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Author Topic: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]  (Read 18099 times)

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #475 on: April 01, 2013, 07:26:33 PM »
"You're too kind. You know, I never got to ride a motor bike when I had this face. I should give it a try if it sticks around!" The Doctor laughed before calling out to Allen and Strax. "Run you two! And if you forget why you're running then just start running faster!"

The Master stared uncomprehendingly after the Doctor and Robin for a moment as they turned and ran down the aisle. For a second he seemed not to realise what was going on, but when he did he let out a yell of outrage and began blasting at them with the laser screwdriver. He waved his hands wildly at the other Silent agents before roaring, "Get them! Get them and kill them! Kill everyone except the girl!"

Blasts of electricity snaked past the fleeing group as the Silents launched their attack, circular holes opening in the lower part of their faces whilst they wailed and shrieked in rage.

"Listen to the fuss they make! I swear, I don't know how your race didn't notice them before!" The Doctor called before letting out a cry of frustration and gripping his head. "Oh come on not now!"

His image began to flicker in and out as the switching process began again. The Doctor gripped his head and let out a groan before yelling, "All right! If you think you can help then fine, take over! But if you miss and get us killed I am going to be so cross!"

The Doctor vanished and in the space of a second transformed from the vengeful hero in a leather jacket to a baffled looking man in cricket uniform. He was dressed from head to toe in white and red and had blonde hair that was swept neatly on one side of his head. Attached to the top of a cream coloured jacket was a stick of celery and on his blonde head lay a white and red hat that matched his strange bright outfit.

"Strax! Do not make me repeat myself when I ask this," the Doctor called out to the Sontaran, who was in the process of firing over his shoulder while they ran. "Give me a grenade!"

"Are you sure Doctor?" Strax asked with surprise. "Would you rather not solve this with talking like you usually do?"

"Oh for heavens sake, give me a grenade!" The Doctor snapped before rushing up to Strax and pinching one of the many grenades that hung from his waist. The Doctor turned on his feet before flinging the grenade like a cricketball, sending it high into the air where it collided with the roof and blew it apart, sending a cloud of tiles and dust down on the Silence and the Master, who howled with rage.

"Now run! Run! Run! Run!" The Doctor yelled, his voice growing higher with his agitation and they ran through the open doors of the church, stepping out onto into what appeared to be a regular housing estate in London, if it weren't for the giant moon floating mere miles above it, casting a shadow over the entire area.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #476 on: April 01, 2013, 07:35:10 PM »
Robin simply laughed as they ran. This was so strange, meeting the Doctor's past regenerations, seeing the little differences in their personalities and the big differences in their appearances. Though her body was sore and bruised and though she still had to spit out blood every now and again, Robin ran, her long legs carrying her much faster than her previous body could have.

Allen had started running just as the Doctor said it, still completely confused by everything but obedient nonetheless. He eventually drew even with the Doctor and who he supposed was Robin, stealing glances at her new, ravaged face every now and again.

When the Doctor changed, Robin looked over at him with a seemingly ponderous expression. Tenderly she reached out and touched his mind, wincing when she heard the number of voices in there vying for attention. She kept grinning, though, as she pulled back from him.

"Nice to meet you, number five!" she called to him with a laugh. "Might I ask why you're wearing celery?" He didn't have time to answer, though, before he'd nicked a grenade from Strax and tossed it behind them. She let out a whoop as the roof fell down on top of the Master and his alien associates. They all kept running, though, as they left the house, and Robin looked up into the sky with awe.

"Please tell me the TARDIS is here!" she yelled, feeling her strength ebbing. "I don't think I can keep running for much longer, Doctor!"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #477 on: April 01, 2013, 08:19:33 PM »
"It's there for my protection. If the celery turns purple then it means there are harmful gases in the air," the Doctor answered, although attention seemed mostly focused on the bolts of lightning that were shooting haphazardly from the cloud of dust that they had left behind them. The Doctor frowned as he looked about the road ahead of them and then back to the church.

"Oh dear...we are not in a particularly good situation. The TARDIS is currently located on the other side of this dimension. We'll only be able to reach it if we get to the temporal link between this location and that. And I doubt we can out run them Silents while they are trailing behind us."

"Doctor, I suggest we attack the silence with plasma bombs and attack monkeys! That will stop their pursuit!" Strax said eagerly, causing the Doctor to sigh heavily and groan.

"Oh Strax do be quiet. We don't even have those things, how are we meant to blow them sky high with things we don't have!" He called out with frustration before freezing up as his image bean to blink again. " that is a good idea. Very well, take over," the Doctor said before pulling off his hat in a farewell gesture. "Good luck everyone."

The man who now stood in the Doctor's place looked twice as old as his previous incarnation. His hair was white and very curly and his face was wrinkled but distinguished. He was dressed in a fine red velvet smoking suit over a white ruffled cravat with frilly cuffs on the end of his sleeves. He smiled as he looked around him and flexed his fingers before speaking in an warm voice, "My I have missed this form. I consider this one to be very fetching."

"Now come along everyone. If this is the area in which Stuart and Sarah's wedding took place there is bound to be a car about that I can drive. I was a bit of a car lover in this form," the Doctor spoke as he rubbed his hands together. "Strax, be a good fellow and do what you can to relieve poor Robin's pain. She'll need to be fighting fit if we are to make our escape."

Suddenly one of the Silents lunged from the doorway with its log fingers outstretched towards the Doctor's neck. Strax raised his weapon to fire at the creature as it lunged at the seemingly defenseless Doctor, but before it could lay one pale finger upon him the Doctor turned and grabbed it by the sleeve of its synthetic suit and hurled it over his shoulder gracefully, slamming it into the concrete floor.

"Just like riding a bicycle," the Doctor said with a hearty laugh.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #478 on: April 01, 2013, 08:30:27 PM »
Robin laughed as the Doctor bid everyone goodbye, only to be replaced by yet another incarnation of himself. This day was proving to be quite interesting indeed, and from the look on Allen's face, it appeared that it was almost a bit too much. When they stopped, Robin shot him a comforting smile, and the boy returned it halfheartedly.

