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Author Topic: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]  (Read 18017 times)

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #500 on: April 03, 2013, 08:14:16 PM »
"You call me an idiot, and yet your entire plan centers around me," Robin said with the same smile on her face. "So I'm wondering... what does that make you?" But then the Toymaker was speaking, and the room had fallen silent.

Robin watched the Toymaker with a blank expression on her face. His words washed over her like so much water; she didn't let them penetrate. Of all the times to panic, now was most certainly not the time, and so she tried to ignore everything. Instead, she looked at Gwen and the others, willing them to be strong if this should turn ugly.

She would fight saying yes, she knew she would, but the Doctor might not show up for a while yet. It was obvious that the Master would threaten her new friends if she didn't comply, but Robin was sincerely hoping that none of them would have to die. If she could just get him to hold out... They might have a chance...

The Toymaker was speaking the words. The final words... When the Master said "I do" Robin's hearts started to pound. The Toymaker asked her the question twice, with such a space in between that it would have been the perfect moment for the Doctor's dramatic entrance... But there was no TARDIS. Nothing whatsoever. Robin sighed, looking up at the Master as he pulled her hair.

Slowly, she let her eyes fill with what would look like despair. Tears started leaking from their corners and her mouth turned down in the saddest frown she could manage. But then... after a moment... The look disappeared. Again, she made the Master watch as her expression filled with joy, and her lips parted in that dazzling, flirty, completely cheeky way.

Then, she spoke two words.

"Expecto Patronum."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #501 on: April 03, 2013, 08:48:41 PM »
The Master's laugh was silenced as the most wonderful sound in the universe began to echo through the room. His mouth dropped open and confusion cross his bristled face. He stared at Robin uneasily, unable to grasp as to whether her words had summoned the oncoming chaos or not.

The sound of the TARDIS was like the rumbling of a thunderstorm, the howling of the wind and the collective roar of a thousand explosions as the blue box materialised in the middle of the aisle. Pandemonium had come to the church as it solidified, the churning cosmic sound of the machine running through the building, rattling its very foundation. It was almost as if the church itself was terrified of what its arrival meant.

Benches were upturned as the guests of the wicked event got to their feet (if they had any) and aimed every single weapon and offensive ability at the blue box. The Cybermen lifted their cannon arms, the Sontarans raised their laser cannons, the Slitheen brandished their claws, the Dalek's aimed their cannons as did every other enemy that stood before the blue box. It was obvious that despite the vast numbers that surrounded the box, no one felt safe at that moment.

"," the Master spoke slowly, his every word laced with violence as he gradually turned to face the TARDIS. His laser screwdriver slid into his hand and he pointed it at the TARDIS with a scowl that would have looked more fitting on some sort of wild enraged beast.

The Toymaker looked over the scene with a perplexed expression, scratching under his circular hat as he watched the police box with unease. It seemed as if he was unsure as to whether he was meant to pull out a weapon or continue with the ceremony.

The Silence were now on guard with their white hands raised at the box, crackling with electricity as they stared it down with as much venom as they were capable of pulling off without facial features.

Everyone was poised to attack. Ready to kill whatever came out of the box.

But when it opened with a clang, they could not keep their composure. Everyone in the room flinched, and their discomfort only seemed to worsen as a figure stepped out from the TARDIS.

His hair was blond and wavy and his face was roughly shaved. His eyes were soft and warm, which suited their rich caramel color. Usually this man would wear a blue duffel coat or an anorak and finish it off with wellingtons or sandals, but at this moment he decided to wear a smart black suit and tie, possibly in some attempt to look a little like a scruffy blond surfer James Bond.

"Hello everybody! I'm back!" The Doctor called cheerfully as he waved at the enemies which surrounded him, taking pleasure in watching their reactions as he slowly walked down the aisle before coming to a halt a few meters away from the altar. He looked towards Robin and grinned at her broadly, winking to her in that annoying mischevious way before he added, "Oh and by the way, I object. She's far too pretty for you."
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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #502 on: April 03, 2013, 08:58:30 PM »
Robin's smile lit up the whole room as the TARDIS began to materialize inside the church. That sound had never been so beautiful to her; it was the sound of the universe, the sound of time, space, and everything... The sound of the Doctor. As it started to come into view, slowly but surely, Robin set to work trying to wriggle out of her ties. Eventually she got them loose, but stayed where she was so that the Doctor could make his grand entrance.

Everyone in the room backed away from the blue police box, their weapons raised and their expressions a mixture of fear, anger, and hatred... Those that had faces, anyway. And when the Doctor stepped out, Robin's grin somehow widened even more. It was her Doctor. It had been fantastic to meet his past forms, but nothing could please her more than her Doctor.

When he spoke, his voice sounded like waves crashing upon a stony shore. And Robin smiled that flirty smile again.

"Flatterer," she said, dramatically flinging her bonds off and sauntering toward the Doctor. "Don't think that this makes up for you being late, you'll still have to answer for that later." When she reached his side she twirled, placing a hand on her hip and winking at the Master.

"Oh, yeah, forgot to mention... Jason tied me up. Got to keep a closer eye on your servants, yeah?" Looking back at the Doctor, she gave him a once-over. "Well, now I feel underdressed. At my own wedding, too!"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #503 on: April 03, 2013, 09:25:49 PM »
"Can we just hold on a second!" The Master exclaimed and raised his arms as he glared at the two. His thumb was practically shivering with anticipation at it pressed lightly against the button of the laser screwdriver. It was obvious that there was nothing he wanted more than to blast a hole in the Doctors head, but yet he knew that something was wrong. And he had to know what it was.

"First of all, where the heck do you think your going?" The Master snapped at Robin, lowering the deadly tool in her direction. "We still have you surrounded and this wedding is far from over! So get your little backside back here now before I start making a shooting gallery out of all of your friends!"

