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Started by Minty Minx, January 04, 2013, 10:50:28 PM

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Minty Minx

Hi, so I must admit that I am new to this and I don't have too much of an idea of what I want. I prefer to play female as I am one.
So here is my first shot at this. Bold is the role I would like to play. if none i prefer neither. And if you have any questions for me. Ask.. I am open to other ideas also.

Small ideas:
Princess x Stable Boy
Pirate x traveler
Werewolf x other Mythical or human
Vampire x  other Mythical or human
Kidnapper x Kidnapped
Master x Slave
Gang Leader x Rival Leader
Cowgirl x Stable hand
Cowgirl x City boy
Dragon Tamer x Dragon Slayer
Twin x Twin
Business Man x Small Shop Owner
Body Guard x Royal Family Member
Gang Member x Cop
Neko x Scientist
Human x Magical Being(Fairy, elf, etc)
Teacher x Student
Boss x Associate
Circus performer x Guest
Desert based race x Snow based race
Element x element
Forbidden Love
A fallen star x Human/anything
Angel x Any
Indian x Any
Amazon x any

(Fill free to tell me your own ideas)

Plot ideas
1.Your Still A Bully.
Growing up she  was the little nerd and never the pretty one. The girl soon got a job as a secretary. She never really met her CEO until one day he came in. To her shock it was one of her previous bullies from high school. She kept her head don and he seemed to not notice her. Weeks past and one night she as staying late. Now she finds herself facing her old bully who has eyes on her nely developed body and completely oblivious to ho she is, at least that is what she thinks.

2. A Persian Army
A sacred Priestess, a jewel to the gods. In an untouched city off to the edge of the sea. The Persian King wanted her so badly so he sent his best to retrieve her, all failed. Now he  calls upon a man in his army who is said to be the best, with the skills of an assassin. He goes into this city to find the girl completely unguarded, that is until he meets her pet. Can he survive? If he does will he give her to this King?

3. Sweet Tale of Betrayal.
Married off to a man she had no interest in. he was never home and when he was he abused her, forced her into things she didn't want. As he went on a month long trip his friend stopped by to keep her company. Soon she found herself falling in love with him. She told him of her wanting him and he denied her, yet she kept trying. How long will he keep ignoring her?

4. I Want Her.
The beautiful princess of a far off country becoming his younger brother's new wife. She was beautiful but madly in love with that younger brother of his. With the sweet sight of her every day. He finally let it get the best of him he wanted his Brothers Wife. And this spoiled Prince was going to have her while the younger more naive prince was away. How far will he go to have her?

5.Time for Fun
Her parents have bought her a cruize ticket for her and two of her closest friends. She loves the idea and thanks her parents. As she goes on the cruise she meets different people and different places. A storm sets in and she is thrown of the boat. Soon she is alone floating in a large ocean. Seeing an island she starts swimming but as she crawls up she realizes this is a restricted island that they were not allowed to go to. What will she find. (I left this very open. :] )

6. Little Wolf
Ever hear of the story of red riding rood. Well This story was true and grand daughter of the wolf had to live with the killing of her lost family. Only one to survive and hide, but what if she met the offspring of little red and her husband. Grandchild of the great hunter. What if this child of red was a hunter and found her in his trap. What would he do? Kill her? Or keep her?

7. Am I Dead?
Sweet taste of poison. Her husband had wanted her dead. On the ground slowly her life fades and the sirens are heard. Rushing to the hospital she was barely breathing. Why was her death so slow? soon she is standing outside her body watching the last breath disappear. Confusion and fear claims her as her husbands grin destroyed her inside. How could she seek revenge on what he just stole from her, that is until she found in the next room a dying woman. Her body left and the two women met. Woman one told woman two what happen, now, with a new body to claim she hunts down her husband, seduce and kill him. Soon she finds herself falling in love with his best friend?

8. Good Or Bad?
She is torn. Dating one sweet boy. he gives her everything and anything she wants. He happens to come from a rich family and loves to give girls everything they want. She happens to be the one he wants, but maybe he is a bit greedy? On the other hand there is this boy who teases her constantly and gets her things only when he can and most of the time steals and gets in trouble. But maybe he is sweet underneath it all?

9.Twisted Fairytale
A sweet young girl, not a princess nor a god, just something ordinary. She was in love living her happily ever after. A little town surround by forest. Then her fairytale turned nightmare. her husband and twin children killed before her eyes. An evil man forcing her to take his hand. Wedding gown and no hope she married this evil man, taken by him. Though she plans to slit his throat when her chance comes. Is she going to fine true love or is her vengeance going to get her killed by this nasty man?

10. Sweet Blood
Drained dry for centuries the beautiful women were sacrificed, under a bloody moon to a demanding god. Stolen from their own villages and brought to the kingdom to be killed. One girl a spitfire of a woman decides enough is enough and she takes off on a journey to find this so called place of the god and call upon him, to challenge him to something a bit odd. Will he accept?

11. My Gladiator
She rooted for him at the games even put her bids on him and so far it had worked. Everything he was, supported by her. A woman in with the politicians of Rome and well known for her hate of the games. She  had watched him fight one night she visited him in his chambers. Offering him a way out, to be free, but he would have to risk his life to take her away from Rome. Unknown to him, she hadn't always been a roman.

12. Death is My Candy
Always known killing, always in the game. A killer of sorts. In her world there is a game, a game where you hunt others and kill and try not to be killed. A sweet innocent girl, at lest that's what they thought until she killed them. She even killed them after making love. She was a true killing machine. love meant nothing to her, she was in this game to win, every time.

13. Simple?
Something so simple turned into something so complicated. She only wanted to set up her friend with a guy. Now as she meets the man that her friend happen to like. Soon she feel that this simple hook up is going complete wrong as the man starts to come after her. What is wrong with him?

Pictures I'd like to try to make a story out of.

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The world of royalty. Stuck in a world of a guard, the only female they look down upon her. Her superiors treated her like nothing. Constantly trying to prove herself she finally met someone who treated her right. A fellow guard, as their relasionship grows, hers and her captains grows worse. But is her captain jealous?
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Not sure, there are so many plots to go with this.
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Death falling in love?
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Not sure.. I have a few ideas.
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Bondage, kidnapping, oh so much fun.  >:)

(... More to come ...)
~♥ • ♥~