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Author Topic: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]  (Read 19042 times)

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #225 on: February 02, 2013, 06:50:16 AM »
The Doctor came to a halt after the words left her mouth. He froze on the spot for a second before nodding slowly. "I see," he said quietly before turning his head to look at Robin. "Well, if that's what you want then- BYE BYE!" the Doctor yelled before yanking the door open and rushing inside, closing the door behind him and locking it before Robin could get so much as a foot in the door.

"I'm no good with parents Robin!" He called out from behind the door. "Every time I meet someone mum or dad they either try to kill me, grope me, slap me, seduce me, punch me, kiss me or worse, make me settle down," he said before shuddering. "Can't we just go to Australia 2.0, it's there's an amazing hotel there that's run by kangaroos in waistcoats. Kangaroos in waistcoats, Robin!"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #226 on: February 02, 2013, 08:15:39 AM »
Before Robin even knew what was going on, the Doctor had fled into the TARDIS and locked the door. And even though she knew they were all gone, she glanced behind her nervously to make sure none of the metal-armored Daleks were rolling up with their hateful cries. Luckily, she found herself alone, and turned back to the door to pound on it.

"Hey, no fair!" The girl yelled, making a face even though the Doctor probably couldn't see it. "You don't even know my parents! They're happily married with two children, which rules out the groping, seducing, and kissing, and they're extremely non-violent, which rules out the other stuff! Plus, they trust me, so they know I'd never choose to associate myself with anyone of questionable intent." With a small smile, she thought fondly of her parents... Before the grin grew wider and more teasing.

"And I don't really think this is a fair trade," Robin added, crossing her arms over her chest and tapping her foot, "You get to take a girl whizzing through time and space, showing her amazing things but getting her all scarred up in the process... And said girl can totally save your life and quite possibly the entire freaking universe, but if she requests you meet her family... You get all afraid of commitment? I don't see how that works."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #227 on: February 02, 2013, 09:57:14 AM »
There was no reply from the Doctor at first. He just left her standing outside of the TARDIS as he considered the very good points that she had made. Then, with a cry of frustration, he opened the doors of the TARDIS and waggled his finger in front of her nose.

"Okay, we'll go meet your parents," he said with a nod. "But, I have some rules I want to lay down! First of all, they will not ever step into the TARDIS unless its an emergency."

"Secondly, we will not be taking them with us - it'll starts with the parents and then suddenly before I know it I've got an entire family tree crashing at my place, touching my stuff with their human hands."

"Thirdly, your mother will not slap me without warning, I am tired of mothers slapping me before I even know what I've done wrong."

"And finally, no member of your family is to ever try and shoot me with a pistol, rifle, crossbow, long bow, catapult or any other device that can fire lethal projectiles," he said before pausing to let the points hang in the air. "Are we clear, Robin?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #228 on: February 02, 2013, 11:32:07 AM »
With a smug smile, Robin walked past the Doctor into the TARDIS, making sure her shoulder brushed him as she did so. In the back of her mind, she wondered how many times he had met his companions' families... But with another small smile she thought that hers would probably be the most... Astonishing. Even if they didn't shoot at him.

"I agree to your terms and conditions," she said solemnly, holding out her hand to shake him. "I told you, they are quite nonviolent, and I seriously doubt they even own any lethal weapons. Also you aren't only meeting my parents. The experience wouldn't be complete unless you met my little brother too. But don't worry, I doubt he'll try to hurt you either." But then her smile faded a little, and she narrowed her eyes. This time it was her turn to waffle a finger at the Doctor.

"I should warn you though. I never lie to my family. And I don't intend to start now."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #229 on: February 02, 2013, 11:49:07 AM »
"Fantastic, we may as well cut to the chase anyway. In fact, tell them as soon as they open the door. I want to get at least five seconds to run back to the TARDIS before they light torches and try and stab me with pitch forks," the Doctor mutter gloomily as he followed her inside the TARDIS. "And how little is your brother, because if he's younger than ten I'm going to add another rule. Your brother is not to kick me in the crotch."

