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Author Topic: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]  (Read 18057 times)

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #425 on: March 27, 2013, 04:58:57 PM »
"I'm sorry, the message can be quite intense to Time Lords who have never experienced it," the Doctor spoke solemnly as he watched Robin recoil in pain. "I promise, once we are in range of the TARDIS it will stop hurting. The rest of the burden will be relieved by its telepathic interface."

"And Vixen raises a good question Harry, what on Earth are you doing here?" The Doctor called back to him, trying hard not to crash BESSIE and kill everyone after their near death encounter with the Rutans. "Wait, don't tell me...Jenny told you to go with me because she thought it would be safer for you to travel with me."

Harry grimaced as he took his seat next to Strax, the look in his big dark eyes answered his question, but he still nodded and quietly answered, "She said the TARDIS would be the safest place for me."

"Silly woman, she sent you into a war zone," the Doctor spoke before letting out a heavy sigh. "But, there's no point turning back now. We've wasted enough time talking and Trafalgar square is within sight."

"I will be ready to shoot any and all threats!" Strax called to the Doctor, "I shall also kill all the pigeons in Trafalgar Square!"

The Doctor's face twisted from dread to confusion to disbelief before he asked Strax in an exasperated voice, "...why?"

"To stop them from multiplying of course! Right now there are more pigeons in London than people!" Strax said proudly before bashing his fist into his chest.

The Doctor let out a heavy sigh before bashing his head against the wheel of his car, "I need to get new friend."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #426 on: March 27, 2013, 05:09:00 PM »
"I'm fine, Doctor, really," Robin said with a reassuring smile, patting his hand. "Though I can't wait to see the TARDIS with these new eyes... I bet it'll be absolutely brilliant." Her voice was chipper, but her hearts were pounding madly in her chest. This thing in her brain was terrifying, and the closer they got to the TARDIS the closer they came to decoding it. What if she went insane? What if she killed Harry or Strax or the Doctor?

She looked down at the little boy, with his big eyes and his innocent expression. He was so sweet, so young... She couldn't allow herself to do anything to put him in danger. If something happened to her, she would do her best to fight it, no matter what the cost. She sniggered, though, as Strax declared war on the pigeons of Trafalgar Square.

"Strax," Robin said, patting his arm. "Pigeons aren't exactly the mightiest of foes. If you want your glory in battle, focus all the energy in that silly little body on keeping Harry safe." She tossed him a wink. "Because if you don't, even the Doctor and I couldn't match the retribution you'll get from his moms." Then she looked to the Doctor.

"You don't need friends, you've got me!" A sunny smile appeared on her face. "Me, a Time Lord you never knew existed, recently regenerated, containing an unknown message, who is possibly the new leader of the Silence! Wait... maybe you do need new friends." She smiled, but there was fear in the expression. "Well.. enough chat. Shall we?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #427 on: March 27, 2013, 05:31:24 PM »
"Well, when you put it that way," the Doctor replied before taking his head off the wheel, just in time to steer the car around a lamp post and slide it into the middle of Trafalgar square forcefully, causing the poor little car to tremble. "Poor girl. She hasn't been taken out enough. I swear if he weren't dead I would give Leftbridge a piece of my mind for letting her go unused for so long."

The Doctor put on the break and leaped from the car, circling it and opening its doors to let out his passengers. "Come on, every one out, that'll be a five quid taxi fair for traveling from West Minster Bridge to Trafalgar Square," the Doctor said before chuckling as Harry gave him a look of alarm. "

I'm joking Harry, relax," the Doctor said...right before groaning as Strax handed him a five pound note. "Strax I just said-Oh never mind, thank you for your patronage," the Doctor said with a sigh before pocketing the five pound note.

The Doctor walked to Robin's side of the car whilst Strax hopped down with a thud and then lifted Harry from his seat before setting him on the ground. The Doctor smiled at Robin before opening the door and making a grand sweeping gesture before offering his hand.

"Enchanté Mademoiselle," He said before leaning in and bringing his voice down to a whisper. "Don't worry, I'm not going to let anything happen to you. Even if the Silence want you as their leader, they can't have you."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #428 on: March 27, 2013, 05:39:22 PM »
Robin smiled softly at the Doctor, finally letting a little of her fear seep into her eyes. Nevertheless, she patted his cheek gently before planting a kiss on the stubbly skin. Grinning, the fear evaporating, she wrinkled her nose.

"You need a shave, Doctor," she said. Lowering her voice to a whisper, she added, "And I know. Thank you. I trust you." Raising her voice again, she stepped out of BESSIE and curtsied clumsily. "Merci beaucoup, ma bon homme." Then she grinned widely at Strax and Harry, stretching out her back. Walking to them, she patted Harry on his head.

"Don't worry kiddo," she said, winking. "We'll get you back safely." Looking back toward the Doctor, the new Time Lord's face shifted to a very serious expression, and she glanced at the TARDIS. It was even more beautiful than before, and that was saying something. Tears threatened to spill over again, but she controlled herself, a gentle smile replacing the serious look.

"Oh, Doctor," Robin said, taking a step in the TARDIS's direction. "She's... perfect."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #429 on: March 27, 2013, 06:10:35 PM »
"Oi, I like having stubble. It makes me feel sexy," the Doctor said with a chuckle and a wink before shutting the door of the car behind them. "I hope no one particularly dislikes cars in this war. I would hate to come back and find the old girl in several pieces," he said with a frown, running his hand over one of the doors affectionately.

"Never fear Doctor, I will stand guard outside the TARDIS and make sure no one lays a grubby claw on it," Strax said proudly before marching to the side of the TARDIS and reloading his gun with a snap. He raised the gun to the air and began scoping out the skies and their surroundings, maneuvering the gun effortlessly despite its enormous size and weight.

"You just really want to fire the gun again don't you?" The Doctor asked, unconvinced by the display. Strax merely nodded in response, his face lighting up with glee as he began turning in circles, trying his hardest to find a target.

"Fair enough, try not to hurt yourself Strax. You're the only one of your species that doesn't want to blow my head off," the Doctor said before clapping him on the shoulder and giving him a small smile, which Strax gingerly returned.

"Well in we go!" The Doctor called before barging through the doors of the TARDIS. He breathed in its scent contentedly, shutting his eyes and smiling warmly as he let the warmth of his wonderful ship wash over him. "I've missed you old girl. It feels like it's been ages," he said before racing to the control panel and flicking rapidly at the switches.