Oh, right, new face, Robin remembered, looking away from her brother. At the Doctor's request, Strax stepped toward Robin, pulling out a strange looking device. But before he could do anything with it, the Silent was attacking him. With a roar, Strax jumped to shoot it, but the Doctor beat him. Everyone looked at the seemingly frail Doctor with astonishment.

"Most impressive, Sir," Strax said eventually. "It appears this form has many advantages in times of war!" He then turned back to Robin, waving the device over her. A red light washed over her skin, lightening the bruises and causing the bleeding in her mouth to stop. It also rejuvenated her, making her feel much more capable. She jumped up and down on the spot a few times before kissing Strax on the forehead.

"Ma'am," Strax said, his voice perturbed. "Please do not kiss me in the midst of war!" Robin laughed at him, slapping his shoulder lightheartedly.

"Thanks for helping out, Strax, and for always being good for a laugh," she said, her voice back to its normal pitch. "Doctor, I must say I'm impressed. What other surprises have your previous forms got in store for us?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #479 on: April 02, 2013, 12:40:55 PM »
"Plenty I assure you, but the art of Venusian Akido was a talent that my other forms have yet to master," the Doctor said before they hurried down the road until they spotted a small red car parked upon one of the drives of the nearby houses. The Silents continued to fire line after line of electricity in their direction, but by this point the Doctor and associates had managed to run far out of range.

The Doctor cast one more glance over his shoulder and watched as the Master strode out of the ruins of the church with dark fire in his evil eyes. A tight frown appeared on the Doctor's weathered face as he watched the Master scowl. His bright eyes met the Master's gaze and watched him carefully as he gradually became a shape at the end of the road.

"We must be quick. The Master still has a TARDIS, he will be loading it as we speak with the Silent agents and no doubt traveling to intercept us by where my TARDIS currently stands," the Doctor spoke before looking startled as Strax put his fist through the window of the car and yanked the door open.

"A little more carefully Strax! We don't want anyone injured by broken glass!" The Doctor chided before running to the car and sliding into the passenger seat before pulling out a small metal device that looked like a cross between a door knob and an electric toothbrush. He pointed it at the keyhole for the car and the machine sprung to life.

"Hold on everyone," the Doctor spoke once Allen, Robin and Strax had taken their seats and pulled the car into the road before tearing down the street as fast as he possibly could.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #480 on: April 02, 2013, 12:53:38 PM »
"Oh, I see," Robin said, shaking her head at the Doctor. When he looked behind him, Robin followed suit, glaring back at the Master with all the venom she could muster. Her entire being yearned to give him the same pain he'd just caused her... But then again, she'd never be able to do that to someone. Not even someone as evil as the Time Lord who was currently trying his hardest to recapture her.

She, Allen, and Strax piled into the car, Strax beside the Doctor and Allen and Robin beside each other in the back seat. They all held on for dear life as the Doctor tore down the rode, Robin giving a loud shout of excitement and Allen one of fear. Then, Allen turned toward his sister, still with that confused look on his face.

"So... you're really Robin?" he asked softly, sadness in his eyes. "Really?" Robin looked at him, all the joy gone from her face, replaced by a tenderness the Doctor had likely never seen before. It was a look usually reserved for the brother she loved so very much.

"Yes, Allen," she replied, matching his soft tone. "It is. I'd love to do the explaining myself, but since I can't... here." She placed her hand on his wrist and showed him the events which had happened to transform her. When she let go, his blue eyes were wide.

"Wow," he said. "Just wow. And to think, we were looking for aliens all those years and we had one right under our roof." Then, however, he grew angry and turned to the Doctor. "She died, Doctor! How could you let her die?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #481 on: April 02, 2013, 02:06:09 PM »
"Allen please. I very much regret her demise, but I must not be distracted. The Master will no doubt have agents waiting in ambush in the area. I find it highly unlikely that he would have such a vast dimension at his disposal and not have security measures," the Doctor said sternly to Allen as he drove, his eyes looking cautiously at the road ahead of them. "Besides, when poor Robin was struck down it was the fault of that blonde bimbo. Not me."

The Doctor cursed and the car suddenly swerved to the right. A look of pain was on his face as he gripped the wheel tight, his teeth bared before he snapped, "It was most certainly not my fault as well! If I had been present I would have made sure that the location was sealed and Robin did not stray from my sight! I refuse to except blame."

"You cannot say that Doctor," the Doctor said to himself as his image flickered back to his fourth form, his hands still firmly gripped on the steering wheel. "If he is part of us then we must accept some of the blame. Our collective experience should have taught him better and that makes some of it our fault."

"If I had been present then we would have gotten back into the TARDIS and come up with a plan from there. All this running about is exhausting!" The First Doctor snapped as he flickered into existence for the briefest of moments before flashing back to his third form, who seemed even less amused.

"The first me certainly has a point. It seems we are becoming reckless in our old age!" The Doctor hissed before he flickered again to his ninth form, who wrinkled his nose and snorted. "Listen to them. Young Time Lords always think that they know best."

"Don't you talk that way to your superiors boy!" The First Doctor grunted as he shifted, but before he could so much as speak another word the ninth Doctor came rushing back and let out a yell, "Boy? I'm older than you!"

An insane argument broke out between the Doctors as they constantly shifted back and forth between their forms. From what could be  gathered from the frantic banter between the grumpy Time Lords, the third and first Doctor were furiously berating the ninth while the fifth and fourth Doctors tried their best to calm everyone down.

Only when the tenth Doctor blinked back into existence did the arguments stop as he yelled, "Oi, am I the only one who is paying any attention to the road and that wall we're driving towards?!"

The arguments immediately ceased as the Doctors registered the wall of a building that they were driving towards, apparently having turned three times as they rounded a corner. The Tenth Doctor just stared at the steering wheel before yelling out, "Why have you left me in charge? I can drive a horse and the TARDIS I can't drive a car! Someone else take over!"

The Tenth Doctor vanished and was replaced by a funny looking man who looked the youngest of the Doctors so far. He had dark hair that was combed to one side and was dressed in a tweed jacket and bow tie, which he seemed very protective of as he rearranged it under his large chin, ignoring the impending wall until the last moment.

