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April 14, 2021, 08:58:18 pm

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Author Topic: F looking for M or F. Bunch of different ideas and settings/characters  (Read 780 times)

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Offline amberstone117Topic starter

This is my first post here on Elliquiy. But, I’m a long-time roleplayer with lots of experience. Let me know if any of my ideas strike an interest in you, or if you have your own to add. Thanks for reading.

First, I’d like to say that I like playing a female character who is defined by her large bust size. Everyone knows her as “the girl with big boobs,” and I think we can all relate to, or we know someone who fits this description in our lives. I like playing as naïve, young (fitting within the rules of course), and easily manipulated. Generally, settings that work well for me are similar to vacation house, hotel, sleepover in basement/my room/dormroom, movie night with friends, etc. I think the common theme between these settings is a lot of sexual tension without there being an element of voyeurism, (such as say the mall, which isn’t my favorite). Anyway, I’ll post some full ideas below.

I’m looking for either male or female characters to interact with me during the roleplay, and I’m a big fan of multiple characters interacting with mine. For example, two guys hanging out with me watching a movie, or my mom and my boyfriend and me all sharing a hotel room. I don’t have an opinion at all about who’s hands are on the keyboard over there at all though. So, please don’t feel shy to contact me if you’re one gender playing another. You don’t even have to tell me what your irl gender is, if you don’t care to.

My yahoo screen name is in my profile and I use yahoo almost solely for roleplaying. IM me for whatever reason because I’m very open to new people or individual ideas, etc. I've been roleplaying for about 7 years now, so there isn't really an idea I haven’t heard.

Some combinations I really like are:

submissive girlfriend/jerk boyfriend
naïve female/bitchy-cheerleader “best” friend
busty daughter/disappointed mom
attractive-busty girl/shy-teased guy friend
naïve-submissive girl/group of guy friends
inexplicably submissive girl/nerdy dominant guy (think basement dweller)
And of course, let me know if you have your own pairing. I’m open to new ideas.


Movie night
Vacation House somewhere tropical
Bra shopping
College Party
Locker room
Of course, like above, let me know if you have your own ideas.

And if you stayed around this far, here are some tried and true setups:

My bitchy cheerleader friend sticks with me to make herself feel better. Our body shapes are completely different. While hers is the envy of everyone in the school, with her perfect cheerleader body, mine is completely defined by my oversized bust. None of the girls are jealous of me like they are of Jessica, and she knows it. She comes over to my house to primarily to boss me around and give herself an ego boost. This one might involve my mom, it won’t get very sexual, and might involve her handcuffing me, taking pictures to show her friends and overall tormenting me while I crave her approval.

Vacation with mom and boyfriend-
My dominant mom and regular boyfriend and me are all on a vacation together in a hotel room. My mom routinely embarrasses me by pointing out my large chest in front of my boyfriend, teasing me, etc. Meanwhile, my boyfriend looks for every opportunity he can to get some with me, and I have to constantly balance and endure both of them. This one is great for one-on-one if one of us takes over the other character or shares them, since it’s easy to phase in/phase out characters in this setting.

Finding my ex boyfriend at the party
I promised myself once my boyfriend broke up with me in the most humiliating way possible that I would never talk to him again, but he knows all of my buttons and weakpoints and he knows that I am easily manipulated. After some tearing down of my self esteem, I end up on my knees for him, and perhaps even his friends.

Offline psychobillynight

Re: F looking for M or F. Bunch of different ideas and settings/characters
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2013, 07:12:54 pm »
I'd like to do the attractive busty girl/shy-teased guy pairing with you ^_^