"Now, step one for translating the Eternal Code is very simple, even a monkey could do it!" The Doctor exclaimed cheerfully before frowning and shaking his head. "I really hate that expression, it implies monkey's are clueless buffoons. If they're stupid then my friend Mickey is one brain cell short of being a vegtable." 

"Now then! Step one!" The Doctor called to Robin before slamming his fist down on a large red button. A beach chair suspended by yards of rope suddenly swung down from the ceiling and rocked back and fourth violently before coming to a stop beside Robin. "Sit your bum down on this seat!"

"Oh and Harry, do me a favor and take a picture with this camera," the Doctor said as Harry lingered besides the railing of the TARDIS. His small hands juggled with a camera as the Doctor tossed it to him, nearly knocking him off balance as poor Harry struggled to grab the bouncing device.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #430 on: March 27, 2013, 06:22:42 PM »
"You don't need stubble to be sexy," Robin retorted, sauntering toward the TARDIS. As they reached it, she hesitated, feeling the message in her head grow more and more persistent in its trying to make her hear it. Closing her eyes, she shook her head rapidly, fighting to keep it back. Turning, she grinned at Strax and gave him a little salute before following Harry and the Doctor inside.

As she stepped through the door, she stopped and clutched at her chest. Everything was just so... brilliant. So beautiful, amazing, and brilliant that Robin could hardly stand it. Seeing a TARDIS through these eyes for the first time... Well, it felt like coming home. Tears began to stream down her cheeks, and she ran to the column in the middle and placed her hand on it, closing her eyes.

"Oh, Doctor," she whispered when she finally pulled her hand away. "She's so... so wonderful. So perfect and wonderful it feels like my hearts are on fire." The smile that broke over her face was brighter than ever. "I don't even have any words..." But still she listened to him as he told her what to do... And the smile faded.

Here it was. The moment of truth. Slowly, she walked over and sat in the chair provided, folding her hands neatly in her lap. Her deep blue eyes peered up into the Doctor's golden ones, searching them for some comfort.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #431 on: March 27, 2013, 06:58:16 PM »
"Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit," the Doctor said to her with a smile before placing one hand upon a screen of the TARDIS and the other upon Robin's head. "Now normally a Time Lord would be able to decode this by themselves, but since you have no idea how that works, I'm going to do it for you."

"This will involve reaching into your head and pulling out the message before driving it into the TARDIS. It won't properly translate until I've successfully managed to plop it into the console," the Doctor explained before smirking and adding. "And don't worry. It won't scar your pretty face"

"Now, clear your head," the Doctor said softly, gently brushing some strands of hair out of her face whilst he focused upon the task ahead of him. "Just like the Wire I want you to push this thought out of your head. Hand the burden to me and let me take care of it."

"You can take a picture by the way," the Doctor whispered to Harry before giving him a wink. "Your mother's may as well know that their son was taking part in something special. The very first Eternal Code decoding in more than two hundred years."


"You told him to do what?" Madame Vastra's enraged voice echoed through the underground base of Big Ben. Her eyes wide with anger as she stared down at her wife, who was busy trying to avoid her wife's furious gaze by sharpening her sword.

"I'm sorry Mam, but I had to. Besides, you know the Doctor will take care of him," Jenny replied with a frown as she looked up Vastra from her seat at the center table.

"I do not care if the Doctor puts him in a fifteen foot bubble of cotton wool before taking him on his insane journey, he should not be going on search a dangerous adventure! He's just a boy!" Vastra shrieked, breaking into an uneasy walk as she paced back and fourth in front of Jenny. "You have seen first hand what can happen when he doesn't pay attention. People get killed! Remember that Oswin girl?"

"I don't think that really counts," Jenny objected before standing up and placing her hand on Vastra's shoulder. "Come on mistress, its not like you to be so distressed!"

"I am a mother Jenny, I think I have every reason to be distress," Vastra replied before breathing in deeply to calm her nerves. After a few breaths she frowned and turned to face Jenny thoughtfully. "Although... I must admit something else is bothering me about the Doctor's plan."

"I can't blame you," muttered Gwen, who was sat with her back against the cell doors with her gun in her lap. "He's gone off with the leader of the Silence. There's a whole lot wrong with that plan of his if it involves that."

"No..." Vastra spoke as she continued pacing uneasily, a look of confusion on her scaly face. "...there's something else. Something that I can't place. Something that feels wrong."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #432 on: March 27, 2013, 07:08:10 PM »
Robin shivered as the Doctor's fingers brushed across her forehead. After battling Daleks, running from hordes of alien soldiers, facing Voldemort, and becoming a completely different person... This was still the scariest thing she had ever done. It could mean so many different things for so many people... And Robin didn't want to have that kind of responsibility. But she did, and she knew she had to do something about it.

And so, she focused very hard. She could feel the message, lurking just behind her thoughts, buried deep and quite unintelligible. Frowning, she tried to focus on it, breathing in a deep breath. It felt sort of like a pressure, there wasn't much pain but it brought on a slight headache. As it got closer, she could hear what sounded like violins, which was confusing but somehow reassuring.

With a big push, she felt the message leave her mind, traveling to the Doctor and leaving Robin panting. As she sat there, she noticed something she hadn't heard in quite some time now, not even in her own mind. It was silence, and it was lovely. A smile spread across her face, and she jumped up to hug Harry. Then she tersely looked back at the Doctor, waiting to know what the Code was.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #433 on: March 27, 2013, 08:42:18 PM »
"That's good little Vixen, just relax and keep the flow going," the Doctor spoke calmly as he felt the rush of the message shoot up the length of his arm and swirl through his head. Its sounds echoed through his mind with all the subtly of a rampaging bull. Although he could not make sense of it, he could hear the melody of the code soar through his head.

To him, the sound resembled the sound of crashing waves, the howl of the wind and the crackling of fire, all mixed with the delicate sound of the universe that sang in the background. Infinite and brilliant its in complexity and beauty.


"You know, something has been bothering me too," Sky spoke from her position in front of the computer screens. She was gazing up at them, watching the image of Strax standing guard in front of the TARDIS with curiosity whilst stroking the top of K-9's metal head. "How did the Cybermen get into our base?"

"What do you mean?" Gwen asked, getting to her feet and stretching before walking over to Sky's side.

"What I mean is, how did the Cybermen get past our jammer?" Sky said before reaching up and touching one of the screens, turning the channel over to a picture of Big Ben. "I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I don't remember deactivating the jammer in K-9 when we reached the base. We should have been invisible to them the entire time they launched their attack."