"Oh...I'm driving now...I'm not really sure how that worked out," the Doctor spoke before turning back to the passengers and giving them a goofy grin, still apparently oblivious to the wall that was now less than a meter or two away. "Hello everybody! I'm the eleventh and I'm driving a car!"

"Oh wait, I'm driving a car!" The Doctor cried before turning back to the wheel and hammering his foot down on what he thought was the break whilst rapidly spinning the steering wheel to the left and switching on the windscreen wipers. "Oh gosh I don't know how to drive a car either! Hang on!"

The car let out a shriek as it violently turned to the left and flipped in the air, spinning several times before landing on its wheels perfectly. The Doctor stared out with a bewildered expression looking around him uncertainly before his image momentarily shifted to the Tenth Doctor again, who immediately asked, "You mean to do that?"

"Not at all," the Eleventh replied as he changed back.

"That's a shame, because that was brilliant," the Tenth cheered as he took over and looked back at the passengers with a grin on his face. "Are we okay everyone? Feeling good? Is anyone going to be sick in the car because...I'm not really okay with that."
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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #482 on: April 02, 2013, 02:26:22 PM »
Allen and Strax watched with a mix of confusion, amusement, and fear as the Doctor wildly shifted back and forth between forms. Robin was grinning widely, laughing from time to time as the ninth would pop back to the front and say something witty. It seemed that she knew each form - probably having gotten glimpses of them at some point when traveling with the Doctor - and it was quite entertaining in her opinion to watch them bicker.

"Sorry I asked," Allen muttered, which made Robin laugh even more. Then, though, the tenth Doctor appeared, drawing everyone's attention back to the fact that he was, in fact, driving a car. For a second Robin considered his face. In her opinion she like him best... After her Doctor, of course.

Then he was gone as well, though replaced by the eleventh Doctor. He was very young looking, and probably the most alien-like out of all of them. He had a big chin, hooded eyes, and sharp cheekbones, and was rather silly. And he was wearing a bow tie. Bow ties are cool, Robin remembered, before they were suddenly flipping over.

All the passengers screamed wildly, Robin with enjoyment and Allen and Strax with an edge of fright. Somehow, though, the Doctor managed to have them land on the wheels, before again flickering between his tenth and eleventh forms. Robin snickered while Allen and Strax sat, looking paralyzed.

"I think we're all right, Doctor," she said, taking in his tenth look. "And I must say, I like this version of you. Quite cheeky looking, and you've got perfect hair." Then she winked at him. "Do you think perhaps I should take over the driving from here?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #483 on: April 02, 2013, 02:51:25 PM »
"Awww you sweet talker. Miss Baker this new look of yours is going to get you in a lot of trouble," the Doctor said mischievously before getting out the car and motioning for Robin to take over. "Drive down this road until you see a poster with a spray painted message on it that says 'Bad Wolf' that's where the edge of this dimension ends. It should take us to the field in which we left the TARDIS."

The Doctor leaned his head under the passenger door and pointed at Strax and Allen, addressing them in turn to issue them separate instructions.

"Strax, set your weapon to stun, you need to conserve your power and I really don't want to be distracted by telling you off. Keep the psycho in you under control. Allen, do me a big favor and start keeping an eye out for anything strange. Also, if you could be less ginger that would be appreciated. You're making me jealous."

After the Doctor and Robin switched places he buckled up his seat belt and began to riffle through the pockets of his blue suit. He pulled out a sonic screwdriver, but this one was grey and silver with a bright bulb light bulb on the end of it. His cheeky grin stretched across his face, almost touching his sideburns as he flipped the tool in his hand.

"I've certainly missed you," the Doctor said with adoration before looking at the car around him. "Hold on a sec, is this a mini-cooper? Of all the cars to pick why did he pick a mini-cooper? Who are we trying to be Austin Powers?"

The Doctor's complaints about the car were silenced as a shrieking sound caught his attention. A black shadow moved over the car and the sound off leathery wings was heard flapping above their heads. The Doctor looked into the wing mirror and gritted his teeth as he looked upon an oddly formed black creature with giant wings and a scythe like tail.

"Reapers. Should have imagined that a paradox dimension would have them as inhabitants," the Doctor cursed before signalling for Robin to go. "Allonsy Robin! Ooooo its been a while since I said that!"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #484 on: April 02, 2013, 03:06:17 PM »
"I certainly hope it does get me into trouble," Robin said with a wink before switching seats with the Doctor. Then she buckled her own seatbelt, placing her hands on the wheels to prepare for once again driving on the other side of the car. Allen groaned.

"I can try," he said, scowling at the Doctor, "If you'll stop flirting with my sister in front of me. It's disgusting." Robin laughed loudly, her violet eyes glinting with a mischievous light. Strax grumbled to himself as he switched the gun to its stun setting.

"There is no point for a weapon of this magnitude to be set to stun!" he said, though he followed orders anyway. "It recharges itself immediately and could do much more damage if I left it on its most devastating setting!" His scowl was nearly comical as he looked out the window, ready to blast away at anyone unfortunate enough to be passing them.

Suddenly, a horrible screech came from above them. Everyone looked out the windows to see the Reapers, their strange bodies terrifying and their sharp tails. As the Doctor barked at her in French, Robin smiled and punched it, shooting them forward down the road.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #485 on: April 02, 2013, 03:51:08 PM »
The sound of something grating against the roof of the car was heard as they raced down the street. Whatever creature was lurking on the outside it had decided to attack as soon as the car went into motion. The Doctor grimaced as black talons pierced through the roof and the car screeched as its rear tires momentarily lifted off the ground.

"Come on, faster, faster!" The Doctor called before he slammed back into his seat as the car picked up an enormous amount of speed from tearing itself out of the reapers clawed arms. "Slower! Slower! Baker you're going to kill us and Strax don't you dare fire that thing while we are still moving. You'll tear the car in two!"

Strax let out a groan of frustration as he lowered the gun from an aiming position. His beady eyes rolled before he set the gun on his lap (and Harry's as well seeing as the gun was unbelievably big).

The goal finally came into sight as a poster that hung from a nearby wall, with the message 'Bad Wolf' sprayed on it, came looming towards  them. The moment they passed by it the road disappeared and instead was replaced by an open field which contained the beloved TARDIS.