He walked up to the TARDIS and began to flick buttons, grumbling the entire time about how Robin was making a bad day worse by introducing him to her family. The TARDIS sprung to action and instantly dematerialised, flying through the time vortex and spinning its way to Florida once again.

When it landed, the Doctor let out a heavy sigh before gesturing to the doors, "Your home awaits my lady."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #230 on: February 02, 2013, 07:26:49 PM »
"I think you'll be surprised at how very open-minded my family is going to be," Robin said, trying her best to smother the laugh that was threatening to surface. "Seriously. They'll like you. I doubt there will be even one attempt on your life. My brother is sixteen. I really think you'll be very okay." Smiling, she followed him to the console and patted his arm.

As the TARDIS arrived, Robin's entire family came to stare out the window, wondering at the loud noise coming from the yard. Robin strode out of the TARDIS proudly, and the three faces at the window disappeared, only to come (attached to bodies) running out the door. Her mother screamed, her bright red hair in complete disarray around her face. Her father, a tall, heavily-built man, was staring at them with his mouth open. And her brother looked like he was going to jump out of his skin.

After a moment, Robin arrived to where her family stood. She squeezed her mother, kissed her father on the cheek, and ruffled her brother's flaming hair. All three were very obviously ginger, with freckles dotting their entire bodies. Turning to them, Robin grinned broadly.

"Doctor, this is my family! Mom is Rita, Dad is Dennis, and the brother is Allen. Baker family, meet the Doctor!" She hoped he had followed her out of the TARDIS.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #231 on: February 03, 2013, 04:54:36 AM »
The Doctor had no followed her out of the TARDIS. Robin gestured to a empty space. Then, gradually, the door opened and the Doctor poked his head out of the TARDIS, looking cautious, as if expecting to get hit by a car or get shot through the head.

Eventually, he turned to Robin's family and his eyes widened as he looked from one to the other. Slowly, he stepped out of the TARDIS and cast Robin a curious glance, before walking up to her father and staring at him at an uncomfortably close distance. He then circled every member of her family, pulling out his sonic screwdriver and scanning them one by one as he moved around them.

After leaning in and sniffing Robin's mother he walked back to the TARDIS and turned to Robin before throwing the screwdriver into the air and catching it in the palm of his hand.

"Okay, I've come to a conclusion..." he said as he pocketed the screwdriver. "They're all ginger," he said almost accusingly as he pointed at Robin's family.  "Robin, every member of your family is a bright red headed ginger with hair that burns fire red. They're gingers! Gingers with ginger hair!" The Doctor exclaimed before pausing.

He let out a sigh of frustration before turning and banging his head against the TARDIS. "That is not fair!" He yelled between the collisions.  "I want to be ginger!"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #232 on: February 03, 2013, 09:32:38 AM »
Robin's family looked on with states of mild bewilderment as the Doctor did his little performance. Her mother seemed to be having a hard time deciding whether she wanted to look at the Doctor or Robin, but she eventually settled on the Doctor... And her expression was slowly turning from shock into excitement. Suddenly, she elbowed Dennis lightly.

"Robin, dear," she said, her voice kind, "I have two questions. One... What in the world happened to you? You're all scarred up! And two... Is this man an alien?" She seemed to catch herself then, looking almost secretively toward their neighbors' houses. "Wait, wait, you two better come inside first. Myra is the noisiest woman I've ever met and I don't want her catching wind of this." At that, she gave the Doctoe  wide smile before turning around and walking toward the back door of the house.

The house was small, but had two stories, with a widen staircase meandering up the back of it. The walls were a light yellow, and lined with Hardy Plank (since it held up well against hurricanes). From the back deck, the view was spectacular. The house was on the bay, with a dock stretching out around fifty feet into the calm water. A small boat was tied to the end of it, bobbing up and down gently with the waves. On either side of the house were two huge stucco behemoths, obviously the homes of people with money to burn.

As Robin's mother went up the back stairs, her father and brother followed. Robin hooked we arm through the Doctor's... Mostly to make sure he would follow them inside.