"So what are you suggesting? Can the Cybermen pick up our signal now?" Gwen asked, clutching her gun tightly as she looked over at the empty doorway warily.

"No, I'm saying they would need to lock on to something in order to find us," Sky said with a frown. "And I can't for the life of me figure out what it is."

"No!!!" Madame Vastra suddenly yelled from across the room, interrupting the discussion. Her sword clattered on the ground as she stepped back and fell into her seat as her legs gave out from under her. A look of pure despair clung to her green scaly face, her eyes were wide with shock. "I figured it out...I know what is wrong."

"You have?" Jenny asked with concern, sliding down next to Vastra. "What is it! Whats going on?"

"Oh my beloved I'm so sorry..." Madame Vastra whispered, grabbing Jenny's wrists and clutching them between her green scaly hands.


The message decoded and at that moment the Doctor, Robin and Harry were all treated to the sound of several violins playing in perfect sync, along with the grand melody of a chorus of trumpets, cellos, organs and more. The music spread out over the TARDIS and washed over the three of them, filling their heads with its majestic music.

The Doctor looked puzzled at the console and stepped forward to flick a few switches, as if hoping that doing so would shed some light on what they were supposed to be hearing. He ran his hand across the controls for a moment before turning back to Robin and frowning deeply.

"Okay...I have no idea what's going on," the Doctor said before letting out a little laugh. "I mean...I know this music, but why someone has decided to send it through the Eternal Code is beyond me."

The Doctor turned on his feet and pressed his ear to the console, stroking his finger around the buttons as he listened intently to the music that flooded from the heart of the ship.

"This music belongs to the London Symphony Orchestra. I would recognise their performance anywhere, I was part of them for a while. I played the triangle!" The Doctor exclaimed happily as he listened to the music. "There, you hear it? The sound of the violins, the cellos, the strings and the brass. Its wonderful!"

The Doctor stood up and frowned at the console before scratching his roughly shaven chin. "But, its still wrong. What is wrong with this picture? Why did our enemy send this music to the TARDIS? What's so special about it?" The Doctor asked before shrugging. "Well, I guess if you nit picked, the only thing that's wrong with it is that it's missing the percussion-"

The Doctor froze. His body became stone. He stared at the heart of the TARDIS with a look that would have seemed more befitting of someone hanging before a chasm. His eyes were wide and his skin had paled, his hands hand begun to shake as every single piece of the puzzle finally aligned to reveal the awful truth.

Beware the child of time

"It was you..." the Doctor spoke before turning towards Robin. "It was always you," he said softly before his eyes drifted over her shoulder

...and landed on Harry.

"You're right Doctor," Harry spoke as he looked into the Doctor's horrified gaze. A smile passing over his innocent lips as he stared at the Doctor with his big dark eyes.

"There is something missing from the music," Harry went on before stepping to one side of Robin and gazing up at the Doctor, his smile widening into a pleasant angelic grin.

"The drums."

The Doctor moved. Harry moved first.

The Doctor's hand was half way up to his coat pocket before Harry pressed down on the camera button. The flash lit up the area and blinded the Doctor, sending him stumbling back. Before the Doctor could regain his balance, Harry pulled out a golden device, no bigger than a cigar, and pointed it at the Doctor before snarling at him with all the ferocity of a demon.

A strip of gold  light shot from the device and sliced through the Doctor's chest, sending him sprawling back against the console with a thud before he collapsed in a heap on the ground.

"Well..." Harry began as he pocketed the device. The ferocity vanishing from his face as he looked over the Doctor's body with a pleasant smile on his face. "That was satisfying."
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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #434 on: March 27, 2013, 09:00:52 PM »
As the music started emanating from the TARDIS, Robin grew a little confused, her arms dropping from Harry's shoulders. This was what had been in her head? A piece of music? It made no sense whatsoever. Why would someone who apparently was so completely evil insert a piece of music in her head instead of something much more sinister?

Robin watched the Doctor trying to puzzle it out. If even his mind couldn't work out what it was for, then she knew they did have a serious problem. Listening carefully, a smile touched her lips as she heard the sounds of the individual instruments, playing in sync with each other. The violins, the cellos, the trumpets, everyone in harmony, creating something so much larger than themselves.

But then, she heard it too. The music seemed somehow... Empty. Like there was something missing but she couldn't work out what it was. And finally, the Doctor did. She could see it in his face as he stared at the TARDIS's console, unseeing. Shakily, Robin took a step forward.

"Doctor?" she said softly, taking another small step. He didn't hear her, or he wasn't paying attention. Apparently whatever it was that he'd figured out was much worse than he'd anticipated... And he was trying his best to cope with that. But then his gaze fell on her, and she gasped. He looked so lost... So sad... So scared. And that fright was easily the worst thing Robin had ever seen on his face.

"It was you..." he said, looking straight into Robin's face. She shook her head fiercely, tears welling up in her eyes, and started to speak... But then he looked past her. Toward the little boy who was behind her. Slowly, she turned, and the look on Harry's face was absolutely terrifying. "It was always you." Robin looked on in confusion, and then Harry started to speak.

His voice... It still sounded like the voice of a little boy, but devoid of any kindness or innocence that it had once possessed. His eyes were full of malice and his smile was the personification of insanity. The drums... Somewhere, from a memory she'd picked up a long time ago from the Doctor, or perhaps something she was hearing now... She could hear them. The ever-constant drums.

Boom boom boom boom. Boom boom boom boom. Boom boom boom boom.

She let out a scream as Harry clicked the camera's button, and screamed even louder as he shot the Doctor. For a second, she was torn in two, not knowing who to go to. Tears were flowing freely from her eyes and she no longer cared that Harry was a little boy, because whatever was inside him was surely a monster. Jumping, she flew at him, knocking him to the ground.

"What did you do to him?" she screamed, her face wild with anger and fear. "Who are you? If you killed him, I will make you suffer a thousand deaths! I may be a friend of the Doctor's but I'm brand new and don't think for one second that I'll  be merciful!"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #435 on: March 28, 2013, 04:27:36 PM »
The Doctor gasped in pain as he clutched at the coin sized hole in his chest. His free hand clutched at the edge of the TARDIS as he pulled himself onto his feet, his body keeled over whilst he breathed in whatever air that he could manage to suck in. His face, now contorted in pain, turned towards Harry, eyes gazing out at him with disbelief as well as agony.