It would have been a happy celebration if it weren't for the Master waiting in front of the TARDIS with an entire legion of Silence agents standing behind. He raised his arm and waved at them as they approached, the smile on his face warm and happy, as if greeting old friends.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #486 on: April 02, 2013, 04:04:37 PM »
"Oh, don't start calling me by my last name unless you want your new title to be Drill Sergeant!" Robin shouted as she first stepped hard on the gas and then eased off. They shot ahead, the Reaper's screaming fading slowly behind them, and Robin heaved a sigh of relief. Allen did the same, though he kept his eyes warily on the gun that was now sitting in his lap.

When they saw the poster ahead, Robin gave a cheer and Allen grinned widely. Strax patted Allen's shoulder, a little too hard, and Allen winced. But as they traveled out of the paradox dimension, their smiles all faded as the Master came into sight. Robin's eyes immediately went from their warm, friendly expression directly into a cold hatred. Allen could see them in the rearview mirror and gulped.

This new version of his sister was a little frightening.

As they drew closer, Robin slammed on the brakes and threw the car into park. Then she got out and stood facing the Master and the Silents, her face still a mask of cold indifference. Normally she would have tried to make a joke but now the things he'd done to her were resurfacing... As were the things he'd made her do.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #487 on: April 02, 2013, 04:56:46 PM »
"So this was your plan?" The Master asked as he looked out at them with a smirk. "You do remember that I have a TARDIS, right?" He asked mockingly before pointing to the stone pillar was stood next to the blue police box. "I got here ten minutes ago. You've kept me waiting," the Master huffed before shaking his head. "This victory is disappointing. I wanted our armies to clash. I wanted hellfire and lightning, blood and sweat, death and destruction. Instead you give me boredom and frustration."

"Who exactly do you think I am?" The Doctor asked as he got out the car and took his place next to Robin's side. "Do you think that by killing the Daleks and Time Lords I'm some sort of War God? Do you think that I can just click my fingers and break planets in half? Because that isn't me," the Doctor said as he stuffed his hands in his trouser pockets and stared out at the Master with a stony expression. "I'm not the oncoming storm or a demon or a monster."

"You don't have to tell me twice," the Master spat, rolling his eyes before pointing at them. "Silence, get ready to fry them. Watch your aim, we don't want the girl grilled." The Silence obeyed immediately, creeping forwards with their arms raised, bolts of electricity snaking around their hands.

"Before you do that you may want to listen to what I have to say though," the Doctor said cheerily before taking a few tentative steps towards the Master. "Because I may not be any of those things, but I can tell you what I know I am."

The Doctor's image shimmered as he shifted from the thin an in a suit to a young frizzy haired Doctor dressed in a Victorian suit. He stared over at the Doctor with a cold look on his face as he stared him down. "I am the man who has defeated you even when you came back from death itself," he spoke, his voice light and friendly, but yet the words still carried an edge. "I'm the man who pushed you into the Eye of Time and watched you burn up."

The Doctor changed again, this time to an older, slightly plump man in a white suit and sweater vest covered with colorful question marks. His hair was as dark as his eyes that stared at the Master with a grimace. "I'm the man that thwarted you on the Cheetah Planet," he said whilst swiping at the air with the question mark shaped umbrella he held in one hand. "I'm the man who weaves plan after plan to save the world and is prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure evil will never prevail."

His image shimmered back to the Ninth Doctor, who stared down the Master coldly before smirking at him. "I'm the man that fought the Dalek's in the Time War. I was there right at the end. When you ran away"

The Master scowled and bared his teeth at the words, pulling out his laser screwdriver from his pocket. The Doctor's image changed once more, this time to a peculiar man with blonde curly hair, dressed in a startling multicolored patchwork suit with a cat pin badge pinned to its chest. He smiled broadly at the Master before looking over at Robin and winking. "I'm the eccentric warrior that can't be predicted. I'm the man that's just full of surprises...and you know what else?"

The Doctor shimmered back to his Eleventh form, which braced himself on his heels and adjusted his bow tie before smiling at him slyly and saying, "I'm the man who has been distracting you for long enough to let the reaper catch up with us," he said before turning back to Robin, Allen and Strax and yelling. "Duck and run!"

The Reaper came crashing through the portal behind them, screeching wildly as it bashed off the mini cooper and swooped towards the Master and his army of Silence. Chaos broke out as the Silence shot bolt after bolt of lightning at the creature, scrambling for cover as its scythe tail whipped at them and its talon arms dragged one of them into its gaping mouth.
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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #488 on: April 02, 2013, 05:15:26 PM »
Allen and Strax had gotten out behind the Doctor, and were standing behind the two Time Lords as he and the Master conversed. Strax had his gun ready, just in case it would be needed. Allen took this time to look between the Doctor and Robin, wondering if he would ever even see his sister again after this transformation... If any of them got out alive.

Robin was listening to the Doctor and the Master speak, her face still cool and collected. When the Master ordered the Silents to begin advancing on their little group, Robin turned toward the Doctor, hoping he'd had some secret plan this whole time. It looked as though he was working up something... And apparently had a little more control now over which version of himself was in control.

The icy look started to melt off of Robin's face as he spoke. Slowly, her eyes warmed and her lips turned up into a slight smile. Here was her Doctor. Though he may have a different face, she could hear his spirit in every word spoken by his previous forms. She could see snapshots of every time the Doctor faced his enemy, defeating him time and time again through various means.

The most recent, she saw, ended actually through the Master himself, pushing a grumpy-looking Time Lord she could only assume was Rassilon back into a portal of sorts. So caught up in his memories, she didn't realize when he'd changed back to the silly-looking Eleventh Doctor. But as he straightened his bow tie, she heard an all too familiar screech behind her.

Laughing, she ducked, and looked back to make sure Allen and Strax had too. They group of them ran forward (in a way that Robin was sure looked quite humorous) and Robin grabbed the Doctor's hand, giving it a squeeze that somehow contained all the gratefulness she felt toward him.

