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Started by BetaBonk, January 04, 2013, 07:54:36 AM

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I'd appreciate some guidance on how this site and its users deal with uploaded images.

I want to include a simple character portrait, but find I have to link to an image hosting site.  I immediately thought of Photobucket or Imageshack and the like... but then there is the site's wiki, which seems to be used this way.

So what do you find to be the "best practice" here?  And any suggestions on image hosting sites in general?



Our wiki has tons of space, so it's a good choice.

I used to use Flickr, until they removed the hotlinking option. I tried Photobucket and Imageshack and hated them. I've settled for using my WordPress. Each blog gets 3Gb of media allowance. If I ever run out, all I have to do is register another blog.
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Thanks -- I've uploaded a file to the wiki, but can't divine a way to put it into a forum post.

(Honestly, I have done this before :-) )
I've tried every way of encoding it that I can think of... so what am I missing here?

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Go to the image, right click and select 'Copy image url'. Then use the following code to embed the image.

[img]copied url goes here[/img]
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Aha... sneaky image url  :P

Thanks again!