Harry just kept smiling as Robin tackled him to the ground. He didn't seem to be one bit afraid of Robin as she tackled him to the floor, in fact he started laughing.

"So you're going to kill me girl?" Harry giggled, his laugh still as innocent and cheerful as any child, yet the menacing aura about him suggested he was anything but innocent. "That's funny. You would kill a helpless child? You must be very sweet on the dear Doctor."

The Doctor let out a hacking cough and mumbled something against the controls, just before one of his legs gave way from under him.

"A very good question!" Harry exclaimed from under Robin, turning to look at the suffering Doctor with the most delighted of grins. "As you can guess the coded message isn't just a bunch of moronic apes playing silly little instruments. It's actually a lot more than that."

The Doctor reached towards Harry, his bloodied lips weakly forming words as he gazed helplessly at the two of them.

"Its actually a rather ingenious way to pull off something impossible," Harry said before winking at Robin. "Its the landing lights that will guide these fellas in."

An unearthly sound was heard echoing through the TARDIS. The fantastic melody of time and space that the TARDIS danced to every time it made its journey. Except this time, the sound didn't bring wonder, it brought shock and despair.

The Doctor's eyes widened as something began to materialize on the deck of the TARDIS, a huge stone pillar with an ugly gargoyle perched on top of it. Although he was choking on and coughing up his own blood he managed to force out one word, "Impossible."

"Not at all," Harry chuckled fiendishly before looking towards the pillar. "Take her away," he called, just before six figures moved out from behind the pillar. Huge white aliens with bulbous heads, dressed in a black suit and tie that could well have been part of their own skin with their leathery exterior.

The Silents regarded Robin with interested before walking over to her slowly and pulling her off of Harry. One of them gazed over at the crippled Doctor before asking in a haunting voice, "What shall be done with him?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #436 on: March 28, 2013, 05:06:16 PM »
Robin looked back toward the Doctor with despair. She could see that he'd been hurt, though the fact that he was still able to stumble around was some small comfort. Her eyes filled with rage when she looked back down at Harry... Or whoever he was.

"You are most certainly not an innocent child," she growled at him. "And like I said, if the Doctor dies you will have me to deal with."

Then she looked with some confusion at the TARDIS. If the music wasn't some clever way to make the Doctor realize who Harry really was, what could it be? Everything had gone so insane so quickly it felt to Robin as though her head was spinning.

As the... Thing... Whatever it was... Started materializing inside the TARDIS, Robin gasped. It wasn't possible... For something to show up inside this wonderful machine... But when the Silents appeared, she knew they were there for one thing... Her.

Those purple-tinted eyes looked at the Doctor with more fright than they'd ever done before. As they grabbed her, she began screaming and flailing, trying to get away but with no avail. Tears poured from her eyes as she stared at her Doctor, injured and bleeding.

"Doctor please!" She screamed, her voice almost breaking. "Please don't let them take me! You know what they're going to do and I do NOT want this! Please... Kill me if you have to, I won't go and I won't see you die! Do something!"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #437 on: March 28, 2013, 06:29:17 PM »
The color was draining from the Doctor's face as he watched Robin plead for him to end her life. His breathing had turned to heavy pants, his blood was soaking the controls of the TARDIS and his body was quivering as the life slowly drained from him. His hand was still outstretched towards them, but it was a fleeting gesture. As the blood poured from his body, the strength in his arm drained out it, causing it to fall to his side limply.

"Got the drop on you didn't I, Doctor?," Harry said with a smug little grin as he walked towards the Doctor, leaning forwards to look him in the eye as he watched the Time Lord's life force drain away. "I assume that you have a few questions and theories. So, in terms of priority, yes, that is my TARDIS. The one I used to escape the Time War."

"I imagine your brain has been a bit jumbled since our last meeting. So I'll refresh your memory," Harry spoke before pushing a few blonde hairs out the Doctor's face. "When we fought during the Christmas Holidays, when I was in my sixth regeneration. I struck Rassilion and was sucked back into the Time War along with them. I was treated to the final days of the Time War first hand....I saw what you did."

"But, since I now had the knowledge that the Dalek's victory was inevitable. I sought a way to escape. Which was when I came upon one of the Time Lord's war rooms, filled with interesting documents and lovely lovely weapons," Harry continued before letting out a whistle and looking towards Robin. "I never would have guessed that amongst these things, expertly hidden in the great codex. Was Romana's last will and testament. Which was full of amazing things...including the identity of her long abandoned daughter. Who was such an incredibly ifted child."

"I won't bore you with how and why she was so gifted. That will be for us to discuss personally," Harry said with a chuckle. "Instead, I would rather explain how I escaped and tell you why you're brain is broken. You see, after a lot of planning and ransacking of the war room, I decided to make good of my time and recall my TARDIS from the end of the universe. After that, I made searched the universe for Romana's daughter, but frustrating I could not find her."

"Then it struck me," Harry said before jumping onto the console and taking a seat next to the Doctor. "You're awfully good at finding people. And you're so good at making enemies, like the delightful Silence. So why don't I just use your tracking skills to sniff the girl out."

"Naturally, it wasn't easy gaining there trust, but eventually we came to an agreement and devised a plan. Hence, this little tournament. I would go into more detail but we don't have that much time. In short, the plan was brilliant, especially the first part," Harry said before leaning in and whispering into the Doctors ear.

"The first part...involved me luring into a trap and having a Silent kill you, while you yapped away," Harry breathed before letting out a hysterical laugh. "It was an amazing sight! You were so focused on me that you never saw the memory proofed Silent agent until it was too late! He zapped you and then you regenerated. And once you were done you awoke on the deck of your TARDIS with no memory of how you got there. An obvious effect of being killed by a Silent. You forgot you were dieing the moment you turned away. When you regenerated the memory proofing effect caused it to go wrong and give you the horrible amnesia you now suffer from."

"Everything was planned out, Doctor. From your regeneration to the Silent agent that had stowed away inside your ship since the beginning," Harry spoke before hopping off the console and walking away. "And it all builds up to this... the Earth in ruin, your friends being ambushed by the Silents that I employed in that little base of theirs, the Silence at my command and of course..." Harry walked toward Robin and gestured for to the Silence.

They shoved Robin to her knees, until she was at eye level with Harry. He smirked before reaching out and stroking her cheek tenderly. "I get the girl," he said before throwing back his head and laughing loudly.

The Doctor stared into Robin's eyes from his spot on the console. His golden eyes were losing their fire, but he still managed to look deep into her eyes as he lay wounded and helpless on the machine. He took a painful breath in before saying softly, "I will save you."