"Hey, Doctor!" she shouted over the noise. "I'll have to admit... Bow ties are cool!"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #489 on: April 02, 2013, 06:25:26 PM »
"Robin Baker you get better by the minute. I'm starting to get jealous that its not me your traveling with," the Doctor spoke as he squeezed her hand and tugged her towards the TARDIS.

The reaper was now writhing in pain as the Silence zapped it again and again and again with their electric attack. It wailed and shrieked in pain, batting members of the Silence away with its writhing as it fought against them savagely, refusing to succumb to death. In order to combat its mad flailing the Silence began to lunge upon it, trying to use its numbers to overwhelm it.

"I'm sorry," the Doctor mumbled regretfully at the creature as they ran past the creature, using its death and Strax's covering fire to dart through and force back whatever resistance was left of the Silence. Now only a few meters remained of their journey and with the Master stuck behind a wall of his own troops, escape seemed inevitable.

"Quickly, get inside! Its a long shot, but if the TARDIS has healed enough from its wound we might be able to travel to regroup with the Big Ben base and figure out how to use the psychic beacon to bring humanity out of their sleep," the Doctor said before pushing open the doors for Robin, Allen and Strax.

The moment the doors opened was the moment in which the Doctor was sent flying back as two red blasts of energy struck him in the chest and sent him tumbling to the ground.

"Did you really think it would be that easy?" The Master asked as he stepped out of the crowd of Silent agents, smirking widely as two metal orbs floated out of the TARDIS and hovered above the Doctor. Strax raised his gun to fire, but the orbs blasted the weapon out of his hands before he could so much as yell 'Die'.

The Doctor's image shimmered again as he clutched his chest, this time transforming into a short old man with dark bowl cut hair and very bushy eyebrows, that were fixed in a menacing stare as he looked up at the floating orbs.

"You mad man!" The Doctor hissed as he clutched the small holes that had been burned in his button baby blue shirt and long black blazer. "Who are those people? What have you done?!" He shrieked in a gruff aged voice as he looked up at the orbs that were now spinning needle like blades down the groves of their outer shell.

"You know, I liked this form of yours the best," the Master said as he waltzed towards them, keeping his laser screwdriver fixed on the Doctor's friends as he strode towards them with a swagger in his step. "This form of yours was so funny. I only met you briefly in this form during that whole Death Zone incident, but I heard all about the trouble you got into."

The Master crouched down next to the Doctor and grinned before pressing his finger into the Master's wound, causing him to howl in pain and writhe on the spot.

"The Daleks, the Cybermen, the Great Intelligence, the Ice Warriors and more. You were a little old grumpy trickster in this form. Always doing funny stuff to make people think you were less of threat than you actually were. You were hilarious," the Master said before laughing loudly. "And lets not forget. This form was the one that got you kicked off Gallifrey for breaking their laws."

"Who were those people!" The Doctor yelled again at the Master, gritting his teeth from the pain of his injuries. "Who were they before you cut off their heads and turned them into weapons."

"What, you don't remember them?" The Master asked innocently before clicking his fingers at the orbs. Their cases opened and swiveled towards the Doctor, revealing the wired in severed heads of two viscous looking people, a black man with stern dark eyes and an aged woman with an eye patch over one of her eyes. "You remember Madame Kovarian and Colonel Mantan, right? You ruined their lives. Now, they're the ones who are going to stop you from ruining my plans."

"You insane fools!" The Doctor roared at them as they hovered closer. "The Master does not make allies with anyone that he does not wish to conquer. If his dream is a Gallifrey without enemies, you will be destroyed along with every other race that foolishly battles on Earth!"

"But the question will not be answered and you will be dead," Madame Kovarian spoke through the visor that now made up her mouth. "I call that a victory, whatever the cost."

"You have been defeated Doctor. This is Demons Run all over again, you have lost, just when you thought you won," Colonel Matan cackled before his casing closed over his face again with a click.

"Time Lords revived and no enemies to bring them down," the Master said with relish as he stood up and dusted his hands on his coat. "You certainly can't say you're capable of that, because the sad fact is. Even if you could beat me, its still your loss. You could never do what I would do to maintain order. You could never wipe out your enemies and thoroughly as me. That is why even if you win, you will fail a thousand times as your planet is ripped apart by the races battling on your beloved Earth."

The Master clicked his fingers at Robin and the two orbs circled around her, flashing their blades threateningly at Allen and Strax. "Don't bother killing them, I want them to watch the Doctor as he is truly beaten," the Master chuckled maliciously before snapping his fingers at Robin and pointing to the TARDIS. The Silence were now walking away from the smoking husk of the reaper, ready to back up the Master at the first sign of trouble.

"Come on girl. Time to walk down the aisle," The Master said, flashing her a devilish grin.

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Robin flashed the Doctor a winning smile as she sprinted alongside him to the TARDIS. She looked back, relieved to see that her brother and the insane but lovable Strax were all still in one piece. Everything just made more sense with the Doctor around... Even in an unfamiliar form. Her smile spread as they drew closer to the lovely blue box, and when the Doctor opened the doors...

She screamed, jumping back, as two orbs fired at the Doctor. Looking around wildly, she caught the Master's eye as he walked toward them. That was the second time she'd seen him get shot that day, and that was two times too many. Her fists clenched as she frantically tried to think of a way out of this. Her mind was still not strong enough to control all of the Silents, and overpowering just five of them wouldn't do her any good this time.

She was stuck.

Both Robin and Allen looked furious as they listened to the Doctor and the Master argue. If it would have ended in anything other than death, Robin would have pounced on the evil Time Lord then and there... But she knew it wouldn't lead to any end they'd want. When the orbs opened to reveal human faced, Robin clapped her hands to her mouth and Allen looked like he was about to be sick.

Then these orbs were surrounding her, spinning and threatening with their sharp blades. Slowly, Robin straightened, not wanting them to do anything to hurt her brother. But her eyes were still full of fire as she gazed at the Master.

"I won't marry you," she said bluntly, and Allen thought that the anger in her eyes was the most terrifying thing he'd ever seen. But as soon as it appeared, it vanished, replaced by a smile and a strangely friendly glint. "I mean come on, putting thousands of people to sleep and all was fun, but it wasn't a proper date. I mean you haven't even kissed me yet! I can't have my husband being rubbish at kissing!"