The Doctor snickered into his sleeve before he nudged Robin with his elbow, waggling his eyebrows at her teasingly as he said, "Shows that he hasn't been paying attention," the Doctor chuckled before pointing at her with his thumb. "Her backside isn't that little. Then again it isn't big either. Its sort of inbet-"

"Shut up!" The Master roared, swiping at the empty air with his fist before breathing in deep and calmly exhaling, just before raising two fingers with his free hand. "Secondly, how did you manage to fix your Time Line? The wound of the TARDIS should have sent it spiraling out of control, you can't just heal from something like that! Its impossible!" The Master barked before adding, "And now that I think about it. What did you do with the bomb? That should have erased you within a minute of you entering the TARDIS!"

The Doctor didn't seem to be paying much attention as the Master yelled. His hand had now reached inside of his pocket and pulled out a large silver circle with a huge red button on top of it. The Doctor calmly observed it before tossing into the air and juggling it a few times over his head whilst the Master continued to snarl.

"And finally and most importantly..." The Master began before making a large sweeping motion with both arms as he indicated to the threats that surrounded the Doctor. "Can you kindly tell me what on Earth is stopping us from blowing you off the face of this ruddy planet?!"

The Doctor caught the red button and held his finger over it. The warmth vanished from his face as he stared down the Master with his fiery eyes, his fingers mere inches from the giant red button.

"Firstly, we are going home. We're going to pack up and leave this rotten little hive that you call a base of operations and go back to the lovely little planet that would really like to celebrate the rest of its holiday," the Doctor explained firmly before turning on the spot to cast his gaze around everyone else that stood around him. "When we get back. Our planet is going to be returned to normal. You're all going to leave and the human race will continue as it always does, because if you don't. I will destroy you."

"Should we kill him Master?" Madame Korvarian asked as she floated beside the Master, her blades swiping at the air around her, almost nervously.

"No...something is wrong..." the Master murmured whilst his gaze lingered on the red button. "What is that device your holding in your hand?"

"Oh this?" The Doctor asked as he wiggled the device before the Master. "I'll explain this in a minute, its rather important. In fact, it answers your second question rather well, but I thought I might let Robin make a few demands while we have you at our mercy."

The Doctor turned to look at Robin and grinned at her broadly before pointing to the Master with his thumb. "Anything you want from these Jokers? Do you want the Master to do an apology dance or something?"
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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #504 on: April 03, 2013, 09:39:03 PM »
Robin quirked an eyebrow up as the Master called her backside "little." Maybe when she was human that would've been true, but this regeneration had left her with quite a bit more curve than she was used to. A little thrill went through her as the Doctor revealed that he'd noticed... He'd said as much back at Big Ben but this was the first time he'd directly referenced her bum. When he started to correct the Doctor, Robin wiggled her hips a little with another wink.

She listened to the Master blather on, his protestations met with little reaction from either her or the Doctor. The newer Time Lord watched her companion juggling the button, seemingly fascinated by it. Of course, she had no idea what it was for yet, but the object here was to infuriate the Master as much as possible.

But when the Doctor looked back at the Master, so did Robin, and the warmth dropped from their faces in the same instant. The Doctor's golden eyes held all the fury of an ancient Time Lord, and Robin's the full anger of a new one. Together they were a frightening picture, and it was no wonder that all the beings in the room were watching with much trepidation as the Doctor spoke.

It was strange to hear the Doctor make a threat as direct as "I will destroy you," but Robin took it in stride, hoping he meant it a little more figuratively than it sounded. Plus, it was fantastic to see the Master's face through the whole thing, to see him sputter as his big plans were obliterated by the one man he could never beat.

Then she realized that the Doctor was talking to her again, and she turned back toward him with a smile. For a moment she seemed to think, before turning back and giving a long stare to the Master.

"No," she said softly. "No, they've hurt me and they've hurt my friends, but I won't do anything to them. I'm just ready for this to be over, Doctor."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #505 on: April 03, 2013, 10:21:27 PM »
"That's my girl, always being better than them or me. Ill admit today's not been a nice day for me. So I'm a bit on edge," the Doctor said with a small frown before sighing gloomily. "I loose my friends, fail to save the humans, fail to save Robin, I get blasted through the chest twice, I get blown up and for a good while my previous forms get to have the time of there lives, it's not really fair."

"Save me the chatter Doctor and answer my questions!" Yelled the Master,  so very nearly blasting the Doctor with the laser screwdriver. "And while you're at it, enlighten me as to how you'll stop me, the Silence and every enemy currently gathered on Earth, because I'm fascinated to know what hair brained scheme your going to think of." The Master said mockingly before gesturing around them. "I have gathered every single one of your enemies to this place. If you care to look to your left you will see the Supreme Dalek, ready to exterminate you. If you look to your right you'll see the Cyber Commander preparing to delete you."

The Doctor looked left and right at the oncoming threats. The large white Dalek had his cannon fixed on the Doctor, watching him cautiously through his eye scope, whilst a large Cyberman with a black faceplate, wielding a large black gun that looked like it belonged on a tank, turned to face the Doctor with his hollow sockets.

The Doctor just smiled at them and gave them a polite wave, as if greeting old friends.

"So tell me, please tell me, Doctor..." The Master began, grinning smugly at the man as he spoke every patronising word. "Just what are you going to do?"

"Well, its simple really," The Doctor replied before absentmindedly tossing the button into the air again, watching it flip in the air with fascination before he caught it. "I'm going to scare the pants off you and at the same time use the psychic beacon to send out the counter message whilst herding all remaining forces off of Earth."

There was a moment as the Master processed his response. His brow furrowed and he chuckled in disbelief as he watched his enemy continue to juggle with the button. "Are you serious?"

"Very," the Doctor replied before catching the button one last time and turning his gaze on the Master. His expression was stony but there was a hint of a smile creeping off either corner of his mouth as he watched his old foe. "You shouldn't have messed with my planet. You could have battled me anywhere you wanted to, but you couldn't resist it could you? You had to make it Earth. You had to hurt and kill my friends. You could have travelled with me and Robin after surviving the Time War, but instead you decided to start a fight you can't win."

"And that's why, I'm not going to let you off today," the Doctor growled before waggling the device before the Master. His smile turning genuine as he presented the odd red button. "So let me let you in on my secret. This, is a teleporter!"

"And?" The Master asked, failing at keeping the scathing laugh out of his voice. "You have a teleporter so what? Are you planning to escape with the girl? I'll just hunt you down all over again!"