"No you won't," Harry spoke with a smile before motioning to the Silents, who proceeded to drag Robin to her feet and haul her towards Harry's TARDIS. "I'll tell you how this is going to go Doctor. I'm going to win. You're going to loose. The Earth is going to burn and millions will die. A new planet of Gallifrey will rise and will fall to me."

Harry followed the Silents into the TARDIS, each of them disappeared into the stone door that had opened up in the back of the huge pillar. The Doctor reached into his pocket and attempted to pull out his sonic screwdriver, his skin beginning to glow golden as he lifted it towards his enemy.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Harry said as he stepped out again, the Silent and Robin following behind him. Without another word he raised the gold device from earlier and shot another beam, this time striking the console of the TARDIS, causing its control panel to suddenly erupt in white blinding light which consumed the Doctor completely.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
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Robin watched the scene unfold with mounting horror. The Doctor was obviously dying, and though she knew he could regenerate, it would take precious time that they did not have. The Silents had her, and this horrible little boy was obliterating her world and everything she'd ever loved. The tears continued streaming from her blue eyes, pattering softly on the floor.

She'd thought she'd seen bad things in her life. Just in the last few days she'd seen more people die than anyone should see in a lifetime. But nothing - no war footage, no murderous aliens, no good people getting snuffed out like a candle - compared to what she was witnessing in the TARDIS at that moment. To see the life draining out of the Doctor was heartbreaking, so much so that she cried until she had no tears left.

This man, this incredible, beautiful man, was slowly dying. His arms were going limp and the color was seeping from his face. His golden eyes, so full of life and fun and mischief, were fading away. Robin closed her eyes and focused on the little boy, trying to discover his identity. Softly, she heard that drumbeat again, and then a single word... Master.

So this was the Master. This man was killing her Doctor and stealing her to bring about the destruction of the world she loved so dearly. An enemy she'd seen in the Doctor's memories and heard him speak of with such anger and sadness. Robin looked back at the boy she'd thought was named Harry, hatred filling her face. If it was the last thing she did, she would punish him.

Every word he said slammed into her mind with all the force of a wrecking ball. His plans... His schemes... All of them revolved around her. What he could possibly need her for after this, she had no idea. Maybe he would kill her.. And maybe she would prefer that to whatever life was ahead of her.

When the Silents shoved her to her knees, she looked straight up into Harry's - the Master's - eyes, trying to look at him with all the fire that the Doctor would have. He touched her face and she tried to jerk away, but the Silents held her in place and she shivered. Even his touch was cold.

Robin looked back at the Doctor and saw that he was looking at her as well. His eyes, his fading eyes, still tried to look strong for her. This time, though, she couldn't keep the fearful expression from her face. A choked sob escaped her when he told her he'd save her. She tried to smile, but her face wouldn't obey her... But she managed to force the smile onto her face.

"You already have," she whispered, unsure if the Doctor could even hear her. Then, the Silents were yanking her to her feet and pulling her toward the Master's TARDIS. She screamed several times, the only word being "No!" Over and over she screamed, whether in denial or fear she didn't know.

Then, though, the Master was walking back out, and the Silent holding her brought her with him. And then the Master made her watch the most horrible thing she'd ever seen... The white light engulfing the Doctor. Robin's screams, then, were so loud they echoed through the empty Trafalgar Square.

Her Doctor... Her Doctor was gone.

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The Master's laugh was so loud that it nearly blocked out the explosion from the TARDIS. He walked into his own machine with the Silence following behind him, dragging Robin as she kicked and screamed, leaving the Doctor to his fate.

After stepping inside the TARDIS he looked at the Silence and the Robin before making a chopping motion with his hand and saying, "Knock her out and once she's unconscious, bind her."

He turned his back and clicked his fingers as they moved further into the TARDIS. The last thing Robin would see, would be the sight of the Master's back and bright light washing over him.

No one rushed to help her as the Silence knocked her out. No heroes. No madmen. No saints. No sinners. No friends.

Robin, was alone.


"Wakie-wakie Robin Baker," the shrill voice of a child called out as Robin regained her senses and gazed upon the smiling angelic face of the Master. "Oh wait, isn't your name Vixen? Is that what you prefer to be called? A saucy name for a saucy Time Lord?"

Robin was strapped to a table that lay suspended in midair, right in the middle of a huge dark room. The only light that could be seen was the dim glow of white crystals that spiraled inside a large tube, positioned amongst a ring of controls that lay to the right of the table.

It was obvious where they were, the main deck of the Master's TARDIS.

In comparison to the Doctor's, this place was devoid of any fun or excitement. Instead of cheerful bright colors and bronze piping, the Master's TARDIS was a room of shadows, illuminated only by the heart of the TARDIS. In a way, it more resembled an interrogation room belonging to an old fashioned detective or perhaps an commanding officer at war time. Compared to the Doctor's TARDIS, this place was dead and cold.

Standing over Robin was the Master, still dressed as little Victorian Harry. His smile cheeky and bright, as if he had just pulled a harmless prank on her rather than doom her world and kill all of her friends.

Besides him stood several Silents. Each of them still and focused on the scene with their vacant expressions.

"So go on," the Master spoke with delight as he leaned down and looked Robin in the eye. "Ask me the questions you're dieing to ask....and then tell me how the Doctor is going to stop me."

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Robin thought she hadn't had any tears left, but she found she was mistaken. As they dragged her into the Master's TARDIS, she bawled again, her raw throat now only allowing her to make choked sobbing sounds. She moaned, over and over, the same word... "No." It wasn't fair, the Doctor couldn't be gone, he would save her.

He had to.

And that was her last thought as her vision faded away.


When she came to, she saw that the past hour or so hadn't been a horrible nightmare after all. Her face felt sore and puffy, her throat was completely dry, and she couldn't move. Looking around, she saw that she was on a table and the Master was standing before her, still wearing the disguise of Harry. Distaste and hatred filled her eyes as she looked at him.

His TARDIS was almost the opposite of the Doctor's. There was no light or life in the room, only shadow and the lone, ominous pillar in the middle. It was so, so wrong. A TARDIS was supposed to be a joyful place, full of the personality of its user... Though Robin supposed that this place really did sum up the emptiness that was inside the Master.

