could take it off if you like. It wouldn't bother me one bit."

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"Robin Baker that is a simply outrageous statement," the Doctor responded from behind the pages of a book. He was leaning his back against the controls of the TARDIS, perched on the end of it with a book held in front of his face titled Summer Falls, by Amelia Williams. "There will be no stripping on the deck of the TARDIS. I forbade it ever since I walked in on a Mr and Mrs Pond playing a unique game of Poker. Couldn't look Rory in the eye for a week."

While Robin had slept the Doctor had changed out of his black suit and replaced it with a different one, a dark blue suit, similar to that of his duffel coat, which matched a formal buttoned shirt worn under a darker blue waistcoat. Around his neck loosely hung a small golden shield bolo tie which dangled around the open top button of his shirt, and on his head balanced a fedora hat, making the Doctor look like a strange combination between a cattle rustler and a gangster.

"Ready for a night on the town darling?" He asked with a twinkle in his eye as he shut the book and offered his hand to help her out of the hammock. "The night is young and the world is plentiful. I just hope you can keep your hands off me while I'm dressed as sharply as this."

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"It's hard for me to keep my hands off you while we're speeding down the road and fleeing for our lives," Robin said, raising an eyebrow at the Doctor's attire. "But as long as you don't pick up a lasso I think I can manage. For a while, at least." Then she walked toward him, placing her index finger right above the open top button of his shirt.

"I'd love to spend a night on the town," she said, the same twinkle in her eyes. "But I need to know what we'll be doing. I may need some time to get ready. Where are you taking me, you old lecher?" Then she winked at him, a small smile twitching at the corners of her lips before backing away a step. "I hope it's somewhere we can dance."

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"A lasso! That's whats missing from my coat of infinite wonders!" The Doctor cried, before slapping his forehead. "A sonic screwdriver, a quantum drill, a psychic spanner and yet I forget a lasso. I'm getting forgetful in my old age," the Doctor sighed before grinning at her and taking a step back to flick one of the switches on the control panel.

"We are off to the year four billion, nine hundred and ninety nine million, nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine. Its new years eve on a planet known as New Earth which was colonised over three hundred years before the destruction of old Earth. Don't ask, long story, all you need to know is that everything was all right in the end," the Doctor said as he rushed past her to get to the other side of the controls.

"We madam, are going to a new years eve ball in New New York to celebrate the turn of the year five billion," the Doctor said before pulling out his collar and smirking. "And its a costume party. Nineteen thirties dress only. I trust you don't object?"

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"Wasn't going to ask," Robin said, laughing and gesturing to herself. "Time Lord now, remember?" But her face lit up as he told her their destination. She grinned widely, running to him and kissing his scruffy cheek. "Of course I don't object! This is exciting!" Then her expression grew a little thoughtful before turning completely mischievous.

"You know what..." she said, twirling a finger innocently in her hair. "Why don't you go ahead out? I'll need a little time to get dressed and made up for this most wonderful event. I'll come find you once I'm done." She tossed the Doctor a wink before scampering off to the wardrobe. When she arrived, she looked up at the ceiling of the TARDIS with a soft smile.

"Come on old girl," she said. "Show me something amazing."

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"Oh great not only does she know what I'm thinking, but I've lost the element of surprise," the Doctor huffed with a roll of his eyes, but he smiled when she kissed him on the cheek.

"I can't stay mad at you. Fine, go doll yourself up, but don't be long!" The Doctor called as he walked to the doors of the TARDIS. "If you take too long you'll miss the performance by robotic Bing Crosby and holographic Glen Miller. They make quite a team, gigantic flirts though."

Before stepping out of the TARDIS he turned back to watch Robin skip off to get ready and smiled fondly after her. Once she had walked off the deck of the TARDIS he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper, the letter from Romana, and gazed over it once more before chuckling to himself and pocketing it again.

"I miss you too Romana," the Doctor said, before patting his pocket. "And your right. She's no Harbinger"


The ball room was known to the residents of New New York as the  Golden Bull and was considered by many to be one of the most extraordinary places on New Earth, for it was a skyscraper, made from solid gold. A brilliant building, grand enough to house the gods of Olympus themselves, which in some cases, actually happened.

According to sources a solid gold meteorite had fallen onto a farmers land, destroying his entire heard of blueberry cows, but granting him enough gold to change the economy of New Earth. Years after it had fallen, the farmer had become one of the most influential businessmen in the galaxy, but he had never forgotten the death of his poor cows. And so, he built the skyscraper from what remained of his golden reserves and had named it in honor of his deceased livestock.

The place was known for hosting some of the most important social events in history, so it was no surprise that as they approached the year five billion the place was teeming to the brim with different creatures from all over the universe.

"The gold comes from a planet called Voga, also known as Neo Phobos," the Doctor explained to some of the guests at the ball, which included a finely dressed elderly couple with robotic legs, designed for all manner of dances, a waiter named Bill that the Doctor and a blowfish alien dressed like John Wayne.

They were stood at the foot a a great red stair case, every step covered in red velvet, that led up to the golden rose encrusted balconies that looked over the shining dance floor, which almost resembled frozen honey as the lights from floating anti-grav crystal chandeliers bounced off its surface.

On the far side of the dance floor was a large stage which supported the a band of robots and aliens, all dressed like famous musicians from the 1930s, apart from a blue skinned alien, who was dressed in a red lace outfit that made her look rather like the queen of hearts. Apparently she had no idea that the fabled 'Lady Gaga' had not been alive during the 1930s.

"Voga is a planet made entirely out of Gold. For generations the planet kept its existence a secret, for they knew that if anyone were to find out about it then they would surely be invaded by forces that wished to strip it of its golden minerals," the Doctor said before running his hand along one of the golden banisters.