"I wasn't done, because this isn't just a teleporter. Oh no it's so much more than that" the Doctor said brightly, his pearly grin growing wider by the moment. He began to pace up and down the aisle and he began to explain, moving with a little spring in his step, obviously enjoying the chance to move and prattle after hours of being sealed in Time.

"You see when you crippled my TARDIS you created a state of fractured time and the only way to solve it was to repair the TARDIS manually. That's some tricky business, repairing a TARDIS can take time and effort. And I didn't have time and wasn't really up for putting in a whole lot of effort considering I'm just that little bit cross with you for stealing my girl," the Doctor explained before winking at Robin and twirling on his feet to face the Master once more.

"So you know what I did?" The Doctor asked innocently, his cheeky grin practically shining with excitement as he looked around the room, as if asking the killer audience to take a guess. "I convinced myself to jump into the wound at the heart of the TARDIS."

"You did what?!" The Master cried, his mouth falling open in shock, genuine fear crossing over his face before he regain his composure and snarled. "That's madness, you could have shattered the time vortex and ripped yourself apart!"

"But I didn't. Oh no, instead something far more interesting happened," the Doctor said smugly before he lifted the button in front of him and began to slowly lower his finger towards it. "Something very interesting, almost incredible really, that is going to make you run screaming like a little girl. Something that was made possibly through my irregular condition and the power of this paradox dimension that you so brilliantly decided to swipe from the Time War. Something that is going to make you wish you had never trifled with this planet and even laid eyes on Robin."

The Master was trying his best not to look uneasy. The Silent agents were looking at each other with concern, unable to decide if shooting the Doctor was worth the risk. Every enemy of the Doctor seemed to be considering whether joining the tournament and coming to this mad event had been a good idea. Even the resistance themselves looked a little nervous as they watched the Doctor's plan unfold.

"You spent so much time raising the stakes that I resorted to something drastic," the Doctor growled. "You wanted me to fight you with an army? Wish, granted!"

The Doctor pushed the button and light exploded around him, every windows shattered as the church violently rocked side to side as if it had been hit by the blast of an atomic bomb. The master let out a cry of alarm and shielded his eyes as the light blinded him and the rest of the foes who had gathered, that now seemed to let out individual cries of alarm as wind began to blow harshly through the church.

At the centre of the explosion, the Doctor's grinning face could just be made out, surrounded by the golden light as the device carried out its function and tore at the church with an unearthly force as it transported matter from the very heart of the TARDIS. The matter crossed the paradoxical planes and ripped through the fabric of Time and Space effortlessly before hammered into the grounds of the church as seemingly the impossible thing in the Universe took place within its walls.

"Stop it! Whatever you are doing!" The Master roared, trying to retain control despite being blinded by the harsh light. "I order you to stop! Do you hear me? You are to stop!" The Master yelled, just before the light died away. He raised his screwdriver and prepared to let loose a bolt of hot death into the Doctor's head...and then immediately dropped it on the ground as he witnessed what stood before him.

The Master was frozen to the spot. His eyes wide, his mouth open, gawking at the sight before him with shock unlike anything anyone had ever seen plastered on his face.

The room was full of people, eccentrically dressed men and women who out numbered the residents of the church five to one. They varied in height, age, gender, skin color and fashion sense, but yet they all seemed to share the same indescribable aura that made the world seem so much more intense. All of them stared down the Master with varying looks of anger and amusement as each of them raised different models of Sonic Screwdriver in his direction.

At the front of this gang of strange humanoids stood twelve figures, all of which had been seen by Robin that day, for her Doctor, who stood proudly at the front of this army with a cocky smile on his face, had transformed into each of them at some point or another.

The frail old man in black with a cane, the menacingly staring old man with bushy eyebrows, the dandy looking old man in velvet, the weirdo with the long stripped scarf, the blond in the cricket gear, the odd man in patchwork, the umbrella wielding man in white, the Victorian dressed man with a deep bottomless stare, the vengeful warrior in leather, the chatty thin man in blue, the dork in tweed and a bowtie and of course the surfer in a duffel coat and wellingtons, all stood with the crowd of strange warriors, staring down the Master with burning intensity.

The Doctor smiled warmly before he and the crowd spoke at once...

"Hello, we're the Doctors from Gallifrey."
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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #506 on: April 03, 2013, 10:35:33 PM »
"Not a great day for me either," Robin said, elbowing the Doctor. "I died, then came back, then got kidnapped, tortured, forced to reduce all the humans to comatose states, escaped, then got kidnapped again... And you know what? None of that even measures up to the fact that I almost had to marry him." She then stuck her tongue out like a child, blowing a raspberry at the Master.

Then, the Master and the Doctor were arguing again... But Robin could feel something. Something big was coming, something huge and impossible and amazing. She searched for it in the Doctor's mind, but all she could gather was that the device was a teleport... Which he revealed soon after she saw it in his head. With a frown, she huffed, wishing she had better control over her psychic strength.

A teleport. What could he possibly be doing with a teleport? Her eyes widened and she stared at him as he revealed that he'd jumped into the wound of the TARDIS... And what that could have meant for him. A single tear threatened to escape as she realized exactly how much he cared for the Earth... for humans... for her.

Then the windows shattered and Robin let out a yelp. She was still unclear as to what the Doctor was doing... Until a moment later when she looked around. There were people everywhere, people in strange clothes... And there were the Doctors. The Doctors she'd met earlier, the previous versions of her Doctor. Robin's grin widened almost painfully as she looked at them each in turn. Some were old and gray, some were young and pretty, but they were all brilliant, and they were all the Doctor.

Robin felt so happy she thought she might explode.

Slowly, she walked down the line of them, not caring about what the 'bad guys' in the room might do. She planted a kiss on each of their cheeks, whispering a thanks into their ears. When she reached the tenth version, she paused, looking at him. Slowly, she reached up and ran her fingers through his hair once, giggling. Then she walked to the eleventh and straightened his bow tie.

