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January 18, 2021, 11:26:09 PM

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Author Topic: Skyrim - Really craving this!  (Read 503 times)

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Offline KoibitoTopic starter

Skyrim - Really craving this!
« on: January 06, 2013, 01:16:07 AM »
So I've finally gotten around to playing this great game and investing my time and feels for all these characters. There is one thing that bothers me however... the lack of sex!
Now, don't get me wrong, I need plot. Plot comes first and even will in this story idea of mine, but there are just way too many implications and opportunities in this game for the character to have sex that are just unfulfilled (without mods) because it's a game for the public I guess. This of course has left me frustrated and craving so many ideas for stories based on Skyrim of what possibilities could be fulfilled in this game. Specifically here are some of the deeper character focused plots I'm craving but a big idea containing them all will follow. In these instances I will be "Player".

Player X Lydia: She'll carry your burdens~ She's your first follower, strong, trustworthy, loyal, what adventure couldn't these two go through together?

Player X Elenwen: High up there, uptight High Elf party mistress with Thalmor, laying with anyone is kinky in my opinion.

Player in the Mage College at Winterhold: Just a big story arc that I feel could have done with some more depth.

Player in the Dark Brotherhood: This family is a bit too 'dysfunctional' as it were, to not play together in some... unorthodox kinds of games~

Player fulfilling quests and or accepting payments for above questlines: More than enough times has it been insinuated or the opportunity could exist for the player to accept... other forms of payment.

Player X Player: The setting of Skyrim is just fun in general so why not?

For these and next, cannon characters are not required (obviously except for Lydia and Elenwen) and all of these ideas can be tweaked.

Big idea: Here is the idea surrounding all of these. I think a plot of Skyrim containing most of the bigger, deeper questlines would be fun (aside from the main as we could come up with our own stories couldn't we?). In fact neither of us, or at least I, don't even need to be the big main Dragonborn character, but this is a realm too interesting for me not to explore! As I've said plot comes first so a big epic story would be the focus but imagine all of the erotic stories that could come from the tales of an adventurer as well, right?
Of course one player going through Skyrim would leave my partner with plenty to play with and much character opportunity but not alot of self awareness without having a main to call your own player so I have some ideas to fix that. Such as perhaps the story could be played from two viewpoints? One thread with a section for each character; as in the first set of paragraphs I'd play myself, you'd play the NPC's, and in the next paragraphs of the same post, I'd play the NPC's to your character who did something in your last post for me to respond to and vice versa. It would help keep up post length as well for those who prefer bigger posts to read and respond to but if it seems too complicated, maybe two roleplays could be done, one for my character one for yours and we would simply play out the NPC's and other characters come across to our characters for each other. Either way the two (who would build up a deep and interesting backstory by this point) could meet up and create a final, big story for an even greater experience perhaps. Of course I'm getting ahead of myself here so don't be intimidated by the big ideas here, not much needs to be done of this but it would still be a nice thought.

All I'm looking for is a partner who likes any of these ideas, any at all because I'm craving bad~ As for requirements I prefer for my partner to be open, creative (not just letting me move the whole story), and dedicated. I would like my partner to not ditch; I understand life comes up as it does for me too, but months at a time with no word of leaving or anything is a bit excessive. I've been ditched too many times and I'd rather if someone likes this story enough that they do not disappear. That said, however, I am patient and if I at least know my partner will be back I won't mind waiting a while for you to come back, just give me a heads up. So really there's no need to pause the rp or move away from it for a time, rather I'd wait for your next post when you can come back ^^. If the rp is not to your liking once we start, let me know and we can fix it, or tell me if you'd rather do something else or part ways as partners.

A little about myself and my style, I post a lot, I'm online often, and am very friendly so don't be afraid to chat with me while we play~ I love detail and can't get enough so I don't care if you describe the markings on a character each time their shown, as long as it's not the same sentence, describe it to me five-hundred times if you feel it needs to be in the post- I like to have a vivid image of characters constantly and I will do the same for you, gladly. I don't expect too many posts but more than once in a day when you can be on would be lovely. As for length it all comes down to detail and I can give as much as my partner gives me, though I do understand close situations such as battle, speaking, and the like where only so much can be said before you need your partner's response so don't strain yourself if there is no detail to be had and you feel your post isn't exactly long enough.

Side note: I do prefer to play with females as opposed to males playing females. It's just a personal choice, I hope you can respect that.

As for a bit about me, my interests include oddities like features or races like elves or other, taboo, detail (as I said), depth in character, and things like that. Specific fetishes would include those stated as well as: Playing both dominant and submissive, or fighting for the top, I love a strong woman~ I like every inch of the female form, this of course leads to an unintentional foot fetish, playing with odd parts of the body such as feet, but other than that I'm pretty much into anything. My turn offs include toilet play. Blood and torture, though teasing torture is fun, I just don't like brutality unless tasteful. During battle or something however is preffered, I just mean I prefer to keep it out of the bedroom. Full on furries and like beings, I'm just not into animals, though some features like ears, tails, and the like are great!

I'll leave the ramblings for now, please PM me if you're interested or have questions or anything. I need partners quick! Hope to hear from you soon~

Offline KoibitoTopic starter

Re: Skyrim - Really craving this!
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2013, 12:45:38 PM »
Still open! The world has much to do and I need some rp'ing going on~

Offline KoibitoTopic starter

Re: Skyrim - Really craving this!
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2013, 05:58:43 PM »
I can't be the only one interested ;p