"See, I told you they'd like you!" She told him as they followed her family upstairs. The scene inside could only be described as eccentric. In some ways, it resembled any normal household - a kitchen with appliances, a living room with a sizable television, small bedrooms with furniture... But in others, it was completely not the usual living place. There were strange gadgets everywhere, with blinking lights and whirring parts. It was not unlike the inside of the TARDIS.

"Please, Doctor, have a seat," Dennis said excitedly, gesturing to the yellow couch.

"Sorry for the state of things, we weren't expecting company. Between you and me, the neighbors have been trying to get us to move out for a long time, but I think our home has a certain charm, don't you?" Her mother was speaking quickly, bustling around the kitchen. "Do you like tea? I can make some for you. Robin always loved a good cup of hot tea, and got us all hooked." She had the same gentle Southern accent as her daughter.

"Since you missed the introductions," Robin said with a pointed look at her friend, "I'll say again. My mom is Rita, Dad is Dennis, and brother is Allen. What I failed to mention is... They're sort of... Alien enthusiasts." Allen smiled broadly, his bright blue eyes crinkling.

"Robin never got into it," her brother said, "but we like it. So what's going on, Robin? Is he really an alien?" Robin thought for a moment before a wicked smile appeared on her face. She turned toward  the Doctor.

"I think I'll let him tell you. I really need a shower. So you guys can all just get to know each other!" With that, she headed to the bathroom, laughing to herself.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #233 on: February 03, 2013, 10:27:04 AM »
"They're luring me into a false sense of security Robin," the Doctor whispered as they followed her family inside. When they entered the house the Doctor seemed to marvel at the interior, clearly impressed by the amount of gadgets and gizmos that lay about the place. If they had been trying to impress him, then it worked.

"No," the Doctor mumbled before shaking his head. "No... its all too perfect, they're trying to pull me into a trap. Robin, we need to leave now-"

"Please, Doctor, have a seat," Robin's father offered cheerfully.

"I'd love to!" The Doctor exclaimed, a little more louder than necessary, his face lit up with pleasant but obviously forced delight.

He didn't relax after sitting down on the bright yellow sofa. The Doctor seemed to be on edge the entire time he listened to the family converse. His nervousness only got worse when he learned that they were alien enthusiasts. The idea that the family could want to trap him and keep him locked up as the prize of their collection was going round and round in his head. It made him want to run for the door, he had been in situations like this one too many times.

When Robin left them alone the Doctor just stared at the family in total bewilderment. He couldn't think of what to say or do, his only thought was to run for his life, jump into the TARDIS and then go back to 1953 and hide there until Robin forgave him for bailing on her.

The idea became more and more tempting the more he thought about, but then his eyes caught sight of a particular gadget that lay on the ground and at once all thoughts of running away disappeared as curiosity took over.

"Hold on..." the Doctor spoke as he got off the sofa and walked over to the item. He picked it up off the floor and examined it in his hand before smiling brightly. " have a Field Gravity Generator!" The Doctor cried with delight as he held the object up to the light. It was a circular silver object that looked like two flat stones stuck together, but the way the Doctor held it gave the impression that it was made from solid gold.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #234 on: February 03, 2013, 10:49:51 AM »
When the teapot was whistling, Robin's mother poured a cup for the Doctor and one for herself, bringing it over to perch beside him on the couch excitedly. Handing him the cup, she smiled at him when he picked up the Field Gravity generator.

"Yes, we're not really sure what everything does yet, but we know it's mostly all alien," she said, taking a sip of the tea and wincing as it burned her tongue. "Maybe you could tell us! I mean you're obviously an alien, which is really amazing. Can I interview you? I'd love to tell the club about you. Of course I'll keep your identity quiet and not describe you except to say that you look human and what is that blue box thing you have?" It seemed she couldn't keep her questions inside, and they were all coming out at once.

"First, dear," her husband said, finally speaking up. "We need to find out what's happened to Robin. Why is her face all scarred up? And if you're an alien... What are your uh... Intentions with her?" He thought for a minute. "I mean I'm really fine if you're her... boyfriend, or something, but... You'd better be a good person and treat her well. And so far it seems like you aren't doing a very good job." Allen was the one to elbow him this time.