But of course, as she always would, she returned to her Doctor's side, lacing her fingers with his.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #507 on: April 04, 2013, 12:32:07 PM »
The Doctor's grin grew even broader as his fingers linked with Robin's whilst he stared out at the Master, who was now scrambling for his laser screwdriver with evident horror in his mad agitated eyes.  When he eventually grabbed a hold of it, he jumped to his feet and lifted it to meet the approaching army of brilliant Time Lord warriors. His grasp shaking with uncontrollable nerves as he raised the weapon.

One laser screwdriver pointed at them, roughly three hundred sonic screwdrivers pointed back.

The Silence who lined the walls were no longer poised and ready to strike as they had been before, now they was shrinking back against the wall their arms splayed by their sides warily as they watched the Doctors laugh and point at their enemies.

The rest of the guests were equally stunned, the Supreme Dalek was rapidly aiming his cannon from target to target, shrieking emergency! repeatedly in its robotic voice as it registered the large mass of enemies that had just appeared before it. The Cyber Commander followed suit, but after adjusting target a few times he froze up as his targetting systems realised that one blast from his gun would lead to nothing. The Sontaran Commander Staal on the other hand was doing his best to goad the Time Lords on, begging them to make a move, but yet even the mighty Sontaran could not ignore the shaking in his knees.

Some didn't even bother standing to fight and disappeared in bright flashes as they fled the nightmare that had arrived.

The Master stepped back tentatively before making a break for his TARDIS, leaving the Toymaker standing at the altar with a bewildered look upon his old face, apparently the new development was so crazy that even he couldn't handle it.

"I wouldn't bother doing that," the Doctor called as the Master reached the stone pillar of his TARDIS. "You're not going to like what you find!"

The Master reeled to a halt as the door of his own TARDIS opened and a dozen more oddly dressed figures stepped out from it, led by a man with sharp features, dressed in a blue pinstripe suit with red lining and a woman with dark curly hair dressed in a purple dress.

"He's an awfully stupid Time Lord," the new Doctor said to the female Doctor standing next to him as they walked towards the Master, making him back away slowly with dread. "All that knowledge and he still doesn't understand what is going on."

"Sir! We're receiving reports from Earth! The participants are being wiped out on mass and the humans are awakening from their shutdown!" Madame Kovorians orb shrieked as it zipped to the Master's side, spinning wildly in the air. "The incoming reports I'm receiving are saying that they're being overwhelmed!"

"Well of course we are. You have to understand whats going on. Its obvious!" The Doctor said as he began to walk towards the Master, his bright grin lighting up his roughly shaven face. The Master just stared at him uncomprehendingly, unable to form any words as his eyes drifted from one Doctor to another.

"Let me explain, because its very simple," the Doctor said with relish, obviously enjoying every second of the Master's reaction. "By jumping into the heart of the TARDIS whilst my timeline was fractured I created an opportunity for something great, something better than healing the TARDIS. I fractured my Time Line to the point of refraction!"

"When I regained my senses I was still inside the TARDIS and had divided into twelve. So, without wasting too much time, we pooled our resources and together we shut down the nasty bomb you had left us. But, we knew we couldn't just leave it at that. We knew we could do so much more and went one step further!" The Doctor said, briefly turning back to the original eleven Doctors and saluting at them, who in turn responded with small waves, cheeky grins and grumpy looks of disapproval.

"So, using the excess power of all these delightful paradox dimensions you had laying about. We refracted ourselves even more and littered our forms to everywhere that the TARDIS had been since it was first attacked by you!" The Doctor said with elation, poking a finger into the Master's chest. The Master was growing rapidly more pale as he looked about him aghast. He was beginning to make sense of what was happening and he didn't like it one bit.

"You're getting it aren't you?" The Doctor chuckled, licking his lips and savoring the moment as he pointed around him. "Now, every one of my forms, every would be or could be, every past, present and future, every single form that ever was and ever could be, is now on Earth and every plane of this dimension!"

"You wanted me to bring an army to fight you?" The Doctor asked as he grabbed the Master by the collar of his shirt and glared viciously into his eyes before grinning like the devil himself as he roared. "Well here it is, an army of Doctor's, just for you, and it stands fourteen billion strong and growing by the second!"

The words were enough to make the Master crumble. In mere seconds every advantage that he had was destroyed by the legion of mad men and women. One Doctor was able to destroy millions of Daleks, send Cybermen hurtling into the void, rip the devil himself into atoms and send the Silence fleeing for their lives and now every single one of them faced an infinite number of them.

Nothing could be done. Every plan would fail. Every weapon would be thwarted. Every soldier would be bested. His master plan had been torn to shreds.

The Doctor let go of the Master, shoving him away before he turned to face the room with a delighted look on his mischievous face. The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors had gone back into the TARDIS to fetch a video camera that they had now quickly set up to point at him. The ninth Doctor handed him a microphone and told him that he would be live in five seconds, before the camera light lit up to broadcast the Doctor's face across the Earth.

"Hello, planet Earth and all the silly little aliens that are killing each other over it!" The Doctor said brightly as he looked into the camera lens. "This is a message from the Doctor on behalf of the Silence. The tournament is now over, Earth belongs to its inhabitants and protectors as it has been and always shall be. You have about five minutes to run for your lives before me or one of my billions of other forms boots you off it ourselves!"

The Doctor smiled cheerfully at the words, but slowly the humour drained from his face as he said a few last words to the camera. The final message to every single one of his foes.#

"You've lost. Now get off my planet."
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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #508 on: April 04, 2013, 12:59:17 PM »
Robin looked around the room with uncontrollable glee on her face. Her eyes danced; her grin stretched so wide it was painful. All the events of the day were almost worth it to see the look on the Master's face... The looks on the faces on everyone in the room. Even the Dalek and Cyberman present somehow managed to look frightened, and that was no small feat.

The Silent agents were pushing back against the walls, knowing they could do nothing to prevent what was happening. Every Doctor who ever was or could have been was now present on Earth, and that fact was terrifying. All of his knowledge, all of his power... Multiplied by fourteen billion. That was enough to make anyone tremble at the knees.

A giggle escaped Robin as she watched several members of the wedding's audience disappear. It seemed that they were the smart ones, the ones who decided to run from the sea of Doctors rather than stay to find out what would happen to them. When the Master ran for his TARDIS she laughed again, knowing that no matter what he tried he wouldn't get away from this.