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"Are you trying to make me angry again?" The Master asked as tilted his head to look at her. He marched towards her before grabbing her by the hair and yanking her head back, before pointing at Allen and clicking his fingers again. The orbs soared at Allen, brandishing their blades with a horrid screech, before suddenly halting as the Master clicked his fingers again. "I'm not falling for any more tricks honey. I'm taking you away and then you're going to kill all of my enemies and once we're done. You and I will rebuild Gallifrey and make a family of Time Lords that will rule until the end of time."

"Unhand her you fool!" The Doctor hissed as he got to his feet with difficulty, clutching his wounds with one hand whilst his other helped brace himself on his own knee. "Do you really expect her to crumble to you? Her will is iron, you and I both know that she will never be forced to commit such genocide. This plan is madness."

"Of course its madness!" The Master roared as he let go the Robin's hair and marched to the Doctor before kicking his leg out from under him, causing him to drop to the ground with another howl of pain. "But I don't need to be lectured by you! This is my last shot at bringing back Gallifrey and I will not waste it!"

The Master turned his head and pointed at Robin, baring his teeth at her the same way that a wolf may bare their fangs at their prey. "You will marry me girl. You will obey my order, because if you don't I promise that I will find your family and every single one of your friends and kill them one by one in front of you! Then we'll see who is unbreakable!"

The Master clicked his fingers again at the orbs and they continued floating towards Allen, twirling their blades.

"Accept it. Or I'll make them carve him up in front of you!" The Master barked, his eyes wide with sadistic delight as he watched them close in on the poor lad.

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Robin cringed with pain when the Master pulled her by the hair, but she stared up into his eyes with the same merriment as before... Until he made the orb people fly at Allen with their blades at the ready. She yelled loudly in fear, but then the Master made them stop and she stood still. The laughter was gone from her face, replaced by a look of complete and total loathing.

Allen looked nervously at the orbs before looking back at Robin and shaking his head. When the Master let go of her she looked at her brother, eyes wide and mouth trembling. Then, the evil Time Lord kicked the Doctor's legs out from under him and Robin nearly growled at him.

As he made his threats, Robin felt herself dissolving. She sank to her knees, unable to let him continue to torment her brother and her Doctor. Frantically she searched for a plan, tried to come up with anything at all that she could do to help... But nothing came. She gave the Doctor a helpless look before hanging her head.

"Okay," she said softly, unwilling to look anyone in the eye. "Okay. Don't hurt them. Just please... don't hurt them, you evil bastard." Then she looked up at him with that same fire from before. "Just know that I'm not breaking. I'm only bending. For now. And remember that if you even harm one hair on my brother's head it will be enough to make me able to burn you from the inside out."

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"Good, you don't know how happy you've made me," the Master spoke with delight before motioning for the Silence to take her away. They stepped forward and pulled her towards the Master's TARDIS, whilst the maniac stayed behind to point and laugh at the Doctor as he lay on the ground calling after Robin.

"Robin! Robin do not go with him! You can't let him take you away!" The Doctor shrieked, but he knew that he couldn't stop her and he knew that he couldn't blame her. Her family was at risk and the Master would do everything in his power to make sure they suffered until Robin finally buckled.

"Goodbye Doctor, we'll leave you in peace!" Madame Kovorian's cruel voice cackled before the two orbs followed after the Silence, just as the Master waved the three of them farewell and blew them a kiss.

"Sir, please may I have permission to use myself as a suicide bomber and blow them sky high with the explosives strapped to my body!" Strax roared, anger rippling across his scrunched up face as he glared after the Master. This time it wasn't amusing. The Sontaran was just as enraged as the Doctor from their crippling defeat and the sight of Robin leaving was salt in the wound.

"No Strax, I thank you for the offer, but there is no need to throw your life away," the Doctor groaned as he staggered one more time to his feet. Strax raced over to his side and helped him up, pulling out various medical supplies from his pocket as he prepared to patch him up.

"No, don't waste your supplies. Just get me into the TARDIS," the Doctor groaned and motioned to the door. "The Master has probably set a bomb for us inside the machine. I need to disarm it and then figure out where to go from there."

"Sir, if you die in this form. You will more than likely not regenerate," Strax spoke solemnly as he helped the Doctor towards the TARDIS, motioning for Allen to follow. "Your time line is fractured. If one of you aside from your newest form dies it will most likely erase your entire life!"

"Which we cannot have...Robin must be saved," the Doctor breathed as he clutched the wounds. "I have failed the human race. The Earth. My friends and their families far too may times today. We must take action."

The Doctors image flickered to his fifth form, who seemed alarmed by the words that had just been spoken. "Are you mad? We discussed this! The risks were far too high!"

"If we don't do something then we've lost everything," the Eleventh spoke as he shimmered into existence. "We have no choice. We have to obey the Doctor's instructions."

"But Time itself could fracture and die. Are we really ready to take that step?" The Fourth Doctor asked, the humor in his voice gone as he appeared. "I'm for it...we have no other option, but we need to take a vote if we are going to go through with this."

"Allen, I know you probably hate us for letting Robin down and I don't blame you," the Ninth Doctor said as the Fourth faded away and shifted blames with his future form. His piercing eyes gazed at Allen weakly whilst his arm was draped over the Sontaran's shoulders. "But I need someone to open the door."

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Silent tears coursed down Robin's face as she was dragged away, the sound of the Doctor's voice calling weakly after her almost too much to bear. Closing her eyes, she sent a message to the psychic paper, hoping he'd see it sooner rather than later. Opening them again, she looked at the Silent to her right weakly, tears still streaming freely.

"Ah, Jason," she said. The Silent looked at her. "I see you're still kicking."


Allen watched his sister recede into the distance, a helpless look on his freckled face. This was all too much for him, and he sank, overwhelmed, to the ground. He cried also, knowing there was nothing he could possibly do to help Robin though she'd been helping him her entire life. Then his gaze turned to the Doctor and he felt a mix of emotions, all of which were threatening to overtake him.

First he felt anger. This "Doctor" was supposed to be a genius, so how did he not see this sort of trap coming? He'd already let Robin die; it was only by some insane miracle that she had come back that time. And now... he was letting her get carted off again?