"What he means is, how did you and Robin meet? And what happened to her?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #235 on: February 03, 2013, 11:29:53 AM »
The Doctor ignored most of Rita's requests, instead focusing on the object he held in his hand. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ball of string, that he began to tie around the circles until it resembled a yo-yo and began to hurl the device, watching with glee as it spun on the end of its string.

"Gravity normal," he said before his ears pricked up as Robin's father began to ask the questions that he had been dreading. In complete silence he placed the yo yo device on the arm of the sofa and began to walk around the place, drinking the hot tea and looking at everything but the members of her family.

He picked up objects from the floor and examined them one by one, he looked at books they kept on their shelves and gazed out their windows in wonder, but he didn't so much as glance at the parents or Robin's younger brother. After making his way around the room twice in silence, he spoke.

"We met by chance. I saved her life at while she was at work a while back," the Doctor spoke formally. "Universal Studios was under attack by an alien threat. I dealt with it, Robin helped....and then some time after the whole grizzly affair, I ruined her life. Enemies of mine tracked her down and did that to her."

He had to his family while he talked, but he managed to turn his head to look at them from over his shoulder before speaking softly, "And I will never forgive myself Mr and Mrs Baker. I will never forgive myself for what I do to good people."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #236 on: February 03, 2013, 11:53:22 AM »
An almost palpable silence filled the room. Rita had her cup halfway to her mouth; Dennis was staring - again open-mouthed - at the Doctor; Allen was fiddling with a piece of paper he had in his hand. After a moment, Rita slowly put her cup down and stood up to confront the Doctor.

"Well," she said, her voice a little breathless. "That sounds very interesting. But I'd like to say something. I very seriously doubt that you ruined her life. Robin is a very, very smart girl. If you'd ruined her life, she would have nothing to do with you. She knows how to take care of herself, and she knows who to include in her life and who not to include. If she's decided you're someone to have in her life... Well, I trust her judgement." At that, she sat down on the couch and looked to Dennis, who heaved a sigh.

"If you couldn't tell," he said, placing a hand on his wife's knee and patting it gently, "Robin is adopted. When she was just a baby, someone left her on our door with only that locket. There was nothing else... no name, no nothing. Only a little note that said 'Keep her safe.' No one knows where she came from... We had to get all new documents for her and go through legal hell to keep her."

"It's been worth it, though," Rita added. "She's amazing. We never kept it from her - not that we could have, anyway - but she's not like most. She had no desire to find her birth parents. She figured if they left her behind they must not have wanted her. She's never called us anything other than Mom and Dad. Like I said. She knows who to keep in her life, and who to let stay out of it, Doctor."

"If Robin trusts you, and if she likes you and feels safe with you... We feel the same way," Allen added with a smile. "She's always been sort of like our guardian angel. Even though she never got into the alien thing... Which I guess has changed now... Well, you can imagine the way people make fun of us. And Robin was always there to stand up for us. So yeah. We rely on her a lot, and we trust her."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #237 on: February 03, 2013, 12:16:57 PM »
The Doctor was speechless. Nothing could have prepared him for that. He had been expecting to be slapped or shouted at. He had been preparing himself for death threats and attempts on his life. He had been ready to face any insult or slight they threw at him...but yet, there words had been kind and supportive and they had done they up most to make him feel less responsible.

It was horrible. It was worse than yelling, tears and violence. Hearing them talk to him with such understanding made him want to scream. Why on earth didn't they understand that he had let them down?!


He froze and clutched his head. He had been listening to Robin's father talk of her adoption and then Allen speak of her lack of interest in aliens. He wasn't sure why, but something was bothering him about what they had said.


Was it something he had missed? Had he not been listening while they had confessed to brutal murder and nefarious intent? No, he was sure he had heard everything, but yet there was something in the words, something he had missed, and it was eating at him.

Beware the child...

What did that mean? Where had that even come from? Why could he hear a low voice telling him to beware a child? And what child? There were no children in the room!

Beware the child...

