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May 16, 2022, 03:31:56 am

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Author Topic: Looking for a DOMINANT Female - Original Idea / Fandoms. Major Craving [UPDATED]  (Read 641 times)

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So I suppose it'd probably make sense to go over the logistical details of things first.

Logistical Stuff
I'm Nergal, quite new around these parts, but definitely not to roleplaying in general. I'm equally comfortable playing on-site or off (email preferred, as character limits can be quite obtuse), so I debated a bit as to which of the two forums to post this in. But on consideration, I'll just post here for now, with the understanding that I'm fine roleplaying offsite as well, should you prefer that.

In any case. I unfortunately lead a somewhat busy life, between grad school, the TAing involved with that in addition to my studies, and a part time job to make ends meet better. I generally enjoy it, but at times I don't have the most free time available. I'm living in US CST (GMT - 6) presently, though in the course of my study, it's quite likely that I might end up in East Asia by the summer. My university is presently on break, and so I have a bit more free time than general. So I guess what I'm saying is, I'll try to be as active as possible, but I might not be able to post a reply every single day. So if that's a dealbreaker in itself, I'm sorry. Otherwise, yeah, so long as you're understanding about how life can be crazy at times, I'm more than willing to offer you the same courtesy. ^__^

I generally roleplay in free-form, multi-paragraph, third person past-tense format. That seems to be the general standard, and the most expedient for this medium of mutual story-telling. I'd prefer that my partner did likewise. I'm not particularly a grammar nazi, and certainly not obtuse enough to demand a word count, but I would appreciate it if you put some genuine effort into your posts; I'll certainly do likewise.

And, since this post was turning out to be so long, for aesthetic's sake, I thought to make use of these nifty spoiler tags. Please click them.

In any case, the idea I have particularly strongly for in my head is one that's going to take a fair amount of setup; it's more a general idea, in itself, than a fully constructed world and plot, and a rather large number of permutations of options exist. So definitely I want/need your input as well in setting things up beforehand, and conversely, I'm certainly more than happy to play this roleplay out with multiple partners, as the odds are each one is going to turn out rather differently.

What follows is certainly by no means exhaustive, and if you have other ideas in mind, I'd certainly like to hear them; though I do ask that you at least read through this thread in its entirety before responding, so we're relatively on the same page with the idea.

Essentially, what I'm looking for - though it might sound a bit trite, but I'm trying to put a good deal of planning and thought into this, to make it more realistic - is a roleplay set in a matriarchal, or female-dominated society. A number of different ways that could be set up, some more or less extreme than others:

Society Setup
(In order from least to most extreme:)
  • Probably the "lightest" setting that might work for this; and I actually have somewhat my doubts that it would fully. Essentially, a gender-flipped version of the 50's. Men, theoretically are citizens equal to women from a perspective of the law; simply, existing social values expect a man to stay home, take care of the kids, cook, clean, be generally submissive to his wife.
  • A rather more robust version of the above. While there's still a facade of legality to the system, males are deprived, legally of the rights to vote, hold a position of power over a woman in the workplace, etc. and it's simply asking for a large deal of trouble for a man to be out alone in public. Males are considered to be, legally, their mother's property from birth, and upon marriage, become their wife's property. They are expected to be obedient, loyal, and deferent to their wife and serve her every whim. A woman can divorce (essentially "selling") her husband on a whim; a man cannot file for divorce under any circumstances.
  • Not even the pretenses of legality. All men are simply slaves, property for women to own, who are bought and sold. No rights, no consideration beyond articles of property
  • Any other ideas you might have, of course.

And, essentially, this roleplay could take place in just about any setting:

World Setup
(Both original settings, and fandom based ones are fine; though, in most cases, it's only the setting, not characters I'm looking for)

  • Futuristic Earth - However far into the future you'd like/feel is appropriate. Essentially then, an existing nation, or product of existing nations, would rather change their policies towards the female-dominated ones listed above.
  • AU/Historical Earth - any time period really, based off any society, though with the gender roles as defined above.
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fandoms - See Below
  • Anything else you had in mind.

So then, assuming I still hold your interest, it follows you might ask - "Where might our characters fit into this?" Well, fear not, as I have a number of possible plotlines in mind for this (though certainly I'm still open to suggestion.

    (Not all plots will necessarily work well with all settings, but it's worth a go at listing them)
    • There's a conflict involved. Either your character's nation was militarily invading mine, or it was a sort of revolution to enact female-dominated policies (that succeeded), or a rebellion against such that got put down. In any case, my character would be a resisting and/or foreign male, who in the course of things, your character - probably either someone with the military or a government official - ends up capturing and decides to "break" into this new society, either as her (subservient) husband, or outright slave, depending on things)
    • Slightly different than above. My character - for whatever reason that we can establish while plotting this out (would depend on the setting) - ends up being stranded/lost/without proper documentation in the female-dominated society. Yours either kidnaps/enslaves/arrests/etc. him as necessary, and it more or less follows the above.
    • (Only really workable for the second "Society Setup" or something reasonably similar). My character grew up in such a society as explained above, but either because his mother allowed such, or he was generally rebellious of his own accord, he wasn't fond of society's view towards his gender and actively spurned such. Because of his mother's relative wealth and power, he'd been able to get away with what a lot of other males before him couldn't. However, the unthinkable for him happens, as his mother suddenly dies, leaving him in a state of legal limbo, as he is without either a mother or wife to claim him as property. At first the government, nepotisticly, tries to marry him off to the daughter of some government official or another, but he frustrates this by generally acting rebellious and driving the suitors away in frustration. Finally, the government, in a last resort to solve this rather vexing matter, offer him up to the general public - if any unmarried woman can break him into proper subservience, he, along with his mother's great wealth, will become her property.
    • (Again, only really workable for the second such scenario of societies). My character's single mother would have been recently appointed ambassador, representing their home nation to the female-dominated one in which yours would live. As such, he would de jure have a status of diplomatic immunity, and generally be exempt from the more restrictive laws society would have towards males. However, to the many powerful women in whose sphere his mother now hangs, the thought of taking this exotic, foreign man and teaching him a place of proper subservience is, for many, an offer too tempting to resist. Less so overt force, more psychological manipulation.
    • A final idea I had really, more subtle yet than the above. I was imagining that the said female-dominant nation might well have agents abroad looking to subvert other nations. Your character would accordingly be one such character, whom mine, a prominent young citizen of a foreign nation, happens across. Lots of subtleties, psychological manipulation, that sort of thing. Perhaps even a kidnapping scenario in its most extreme. The most hazy, but potentially quite interesting I think
    • Of course any and all ideas you might have for this.
I suppose, hopefully, that rather longwinded bit of detail gave you at least some ideas for this, assuming your interest. Obviously a lot will have to be discussed detail-wise beforehand, but I really hope to find someone to play out this idea with me here.