A tall version of the Doctor with sharp blue eyes and a shorter, female version (accompanied by several others) came sauntering out of the hideous ship, and Robin quirked an eyebrow. She then looked back at the crowd of Doctors behind them and grinned.

"Oh, you can regenerate as a woman, hmm?" She asked quietly, laughing. Then she fell silent, because Madame Kovarian was shouting about the fact that all the forces on Earth were being overwhelmed by the Doctors. Robin thought about it and realized that while she had expected something amazing... This far surpassed anything she would have hoped for.

When her Doctor began speaking into the camera, Robin couldn't hold down her excitement. She was bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet, ready to do anything and everything. However, she stilled when the humor dropped right out of his voice. Even with him on her side, seeing him so intense and angry was absolutely terrifying.

She walked and stood behind the camera, sliding between the tenth and eleventh Doctors, gripping both their hands tightly in hers. Then she looked at her Doctor and gave him a small, reassuring smile, hoping he would relax a little bit.

"This," she whispered to the two beside her. "This is... just amazing."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #509 on: April 04, 2013, 06:34:57 PM »
"Hmmm?" The Tenth asked as he watched the Doctor issue the threat before commanding the Seventh, Eighth and Third Doctors to take care of the Master. For once, the three obliged without making a fuss, evidently they had a score to settle with the crazed conqueror. The Tenth followed the scene before slowly and begrudgingly nodding. "Yeah...I suppose its not bad. Not the way I would have done it."

"He did cut it awfully fine," the Eleventh agreed, crossing his arms behind his back whilst watching the remaining enemies flee for their lives. "I would have tried to cause less of a mess. Just because its a paradox dimension doesn't mean he can walk around like he owns the place." The Doctor paused as he looked around at the other Doctors, a bright grin appearing on his goofy face. "Mind you. It is nice to see some Doctors with fashion sense, look at all of those Doctors with bow ties, aren't they cool!" He cried happily before eagerly pointing at half a dozen men and women in varying attire, save for the bow ties around their necks.

"We are face to face with Doctors from all of history, from alternate timelines and realities, all that were born from a stunt we pulled using an injured TARDIS. Our descent into the heart could have caused the heart of the ship to rupture and implode, wiping out every star in the sky, shattering history and wiping out entire civilizations, but what does this man pick up on? The bow ties," the Tenth sighed, rolling his eyes at the Elevenths antics. "I swear, its like I'm meeting Tommy Cooper all over again."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
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"Oi, don't knock my Doc," Robin said. She paused for a second before pulling a face. "Okay, hopefully I'll never say that again. He probably knew that I wanted the chance to say 'Expecto Patronum' just before he arrived. You must admit it was much more dramatic." She eyed both of the Doctors in turn, a wicked grin twitching at the corners of her lips. "Not that either of you two would know about dramatic..."

She giggled as the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors bantered with each other, turning her head to each of them as they spoke.

"While I must admit your focus is a bit misplaced," she said to the eleventh, arching an eyebrow, "I also must admit the bow tie does add a certain... charm." With that she looked back at the tenth. Laughing, she patted both of them on the back before walking over to her Doctor and standing before him with a wide smile.

"You truly made an entrance," Robin said, placing her hands on her hips. "I mean really, I never realized you'd object to me getting married that intensely. For someone who has still yet to pop the question you're quite protective, Doctor." Then she winked at him and held her arms out.

"May I please have a hug now?"

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"See, I told you. Bow ties are cool," the Eleventh spoke smugly whilst the Tenth chuckled and took a seat on one of the many unoccupied benches, resting his sneaker covered feet on the side of it as he said, "No wonder she gets along with that Doctor. She's just as mad as he is," the Doctor said before smirking and adding, "I'm a bit jealous."

The Doctor had been in the process of explaining to the fifth and sixth Doctors the exact reason why he had not decided to style his blond hair the same way they had styled theirs when Robin approached. When he noticed her coming he grinned broadly before turning to his other forms and finishing the conversation with, "Just understand Sixth, if I had curly blond hair then I would have to wear a multicolored patchwork clown costume like you and I really don't think I have the hips or sanity to pulls it off. And as for you fifth, my cricket arm is terrible, I'm more of a water sports type of guy. You should see me play water polo. The horses get soaked."

He smiled coyly at Robin and walked towards her, absentmindedly looking over the damage of the church before saying, "Of course I would object. Robin Baker, get married? Not on my watch. Your mother said that you're to become a Nun and turn your back on the company of men," the Doctor said before his gaze dropped to her waist and with a chuckle said. "Not that I would mind that much. Your backs rather nice to look at."

The moment he stopped talking the Doctor lunged towards Robin and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into a tight embrace. His eyes shut tight as he rested his head against hers and took in the happy, healthy, unmarried Time Lord.

"No more traps," the Doctor murmured against her shoulder. "I am sick to death of getting led into traps. Today I nearly got you killed again because of leading you into a trap. From now on I'm going to be careful." He paused and thought over what he had said before juggling with the idea and saying, "Well...maybe not too careful. I don't want to be boring."

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"Me, get killed?" Robin said, smiling softly and holding onto the Doctor with all she had. "Apparently that is as close to impossible as the two of us will ever get." Grinning a little wider, she breathed in the smell of him, her Doctor, and it was the best thing she'd ever smelled. After a moment she pulled back, holding him at arms' length and giving him a once-over.

"I caught that comment about my back, you pervert," she said to him, before walking around him in a slow circle, hips swaying. "What've you got on me, around a thousand years? If I didn't know any better, I might think someone is having a midlife crisis." Giggling, she looked back at the tenth and eleventh Doctors. "But from the way those two are looking, apparently you're right." Then she took him back into a hug, looking over his shoulder at the other two again. "Jealous, boys?" But when she returned her attention to her Doctor, her smile became more sincere.

"Thank you," she said earnestly. "I mean I knew you'd never let me down, but thank you. In the middle of all these Doctors in this room, you're the one I know came back for me." Her eyes sparkled with tears but Robin refused to let them fall. Softly, she took his hand. "Thank you." Suddenly, the doors of the Doctor's TARDIS opened and a head of curly red hair poked out.