She gazed into his cold eyes as he spoke, wishing that she could claw them out with her fingernails. Since she couldn't move, however, she had to resort to picturing the event in her mind. But she did have questions.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked, her voice barely even a croak. "What did you do to the Doctor? Why the hell are you here?" More tears started falling from her eyes, but those eyes were fierce and alive. "And I don't know how he's going to save me, but he will. You just watch." With that, she spat in his face, hitting him squarely in the eye.

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The Master let out a shout of outrage as the spit hit in the eye. His tiny hands reached to his face and wiped it out of his eye furiously before he looked down at Robin and slapped her. A light snapping sound echoed through the TARDIS upon contact, but the Master didn't look pleased with the damage he had caused.

"Curse this stupid youthful body. Six menacing bodies and a few atomic cocktails to stop myself from falling to pieces and this is what I become. A child!" The Master sneered before hopping down from the table and snapping his fingers at the Silents. "Bring me the machine. I'm sick of this form."

"And to answer your question, I killed the Doctor," the Master said, flashing Robin a sadistic grin whilst the Silents stepped back into the shadows. "I blew a hole through him and then I shot his TARDIS," he said before pulling out the gold device from earlier and wiggling it tauntingly in front of Robin. "And I did it with this, my pint sized Laser Screwdriver."

"Obviously I just crippled the TARDIS. I wouldn't want to blow it up. If the Doctor ever told you about the incident with the Pandorica he would tell you about the fuss that it causes," the Master said before chuckling and pocketing the device. "If he didn't, then I guess you should feel pretty sad, because now you won't get to hear that story."

"And it is all your fault Robin," the Master said before resting his arms on the side of the table and staring at her fondly. "Because you my're the cause of all of this."

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Robin laughed when the Master hit her. She could feel herself slowly losing it, her sanity seeping out just as the Doctor's life had in front of her eyes. So she laughed, and continued laughing until the Master in the small boy's form spoke to her again. Then she looked at him again, everything draining from her face until all that remained was a cold mask.

Pandorica... She remembered that word. She'd never heard the story but she remembered an echo of it from the Doctor's memories. But still, the words the Master spoke made no sense to her. So she continued to stare, waiting for him to finish.

"You didn't kill him," she said, her voice completely flat. "He'll find a way back. He always does." Then she smiled at him, though the look didn't even touch her eyes.

"Humor me. Why is this my fault?"

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"Because you are the prodigy," the Master replied, tilting his head a little to meet her gaze more comfortably. "You are the Star Child. The Master Mind. The Great Brain. The Menacing Thought. Hundreds of races have hundreds of names for what you are, but if I were to pick a word, I would go for...the Harbinger."

"You see Robin, the reason why Romana blasted you to Earth, wasn't just because of the Time War," the Master spoke before taking a seat on the edge of the table. "The other reason was because you possessed something that could have tipped the tide of the war. A psychic ability like no other. Something that if trained properly, could enslave an entire race."

"You've seen the power of your mind. Even when you were just a miserable little ape, you could still harness a fraction of your power," the Master said whilst his legs kicked back and fourth underneath him. "The Time Lords were waiting for a child like you to come by. Some of them feared you, some revered you and some wanted to use you as a weapon."

"Guess which category I fall into?" The Master said before stroking down her face with one finger and brushing a few hairs out of her way. "The Doctor has told you about the fall of Gallifrey, has he not?"

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Robin listened as he spoke, her eyes narrowing with every new name he assigned to her. This couldn't be true. She was just a Time Lord, like any other, maybe with a little extra psychic ability but nothing so potent as what the Master was saying. She couldn't be the person the Time Lords had been waiting for... Or who they had feared. It just wasn't possible.

She tried to do something with her mind. If she possessed these extra powers, she figured she could somehow use them to get the Master to let her go. But no matter what she tried... Nothing. Her brain was just a brain, the same as the Master's or the Doctor's. This just made no sense to her. Make her into a weapon... Robin shook her head and looked into the Master's eyes.

"First, if you touch me again I'll find a way to cut your hand off," she said through gritted teeth. "Second, I think you're very mistaken about me being this... Harbinger. And third, no, he hasn't told me. All he said was that it was in something called the Last Great Time War between you guys and the Daleks."


Strax had heard what was going on in the TARDIS. He heard the screams and all that loud banging, and he looked left and right to see if there was an approaching enemy. Hefting his gun, he walked around the police box twice, scanning the area with his shrewd eyes. Finally, he returned to the door, trying to figure out a way in.

"Shall I blast it with Starledemar?" he asked himself, scratching his head. Then it occurred to him that the door might be unlocked. When he tried it, sure enough, it opened. But what he saw shocked him. Robin and Harry were nowhere to be seen, the TARDIS seemed to be damaged, and the Doctor was prone on the floor, looking inches from death. Strax rushed in and kneeled beside him.

"Doctor! What is happening! Where did the boys go?" When the Doctor did not answer, he checked for a pulse, finding a faint one. For a moment he considered shooting the TARDIS to get it to do something, but he thought that might be a bad tactical move. Instead, he walked to the console and began madly pressing buttons.

All the sudden, the TARDIS shot into motion, doors slamming shut and thing sparking all over the place. It knocked Strax onto his bottom and he shouted.

"Cursed Time Lord technology! I declare war on the TARDIS!"

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"Yowza, you certainly have a bite to you. I like that," the Master giggled, the same way a normal child might giggle if they were to hear a funny joke. "Well, its a boring story anyway. The Time Lords died and it was all his fault in the end. He couldn't save Gallifrey, he couldn't prevent them from resorting to mad plans. Instead, he decided to be an executioner and wipe out every single one of them. In vain!"

"Its laughable girl. Its a laughable as that stupid drum beat the Time Lords put in my head to try and bail themselves out of the jam they had gotten themselves into," the Master laughed loudly, but it didn't last long. Gradually his laughter died out and the sick delight on his face drained away as he stared into the air with a mixture of horror and rage.

"I still hear it...the drumming. Despite everything. Ru-tu-tu-tum...Ru-tu-tu-tum...Ru-tu-tu-tum," the Master began to drum his fingers against the tables surface as he stared into space. "Ru-tu-tu-tum...Ru-tu-tu-tum...-Ru-tu-tu-tum...again and again and again and again."

For a moment it looked as if the Master might either burst into tears or fly into a fit of rage. His small hands clenched into fists before he shook his head violently and let out a short, albeit hesitant, laugh.