But then... He felt hope. He knew that if anyone could help it would be the Doctor. And so he stood, brushing off his khaki pants. He then strode to the TARDIS and flung open the doors, but then stopped and blocked the way, looking first at Strax and then at the Doctor.

"I'm going to do my best to help," he said, his voice soft. "I'm going to do whatever you need me to do, without question. I don't care why or how, I'll do it. But you better believe me, Doctor, if she gets hurt... You'll have me to answer to. I know that may not be intimidating because I'm only a human, but all the same. Now you let Strax heal you as best he can before we go doing anything dangerous."

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The Doctor slowly made his way into the TARDIS with the help of Strax, his image flickering with every step he took. It seemed that the closer he got to the TARDIS, the more unstable it became.

"I knew it," he groaned in his seventh form as he pushed away from Strax and braced himself against the controls of the TARDIS. He took off his White hate and wiped sweat away from his forehead as he looked upon the large metal dome that was strapped to one part of the TARDIS. A long thin line of light was slowly moving up the side of the dome with every second, more than likely the digital fuse for the bomb that was latched to the TARDIS. "That's a bad bomb. That will erase all life in every rrrrroom of the TARDIS. The Time Lords used these whenever their ships had been taken by the Daleks."

"Sir, I think it would be best if you returned to your newest form. If you die whilst in a later form you will be unable to regenerate," Strax warned as stomped across the floor of the TARDIS and stood at the Doctor's side. "Allow me to patch you up. You need to heal!"

"That will not be necessary Strax, for in a moment I may be killed anyway. It would be a waste of supplies," the Doctor spoke with a sigh, his face growing paler by the moment. "Besides, we've been trying to rrrrre-balance our timeline ever since this began. It seems that our newest body cannot be summoned."

The seventh Doctor wiped his forehead again and let out a groan of pain. The color was draining from his saggy face and his body was starting to fizzle like the picture on a broken television screen.

"Sir...what do you mean?" Strax asked as he watched the Time Lord slowly wither away with concern. "You mentioned fracturing Time and now you speak of death. What do you mean by that?"

"The Blondie had an idea which he wrote down in his own blood before the TARDIS fractured his time line and summoned the rest of us," the curly blond Doctor in the patchwork suit said as he switched with the Seventh. He seemed to smile with amusement as he traced his finger along the controls and circled the small bloody message which read; take a leap of faith'. "I thought that the idea was rather good, but then again I have always been a little more reckless than the other Doctors."

"But the risks are very high," the Third Doctor spoke grimly as the blond curls turned grey and the patch work became velvet. He stared solemnly at the message, seemingly unperturbed by the bomb that was still ticking away. "The best case scenario is that our fractured time line returns to normal."

"What is the worst scenario?" Strax asked. "Do you die?"

"No, we smash our Time Line to smithereens and undo hundreds of years of our history," the Doctor said gravely. "Everything foe we could not foil will triumph. Every life we saved will die. History will be reset and the lives of those who have yet to live will be extinguished as Time compensates for the loss. Right now we are voting to decide whether we can truly go through with his plan.

"But, what is the plan?" Strax asked with desperation, becoming increasingly aware of how close the dome bomb was to filling up fully.

The Doctor opened his mouth to explain, but before he could a honking sound echoed through the room and the Eleventh Doctor's image washed over the Third before he reached into his tweed jacket and pulled out his psychic paper.

"Oh...Robin Baker..." the Doctor said fondly and smiled weakly as he looked over the psychic message that had been left on the small rectangle of paper. "Your sister is quite amazing Allen," he called to Allen and shook the paper at him with a grin. "Not only is she brave, clever and a giant pain in the backside, but she's also one of the most marvelous people that I have ever met."

"She is currently in the process of being married off to the loony master. And rather than worrying about the horrible things that he'll make her do, she sends this to me!" The Doctor said before holding up the paper before him.


I don't know what is going to happen now.
Everything seems just a little bit hopeless, but I've seen what happens when you're faced with hopeless situations.
You always find a way to surprise me.
You always find a way to be the hero that I know you are.
Don't worry about me. I'm going to be fine, but you need to act fast.
Below is one sentence that can bring every human on Earth out of their trance.
I created it as a way to counter the psychic attack the Master forced me to do, he has no idea it exists.
Transfer this through the psychic beacon and every human will wake up.

Hopefully it will be of some use. The rest is up to you, Doctor.

Go on, impress a girl.

The Doctor smiled warmly as the message changed to one small phrase. A made up word that he knew all too well. He handed the psychic paper to Allen and rolled up his sleeves before backing up a few metres, as if planning to jump a great distance or deliver a flying kick.

His image flickered again and again in preparation, each Doctor smiling as they prepared themselves for what they were about to do. What the message had convinced them to do, for it was a reminder of the day in which Robin Baker had told the Doctor exactly who he was and who he needed to be.

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Allen looked on, the hopeless expression on his face worsening. The Doctor seemed to be losing control of his forms, and dying at the same time. There was a bomb hooked to the TARDIS that would kill all of them, and Allen knew that if the Doctor died now there would be no hope left for the planet. As mad as the ginger boy was at this absurd Time Lord, he wasn't an idiot. It was all up to the Doctor now.

His mouth dropped open as the older/younger versions of the Doctor explained what might happen if they went through with the most recent Doctor's plan. He had done so much in his long lifetime that all of those things could happen? It seemed impossible... But then again, when had the word 'impossible' meant anything to the Doctor?

And just as he was getting to the crux of his apparently insane plan, a loud noise started going. Allen looked around, confused, but then the Doctor pulled out a strange little leather wallet. His expression changed (along with his appearance, becoming again the funny-looking man in the bow tie) from despair to exhilaration, and he grinned broadly at Allen.

None of this made any sense to the human. All of a sudden, the Doctor was spouting off about how brilliant Robin was. But how could she have possibly sent him a message on a piece of paper? When the strange alien handed Allen the paper, he read it quickly, a smile slowly spreading across his own mouth. He's always known Robin would do great things someday.

"Leave it to Robin," Allen said, trying his hardest to look exasperated, "to think up a way to save the human race... And put it in a Harry Potter spell." Then he looked at the Doctor with concern. "I hope you know what you're doing..."