"I...I..." the Doctor stammered, his eyes closed tight as he felt pain begin to spread through his mind. He staggered to his knees and began to feel around the room as the pain built up and made his eyes screwed shut. His hand landed on the yo-yo from earlier and he felt the device slip through his fingers and fall to the floor.

"I...I..." the yo-yo hit the ground with a thud. The Doctors eyes opened wide before he looked around the room in alarm. "The Gravity's off..." he whispered before springing to his feet. "Everyone. Out the house. The Gravity's off," he said before looking around at them. "MOVE!" He snapped before sprinting across the room.


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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #238 on: February 03, 2013, 12:26:18 PM »
The reaction from the Doctor was not what the Bakers had expected. For a moment, they could only stare at him with wide-eyed shock. Why was he acting like their words were causing him pain? Was he having some sort of fit? Rita stood up to lend him a hand when he went to his knees... But then the strange man was shouting about the gravity being off, and telling them to run.

With a frightened glance back at her family, Rita ran over, grabbed the hands of her husband and her son, and pulled them up. They ran out the back door, but Rita stopped at the last second.

"Don't let anything happen to Robin!" she shouted, before joining her family in the back yard, staring worriedly back up at the house.

Robin was still in the shower when she heard the Doctor's yells from outside the bathroom. Groaning, she switched the water off, and only then did she hear the urgency in his voice. All she had brought with her into the bathroom was a tanktop and shorts, but she pulled them on quickly before running out into the hall. She saw how frantic she was and looked up at him, her soaking hair dripping loudly onto the floor.

"What's wrong?" she shouted, worried by the look in his eyes.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #239 on: February 03, 2013, 12:45:06 PM »
"We have to go now!" The Doctor yelled and grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her along as he sprinted for the door. "Something is affecting the gravity. It's reversing on itself. The last time that happened I got put on the moo- ARGH!" The Doctor screamed before collapsing onto his knees as gold fire shot down the right side of his head.

"NO! NO! NO! Not now! Not now!" He roared as he collapsed onto one knee, clutching the wound with fury before looking up at Robin and growling. "Leave me. Go. Now!" He said before falling back and collapsing onto the carpet.

Light was beginning to flood through the windows of the house. A grating sound was echoing through the room that sounded metallic and harsh, like the roar from gears of some sort of heavy machinery. Object were beginning to rise into the air and the floor began to fall away from them as gravity reversed completely and sent them hurtling into the ceiling.

The Doctor roared in agony the entire time. The fire was spreading across his body, becoming more aggressive as further memories began to flood into his mind. Memories that astounded him, for they weren't even connected to the memory that had sparked off his partial regeneration in the first place.

"Robin," he groaned and turned his head to face her as they clattered against the ceiling. "I'm sorry."

Everything went white.


The Doctor awoke in one piece. Face down on wooden floor boards that were dusty and smelled of old oak. He rolled onto his back and looked up at an old, battered, ceiling, full of cobwebs and crumbling plaster. The room smelled of dust and aged wood. It tickled the Doctor's nostrils and made him sneeze loudly and sit up with a jolt.

"Worst...afterlife...ever..." he muttered after wiping his nose. "I hope that there's more to this than just old wood. I expect my afterlife to have a jukebox at least," he mumbled before examining himself. He was still dressed in his normal clothes and his tools had not been removed. He was unhurt, but a little grubby from the layer of dust that coated his anorak and trousers.

He looked to one side and found Robin lying next to him, still dressed in shorts and a shirt, but dry and dusty like him. It was almost as if someone had left them to sleep for a thousand years in an empty room they hardly used. The Doctor hoped it wasn't the case.

"Robin, wake up. We're alive," the Doctor spoke. "Wake up. You need to thank me for saving your life. I probably saved your life."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #240 on: February 03, 2013, 12:55:26 PM »
Robin had absolutely no idea what was happening, but by that time she had learned that when the Doctor said to run, it was a good idea to just go along with it. And so she did, letting him take her toward the door, fervently hoping her family had gotten out safely. But then her friend was on the floor, gold light shooting across his head like the other times... And soon she was beside him, feeling the same pain. His memory flooded into her mind and she sat beside him... She knew she wouldn't have left him anyway.