"Umm," Allen said, scratching his head. "Can we come out now?"

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"Robin, I'm a Time Lord that's spent his entire life flying about the universe with strange people not even a tenth of my age. I've been going through a mid life crisis for over a hundred years," the Doctor said before pointing at the second Doctor on the other side of the room. "Just ask him, he decided to run away from Gallifrey because he was bored. His whole existence practically screams I'm getting old and I can't handle it"

"Plus, look at those two. One of them has side burns and the others wearing a bow tie. It's like they never left the seventies," the Doctor said as he nodded at the Tenth and Eleventh, who scowled at him playfully.

"Look whose talking Point Break. You've been alive for months and you still haven't bought yourself a new suit. I fought Lazerus in that tattered old thing," the Tenth said with a smirk. "Someones still pining for the old days."

"Oi, shut it Tenth. I'm hugging Robin," the Doctor called as they embraced again. Squeezing her tight in his arms before whispering, "You don't need to thank me. I said I would save you. I keep my promises."

"You two aren't going to start kissing are you?" The Eleventh called over before checking the gold watch he wore on the back of his wrist. "Because soon we are going to need to properly close the paradox dimension and repair the TARDIS. If we don't the world will be overpopulated by the billions of Doctors multiplying on its surface. So don't get distracted by snogging you old lecher!"

"River was right, there really are some times when you just want to slap me," the Doctor breathed against Robin before his head turned to look at the ginger mop that poked out of the TARDIS. He grinned at Allen before asking, "That depends, are you going to be less ginger?"

He turned to the Tenth and the Eleventh before pointing at Allen and crying "Isn't it unfair that he's so ginger? We summoned three hundred Doctors into this church and I can't see a single red head amongst them! Why is he so lucky?!"

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Robin could have stayed like that all day, hugging the Doctor and feeling his breath, cool on her neck; hearing the other versions of him laughing and talking, her laughing right along with them... Somehow this day had gone from being the worst day ever to being the best, and it had all switched so suddenly. But maybe that was how life was with the Doctor, all extreme highs and lows.

And Robin would have it no other way.

She then kissed the Doctor's shaggy cheek before turning back to the Eleventh and smirking. But when her brother peeked out of the TARDIS, she had to let go of her Doctor as she cried out in happiness. She ran to him, pulling him into a tight embrace and dragging him out of the blue box. In her new body she had an inch on him, which was very strange because before he'd towered over her. But that didn't matter. All that mattered was that he was safe.

"Oh, Ally!" she yelled, pulling back to look at his freckled face. "I'm so happy you're okay!" Her brother's cheeks flamed instantly and he scratched the back of his head.

"Don't call me that," he said through gritted teeth. "God, even when you're a Time Lord you're embarrassing." Robin simply laughed, and finally Allen joined in as she hugged him again. Turning, she put an arm around his shoulder and looked at the three Doctors looking at his bright hair with envy.

"What can I say, my family's got good genes!"

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The sound of heavy boots on wood was heard as the Seventh, Eighth and Third Doctors walk the Master towards them. His hands were locked in place before him with a huge pair of heavy looking handcuffs, that weighed him down so much that his body sagged forwards. His dark eyes were full of bitterness as he looked out at the Doctor and Robin.

"So Doctors, what shall we do with him?" The Seventh asked, tilting the Master's chin up with the point of his umbrella. "Gallifrey is gone, so we do not have a cell that could contain him, and no rrrrroom on Earth could possibly hold such insanity."

"I don't particularly like the idea of killing him," the Eighth spoke whilst his eyes met the masters. "There's been too many moments when we believed that he was dead and yet he comes back from the grave to haunt us. Remember new years eve in the USA? He possessed a big burly American and almost turned the world inside out."

"But he cannot be left to hurt again," the Third spoke firmly. "The Master is far too much of a threat to the safety of the universe. We cannot just let him go."

"I must say, all your debating is very flattering," the Master chuckled before he looked past the Doctor and at the Tenth that stood behind him, who met his gaze with a dark stormy look. "Look at his face," the Master cackled. "The last two times he encountered me he tried to keep me as a pet, but now he's all quiet, because he knows that there's only one thing that you can do."

"Murder you," the Doctor spoke bluntly. "Execute you. Kill you. Destroy you. Obliterate you. Slaughter you. Condemn you to the same death sentence that you would sentence us to," the Doctor said before taking a step forwards, putting himself between the Master and Robin as he looked into the mad man's eyes.

The other seven Doctors had now walked forwards to join in with the discussion that was taking place between themselves. Although every single one of them had a different look on their face as they watched the two, they all had the same sense of unease.

"We'll spare him," the Doctor said after a moments thought. "Once everything is back to normal he will be one of the only Time Lords left in the universe. We can't get rid of him, seeing as he's part of an endangered species."

"Are you insane?" The Second Doctor cried, his dark brow narrowing in his menacing glare. "If we let him go then he will go on to kill even more people. He will try to conqueror everything!"

"I'm not letting him go," the Doctor muttered before looking over at the Master's TARDIS, that still stood behind the altar, the gargoyle on top of it still glaring down at them. "I was more thinking along the lines of taking his TARDIS, deactivating it and stranding him on Nazelha."

The Master's smirk evaporated. The look he had on his face was not one of fear, but dread.

"Remember that planet Robin?" The Doctor asked with delight. "I threatened to send you there once, you were being really cheeky to me. Its a dull planet home to a partially evolved race that does nothing except play Dominoes. I'm sure they would love to have the Master for company.

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Robin watched and listened as the Doctors debated over what to do with the Master. On the one hand, he did need to be stopped somehow, and punished severely. On the other hand, it would be terrible to have to kill him, since he was one of the last remaining Time Lords. But the more Robin thought about it, the more she was siding on the side that said to kill him.

As she realized that, she froze. Where had that sentiment come from? The entire time she'd traveled with the Doctor, she knew that no matter what they did, or who tried to kill them, she never wanted to kill anyone. So why, when faced with the Master, did she suddenly feel the urge to lunge forward and wrap her hands around his neck?