For reference, here's sort of what I had in mind for a possible fandom setting for this.

Fandom Settings
  • Star Wars - would probably work the most naturally for this. Canonically, there's already a planet - Dathomir - that functions as this sort of society. So presumably my character would end up crashlanding/being otherwise stranded there, get captured, and we'd take it from there. No canon characters please.
  • Star Trek - while I'm not particularly familiar with anything of relevance in the direct canon, it wouldn't be too hard to do something quite similar to the above. And once more, I don't really see canon characters as working well for this.
  • Harry Potter - while it's a rather AU take on things, obviously, I could actually see it working out fairly naturally per the way their society works. Assuming at some point that males stopped being able to use magic, it would follow with the rather magic-user-supremacist views that seem to be prevalent in a lot of the dominant families that, over the span of a few generations, witches (as only females would be able to use magic) would be predominant in society, men would adopt an increasingly more servile role - while not able to use magic themselves, still thought of as being able to carry on the genes, so breeding-wise fine. Probably a somewhat "milder" plot involved than the above two. Closer to the second-listed under "society setups" and the plotlines relevant to it. Any timeperiod really; though obviously the storyline/history would be QUITE different from canon. That said, in this case, I'm open to either of us playing canon characters, under these quite different circumstances to see how things work out. There's a number I am and am not fond of in general, so inquire for more information.
  • Anything Else - would at least be considered if you bring it up. If I'm familiar enough with the source (or could at least do some background research if you wanted me to do anything beyond playing in the general setting), and it works for this, then I'd be more than happy to oblige likely.

So I guess said, all that remains, really, is a few miscellaneous bits that I'd like to see/potentially be interested in seeing in this, if they spark anything else in you.

  • Intelligent characters, on both our parts really is quite a must. I love a good game of cat and mouse, each trying to outwit or escape the other
  • Psychological domination/manipulation. Hell, yes! I want that really to be at the forefront of this.
  • Humiliation/degradation, of my character. Kind of a carryover from the above. But certainly, his place needs to be established rather hard.
  • Conflict between characters. Should be obvious, but I've had people not doing this part particularly well in the past.
  • Humanoid characters of various forms can be cool. Fae, Mermaids (the traditional, more monstrous ones, not the Disney-fied sort), characters with light non-human characteristics (catgirls and the like), etc. could be interesting, for variety, depending on the setting. Aliens too are a possibility, again based on the setting. Definitely open, generally to such ideas.
  • Giantesses - maybe - could be workable for this, depending on the setting/setup. It would definitely give your character a rather dominant position over mine, which certainly would be in line with this.

Finally, here's a number of things that I'm not looking for in this roleplay; things that rather serve to undercut either the plot, or its enjoyment, or both to me, I've found, when I've roleplayed this before on other sites. Though I have confidence that you all are better than such

Undesired Stuff
  • Killing/Permanently Maiming either of our characters - Should be fairly obvious, but it's happened before. A good way to end the roleplay real fast.
  • Characters that are either "secretly" or "overtly" sympathetic to male rights/freedoms, "secretly" submissive and "forced by their mother" into this, or what not. Nothing against such characters themselves, but that really undercuts the dynamic of this all. I've had a lot of such characters played in this sort of roleplay in the past, and it never really works out. For rather obvious reason.
  • Focusing only on sex. Sure, hell, I'm on an adult website. Obviously I have no qualms, really, about things getting sexual in fashion, if it realistically follows after things. Granted though, my character, at least initially, is going to despise yours; that may or may not be mutual. In any case, not the sort to settle down into a loving, gentle relationship any time soon, most likely. So while sexual themes, themselves are fine, I'd rather not have them become so much the focus that it draws attention away from the psychological power struggle of things.
  • Furries/Outright Animals
  • Vampires, particularly cliche ones.
  • Werewolves, particularly cliche ones.
  • Scat/Body Fluids/Fixation on Blood/Anything like that

So yeah, that's pretty much it as far as I can see, thus far. It's going to need a fair deal of setup, but I'm really, really quite interested in playing this out, either here or offsite.

Feel free to post here / PM me / contact me with the contact info given in my profile, if you're interested at all in what I have listed here. Quite looking forward to find someone for this here. ^__^[/list]
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Updated to add explanations for fandom settings.