"Anyway, enough about me and the Doctor, lets get back to you," the Master said turning back to Robin and smirking at her smugly. "You're right to think that your not this fabled being. You can't enslave a race with your mind, but believe me, you are who I say you are, because I do not make mistakes!" He hissed before continuing with his mad rambling. "You're young, you still can't properly use the psychic power you possess, but it there, laying dormant inside of you. Luckily, I know how to tap into it."

"And do you know how I can prove that my dear?" The Master asked before drawing one knee into his chest and winking at her. "I can prove it, by making you cripple the human race."


The Doctor's body was limp and seemingly lifeless when Strax checked on him. He still lay against the TARDIS, his shaggy hair covering his face and his eyes shut peacefully. If anyone looked at him they might say that he looked at peace....but anyone who had actually seen what had happened to the Doctor would have been disturbed. For even though he had been engulfed by an explosion, the Doctor's body was still in one piece, give or take a few burns and scratches and the hole in chest.

He didn't respond to any of Strax's comments or warn him not to do anything stupid, but he did speak softly. One quiet collection of words that tumbled from his lips with a hoarse whisper. "I will save you..."

The TARDIS began its journey and let out a horrid grating sound as it moved. The area that the Master had shot was now being covered by the Doctor's body and now that it was in flight, more burst of white and gold light were soaring out from under him and grabbing at the air. Slowly, they began to wrap around the Doctor, enveloping him in the glittering vapors.

The TARDIS let out another scrapping noise before violently shuddering. Whatever journey it had just made had taken all it had left to complete.
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Robin listened as the Master spoke, her eyes following each facial expression. He was completely mad... Completely devoid of any sort of compassion, even for his own race. Robin knew that the Doctor had had to do terrible things in the Time War, but the Master didn't look as though he felt as much remorse as the Doctor did. And the Master had done much worse things.

As he told of the drumming, Robin could hear it again. It pounded away inside the Time Lord's skull, insistent and unending, through time and space and death. For a moment, she almost felt sorry for him... Hearing that noise through an entire Time Lord existence could have driven anyone mad. But then she remembered what he'd done to the Doctor, and what he was planning for her, and her pity was erased completely.

"I won't let you," she said flatly, her blue eyes hiding the rage she felt. "I won't let you and the Doctor won't let you. There is no way I will ever allow you to use me as a weapon against this planet. I may not actually be from here, but this is where I grew up, and I love each and every person down there. You're sick, Master. You are the sickest person I have ever known in my entire life."

A little of the rage she was feeling seeped into her eyes then, lighting them up with a violet fire. But almost as soon as it appeared, it dissipated, and it was replaced by something else. Something that didn't seem to fit her current situation... It was laughter.

"And you know what sick people need?" She smiled, her bright white teeth showing as her lips drew back. "A Doctor."


As the TARDIS threw them through space, Strax shouted. He shouted at the Doctor, at the TARDIS, at his gun. His squashed face never stopped contorting as he clung to the console of the TARDIS for dear life... But he stopped shouting as he watched the Doctor. Somehow, he heard the Doctor's words even over the din of the TARDIS in flight, and when they stopped, he ran over to the Time Lord on his stunted little legs.

"Doctor," he said in his gruff voice. "Where have they gone? Did the boy Robin kidnap Harry? I will eliminate it!" But then he peered down at the Doctor, noticing the hole in his chest. Quickly, he pulled out a device that looked something like a scanner and held it above the wound.

"Neither of your hearts is damaged, sir," Strax said. "I believe I can fix the wound." He was interrupted, though, as a pounding noise came from the door. Strax looked at the door in confusion as a voice was heard shouting.

"Doctor!" it said, the panic evident. "Doctor! Robin! Are you in there? It's me, Allen!" Strax stood, hefted his gun, and opened the door. Outside stood a young man, with curly red hair and freckles. Robin's brother Allen, though of course Strax didn't know that. He pointed his gun at the human boy and snarled. Allen threw up his hands and took a frightened step back.

"Stay where you are, human girl!" Strax shouted, his scowl menacing. "Doctor, shall I eliminate the threat to your safety?"

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"You are impossible," the Master cursed after Robin was done with her heroic speech. He hopped down from the table and angrily kicked the TARDIS's controls with his little foot, hissing as a jolt of pain shot through it before he rounded on Robin. "You watch the Doctor die. You insist that he's coming to save you. You are in a completely hopeless position. Yet you insist on fighting the inevitable. Your friends are being slaughtered as we speak by every single enemy the Doctor has ever faced. Yet still you hope!"

"Robin or Vixen or whatever you want to be called. You are a silly little girl!" The Master shrieked. He panted heavily as he recovered from his tantrum, his cheeks were flushed red from his outrage, but after a few breaths he regain his composure.

"And you are going to help me break the humans, do you know why?" The Master's smirk returned as he gazed at Robin. He bent down next to her ear before whispering softly. "Because you've already done it,"

"The person who speaks on the zeplins and in the message sent the Silence, is you. A precious little collection of video clips was sent to me by my future self containing these valuable weapons and in each of them it contained your voice and your psychic command saying exactly the deadly words that made them brain dead," the Master said before chuckling into her ear. His breath was surprisngly cold despite how close he was to her body.

"Do you understand what this means girl? I hope you do, because its very simple," the Master said before grabbing her neck and throttling her with his little hand. "You have to do it! By sending the video to me the point has become fixed! If you don't do it, then all of time will collapse!"

The Master threw back his head and howled with laughter, pointing at her mockingly like any schoolyard bully, "So tell me... do you still think you have a chance at defying me?"


The light began to fade as the door opened and the bright sun of Florida filled the TARDIS. The vapors of glitter had retreated into the Doctor's skin and circled around the wound. Slowly, his eyes began to open and a lazily smile cross over his face as he lifted his head off the console and turned towards the open door.

"Hmmm...?" The Doctor began as he gazed as the two with half closed eyes, peering through his eyelashes whilst he smiled at them with rosey cheeks. It was almost as if the Doctor believed himself to be waking from a pleasant nap rather than a near death experience. When he saw the giant gun pointed at poor Allen, he shook his head before slowly raising himself off the damaged console and shaking his head briskly.

"No, no, no, put down that weapon you buffon," the Doctor hissed as he got to his feet and began to stagger towards them, clutching his back with a groan. "And will one of you please do the decent thing and get me a cane? A man of my age cannot be expected to walk about when I am so heavily wounded!"

The Doctor suddenly froze on the spot. Something was wrong. The words he had just spoke felt wrong.