"I'm not going without you!" she yelled over the commotion, reaching for his hand but unable to grasp it. Then they were flying into the ceiling; Robin hit is hard with a loud grunt, but managed to keep her head from making too hard an impact. At his soft apology, she managed to smile, hoping he saw it before everything went completely blank.


She could hear the Doctor talking, but it sounded like he was at the other end of a tunnel. It was very hard to make out what he was saying, but she tried to fight her way back to the surface. Finally, Robin felt her eyes flutter open, and she heard the end of what he said. Looking up, she saw old, wooden rafters of a ceiling that looked very old. The smell of oak filled her nose... And she sneezed as she got a lungful of dust.

There was also a layer of dust covering her body, as if she had been lying in the same position for a long, long time. Worry clouded her face and she sat up quickly, sneezing again as the dust flew into a cloud in the air. Panicking, she looked over at the Doctor.

"Where are we? Where is my family? Are they okay?" Her gaze turned accusing. "And don't you dare tell me to thank you for saving my life when you don't even know if it's true yet!"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #241 on: February 03, 2013, 01:38:10 PM »
"Of course its true! Everything went according to plan splendidly," the Doctor said as he gestured to the empty room around them. "I mean look at this place! Its a completely empty, very dusty, room. Doesn't it just scream me?" He asked before getting to his feet and groaning as he stretched out. It felt like his entire body had been stuck in one position for years.

"I don't know whats going on," he admitted before reaching into his pocket and pulling out his sonic screwdriver. "But, we'll find out. You will see your family again. I will get you home safely and then we'll recklessly charge into some other insane adventure," he said before flashing the screwdriver over the room, frowning at the readings.

"Okay...this room is normal. Nothing out of the ordinary at all," he said before turning to the door that lay on the other side. "I guess there's only one thing to do next..."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #242 on: February 03, 2013, 01:43:30 PM »
Robin worked at dusting herself off while she was listening to the Doctor. It made absolutely no sense... They were in her house, she was taking a shower, and the Doctor was talking to her family... And then they were here? How was it possible? The dust on her skin was so thick it took several minutes to even get most of it off. So strange... she thought.

"Well thanks for saving my life and bringing me to this beautiful place," she sneered, for some reason feeling rather angry with the Doctor. "And if we're going through that door, you are going first."

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #243 on: February 03, 2013, 03:32:24 PM »
"What?" The Doctor exclaimed. "But, there could be an axe murderer on the other side of that door or an army with big guns that are just waiting to shoot me to death with bullets. Bullets that kill!" He said before sighing and rolling his eyes. "Fine, but if I get shot your cleaning up the blood."

The Doctor walked up to the door and placed his hand on the door knob. He braced himself against the door and breathed in deep before opening the door slowly and poking his head out of the door.

"Okay...Robin I have good news!" The Doctor called out to her before ducking back into the room and grinning at her. "We're at Universal Studios. We're not going to get blown apart by guns or chopped to death or burned alive. We're just going to get over charged for diet coke."

He opened the door wide to reveal a long corridor full of children in black robes and pointed hats. Each of them wore colors of red, green, blue or yellow and were chatting loudly with each other as they walked up and down the corridors. In their hands they held sticks and books, while some carried broomsticks and cauldrons.

"We must have been exposed to an unexpected spacial distortion field and got transported to the theme park. Your family is probably around here somewhe-" the Doctor paused as something walked past the doorway, a huge creature with the body of a horse and the top half of a man.

"Robin...tell me that Universal Studios is employing aliens now," the Doctor murmured as he watched the centaur continue down the corridor.

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #244 on: February 03, 2013, 03:48:25 PM »
When the Doctor proclaimed that they were at Universal, Robin's mouth dropped open. Of all places... Why had they been transported there? Part of her, on the other hand, felt relieved. At least they weren't in some sort of immediate danger. At least there were no hostile, ugly aliens trying to kill them as soon as they stepped out of the door.