Across the field, in the church, Robin Baker did something that likely would infuriate the Master.

She grinned a wide, bright, cheeky grin.

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The Master had taken Robin back to the church and spared no expense in turning the place into a hell hole for their accursed wedding.

The moment they had arrived back at the ruins the Master had set to work repairing the roof and stain glass windows, all apparently in aid of giving off some air of presentability for the guests that were yet to arrive to their wedding.

Silent agents lined the walls of the grand building, never speaking, just staring out at the rows of benches that lay before the altar, only straying from their position in order to aid with hauling a heavily injured (but still violent and struggling) Gwen Cooper, Madame Vastra, Jenny and Sky Smith into the church. Once inside, they were shoved down to their knees and held in place by the Silence, their arms and legs locked into place by heavy metal cuffs.

It only got worse when the guests to this insane event arrived, ushered in by what was left of Colonel Mantan and Madame Kovorian.

"Come on in! Come on in! There's plenty of room for everyone! The Master is so glad you could make it!" They chimed as various lifeforms, apparently representatives of the Earth Bound Tournament, walked through the doors of the church and took their seats.

Now the room was occupied by the worst enemies of the Doctor; the Supreme Dalek, the Great Intelligence, the Cyber Commander, the Nestene Consciousness, Commander Staarl of the Sontarans and many many more. All of which had arrived at the event, more than likely out of obligation more than curiosity. Even the Toymaker had made an appearance, having apparently been resurrected by the Master after their encounter. He stood behind the altar dressed in Chinese emperor garments, preparing himself to conduct the ceremony.

"Its beautiful isn't it?" The Master whispered to Robin as they stood before the altar. In one hand he held the crown that he would shove upon her head when this was completed, the very tool that would kill the unsuspecting lifeforms that had gathered to witness this bizarre event. It was beyond madness, beyond logic and yet here they were, about to go through with it all.

"I thought that if there even the slightest chance of the Doctor showing up, then he should be welcomed to our wedding by the people who know him best," the Master said before adjusting the collar of the pitch black tuxedo he was dressed in. "He will have about a minute to contemplate what a bad idea it was, interrupting our lovely day, before they rip him limb from limb."

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Robin smiled the whole time the Master was repairing things. Her grin never dimmed; her eyes sparkled with happiness and perhaps a little mischief. Several Silent agents watched her, and she took turns smiling at each of them, though of course they never returned the favor. Her smile remained in place until the people she'd met earlier were brought, struggling, into the room. Then her expression flashed angrily as she looked toward the Master. But when she looked back again at Gwen, Vastra, Jenny, and Sky, she did something completely strange.

She winked at them.

And then the guests started filing in. Some of them she recognized but others she didn't, but it was obvious that they were all the Doctor's worst enemies. It was quite ironic that they were so willingly attending the wedding that was supposed to be their ultimate demise. When her eyes landed on the Toymaker, they narrowed to dark blue slits but still she said nothing.

When the Master started whispering in her ear, the pleasant expression on Robin's face never faltered. She listened as though quite interested, nodding along when appropriate, trying her hardest not to lash out and bite him again (though it would have been quite fun). When he finished speaking she looked at him, all smiles and sparkling violet eyes.

"I'm going to tell you something," she said secretively, her voice low. "The Doctor will come. He loves crashing weddings, don't ever let him tell you otherwise. Anyway, he's coming, and he's going to win. And now, I'm going to ask you a question. A very important question, and I need you to listen closely." She leaned toward him, dropping her voice to a whisper.

"Can Jason be my maid of honor?"

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"You're an idiot," the Master spat. "I'll have to cut out your tongue when we're done. I'm sick of hearing you talk," the Master spoke before his eyes drifted back to the room of enemies and sparkled with malicious delight. "My my...look at the turn out. And not one of them has any idea of what is going to happen once you say I do."

The Master rammed the crown roughly onto Robin's head and gestured for the Toymaker to begin. His weathered face twisted into an insane smile and he nodded at Robin and the Master, winking at Robin slyly, before opening a large book that appeared from thin air.

"Dearly beloved, we are here to day to slap the Doctor in the face!" The Toymaker called out as he gazed at the room with delight. "For years we have tried time and time again to thwart our common enemy. And although our paths have crossed and led to much disagreement, I sincerely believe that today we have truly accomplished something that has not been done before. We have broken the Doctor."

"His Earth is in ruins. His TARDIS is crippled. His friends will soon be executed and the human race will wither away to nothing as days go by," the Toymaker said fondly before applauding the Master, who bowed his head and grinned as if embarrassed by the attention. "Although it certainly guaranteed that we shall all try and kill each other once this is done. We must still celebrate this unifying moment, with another unity, between the Master and the girl he stole from the Doctor."

No one applauded apart from the Master, but the creatures that had gathered did seem to register in their own individual ways the pleasure of the moment. Gwen and the rest of the Resistance, snarled at the creatures with burning hatred in their eyes, still unable to give up the will to fight on.

"Now...let us begin..." The Toymaker said lightly before turning to the Master. "Do you, Master and conqueror of all, take this pathetic silly girl to be your wife?"

"Regretfully I do," the Master said with a nod and smiled smugly at Robin.

"And do you take this maniac to be your husband?" The Toymaker asked Robin and for a moment there was nothing but silence in the room as the question hung in the air.

No matter what had been said, the creatures knew that if there were a moment in which the Doctor would arrive, this would be it, but yet as they listened for the sound of the doors slamming open suddenly or the cosmic tune of the TARDIS, nothing reached their ears.

Madame Vastra and Jenny looked at each other with concern as precious seconds passed. The Doctor had been known to push it fine, but in a moment Robin would need to say yes or no. And once she did...then it would all be over.

"Well?" The Toymaker asked viciously. "Are you going to say yes or do we need to obliterate your friends one by one?"

The Master let out a laugh at the comment and grabbed hold of the back of Robin's hair to turn her to face him. "What was that you were saying about the Doctor stopping me again?" The Master asked cruelly before letting out an even louder laugh, his voice turning thrill as he howled with joy. "What did I tell you? Its my victory!"