Although he said them in his voice, he had said them in a manner that made the tone of his words sound older and a bit more pompus. His golden eyes started shiftting left and right as he mulled over the thought whilst his hands reached up to the sides of his duffle coat and grabbed them lightly before sticking his chest out and saying, "Oh dear, this is quite alarming."

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"Maybe that's what everyone should just call me," Robin said conversationally, her face thoughtful. "Impossible. I've been called that several times today. And for your information, I did not watch the Doctor die. I watched you shoot him and then I saw him get enveloped in the light of the TARDIS." Then she looked at the Master almost conspiratorially.

"I know that, for most people - you included - that would mean that the Doctor was killed," she asked, her voice softening. "But do you know what I think?" Her smile was dazzling, her blue eyes bright and cheerful. "I think that the TARDIS is a part of the Doctor. They're basically friends. The TARDIS would never kill the Doctor. So I think she's healing his wounds." She let the thought sink in for a moment.

"And so I may have to let you record my voice. I may have to say the words that will cause my friends and family to fall into that horrible sleep. But I will never, never break for you. I will find a way to get the Doctor to me and he will beat you." She smirked at the Master and winked. "I mean come on. How many times has he already done it?"


Strax hesitantly lowered his gun at the Doctor's orders, still giving Allen a harsh look. Allen looked quite relieved, his blue eyes darting between Strax and the Doctor, unable to focus on just one. After all, the Doctor was the only alien he'd ever met, and he looked so... human. Strax, however, did not. If he wasn't so afraid, Allen would have grinned.

Then he noticed something. Someone was missing from the TARDIS.

"Doctor," Allen said, his voice growing fearful. "Where's Robin?"

"The Time Lord woman has absconded with the boy Harry!" Strax barked. "When she is recovered she will be destroyed!" Allen was alarmed.

"I don't think you know who I'm talking about... sir," Allen added, eyeing Strax warily. "Robin is my sister. She's a human. Doctor, please tell me what's going on... Everyone is asleep and Robin's gone and... I don't know what to do."
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The look on the Master's face turned sour. For a moment it looked as if he really would kill her as he gripped the laser screwdriver tightly in his hand, but then his gaze shifted to the shadows as a scraping sound was heard in the darkness.

"Oh good, you have it," the Master said cheerfully as two of the Silents walked out from the darkness, carrying with them a huge metal device that resembled a giant white pillar with several chambers, full of bubbling blue liquid, dotted around its surface. It scrapped across the floor as they pulled it into the light and the Master walked towards it before fondly stroking the exterior.

"You will loose your faith, girl. I can guarantee that, but seeing as you won't take me seriously while I look like a pitiful eight year old child, I'll just have to do something about that," the Master called back to Robin before pushing a button on the side of the machine. The doors opened slowly with a hiss revealing a pristine white and blue interior.

"A little something that I picked up from an old battle between me and the Doctor. I really should thank Professor Richard Lazarus for being such an unbelievable idiot," the Master said before stepping inside and grinning at Robin. "See you in a minute my dear. Try not to fall in love with me at first sight."

The door closed behind the Master and the machine began to hum as it began its operation. The blue liquid in the chambers began to glow along with the inside of the machine. Light seeped out from the spaces and cut through the darkness whilst veins of electricity curled around the machine. The Silents took a step back warily as the machine began to beep ominously and rattle on the spot whilst the Master inside began to scream in pain.

Eventually, just as it looked as if it might explode, the machine ceased its rattling and came to a stop. The doors swung open with another hiss and the machine vomited a thick cloud of mist just before a dark figure stumbled through it with a groan.

"There...thats better," the Master huffed as he stepped out into the light before chuckling weakly to himself.

The person who stood before Robin was no longer the small child she had seen a few moments ago. In front of her now stood a man. His hair was dark and curly and his face was bristled, much like the Doctor's, but where the Doctor's eyes burned golden with excitement and warmth his were dark, wild and crazed. He wore nothing, but showed no embarassment. In fact he seemed to enjoy gazing over the muscles of his new body.

"Get me something ta wear," the Master spoke to the Silents before laughing loudly and clutching his throat with surprise. "Oooo would you look at that? I've got an Irish accent now. Must have crossed a few wires when rejigging it to match my biological signature." The Master cleared his throat before saying loudly; "They're after me lucky charms!"

He howled with laughter, banging his fists against the machine in hysterics while the Silents appeared again, this time with a black coat and a pair of trousers.

"I like it! I like my new accent. The Irish were a funny lot, particularly the IRA. Big fan of their bombs," the Master chuckled as he took the clothes and pulled them on.

Once he was done changing he turned to Robin with a maniacal look in his dark eyes before grinning broadly and running his tongue across his new, older teeth. "Now girl...lets see what I can do to break your faith"


"Will you both cease your chatter? I am grievously wounded and have been subjected to violent radiation that now spews from the open wound of the heart of the TARDIS!" The Doctor grumbled, much like an old man, before letting out a groan as he clutched his back and stretched out. He frowned and brought his hands up to his face, looking over them curiously before letting out a heavy sigh of frustration.

"Well...this can't be good..." the Doctor mumbled before looking past his hands at Harry. He looked startled before dropping his hands and walking over to him, slapping him on the shoulder affection before he beamed at him. "Sorry my boy, I imagine you must be quite perplexed as to what is going on. Allow me to fill you in."

"This is my associate Strax. He is a cloned alien from a race called the Sontarans. He is dimwitted and certainly not harmless, but he is quite good company when he is not holding a gun. Unfortunately in this case, he is." The Doctor's hands returned to their position at the top his coat and gripped the open sides before striding to the TARDIS and looking over the glowing wound in its control panel with interest.

"Your sister has been taken by an old foe of mine. An arch enemy you might say. He calls himself the Master, a despicably evil minded person whose sole intent is to wage war and rule over all he conquers. I regret to say he is rather good at it and we are certainly at a disadvantage, but rest assured I will do my upmost to rescue your beloved sister," the Doctor spoke before turning on his feet back to him and smiling at the two of them.

"But first, you will have to forgive me. For the energies from the TARDIS that I have been exposed to are about to take their tole on my body and I have a feeling that I am going to be...comprimised in a sense," the Doctor said before slowly stretching out his arms to his sides. He held back his head and stared at the ceiling before letting out a loud groan of discomfort as his body began to glow with white energy, even lighting up his clothes as he got brighter and brighter.

"Oh... now this is going to be interesting," the Doctor breathed before letting out a scream as the energy intensified. His entire body exploded into white light which filled the TARDIS with an ear piercing roar.