Quickly she shook her head, knowing she would never do it. She chalked it up to all the crazy new Time Lord energy that was coursing through her body... That and the fact that he'd tortured her and made her do something so horrible that she didn't even want to look at herself in a mirror. Gently, she tugged herself closer to the Doctor, trying to borrow some of his strength.

Robin smiled softly. It made her better, being close to her Doctor. As soon as she looked at him she knew that his decision to spare the evil Time Lord was the right one. When she turned her gaze back to the Master, though, her eyes darkened, looking almost black in the dim light of the church. It was a look that closely resembled one that the Tenth Doctor wore.

Looking at him made her remember everything. It almost felt like she had more fresh bruises from just meeting his eyes. But when the light left them as the Doctor revealed his plans, it entered Robin's again. Of course. It was perfect. Exile the Master to a place so boring he couldn't help but feel angry at going there. She turned back to the Doctor.

"I think that's an excellent idea," Robin said, grinning. "At least now I have some insurance that you'll never actually send me there. I mean besides the fact that you love my cheekiness, deep down."

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"I guess not. I suppose I'll just have to think of another way to punish you if you're cheeky to me," the Doctor said before grinning and waggling his eyebrows at her, causing the other Doctors to suddenly let out a loud, heavy, unified groan. The Doctor looked around in confusion and exclaimed, "What, what did I do?"

"Is it not obvious?" The Sixth Doctor asked, rearing his head back a little with a pompous sneer. "You and the girl and all this nauseating flirting. Have you forgotten the days when we didn't try to court the people we showed the wonders of the universe to? It sound like you have forgotten what it means to be a gentlemen."

"Really Doctor, I shared a kiss or two with Grace, but at least I was romantic about it," the Eighth Doctor said lightly whilst pointing back and fourth at the two of them. "Why do you need to do all this back and fourth?"

"Okay, first off, I'm not hitting on Robin. She may be incredible. She may be a Time Lord with a pretty face, nice lips, lovely dark hair and a rather saucy body, but I am just as much a gentlemen as any of your blokes are," the Doctor said defiantly, placing his hands on his hips in an attempt to look more enforcing. "And by the way number eight, your romance mainly consisted of snogging Grace while you were on a regeneration rush. You practically mounted her!"

"And you!" The Doctor cried as he spun towards the Sixth and waggled his finger at him. "You let Peri walk about the TARDIS in a tube top and short shorts, her chest was practically bursting out! Tell me again about how you're a proper gentlemen?"

The Tenth Doctor snickered and the Doctor whirled on his heel to face him.

"Tenth...don't even start. Rose, Martha, Madame du Pompadour, Astrid, Christina, Elizabeth the first! I'm surprised you haven't been dragged on Jerry Springer for your ungentlemanly behavior" the Doctor spat, causing the Tenth to clam up, much to the amusement of the other Doctors.  "Oi you're just as bad Eleventh! And Ninth get that smug look off your face, you got snogged by Jack Harkness!"

"Oh my word... enough you fools!" The First Doctor sighed, clutching his temple with exhaustion. "All of you are making me dread my inevitable future. Doctor, there is much to do. We really should move on."

"Right you are chief, get the other Doctors to send the Master on his way and start contacting the Doctors on Earth. We need to get this dimension closed off and return Gwen and the other resistance fighters back home," the Doctor said with a nod of agreement. "Once we're done with that, we'll work on de-dividing ourselves."

"De-dividing? Are you sure you regenerated from us?" The Fifth Doctor asked skeptically.

"Shut it Fifth, you're wearing a piece of celery," the Doctor said pointedly, right before him and the Tenth Doctor gave each other a small high five.
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Robin listened to the Doctors, her giggles slowly turning into a mad cackling sort of laugh. She found herself hardly able to breathe she was laughing so hard, her hand gripping the Doctor's arm as though it was a lifeline. It was interesting to hear about all the Doctor's past relationships, especially from them as separate individuals... Since in reality they were all the same person.

It was like bearing witness to a conversation inside the mind of a Dissociative Identity Disorder patient.

"Oi, if you're all so jealous, I'm sure we can figure out plenty of ways for you to punish my cheekiness if any of you would like to stick around longer," Robin said, placing a hand on her hip. Then she turned to face her Doctor, narrowing her eyes. "And you went into much more detail describing me just then, Doctor, why didn't you tell me any of that when I asked before?"

Allen gave a groan, having been forgotten during the argument between the Doctors. He had clapped his hands over his ears, but from the expression on his face it his tactics hadn't succeeded in blocking much out. Robin giggled again at his pained expression.

"Are y'all done now?" he asked, lowering his hands warily. "This is just... disgusting." Robin looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

"Oh, Ally," she said, drawing another groan from him. "You've got to get used to your sister being a grown up sooner or later. Especially with all this new Time Lord energy inside me..." He waved his hands, looking like he was going to be sick.

"I'm going to wait with Strax in the TARDIS if you're all going to... you know." With that, he scuttled off. Robin turned back around, grinning wickedly at all the Doctors.

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"Robin stop flirting with all twelve of me. That's just greedy," the Doctor scolded lightly whilst his other forms awkwardly shuffled on the spot. The youngest Doctors looked taken back by the girls scandalous behavior, whilst the older Doctors just blushed and exchanged amused and nervous glances. The Doctor rolled his eyes before sighing frustratedly, "For Pete's sake, can we all just get our heads out the gutter. I can't even begin to describe how weird that.... you know.... I... urgh!"

The Doctor groaned before marching after Robin as she fled to the TARDIS, leaving the Doctors staring after him with disbelief.

"Oi where are you going?" The Tenth shouted after him. "You've got to lend a hand too!"

"I'm sure you can handle it. Your brilliant after all!" The Doctor called back to him before barging through the doors of the TARDIS with a smirk. "I just bossed around my other forms. Its Christmas!" The Doctor cheered....before letting out a yelp and ducking as a gigantic blast of red energy exploded above his head.

"Get behind me Miss Baker! The Master has infiltrated our base! I shall annihilate him with haste!" Strax announced from the controls of the TARDIS, which he leaned upon whilst aiming his gigantic gun again at the Doctor and prepared to unleashed another fatal blast of energy.