"That's amazing, Sir!" Bill exclaimed excitedly whilst trying his best not to spill the try of champagne he had balanced on his left hand. "But...if you don't mind me asking Sir, how do you know about it?"

"I'll only mind you asking Bill if you keep calling me Sir. It's the Doctor. I'm not least not here," the Doctor said with a smile before gazing up at the gold ceiling and dangling lights. "Lets just say I'm good at finding secret things."

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It was as though the TARDIS had known this day was coming. She probably did, Robin reminded herself as she looked down at the red dress. The material was beautiful and soft, and when Robin had held it in front of herself it looked as though it had been tailored to her exact measurements. A huge grin spread over her face as she shed her clothes, depositing them all in a pile next to her.

Slowly, she slid the dress over her head and zipped up the back. It had a built-in support for her chest, which was a very good thing; wearing a bra in this dress would completely throw everything off. For a moment Robin stared at herself in the mirror. Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined herself wearing something so exquisite.

The dress was long and a vibrant shade of red. The material pooled on the floor at her feet, and a long slit up to her left thigh drew much attention to her long legs. There was a shiny beaded accent at the waist and around the bustline, cinching in the draping fabric a bit to accentuate her curves. The straps of the dress hung just below her shoulders, creating a wide V shape that focused the attention on the just-concealed cleavage. Not exactly 1930s, Robin mused with a laugh, But I doubt anyone here is.

Turning, she took a look at the back of the dress. Her entire back was bare, the pale skin gleaming in the low light. The dress followed its deep V down to the very small of her back, revealing even the delicate dimples just above her bottom. She gathered up her silky black hair with a smile before sliding into the silver heels she'd found tucked under the dress. They were strappy and impossibly high... Just the way she wanted.

Hurrying, she scurried to the bathroom, where she just happened to find a large selection of pins and makeup. Gathering her hair again, she pinned it up in strategic curls, letting a few here and there hang long and low around her chest. Then she applied a thin layer of shimmery eyeshadow, which played up the violet color in her eyes. As a final touch she painted her lips the same color as her dress, before giving herself a final smile and hurrying out of the TARDIS.

For a moment she was shocked into stillness. The entire place was glittering, golden and beautiful. Everyone inside was radiant, of all different races and species, all gathered for the celebration of the new year. Robin couldn't keep the smile off her face as she walked to find the Doctor. After a few moments' wandering, she finally spotted his back. A mischievous gleam appeared in her eyes and her smile grew a bit more seductive as she walked over to him. When she drew close, she leaned up into his ear and whispered, her breath again sliding along the curve of his neck.

"Would you like to dance?"

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Everything that had been calm, composed and charming about the Doctor was blown into a thousand pieces as Robin's breath stroked at the Doctor's neck. A shiver coursed through his body and knocked the cheerful smile off his face as the equivalent of an electric shock struck every nerve in his body. His breath was forced from his lungs as it caught in his throat, but it only got worse when he turned to face Robin.

"Sir, I mean Doctor! I mean, Sir! Doctor Sir! Are you okay?" Bill the waiter asked as he watched the ancient Time Lord took off his hat and pressed it to his chest with one hand whilst he stared at Robin with shock, his caramel eyes wide and unblinking as he gazed upon her.

"Bill the waiter. Does the band do requests?" the Doctor asked, not tearing his eyes away from Robin's as he addressed the gawking waiter, who appeared to be having just as much trouble keeping his eyes off Robin as the Doctor did.

"Uh, I don't think so Doctor," the waiter said nervously before jumping as the Doctor shoved the psychic paper into his face.

"Well they do now, tell them that Frank Sinatra is here and he wants them to sing something smooth that I can dance to with a beautiful girl," the Doctor said a smile finally creeping over his lips as he took Robin's hand and kissed it.

"Sir... this says you died in 1998."

"I took a very long break from my career. Make it happen. Cheryl, Tony, John Wayne, it was lovely meeting with you," the Doctor said back to them, but still didn't bother to even turn his head to face them as he took Robin's wrist and pulled her away to the center of the dance floor.

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Robin saw the Doctor's reaction to her appearance. His eyes darkened to the color of rich honey; the vein in his neck pulsed a little more rapidly; his mouth was almost slack. Normally Robin would have laughed but this time all that remained on her face was the same sultry little smile... Hardly more than a slight upturn at the corners, it lent a deeper warmth to her eyes than had been there before.

As he kissed her hand, a slight shiver traveled languorously up Robin's spine. She waved at his little group of friends when he led her toward the dance floor. Her smile widened a little as she looked up into his eyes before assuming the position to dance. She pressed her chest into him and brought her cheek to rest against his, and when she spoke her voice was low.

"My, my, Doctor," she said, a little amusement coloring the words. "All it takes is a red dress to get you all hot and bothered."

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"Hot and bothered? Madam I am not hot and bothered," the Doctor whispered coyly as he took his hand in hers and brought her into him. "I am as calm and composed as I have ever-" his words caught as her chest pressed to his and her leg stroked against him. He swallowed and braced himself before continuing. "-been."

"Okay, fine. The tight red dress looks good on you. It certainly, uh...clings to you," the Doctor spoke as his free hand took its place on her hip, feeling the warmth of her body radiate from under the thin material. Another shiver ran through him as he tried his best to remain as composed as he could be.

"You certainly know how to wear it," he whispered as his hand drew a little further around her hip, his finger tips brushing along the exposed skin of her back. "I remember another woman who wore a dress with as low a cut as this...she tried to kill me. You're not about to pull a gun on me are you Robin?"