And her family. The relief coursed through her veins as he said that her family would be there. Gratefully, she stepped forward, only to be as shocked as the Doctor was. The centaur was huge and beautiful, his face proud and his horse's body muscular. There was obvious power in him, and Robin felt very afraid if this was to be her next alien adversary.

"Um, no, not to my knowledge," she said with a gulp, sliding her hand into the Doctor's. Something seemed oddly familiar, and she could see why the Doctor had thought this was Universal. It very much resembled the Harry Potter theme park... But it definitely seemed a little more authentic.

"Okay, this is not Universal Studios. Are those... wands?"

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Re: Doctor Who, Lost Memories: Thrill Seeker [fireandblood & Villain]
« Reply #245 on: February 03, 2013, 04:26:13 PM »
"No they're not. They're just sticks that are being carried around by children. They are not wands," the Doctor replied firmly, right before witnessing one of the children point their wand at the ceiling and shoot out a ray of sparks after yelling a strange word. "Okay, they're not sticks. They're holding no heat sparklers-"

The Doctor stopped mid sentence, from out of the ray of sparks emerged a tiny blue bird that flew across the corridor and perched on another child's head. The child laughed and turned to face the perpetrator before raising his own wand and calling out an equally odd word before firing a beam of light which turned the troublesome kid into a lama.

"Okay, they're not sparklers. They're holding advanced technology equipped with living matter transporters and simulation field generators," the Doctor looked troubled as he watched the children. Others around them were laughing and pointing, while some were starting their own wand battles and casting bright lights at each other with varying effects.

"This is wrong..." the Doctor whispered. "This is so wrong. Nothing about this is right, its"

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Robin watched the magic happen with a completely bewildered look on her face. These kids were actually making sparks appear out of nowhere and turning each other into animals. For some reason, Robin really didn't think that could happen, even if they all really had advanced alien technology. And to her, these children all seemed human.

"What is this place?" she asked. "I mean, if I didn't know any better, I'd say we need to call up JK Rowling and let her know her books aren't fictional."

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"Her books are fictional Robin," the Doctor replied sternly before charging through the crowd of children, almost knocking some of them down as he moved, and pressing himself to the wall opposite them. He listened at the wall with an intense look on his face. He had such concentration that it almost seemed as if he was trying his best to find a fault, something that would tell him that what they were seeing wasn't real.

After a minute he let out a cry of frustration and walked back, pushing a teenager out of his way, who cast him a scornful look before continuing on.

"Robin, punch me in the face," the Doctor spoke firmly before pointing to his cheek and tilting his head in preparation. "Come on, punch me right in the face, as hard as you can."

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Robin followed the Doctor with some bewilderment, unsure whether he knew what he was doing or was just as lost as she was. A smile flickered across her lips at the thought of him not knowing what to do... But she still pressed her ear against the wall as well, not hearing anything, just trying to find something to do. Startled when the Doctor yelled, she jumped, before following him back.

When he made his request, she leveled a look at him before pulling a fist back in preparation. Then, with all her might, she surged forward with her arm, landing a hard, square punch on his jaw.

"You don't have to ask me twice," she said brightly, shaking her hand.

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The Doctor staggered back with a groan as the punch connected. He shook his head and blinked repeatedly as he tried to clear the pain out of his head. He wiped away the blood that formed at his mouth before nodding at Robin, rubbing his cheek with one hand before saying."That a girl."

He turned to look at the crowds of kids, that were now gradually dispersing as they presumably made their way to their lessons. As he watched them leave he frowned deeply before running a hand through the blonde mess of hair on his head.

"Okay, so it's not a mechanically created environment, hallucinogenic effects or mind control. This is an actual physical replica of Hogwarts with real kids and advanced technology that is able to create these special effects," the Doctor spoke whilst rubbing his jaw. "Either that or..." his voice trailed off before he turned to Robin and grinned at her in an unsure manner.

"We're in Hogwarts Robin Baker. We're in a world of magic and are in a gigantic heap of trouble," he said before rubbing his hands together and making his way down the corridor. "Fancy taking a look?"