"Strax you idiot! Its me!" The Doctor roared, gazing up with horror at the huge charred spot on the doors where the blast had hit. "Put that gun down before you blow up my TARDIS! I swear, I'll be really angry if you do that. The Eleventh will never let me live it down!"

Strax dropped the weapon with a loud clang and looked sulkily at his feet. The Doctor walked over to him and shifted the gun to one side, glaring at the Sontaran before suddenly throwing his arms around him and holding him tight.

"Oh you stupid little psycho. What would I do without you?" The Doctor asked lovingly before planting a kiss on Strax's oily head, ignoring the retching feeling that coursed through him. He pulled back and slapped him on the shoulder, grinning at him broadly as he said, "Without you Strax, I may not have survived today. Me and Robin owe you our lives."

The Doctor hesitated for a moment before adding, "I mean, I still did virtually everything, but I'm willing to give you twenty percent of the credit."

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As Robin heard the Doctor enter the TARDIS, she whirled to face him, but then let out a small yelp of surprise when Strax blasted his gun at the Doctor. But she started laughing again once the Doctor seemed safe, even going so far as to kiss the little alien on the head. Robin knew firsthand how disgusting that particular act was but for some reason kissing the war-hungry Sontaran was too much fun to stop.

Her expression grew a feigned look of outrage as the Doctor spoke again.

"Oi, don't forget to give me some of that credit too!" she teased, before winking and grinning at the Doctor. "By the way, did you see how well I flustered all twelve of you out there? Even your first forms couldn't look at me with a straight face." She heard another groan and looked to the side of the room, where Allen was sitting on the floor.

"If it bothers you so much, go find another room!" she said, laughing at her brother. Then, she looked back at the Doctor, before marching up and poking a finger softly into his chest. "We need to get Allen home as soon as you've straightened this whole thing out. Now that Mom and Dad are awake they're going to be worried about him." Robin pulled a face as she thought of her parents.

"Also," she added as though pained, her voice growing a little sad, "it would probably be better if... They thought I was dead."

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"Yes, yes. You are the queen of seduction and we are mere mortals," the Doctor sighed as he stepped away from Robin and began to fiddle with the controls of the TARDIS, doing is best to avoid the big shining wound in its board as he darted about. The way he flipped the switches and turned the cogs with such eagerness showing just how much he had missed the old girl while he was sealed away.

"To answer your earlier question, I didn't tell you what I thought because I knew it would go to your head," the Doctor said before kicking off his shoes and jumping onto the controls once more and flipping the switches with his toes. "Look at you, still bustling with energy. This new regeneration of yours has given you man hungry eyes. I didn't want to get pounced on every time I decided to look a little more dashing about the TARDIS."

"Are you a hundred percent certain that you don't want to be called Vixen?" The Doctor asked, before suddenly freezing up as he realised what Robin had just said. He slid off the control of the TARDIS and walked up to the girl, tilting his head to look her in the eye before hesitantly asking, "I'm sorry, come again?"

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"I'm a hundred percent certain," Robin said, cracking a small smile. "Though I do want a cool nickname, we'll have to come up with one later." Then she sighed, pressing her long, thin fingers to her temples and massaging lightly. "I don't know, Doctor. The more I think about it the more I think it's a good idea. If all of my friends and family... Well, with the exception of Allen of course... If they all thought I was dead and not coming back, it might be a little safer for them. Then we could move them and probably change their names so that no one feels the need to come after them to get to me. Someone like the Master. It'd be kind of like witness protection."

She shook her head, leaning into the Doctor's chest gently.

"It might sound stupid but I just want them to be safe." Staying where she was, she broke a sunny smile, trying to lighten up a bit. "But anyway, if you thought that keeping your opinion to yourself would stop me pouncing on you... You were sorely mistaken." She then pushed back from him, looking toward Allen. Her smile fading slightly, she walked over and kneeled next to him, starting to explain her plan.

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"I shouldn't look forward to her pouncing. I really shouldn't. She's terrifying," the Doctor said with a shake of his head before looking grimly towards Allen as Robin sat down to explain her plan. His stare turned cold and his face became dark as he thought over her request.

In his long life he had done terrible things as well as great things. In his first form he had kidnapped innocent people to stop them from spreading the word about his TARDIS, in his seventh form he had constantly manipulated people into doing his bidding for the sake of the greater good, even going so far as to shun and spur those who were closest to him. In his Tenth form he had risked destroying everything by interfering with a fixed point in time and in his Eleventh form he had left Amy Ponds older form to die after a freak time accident. And of course, he had been the one to kill the Daleks and Time Lords in the most horrid war of them all.

Yet again, the moment had arisen for him to do something terrible. He would have to inform a family that their child was dead, for the truth was far too dangerous for them to handle. Allen would be stuck with a grieving family, tearing himself apart as he watched them mourn over the daughter that they had lost. The daughter that he had caused them to loose.

The Doctor shook the thought out of his head before striding over to the doors of the TARDIS and poking his head outside.

"Oi one to eleven! Time to go!" The Doctor called before stepping back to let in the twelve Doctors, who sauntered in one by one.

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Allen sat in silence after Robin had finished speaking. On the one hand, he understood that her plan was probably a good idea. It would keep their parents safe, even though it would crush them. But on the other hand, he didn't want to be the one to have to live with it for the rest of his life. The one to have to look at his parents' faces every day, them trying to be strong for him even though they really had no reason to. To have to lie to them every second...

"I don't like it," he said softly, not looking at her. "But I know you probably know better than me. So if you think it's best... we'll do it." Robin took his hand gently, giving it a little squeeze.

"It isn't like you can never see me again," Robin said. "I'll come visit you when I can. I can see you grow up, keep you up to date with all our shenanigans... And who knows, maybe one day something insane will happen again, like the TARDIS picking them up... And we can tell them. One day I'll tell them, I promise." A tear leaked from Robin's eye and she looked away from her brother, before plastering a smile on her face and jumping up as the other Doctors came walking in.

"Hello, boys," she said, placing a hand on her hip. "Think of any suitable punishments for me yet?"